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Postby Telexx » Sat Dec 30, 2006 3:01 pm


Telexx is highly amused by your flippant, photo facetiousness...


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Postby Mad Onion » Sat Dec 30, 2006 4:33 pm

The Onion has been insulted before but never with such a vile, malicious assertion. The Onion most assuredly does NOT wear a moustache. Truly you cross the line Mr. Masonic.

As for Ms. Kurious who sees Zionist plots wherever she looks, it is fascinating that she has maintained such equanimity or even downright partiality to the Muslims of her region. Perhaps she should be given Mr. Ego's magic wand.

You see, Ms. Kurious is a Coptic Christian living in Egypt, according to her posts. The Copts are fascinating to the Onion and perhaps should be considered the oldest continuous line of Christianity on the planet. The story is that Mark himself founded the original Coptic community, if the Onion remembers correctly, and it seems that there's some scholarship to back up the ancient lineage of this branch of Christianity.

Sadly, the Copts have faced much persecution in Egypt and throughout the Middle East. And given the persecutors, it is simply amazing that Ms. Kurious is so capable of turning the other cheek so to speak.

A cursory Google finds:

Heidi Hakim Mankerious Salib was a student in Year 12 at Road El Farag Secondary School for Girls. Heidi was planning to come to Australia in 2005, live with her brother, and begin tertiary study.

However, her plans never came to fruition. On April 6 last year, when Heidi was just 17, Mustafa Ahmed Mohamed — a man belonging to a local Muslim extremist group led by Sheikh Osama El Batta — threatened Heidi with violence if she refused to meet him later in the day. He told her to bring her bank book and valuables with her.
"...scissors were used to try and cut out the Christian cross tattooed onto her wrist."Heidi Salib

Heidi did as she was told. Over the next 27 hours, Heidi was drugged, raped, forced to wear the Islamic veil, and scissors were used to try and cut out the Christian cross that was tattooed onto her wrist.

or this
Posted on 03 November, 2003

According to Christine Tadros from the U.S. Copts Association: "Muslims who convert to Christianity face persecution on a variety of fronts, leading many to lead secret lives and try to find new identities. Some go into hiding and some try to leave the country or go into a different part of the country and change their names. If they’re caught they face torture and abuse"

By Mark Ellis, ASSIST News Service, November 1, 2003

WASHINGTON D.C. (ANS) -- Egyptian police arrested a couple living in hiding since their conversion from Islam to Christianity, and detained 20 others after torturing several for names of more converts, according to information received from the U.S. Copts Association.

The string of arrests began with the apprehension of Yousef and Mariam Suliman by Alexandrian police on October 20. The Christian couple, along with their two daughters, Sarah and Marina, adopted new identities since their conversion to Christianity. After their arrest, the couple was transferred to Cairo; the children were allowed to stay with friends.

Attorneys report both husband and wife have been beaten and physically abused, and Mariam was sexually assaulted at the Al-Muski Police Department in Cairo.

Though the government here downplays the Muslim-Copt divide, many argue that Egyptian society is more segregated and divided today than it was five, 10 or even 80 years ago. Last month's Muslim-Coptic riots in Alexandria, in which three people died and a nun was stabbed, highlighted tensions between the two communities.

"There is no desire to give the Copts representation in parliament and this is among the reasons that the Christian feel oppressed," says Milad Hana, a secular Coptic writer. "There is more and more a sectarian air within the ruling powers in Egypt."

In fact, there is an entire website dedicated to spreading the news of the plight of the Coptic Christians at the hands of Muslim extremists.

EGYPT: Christian Convert from Islam Jailed PDF Print E-mail
Written by Compass Direct
Thursday, 19 October 2006

Bahaa el-Din Ahmed Hussein el-Akkad
(Compass Direct News) – A Muslim sheikh jailed in Egypt for 18 months has declared from his prison cell that he is under arrest for “insulting Islam” by becoming a Christian.

