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Captain's Log

Postby dragon » Sat Dec 23, 2006 5:41 pm

Z-Force Group has been around for several years, and I have made posts and references to it on this forum, and so has MaryK. Most of you here do not know the full extent of who we are and what we do. So I'm going to change that.

The Captain's Log entries go back several years, posted on various forums. Anyone wants to go down Memory Lane, let me know and I'll tell you where to find them. But for now, I'm going to introduce us to y'all with the Log entries posted in October and post the rest of the entries until we get up to date. That is enough to give y'all an idea of who we are and what we do.

The purpose here is not self-aggrandizement. I have no need of that. My purpose is to recruit as many individuals as possible. I want to show them how to fight back against the Dark Side, the NWO, or whatever other name the Forces of Outer Darkness use as a cover. I'm hoping that by reading of the things we do, and our success in doing it, that others will be motivated to duplicate our efforts in their own territory.

We are a small guerilla group, and we have changed the course of history. We have stopped the Darksiders dead in their tracks on many occassions. We deny them territory and resources in true guerilla warfare style.

We've done a lot, but there's more to be done. We need your help. Destroying their power is unbelieveably easy. Read the Log entries, and see how it's done.

Then write to me.


Z-Force Group. Arizona's Global Tyranny First Response Team.

Captain's Log 28 October 2006 Part One of Three.....

Postby dragon » Sat Dec 23, 2006 5:45 pm

Greetings once again! It has been a while.

Some of what we have been involved in has been posted on the forum. Most has not. It's time to get it all written down before other events crowd out the memory.

I've been reluctant to post some of this stuff, it is so far out and seemingly improbable. And it is improbable for those whose understanding has never moved beyond Newtownian physics. In a quantum universe, where thoughts are energy and energy is power, it seems rather ordinary.

Ordinary, in that world, but risky in our world, the stuff we've done over the last few weeks. As I wrote in my out on a limb post several days ago, I do not believe that there will be a war with Iran. Certainly not this close to the election, and probably not even after that. There are a number of factors that have made it unlikely, some of which are actions taken by members of this forum over the last 3-5 years. You know who you are!

It is the far-out stuff that has most effectively insured that there will not be a war. Putting it in print is risky, for if the other side ever believed it I'd be in trouble. It won't fit in their Reality Box, and that's my safety net.

Back in September, we were reading about the build-up of naval forces in the Persian Gulf. Some were already there, others, many others, were to be sent to join them. Another Pearl Harbor, perhaps? Put all the ships in one place so one aerial A-bomb blast would sink 'em all? Or maybe do like they did with the Maine, and sink one of our own ships under a false flag. Clearly, something needed to be done.

The USS Eisenhower is a nuclear powered aircraft carrier. In was in port in Virginia, not scheduled for leaving until early next year. They received orders to prepare to deploy on 1 October. So we had a date, and a target, and a little time. We called in an expert.

Flash went to the ship and did his 4th dimensional mojo on the enlisted men's galleys. The whole crew came down with symptoms of dysentery. They couldn't leave port, and they couldn't find the cause. They replaced a lot of sick sailors with warm bodies scrounged up from somewhere else, and left port on 3 October. That was posted on web sites, and was our 3-D confirmation.

Well, that was fun, but it didn't stop them. I decided to try something I'd never done before. I went into the Transporter Room, a small section of the War Room, and found my way to the ship. I linked my mind to the fuel rods, and began to leak electrons or molecules or something out of the rods. The energy was not radioactive itself, so it threatened no one, and passed harmlessly through the hull of the ship into the water. The fuel rods were losing their radioactivity.

I worked on that for about an hour, and when I returned I asked MaryK to take a look. About ten percent power loss is what she saw. It was evening when this was done, and next morning she looked again. The power level continued to wane until it got to somewhere around 50-60 percent loss. The ship was no longer able to maintain forward motion. It was 250 miles from port, and dead in the water.

A captain is supposed to be the ultimate authority on his ship. He should have used what power was available and returned to port. Instead, he went up the chain of command. When the word got to Rumsfeld that the ship was broken, Rummy's reply was "fix it".

