CSIS, Harper and Gangstalking

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CSIS, Harper and Gangstalking

Postby gareth » Fri Jul 13, 2012 5:01 pm

Please accept this entry as a thank you to the moderators at the site to take note of the police-state tactics now in vogue in Canada, which they termed “organized stalking.” It seems it’s growing, which I note because I only found a handful of websites when I googled ‘gangstalkers’ a few years ago. Now I stopped counting after 30 pages of sites were presented.

For those readers who read my story, “Life Under CSIS Rule,” accept my apologies for not offering an edited version. It was at first a book proposal and needed both an editor to reduce the wordiness and a lawyer to shield the bad guys from pointed fingers. It was put on the web without my consent.

Stephen Harper’s past affiliation to CSIS, and his apparent subservience to that repugnant organization, was never my concern. It is the way law-breaking becomes the norm just to bully people, and then claim to be working on behalf on ‘national security.‘ Stealing evidence; interfering with lawyers; raising suspicions someone is a ‘security threat’ when they know it isn’t true just to get cooperation in their operation… it’s heartbreaking to watch your country going down the tubes this way.

regards, Gareth Llewellyn
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