Egypt’s secret police transferred Bahaa el-Din Ahmed Hussein el-Akkad, 57, to the Wadi el-Natroun Prison last month. He was told he would remain there indefinitely unless he agreed to work as a government informer against other converts to Christianity.

Up to 10,000 Christians attempt to take to the streets of Cairo for the second day PDF Print E-mail
Written by Coptic Orthodox Christian Church, Sydney Australia
Thursday, 12 October 2006
Media Release

12th October 2006

Coptic Orthodox Christian Church, Sydney Australia

Up to 10,000 Christians attempt to take to the streets of Cairo for the second day

Thousands of Coptic Christians have attempted to take to the streets of Cairo, but were stopped by the Clergy in fear of sectarian violence. This was in frustration over the sudden disappearance of teenage Christian girls by Islamists, the girls are later reported to be married to Muslim men who in most cases are twice their age.

In all of these cases the Egyptian Authorities and Police were aware of the location of those under 18 abducted girls – however they have been extremely negligent – by making promises which they do not keep, by forbidding the affected families to see or talk to their child, and by not bringing the kidnappers to justice. Not even one of the abductors has been brought to justice.

Join the Global Commemoration this Friday PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Free Copts
Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Friday, September 29th 2006, is the 1367th anniversary of the Arab invasion of Egypt in 639 A.D. This invasion marked the beginning of centuries of persecution against Egypt's native population. The Arabs erased the Egyptian language and mutated the Egyptian collective memory, thus persuading the descendants of the Ancient Egyptians that they are Arabs. They also committed atrocities ranging from raping women to burning entire cities. The Arabs went as far as burning the legendary Library of Alexandria, taking six months to destroy its books. Today, what is left of Egypt's native population, namely the Christian Copts who number over 12 million, are suffering violence and discrimination on the hands of the Muslim Arabs.


Yet, unless the Onion has missed it, there is no mention of any of this by Ms. Kurious, which is indeed Kurious.

Here's a website of the Copts in Europe. And it is filled with similar stories.

Perhaps it is all disinformation and propaganda. Certainly plenty of that to go around. However, it clearly emanates from within the Coptic community itself. The Onion encourages everyone to have a look themselves.

(Brief edit. The Onion received the following reply when inquiring about this little mystery at the free coptic site:
Thank You so much for your comments
There is no single Copt that we know of who supports Hizbullah nor Hamas nor Islamic Jihad
There is not a single Copt that we know of who deny the persecution of our people in Egypt
This person is obviously not a Copt as Coptic Christians are more and more vocal about their problems now in Egypt
Once again, thanks for your insights and please visit our magazine section for more information ... &Itemid=57
You can also participate in our forum if you would like to get the Coptic opinion
Thank you so much

The Onion has enjoyed his time among you. He is glad to know that, except for his scurrilous self, all other posters on this site are trustworthy and never portray themselves as anything other than what he or she may actually be. What a rarity!

Mr. Wells, if he so desires, may now reveal whatever his moderator skills may suggest concerning the identity of the Onion. He has likely refrained from doing so in his attempts to remain a courteous host.

The Onion leaves you with a bit more Neruda.

For Everybody by Pablo Neruda

translated by Jodey Bateman

I can't tell you quickly
What I ought to tell you,
Say man, pardon me, you'll know
That even though you don't listen to my words
I never took time off to weep or sleep
And that I've been with you when I couldn't see you
For a long time and I'll be there till the end.

I understand that many people are thinking,
"Say, what's Pablo doing?" I'm here.
If you look for me on this street
You'll find me with my violin
Ready to sing
And to die.

It's nobody's problem
Not for them, nor for you,
And if you listen well, in the rain,
You will be able to hear
That I come back and go away and stay.
And you'll know when I must leave.

If my words aren't heard
Don't doubt that I'm the one I was.
There is no silence that doesn't end.
When the moment arrives, wait for me,
And let everyone know that I'm coming
To the street, with my violin.
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Postby Et in Arcadia ego » Sat Dec 30, 2006 5:12 pm

Mad Onion wrote:Mr. Wells, if he so desires, may now reveal whatever his moderator skills may suggest concerning the identity of the Onion. He has likely refrained from doing so in his attempts to remain a courteous host.