So it was that some time later four unusual looking 'fix-it men' arrived by helicopter. They looked and acted like cyborgs, though that word may not be a complete description of them. Let's just stay with cyborgs for now. Slick black hair, almost Men In Black types. Zip lips, don't say much. They spent a good amount of time aboard the vessel, and left when they were certain they would not be able to fix it. The captain was ordered to proceed under diesel power to the rendezvous in the Persian Gulf.

Rendezvous date was 21 October. I have been scouring the internet since my visit to the ship, looking for 3-D confirmation. Finally found it. Found a posting on a web site yesterday that the Eisenhower was due to arrive in the Persian Gulf "any day now".

Sometimes I feel like George Smiley in the John le Carre novels, sifting through tons of information looking for pieces that make a picture. Sometimes one of you sends me stuff, and it fills in a missing piece of the puzzle. While waiting for confirmation of the Eisenhower's status, I looked for more names of ships enroute to the Gulf.

As I found them, their reactors got the same treatment. Found a submarine, and transmuted their rods. Somewhere I found that the Enterprise was already on station near there, and took care of that one, too.

The George Smiley tenacity paid off, and a few days ago I got a list of almost all the ships that were enroute to that area. When they all get there, if they ever do, I forget the exact percentages of naval power, but it seems like it is around 50 percent of our total naval force all being crowded into the Mediterranean or the Persian Gulf. Not all of them are nuclear powered. I sorted out the ones that were, but that was tedious and subject to omission. It was clear, though, that there were a large number of nuclear powered vessels involved.

Too many ships to do one at a time. I had become more effective at this work after doing the submarine and the newly christened USS George Herbert Walker Bush aircraft carrier. It isn't finished yet, but when it is, they won't be able to take it out to sea. I decided to do all the navy's reactors all at once. They all seemed to be made by Westinghouse. So, with that common link, I went after all of them. Next day, MaryK confirmed my success beyond my projected goal of 40 percent reduction. They're down to 40 percent power left.

Success on a scale like that doesn't come solely from the mind of an old country boy, a retired 'useless eater'. Someone Else was interested in that project, too, and together we got the job done. I told MaryK that now that all of the reactors had failed, they'd blame Westinghouse. And when MaryK looked in on the situation, that was exactly what they were doing. There were some Westinghouse representatives who were being asked some tough questions.

There were side effects to the work that Flash did on the Eisenhower and it has now spread over the whole fleet. The part involved in the build-up, anyway. That story, and more on the cyborgs, in Part Two.


Captain's Log 28 October 2006 Part Two of Three.....

Postby dragon » Sat Dec 23, 2006 5:47 pm

Losing radioactivity is improbable enough. What Flash did to the rest of the fleet is unbelieveable. He may have been put up to this by the Archangels. They're a creative bunch of mischief makers. Some kind of attitude has taken hold of the enlisted men aboard those ships.

Everything runs normally until someone is told to do something, followed by the words "and that's an order". That phrase triggers something in the mind, and the sailor may turn around and moon the officer who gave the order, or some other gesture of insubordination. When the brig gets full, what happens then?

Now, mind you, this is all stuff that we get from remote viewing, from Flash's infrequent reports, and Spaceman Spiff looks in at irregular intervals. Spiff is the main source for our information on the cyborgs. I'm just writing this stuff as it seems to us, just so there'll be a record later on and hoping maybe someone will have a contact aboard one of the affected ships. There may be a cell phone and internet blackout due to the sensitive nature of the powerplant failures. Anyway, y'all are free to disbelieve it. If it turns out to have been fantasy, it was fun, anyway.

Speaking of cyborgs, we tried to get a handle on those guys, but information is very sketchy. They seem to have been sent from Italy, according to a report from Spiff. That was a surprise. Suggests that they may be agents of the Vatican, of the Black Pope, or who knows? Spiff reported that there was one of them who was obviously in charge, and he always carried a briefcase with him. A metal one, if I recall.

