Qn. re a 'disappeared' post

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Qn. re a 'disappeared' post

Postby pepsified thinker » Thu Jun 26, 2008 11:19 am

Hi all,

I'm writing to ask if any of you know about a post I made to the thread Sunny started, about Larry Sinclair claiming to have given Obama a bj.


In my post I commented on Sinclair's lawyer, Montgomery Blair Sibley, being Debra Jeanne Palfrey's original lawyer--until she had a court appointed lawyer, Preston Burton (for only some of her legal issues?) who's handled top-level spies' defense. I said using Sibley seemed like a way to delegitimize whatever person/claim he was associated with (especially given Sibley's wearing a kilt to the press conference and explaining it was necessary because he was so well endowed).

I mention all of this in case the content was somehow an issue.

I've been in touch with Sunny about this, and she said she'd asked around but hadn't received a definitive answer from all who potentially know what's going on.

I'm guessing it's just a random glitch or something, but not having a full, official response leaves room for darker imaginings: is the integrity of the board assured?

Sorry if I'm getting carried away.

Then again, if you all are tracking this sort of glitch, I hope this is actually useful.

Thanks for any thoughts or info.


[edited to ad link for Sunny's thread]
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Postby Jeff » Thu Jun 26, 2008 1:13 pm

I'm very sorry, Pepsified, I have no idea what happened. Sunny passed on your message to me but I don't have an answer, but I assure you it wasn't deleted by myself or a mod. A glitch like this has happened a couple of times before, and it's always upsetting to see. I hope you can recreate the post without too much inconvenience.
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