That or maybe you just don't rank enough for him to care. Honestly, a few days ago I would have clammored for him to do so. That the majority of us are already aware of what entity we're dealing with here, I see no point in Jeff dirtying his own hands in the matter, aside from possibly weighing in officially on muliple account rules now that he's had a few days to witness what it typically results in..

I reject the call for Jeff to aid you in your self-destruct ritual, DE.

Finish the job yourself.
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Postby AlicetheKurious » Sat Dec 30, 2006 6:33 pm

There you go again, Onion! Showing such tender concern for others, always fighting for the downtrodden -- Mother Theresa had nothing on you...

But I guess you're just following in the footsteps of your country's great leaders, like Laura Bush, showing her deep interest in women's rights in Afghanistan and Iraq. Or her husband, crusading for freedom and democracy all around the world.

I can't tell you how much it means to me, as a Copt and as a human being, to have such a principled, altruistic vegetable take so much trouble to highlight the plight of the Copts.

For the record, and for the others who might read this, some of those sites are right-wing, American propaganda sites; others, are run by organizations such as US Copts, which is rightly viewed with great suspicion by Copts here in Egypt, who (and I am among them) see such groups as a cover for American intervention to stir up sectarian conflict. They are mysteriously well-funded, they have been known to lie or exaggerate, they are led by some unsavory characters who made their fortune by running a scam, to coach Coptic immigrants to the US to spin horrific tales of persecution in order to gain refugee status.

Some, if not most of these foreign groups, for that is what they are, are closely allied with right-wing Zionist groups, not usually known for their tender-hearted solicitude to Arabs being persecuted.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, the kinds of problems faced by Copts here in Egypt do not differ from those faced by any other Egyptian. We live in a very unjust US-sponsored dictatorship, with enormous disparities between socioeconomic classes. The rule of law has been superseded by a "state of emergency" that has lasted for a quarter of a century. The government runs this country as a manager for multinational corporations and on behalf of American and Israeli interests. Taxpayer money and other national revenues are lavishly spent on projects that promote their investments and increase their profitability. Projects that promote human development, such as the public education system, public health, public housing, non-corporate agricultural development, sanitation, even public security and the police, etc., are scandalously neglected and starved of funds.

The government has occasionally stirred up religious feelings to fulfill its own agenda, as Anwar Sadat did to build hostility against the Leftist and Communist intellectuals after the death of Gamal Abdelnasser. Mubarak's regime has been known to use similar tactics to get rid of any respectable opposition, so that public opinion will be left to choose between a corrupt, hated, incompetent government, and an equally corrupt group of religious fanatics. Most people have reluctantly, so far, chosen the devil they know rather than the Muslim Brotherhood.

But one side effect is that sectarian tensions, which were almost unheard of before Sadat's time, have become a part of life, particularly among the more ignorant people, and especially in shanty-towns. Another factor is the enormous sums spent by Saudi Arabia in Egypt to promote their particular interpretation of Islam, which began in the 1970s as part of the effort to "innoculate" Egyptians against Communism and socialism, and to guarantee that Egypt will never again become a launching pad for revolutions in neighboring countries to "liberate them" and form them into a revolutionary front to resist imperialism and reactionary monarchies, etc.

Furthermore, although Egypt has always had a very low rate of violent crime, with the rise of shanty-towns that are neglected and deprived of services such as even water and electricity, and as the cost of living continues to climb along with unemployment, we are witnessing a dramatic increase in such phenomena as street children, drug addiction and violent crimes recently.

Life for the poor living in such areas has become more and more difficult, and less secure than ever before. Religious persecution is only one manifestation of the increasingly difficult life for the poor in this country.

And that's even without the foreign-funded agents provocateurs, of both religions, who are always trying to stir up sectarian conflict. Nevertheless, such things subside quickly as cooler heads prevail.