The briefcase was not an ordinary briefcase with notes from previous meetings and a sandwich for lunch inside. This is some kind of a functional unit, and our best guess right now is that it produces holograms that mask the true identity of the other three members of the team. The leader is the one we refer to as the Slick Haired Dude, or SHD for short. SHD may have friends from out of town that he wants observers to see as being someone like him, hence the need for cloaking with a hologram. Current thinking is that SHD is a true cyborg and the other three are some sort of biological being unaffected by radiation, and that's how they were able to work on the reactor.

These guys didn't arrive on earth the regular way, not even by virgin birth. Someone, somewhere, manufactured them. We have yet to spend much time trying to find out where. Sensors tell us that there are about 200 of them on this planet, though. A force to be reckoned with and no doubt a valued asset to the Other Side. I have a plan, similar to the Westinghouse plan, but I've been involved in other projects and it's on the back burner right now while another part of my mind gathers information and makes plans. I call it parallel processing. Not unique to me, I'm sure.

So all these ships are in the Gulf, or enroute to the Gulf. Is it on TV? I don't watch TV, so I wouldn't know. The sensationalist internet media is vying with each other to see who can frighten us most with stories about the big build-up to war, but for all the effect it has had on the oil market, it might as well be on a different planet. Oil has been going down last three weeks or so. If there is to be a war, wouldn't those in the know be buying oil futures? Oil should be at 100 dollars a barrel if this build-up is for real, if they really plan to start a war.

I don't think it is for real. Some say that the oil market is being manipulated to influence the election. Would they really do that? :-)

Yep. And here's Alex Constantine' s story on it:

http://alexconstant ine.blogspot. com/2006/ 10/election- year-gasoline- price.html

I didn't know that Alex had a web site until MaryK sent it to me from somewhere today. It's bookmarked now, and I'll visit it regularly. His books are must haves.

Post election oil prices? I'm not going out on a limb on that one. Too many unknowns. I'm still out on the 'no war with Iran' limb. And the 'new gold backed dollar' limb. That's enough limbs for a while. One of y'all take a shot at it.

In Part Three we'll review some of the other far out stuff we've been doing.


Captain's Log 28 October 2006 Part Three of Three.....

Postby dragon » Sat Dec 23, 2006 5:51 pm

The red dragon story stirred up a lot of controversy. I would not have been surprised to read from some members that they didn't believe it. What I got instead was a big flap about whether the red dragon was real or a thoughtform. At no time did I ever describe him as a thoughtform, but some readers took issue with me for creating such a critter. The critter already exists! And that's the end of that story.

Lorae posted something about thoughtforms on the Educate-Yourself forum. It is link to a story by someone else. Pretty good information, so I'm passing it along here:

http://educate- yourself. org/cn/greywolff eelingforms15mar 06.shtml

This may not be the last word on thoughtforms, and may not even be the definitive word on thoughtforms. I'm not getting into a controversy over that. I'm passing it along for those of you who want to know more about it.

Been doing a little work with thoughtforms lately. Had a lot of fun with the US Navy. That wasn't exactly a thoughtform in the traditional sense. Had a little help from one of my friends. Ah, but the thoughtform over the White House, that's a true thought form. And it works like this.

There's a giant ring, like an oversized Slim Spurling ring, floating above the White House. The ring is there to suck up negative energy. Call it a vortex, if you like. What gave me the idea is listening to a lecture given in Sedona a few days ago. This guy does remote clearing work on buildings. Remote Realty Services is the name of the business. Learn more about it here:

www.househealing. com

It seems that structures soak up emotions and store them, just as we store emotional experiences in our tissues. He finds a lot of ghosts, too. And he chases them out. He clears the energy out of the structural components, and he gets paid money to do it. Great job to have!

Anyway, that gave me the idea to work on the White House. Can you imagine how much negative energy has been soaking into that building for all these years? And how it makes it comfortable for such intensely negative people [people?] as George Bush to live there. What if all that negative energy were to be sucked out, and replaced by the kind of energy that makes you and I feel comfortable? It's worth a try. So, that's what's happening now.

