Black Helicopters.....

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Black Helicopters.....

Postby dragon » Sat Jan 27, 2007 1:57 am

I'm getting reports from forum members of encounters with black or un-marked helicopters. Thought I'd pass along a story about how we deal with them here.

The summer of 2003 was an intense time in our lives. We moved to a small outpost in the desert, away from town, and I continued to build cloudbusters and other devices.

Some of you may already be familiar with the device known as a PowerWand. There is probably an explanation for it on line somewhere. Basically, it is a hand-held weapon suitable for close-up or long distance work. Battery powered, bulky, heavy, but Zounds! it is a very powerful weapon.

In our quest for ever more powerful weapons, we moved farther away from relying on technology and more into simpler, easy to build devices that tapped into mind power. One such device I built was a simple, short piece of copper pipe, wrapped with a mobius coil and not much else. I took it out on the front porch after it was built and just for fun aimed it at the moon for a few moments.

The next day, the choppers appeared. Choppers singly, choppers in groups of three, choppers who hovered at altitude. In between there were snooper planes, little white high-wing craft that flew low passes over our place.

If intimidation was their game, they wasted their time. I never went outside without my PowerWand, and then the new device I made took the place of the PowerWand, and I kept it in my back pocket as I went about my business outside. I named it the Widowmaker.

The planes and the choppers would come over, and I'd stop what I was doing and aim the Widowmaker beam at them. This went on for months. Then one day a light plane came close to our house, and I didn't have my Widowmaker with me. In frustration, I pointed my finger at him. I was as surprised as the pilot when I heard the engine sputter. I knew I was on to something, then.

I left the Widowmaker inside after that, and simply used my finger on every snooper aircraft that came over. And there were bunches of them, too. They were so thick that the sound of one engine had barely died before I saw the next one coming at us.

I hit them all with a finger beam, and some of them were visibly affected. I would see a few of them change course, and even more satisfying, a few of them landed in the desert. Heard a few engines die as they flew over us, too.

It is a very satisfying feeling to watch an unmarked hostile helicopter set down in the desert. And they did, several of them, over a period of months. A few light planes, too. We had a psychic who visited us tell me that it was a common effect with all the chopper pilots to return to base with dirty flight suits.

Now, imagine how difficult it is to explain to your superior officer that your helicopter went down because some old geezer out in the desert pointed his finger at it. I didn't have any sympathy for them! They came from the CIA air base thirty miles away. I knew who they were!

As soon as I knew that this was a real effect, I put the word out to all the members of the chemtrail forum. Soon, others were reporting similar experiences. They were erasing chemtrails with their fingers and causing snooper planes to flee in haste.

In time, the snooper planes gave up, and the choppers found other adventures. We lived right on the border of the Indian reservation, and many times we would see choppers out on patrol looking for aliens and drug smugglers. Our reputation was such that they always made it a point to steer well away from our area so as to not provoke a reaction from me. They went about their business, and that was fine. They were not hostile, as were the other aircraft.

It was quiet after a good length of time had passed. Snooper planes were seldom seen. This went on until one morning in December I lit the first agnihotra fire. They began to fly again. They knew what I was doing, and they'd send an aircraft out early in the morning as a diversion so that I'd be shooting at it with my finger and miss the sunrise. When they learned that this did not work, they ceased to try. In time, they adjusted to the new energy and left us alone.

Now, what I want you to take away from this is the realization of the power of the mind. If this old East Texas syrup sopper can do it, y'all can do it, too. And for those of you who are troubled by nosy choppers, just aim your index finger at them and put all the emotion behind it you can muster. The more you do it, the more proficient you will become.

This is mind over matter. This is action at a distance. Even if you can see the chopper, it is still action at a distance. If you can affect a piece of machinery a thousand feet away, it is no more difficult to affect one a thousand, or five thousand, miles away. Time and space are not a factor to be considered in this kind of work.

This is why nuclear reactors are so vulnerable. This is also why the moonbase was so vulnerable. It was my inadvertent attack on the moon base that triggered the snooper flights.


Postby Burnt Hill » Sat Jan 27, 2007 10:49 pm

Lets see, dragon has been banned, and yet his thread remains unlocked. My paranoid side tells me I am walking into a trap. You have reminded me of a recurrent dream that I havent had in years. The black helicopters were coming over our ridge, threatening and horrible. But as they drew closer and more frightening, my mother and I realized we could simply 'think' them down. And down they went , crashing aflame to the ground. (Am I advocating violence?). And mom and I used to practice cloudbusting all the time- she being quite good at it. It was simply focusing on a cloud in order to make it disappear, simply to dispaly the unrealized powers of the mind. All this before I had any clue of illuminati, nwo, and manifest evil.
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Postby Et in Arcadia ego » Sun Jan 28, 2007 2:29 am

Burnt Hill wrote:Lets see, dragon has been banned, and yet his thread remains unlocked.

My bad. You aren't walking into a trap at all, but we're gonna escort this one to the Fire Pit as that's where it truly belongs.

Good Evening, Burnt Hill. Hope to see you in a more congenial discussion one day, but I'm prepared for whatever dissonance you elect to sow here, and if that happens, appropriate steps will be taken to nullify your consistant attempts to polarize this community.
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