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Postby Username » Sun Dec 31, 2006 8:39 am

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Postby MASONIC PLOT » Sun Dec 31, 2006 9:46 am

Quite a defense of DE there, ANNALIVA, Ive noticed that you have also showed up in a timely fashion in the past to defend DE, many times from what I am seeing on your post history, matter of fact.

Sure you two are not connected at the hip?

And no, its not about the Mad Turnip's choice of speaking in the third person that is so irritating, its the fact that this person keeps making accusations against people he or she knows nothing about.


Postby wintler2 » Sun Dec 31, 2006 9:57 am

AnnaLivia wrote:How small you’re all. ...

Is it too much to ask you to insult me personally, or was your extensive spray (the longest & meanest i've seen on RI) really aimed at every critic of DE or Mad Onion equally, regardless of their basis? If you're as certain as DE that resource depletion is a plot of TPTB perhaps you could supply the evidence he never could.
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Postby sunny » Sun Dec 31, 2006 12:55 pm

Anna, you make the same infuriating "mistake" that DE always makes-conflating criticism of Israel with anti-semitism, which is the sole reason he has generated such animosity. There has been a hell of a lot more criticism of Israel around here than attempted Holocaust revisionism, and the poster who attempted it has made an "abhorrent exit," so you must be including we who criticize that rogue nation in your attack. I resent it and I resist it. It is no different when Bushbots accuse us of treason for attacking the actions of the US- a scurrilous and dangerous charge meant to intimidate and threaten those who would bring painful truths into the light. If you cannot see the bright line which separates the two lines of inquiry, perhaps you need to borrow one of our crayons.
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Postby Et in Arcadia ego » Sun Dec 31, 2006 2:29 pm

This thread's served it's original purpose and morphed into something that wasn't intended or desired, so get yer ya-ya's out and have a party here while you can as I've requested the thread be Fire Pitted.

Happy New Year, cya in a few days.
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Postby blanc » Sun Dec 31, 2006 3:18 pm

we'll tak a cup o kindness yet
for auld lang syne
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Postby AlicetheKurious » Sun Dec 31, 2006 4:22 pm

Who's Bruno?
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Postby MASONIC PLOT » Sun Dec 31, 2006 4:30 pm

ALICE, I think ANNA is referring to Giordano Bruno,who was an Italian philosopher, priest, cosmologist, and occultist. Bruno is known for his system of mnemonics based upon organized knowledge and as an early proponent of the idea of an infinite and homogeneous universe. Burned at the stake as a heretic, Bruno is seen by some as a martyr to the cause of free thought (wikipedia)

Postby Jeff » Sun Dec 31, 2006 6:01 pm

Locking and Fire Pitting at et in Arcadia ego's request.
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