Anyone wanting to look in and give us a report is welcome to do so. I began the project and got side-tracked with my navy work, so I can't say for sure how much cleansing has been done. I plan to get right back on it, starting tomorrow. Thoughtforms, to work well, to live long and prosper, as Spock would say, need energy fed to them. Going back at it tomorrow.

With only three days left in October, I think my 'no October surprise' limb is gonna hold. However, if an October surprise is fair for them, it's fair for us. I have one I'd like to pull off, but I need the cooperation of MaryK's father. He's no longer focused in 3-D. I'd like to do in on Halloween night. I'll let you know if we can pull it off.

Till next time.....


Captain's Log Postscripts....

Postby dragon » Sat Dec 23, 2006 5:52 pm

The planned activity did take place on Halloween night. I'll post that, and more Log entries, after y'all have had time to absorb this.

Thanks for your attention.


Postby dbeach » Sun Dec 24, 2006 12:25 am

D I have said since last yr that Iran will not be nuked

not yet anyhow
MAYBE when the slavers want to rock and boil
but the planet is loaded with precious resouces that have yet to be discovered or uncovered by humanity.

It makes more sense to me that the uber rich will devise more methods to get richer....killin us off with mini wars and terror

It seeems like HUGE scare tactics keep you off guard unncertain and worried

Hell anxiety and worry can kill you.

WW III could happen..

but so could lots of other stuff

one thing for sure is the so called leaders of the govts aint gonna tell us anthing but more lies..
and the media will reinforce those lies
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Captain's Log 9 November 2006 Part One of Two.......

Postby dragon » Tue Dec 26, 2006 12:50 pm

It's the day after the day after. Election day, that is. Were you all as delighted as I was at the outcome? Not that I have a tremendous faith in the Democratic Party, it's just that a Democratic win was the only way we had of telling Bush that we'd had enough.

I guess he got the message. Wednesday morning, 1100 local time, I had just pulled into the supermarket parking lot and here comes Bush on the air with his press conference and he's announcing that Rumsfeld has resigned. I don't know how to describe how I felt. Something like a bomb squad man who had just successfully defused a bomb. It is over. For all practical purposes, the war is over. Only thing left now is to decide how they're gonna spin it and how soon they'll be leaving. The news reports that afternoon said that Gates' options for Iraq now are all variations on how to get out of there.

I walked into the supermarket, almost dizzy with the news. I felt like shouting at the top of my lungs that Rumsfeld is leaving. I did stop several strangers and tell them. Wow! What a feeling.

And it did feel like you'd expect to feel after defusing a bomb. Because that's what we did, but on a much larger scale. There was to have been a nuclear war out there. Iran has been on their hit list for months, maybe years. And they didn't bring all those ships over to the Gulf just so the sailors would have a friendly port for shore leave. They were going to start something. A false flag operation against one of our carriers was the plan that kept coming up every time we viewed the situation. It's not without precedent. Remember the Maine? The Lusitania? The Gulf of Tonkin? You go with what works, and a full moon at just the right time. They just couldn't pull it off.

They couldn't do it. They just couldn't do it. I had gone out on a limb a long time ago and then again in October stating that I did not believe there'd be a war against Iran. In spite of the build-up and all the indicators, my over-the-event- horizon radar just couldn't pick it up on screen. Do you remember near the end of the third Matrix movie when Seraph asked the Oracle "Did you always know?" She answered, "No, but I always believed." That's how I felt Wednesday morning when Bush announced Rumsfeld's 'resignation' . I didn't know, but I always believed. No attack on Iran.

We believed, and we helped make it so. Y'all are familiar with some of what was done in the run-up to war against Iran. Remember the Eisenhower, and Flash's trick with the food supply? And the reactors? They lost their radioactivity, or at least, they lost their ability to work. Rumsfeld's reaction: "Fix it!" Well, the Slick Haired Dudes were not able to fix it, and the problem spread to the whole fleet.

