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Postby yesferatu » Fri Oct 05, 2007 11:22 am

AlicetheKurious wrote:See? I dared to step beyond "Israel does bad things" and never ONCE mentioned the Protocols or made sick jokes.

Indeed, the only sick joke here, is your thinking that "Israel does bad things" marks the limit of what others should be allowed to say.

But don't you understand? Your accusers have the ability to crawl into your skull and KNOW that you were really secretly thinking of protocol quotes, and they KNOW that we really don't have the moral fortitude to condemn zionists without our helpless brains switching crucial gears into full blown Jewish genocidal mania. The slope is just that slippery.
So saying "israel has their share of the blame" is as far as you are allowed. Otherwise, you cannot trust yourself.

You must treat the Palestinian/"israeli"problem with a 50/50 fault standard. And well, if you are so brash as to say it is 100% zionist fault, then you MUST want to kill Jews.

Don't you see? They were victims of fascism. Why, it is inconcievable they would turn around and support a fascist/racist state. And really, if it appears that seems to have happened, well.....we kind of have to lay off and let them vent their fascism for this ongoing 60 plus years without condemning them, because, gosh, they've been thru so much.

Of course, when I say "they" were victims of fascism you will find that the fascist racist zionists at issue here, like, for example, Golda Meir, was safe and protected in Milwaukee during the holocaust. And then Menachem Begin, who lost his parents in the holocaust, well, we have to accept his bloodthirsty terrorist activities against a people who had nothing to do with that, because well, just because.....after all, they might be jehovahs chosen....gosh, we better watch what we say....better to err on the side of being on good terms with a desert demiurge who is insane.
And never mind those pesky Jews who renounce zionism on the basis of the torah. Ignore them. They must not understand the teachings of Pastor Hagee...

Postby Jeff » Fri Oct 05, 2007 11:24 am

Okay, I think this thread has run it's course. Moving to the Fire Pit.
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