So the picture far from perfect. On the other hand, I freely chose to live here, and raise my children here, when I could just as easily have done so in Canada. That is because, despite all the efforts of the Americans, and the Israelis and the Saudis and the Egyptian government, this is an amazing place to live, and the vast majority of Egyptians are the warmest, most hospitable, most sociable, and most generous people I've ever known.

Almost all of my friends and neighbours are Muslim, and they are even closer than family (and in Egypt, where 'family' still means something, that's a lot). We celebrate each others' holidays and feasts, we depend on each other, we work together, our children are very close, we share each others' celebrations and mourning, and as Egyptians, Copts and Muslims, we are culturally identical. Political discussions are the number two entertainment, after soccer, so there's plenty of mental stimulation.

Plus, Egypt is a fun and interesting place to be, a much safer place to raise one's children, where neighbours still look out for each other and where kids can live their childhood away from the negative, destructive influences that pervade many other societies.

So, as most Copts living in Egypt will tell you, if we have a problem in Egypt, with other Egyptians, we would like to deal with it among ourselves, thank you very much. You outsiders have done more than enough already... Save your crocodile tears and your indignation for those struggling to free themselves from under the boot of foreign occupiers, say, in Iraq, or in Palestine.

The Copts are fascinating to the Onion

Great! Why do I feel like I have to go take a shower...
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Postby blanc » Sat Dec 30, 2006 6:38 pm

nothing worse than an onion gone soft and sickly smelly (grey dust blighting its once shiny golden skin) . sends everything close to it off

go back to being yourself, warts and all

and stop whining about women on the board getting preferential treatment
(if you know what I mean)
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Postby MASONIC PLOT » Sat Dec 30, 2006 7:19 pm

Alice, I just want you to know no matter what anyone says, I truly appreciate every word you write. I learn something new everyday. You are really a breath of fresh air. I am very sad to hear about the situation in Egypt, but as an American I know all too well what happens when corporate fascists take over the state and the interests of business supercedes the interests of The People.

Postby chiggerbit » Sat Dec 30, 2006 8:59 pm

I doubt that the Onion is male as it claims. Afterall, how does an onion even know what its gender is if it can't bend down and look? Besides, the third person singlar mode of communicating is sooo...prissy. Oh, wait, what's that niggling in the back of my teeny brain? Oh, yes.....Miss Prissy communicates in the very same manner on her blog. But, would Miss Prissy be so rude, so confrontational? I think not. She's much too polite for that. Must be someone mimicking her. Now, why would a male onion mimick Miss Prissy? ... results=50
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Postby Et in Arcadia ego » Sat Dec 30, 2006 9:14 pm

Chiggerbit strikes again with a mile-long link..

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Postby chiggerbit » Sat Dec 30, 2006 9:16 pm

Hey, don't knock it, et, at least I put it into notebook, or whatever it's called, first. :roll: See, I'm teachable.
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Postby Et in Arcadia ego » Sat Dec 30, 2006 9:20 pm

That works for text, but not urls, chigger. This is one way to shorten it, the way I used for you in the past:

[url=*insert link here*]link description here[/url]
"but I do know that you should remove my full name from your sig. Dig?" - Unnamed, Super Scary Persun, bbrrrrr....
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Postby wintler2 » Sun Dec 31, 2006 12:05 am

"A quarrel mended is a gift to all"


