All Time Crisis Actor Academy Awards

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Re: All Time Crisis Actor Academy Awards

Postby chump » Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:01 am

^^Sorry I was insensitive. Please accept my sincere condolences.^^

Profit?? ?

Perhaps, you hyperbolize the point of my post. I'm really snot trying to trigger any trauma, and your spurious reaction is a spectacular non-sequitor in this stupid discusssion (such as it exists). The Paddock pic plays a part to portray the reality repeatedly reported on the mainstream media, propandizing the population, to psychically expound the official scenario into our personal consciousness. So, in my opinion, the composite presents a piece of the puzzle, from a propaganda perspective, properly posted for posterity here. .


Postby stefano » Wed Aug 16, 2017 6:59 am

... what an asshole.

Oy vey! Nobody's perfect!!

I personally don't any sling religious slurs, because I'm pretty sure organized criminals have probably propagated lots of religions. Should history not mention Lansky, Lucciano, Cohn or Siegel simply because those particular criminals somehow offend the sinners' religion? Sure, several historians relentessly criticize some semi-semitic, criminal syndicates, just as some lecturers lash the illuminati, Islamism, Scientology, Satanism, and dozens of offshoots of Christian churches, when they all seem to worship what should be described as an ideologically self-serving theology.

Also, fwiw, Aangirfan is fabulous for figurin' false flag fiascos: It's still (probably) propaganda; but it's open source access to some well researched articles seem not so restricted by any particular corporate structure (??)...

Read it and veep with a speck of pepper!!!

*Do we really wanna know what really happened??

Monday morning, six weeks ago, October 2nd, 2017, I wide awoke at 3:56, stumbled downstairs, laid down in the dark on the divan in the den, flipped on a few minutes of the 4 AM news, and by 4:05 had already figured the "Las Vegas Massacre" for simply another a "capstone" style national psyop. So, I muted the sound, set the timer to turn off in ten minutes, changed the channel to Married With Children, plopped my pate on plush li'l pillow, pulled up a bedspread, and slipped back asleep 'til 7:16!

The "Las Vegas Mass Shooting" was shaping up. I really don't care to try to convince you, but crisis actors posing as witnesses are a major medium the mainstream uses to paint us a picture of what supposedly 'happened' when a story explodes on our TV screen. I saw the sheriff say (on every channel) that Homeland Security, state officials, and local law enforcement had recently trained for this very scenario. Several citizens, live on the scene, were originally sure - there were "3 shooters", and "more than one machine gun"; until (instead) officials insisted that the shooting consisted of a single old dude who did the deed. Then, the witnesses rescinded what they originally said: They must've mistaken - because of the echoes off the concrete and glass.

Another citizen on CBS stated "a Las Vegas metro police ap reported 3 shooters with automatic weapons, both in the concert - and some shooting victims inside the hotel - on the 29th, 32th and 35th floors. A security guard was shot in the leg on the 29th floor, and an officer was shot in the shoulder out on the Las Vegas Boulevard area, and I believe two other officers were shot..."


Psst... I peeked at The Opperman posted by PW

Ed explains his computers have been broken, he's been sick, suffering, and convalesing; and just off of watching 80 episodes of the *Programmed to Kill video series - based on the book by Dave McGowan.

But still, Ed says he happens to reside somewhere around the City of Las Vegas, and has personally interviewed "30 anonymous" sources who were on the strip when shooting started - and "no one has said they saw another shooter..."


Ed patently states he has no patience for anyone suggesting that crisis actors could've played a part in a staged scenario on the Vegas Strip...


Ed also adds that Adelson and Chertoff are already rich and have no reason to facilitate a farce to make more money - from some sorta X-ray security scanners...


"There is one thing." Opperman opines, "The CEO of MGM Grand International did sell off a bunch of stock - and the last stock sale was in September... But, we know now that Paddock was planning..., that he had rented a room overlooking Life is Beautiful, so obviously he was planning the shooting over Life is Beautiful last week! So, that would not have affected MGM stock - for them to sell off a whole years worth of stock... George Soros did sell stock, but that was way back in February. So, again, I discount those things as well."

Well, whatever...

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? I imagined The Mandalay Bay is owned and managed by a monstrous conglomerate, MGM, who happen to manage half the Strip! The fact they were made by movie moguls for more military muscle reminded me of the mobsters making some cake - shaking and baking public opinion. If this production was prodigeously planned with the corporations' co-operation, what a perfect place for professional thespians to stage a sensation for national consumption! So, my second impression was possible payoffs could be potentially exponential for the well placed participants playing a-long... and it wouldn't surprise me if the players were professional, Paddock a patsy, and the mainstream media is simply reporting a made up script for a super-state sanctioned, spy sponsored psyop to disturb and distract the population - possibly to pass some legislation - to catch those kooks who question authority...

Ed mentions, it's sorta suspicious that the shooter's dad escaped from prison... Be sure to stayed tuned for a special edition…

Then, unexpectedly, Opperman posits a possibly plausible proposition...

"Let's say this was a blood sacrifice...because it was a Harvest Festival, because there was a harvest there... Let's say it is... Don't you think if that's true, ... that you're feeding into it by watching the snuff videos of it over and over and over again - looking for clues?

You're watching people get shot and killed. You're watching people die right before you're eyes; and by the way, you can feel the energy in this town - from this mass death. You can feel it! Everyone's walking around in shock. The kids in school are crying. They arrested a guy yesterday for a threat to shoot up a school here...

If this was a blood sacrifice..., then when you jump through these hoops and do the same thing after every one of these ritual sacrifices..., it's not because you're smart. It's not because you're smarter than them, not because you've got things figured out and you can see things on a Youtube video that no one else can see. It's because you're programmed... to participate in that ritual and dwell in that misery, and repeat it over and over and over again... People are making jokes about this like it's a big joke! And five years from now, they can have a shooting and they're going to make jokes about it the same night!! And this is where we're going!!!

If this was some kind of a blood sacrifice, you're participating in it, and you're manifesting it, and you're glorifying it. This is what you're doing!"


*Oh well, WTF! Btw, fwiw... Some stud named Stefano recently released some brand new additions of Dave's inspiration...


*Potentially triggering!!! Seriously disturbing!!!!
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Re: All Time Crisis Actor Academy Awards

Postby chump » Thu Feb 15, 2018 1:27 pm

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