Damn sorry i missed the denouement of Dreams End, his anti-peakoil inventions gave me hives.
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Postby blanc » Sun Dec 31, 2006 6:06 am

thanks for the snapshot of life in egypt alice. it hardly needs saying that even in a situatioin where there are racial tensions, one does not have to become a racist, so the drift of the MO 'coptic' comments seemed extremely simplistic, though the links worth raising for info, rather than as fuel for a personal attack.
I don't read everything on this board and don't understand all I read, have
not understood the reasons for the comments about DE. in general, unless a person flagrantly crosses the boundries and is banned for it, I think its preferable to maintain a broad church of views and free expression.
veritas upset me, and de apologised for the upset. this DE explained himself as someone who cares for a survivor, and that is not an easy thing to do. if MO is he, and he reads this - what is it all about? have we to understand that DE was an invention too? DE made many informative posts along the way, yet comes across as someone who attacks (IMO) too strongly, inappropriately sometimes, too personally, when he feels himself or his views threatened - ie is a bit brittle and likes to have things right. its not possible to be right in a confused world of smokescreens, different views and experiences are helpful. I'm not rejoicing at any of this, it just feels sad and a waste of time.
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Postby Username » Sun Dec 31, 2006 7:21 am


I'm going to start me an "AlicetheKurious" file right now.

Put it here next to my "Arundhati Roy".

You are a facinating and powerful woman Alice. Thank you for being here and taking the time with us mere mortals.

I'd been pondering for some time if you were the "real" Alice behind the "K" in Kurious. You were absent for a while before you came back with a new identity and what I thought was a poor excuse for the change.

Lost your password? "Not Alice" I said to myself. "She wouldn't lose her password." And that "K"... the name looks so evil now.

So, I naturally envisioned this scenario where these govt agents or someone, came in and confiscated your computer to steal your identity on this board and other places, but they couldn't get the password out of you. So, I was pretty sure we were dealing with an imposter while the real AlicetheCurious lay in a prison cell somewhere determined to remain true to her cause and loyal to her friends.

But now, after reading the above, I'm sure that whoever the heck you are, you will be more than qualified to take over for AlicetheCurious.

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and Ruthie is even more disgusted than i am

Postby AnnaLivia » Sun Dec 31, 2006 8:11 am

How small you’re all.

When you’re through assassinating DreamsEnd, will you crowd please return to burning Bruno and crucifying Jesus?

(What the hell defect is it that causes the human species to drag down their great…to persecute those ahead of their time…to jail and ban the best thinkers…to ignore or eschew the product of great minds…to murder the teachers sent to them, for their very perfection if not for their slightest perceived imperfection?)

You latest lot of holocaust revisionists has turned this place into a sad imitation of Romper Room with your baitful, hateful, ever-nauseating game of “Let’s see how close I can stand to the Nazi’s without getting called one”. Your mindless and soulless agenda disgraces this place.

Yes, what a person gives his largest attention to does tell a lot about the person. Yes, I cannot but wonder about a person’s character and motivation when their attention is so single-mindedly focused on “Jews Are Responsible for the dire straits of the human condition”! You richard craniums can go right on ahead and continue to whine for the “I’m getting picked on” whambulance with your tantrums of “mommy, he called me a jew-hater just because I continuously repeat nazi garbage”.

Y’all make me puke.

Your consistent egotism is boring beyond, your insults describe yourselves, your hypocrisies are worse than obnoxious, your failure to reason and prioritize is a sinful waste of time, and your inability to unlearn what isn’t true in the face of new facts is a thing you ignore while you try to swipe the label of goodness unto your sorry selves.


Listening to you congratulate one another on how fine this place is… while you’re simultaneously plunging your cowards daggers into one of its very very foremost and very very valuable architects and builders…none other than DreamsEnd…is as heartbreaking as it is hilarious.

Yes, how small you’re all, indeed.

I fart in your general direction.

How much dangerously inane cruelty and stupidity must you lay upon our table…here in the house who’s very foundationstones, which the likes of you sniveling gossipers have come in lately to stand on, were laid in very large part by DreamsEnd…before the obvious is seen for what it is around here?

You pious insects cannot dishonour DE with your lying clamour. DreamsEnd has been and remains the overall champion of integrity, intellect, fairplay, capability, unbias, diligence, dedication, research, reasoning, and realism if ever RI had one aside its official originator. No one has remained more consistently civil in the face of outrageous lies and ridiculous aspersions aimed at him than has DE. Thank goodness DreamsEnd is the one who walks his talk, and not you who are consorters with and apologists for the darkhearts.


You insult and disrespect Jeff when you so wrongly assail and so pathetically demean the vast and valuable contributions made by DE for so long now, too.

You’ve made yourselves into howling fools with your toddler panties in a twist over someone speaking in – oh my god – THE THIRD PERSON. “Cast that man in shackles, quick; the third person expression he uses is too vile and dangerous to be allowed to run amok! There is no known greater danger! Quick with those chains and gags, lads! He’s scaring the women, children, AND horses with that evil!”

Sweet Christ on a crispy cracker, people. What does your intense aversion to this bit of refreshing creativity say about you? I IMMENSELY ENJOY such creative expression as you are inexplicably condemming, I highly value what Veritas brought to this forum, I am delighted with the posts of the mad onion…including the sublimely beautiful Neruda! will you please shut the fuck up with this putting your personal spit and kybosh on these expressions of another, and arrogantly thinking you somehow represent the whole board with what comes out of your own sad, narrow and crazy bias against.

If we’re going to have infantile style censorship and language police, I don’t vote for you lot to be the deciders, so step back from the plate; your services are neither needed nor wanted.

Find another way to amuse yourselves, besides being all the stoppingness dogma in the world, won’t you please? You have paid this place with your base side, you owe some nobleness…if you can still find yours.

Yes, Carl Sagan, it is sad. Science and reason have lost and the fucking mystics have won.

People who couldn’t even figure out that hugh manatee wins meant humanity wins (I still half suspect I must have dreamed that could be true) are thinking of themselves as having superior intelligences and calibers, too, and applauding themselves for their brainpower. It hardly gets funnier than that, but the comedy wears thinner and thinner for me.

Anna is with you to the coming bitter end of us all, DE, for you earned my respect in every way, and even where we don’t agree, I am always grateful and eager to read your enlightening evidences and know your take on the patterns. Thanks for sharing it all with me, and for being a much-needed bellweather so generous with your time, your hours spent to our benefit.

Namaste, DE, for all you’ve done and for who you are. It has been my happy honor and my precious pleasure to have made your acquaintance, and, like as with proldic, I could not and will not forget you or the ways you expanded my knowledge and helped me discover when I had ceased my search for truth too soon. Thanks for the way you test things against experienced reality instead of against belief. Thanks for the enlarged perspectives.

It’s a crying shame the DE’s of this world are so rare.

And now let the shallow, pathetic pinheads tear us both to final shreds. You know I have held my tongue until now because it is entirely predictable that my hearty support for you will only inflame the Spanish inquisitors, and they will launch even more ridiculous and seething attacks on you because of their hatred for me.

It might be a gas to watch them cry and throw their crayons across the floor. Let the entertainment begin!

I’m sorry I welcomed you newbies into this place, and hope you will not be intellectually swindled into buying into this whole nasty “it’s an ancient and mysterious jewish conspiracy” dungheap.

Good luck weening anything that leads to peace and justice for people and planet, from the bloody holocaust revisionists who are destroying the house of RI which their betters built.

And finally, to et ego: “it is far worse to suspect a friend than to be betrayed by him.” It certainly is to the credit of Jeff’s integrity and caliber that your telling mistake was forgiven so easily and completely.

NOTE: This post was written 3 days ago. Now that you bunch with the infantile false prides (that bring you miseries aplenty) have finished your unspeakably vile and stupid assassination business, I cannot hurt a departed DE with this post so I give it now in hopes the newbies will not be harmed by being persuaded by your foolish shit.

Newbies, please know that one of the posters amongst this group of holocaust deniers on this board once went so far as to reveal to me in private message THIS “big secret”…and it’s a verbatim quote, kids…


Is that the “rigorous thinking” you will follow???

Go stand in the Nazi corner where you belong, you worse-than-useless heartbreaking freaks who would lead others there. You have earned my complete contempt.
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Postby AlicetheKurious » Sun Dec 31, 2006 8:27 am

Who's "Bruno"?
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