And then on Halloween night, Halloween over there, MaryK's father flew over one of the carriers and disappeared from sight. Pretty neat trick for an old F-84. Y'all remember that story. It all added up as pressure against an attack on Iran.

We did what we could here, and there was help from our friends from out of town. That story in Part Two.


Captain's Log 9 November 2006 Part Two of Two.......

Postby dragon » Tue Dec 26, 2006 12:53 pm

October came, October went, and Karl Rove's promised surprise never materialized. His didn't. Ours did. We checked in on the fleet at odd moments after the Slick Haired Dudes left the scene. The Eisenhower was still not on station a week or more beyond the planned arrival date. The clock is ticking, and no October Surprise. We waited.

A couple or three days ago, MaryK looked in on the fleet and saw one of the carriers listing to starboard. No one flies off a deck that is 20 degrees off level. The other ships had problems, too. Communications were out and at least some of them, maybe all of them, were unable to move. My senses are not as clear as MaryK's. The impression I brought back was that this is a floating junk yard. It was all strange, with a Bermuda Triangle quality to it. Ships unable to move in the water, one of them listing 20 degrees, and communications are out.

What happened to communications? MaryK looked again. There's a cloud, she said. Some kind of magnetic anomaly has settled over the fleet. No radio contact with the outside world. Ships can't move, planes can't fly. One helicopter was sent to a flattop and it fell into the water as soon as it came under the influence of that magnetic field cloud. It was similar to reports of ignition malfunction in automobiles when in the presence of a UFO. I wanted to post this right away. MaryK said "wait". There's not enough known. And so, we waited. Yesterday, it all came into focus.

She knew, because she speaks with them, that it was the Cloud People [for want of a better word]. Sentient beings senior to the sylphs that came in to back the sylphs up way last summer. They are the magnetic anomaly. They also brought dust with them. DU dust. Depleted uranium dust from the battlefields of Iraq. It's a cloud of dust over the whole fleet. The death and destruction that was to have been visited upon Iran has now settled on the forces brought there by Cheney and Rumsfeld.

These people are as good as dead. 3500 people on the Enterprise, and that's only one ship. If it proves to be fatal for all those on board ships out there, it is still only a fraction of the number that would have died on both sides on land, on sea, and in the air if the neo-cons had gotten their war. A fraction, too, of the 600K plus Iraqis that have already been victims of the neo-cons' dream war.

These guys on the ships? They were dead anyway, sitting ducks for Iranian missiles or a solitary aerial bomb over the whole fleet. What was Rumsfeld thinking? Maybe as much as 40 percent [estimates vary] of our navy all bunched up in that place with no room to manuever. What was he thinking?

Consensus here is that he was unencumbered by the thought process. Their faith was in the prophesied Armageddon and the whiz-bang technology to make it happen. More than that, parasitic forces do what parasitic forces have to do, they keep on destroying, with a Borg-like "prepare to be assimilated" attitude. And the whole bunch of them would have taken us all down, world and all, in flames in the service of their twisted ideology.

Jean luc Picard stopped the Borg. The cloud people stopped Rumsfeld in the Gulf and the voters did the rest here in the States. The curtain is coming down on the war in Iraq. The war in Iran is a Broadway play that closed before opening night. Rumsfeld is history, Cheney left town and maybe for good? If he comes back, he'll likely resign soon. Health reasons, you know. Other rats on the sinking ship may hear the call for service in the private sector. Who knows? Investigations? Indictments? Stay tuned.

As for me, I have one more limb to go out on. The GOP is dead. It may disappear entirely. Wouldn't be the first time that has happened.

It's a different world we woke up to on Wednesday morning. It's the Democrats' day in the sun, for sure. But it isn't the same old tired John Kerry Democratic Party we've seen the last dozen years. I have a feeling that the people are going to demand some accountability from their elected officials now. They've tasted power, and it tastes good.


Z-Force Group. Arizona's Global Tyranny First Response Team

Postby marykmusic » Fri Dec 29, 2006 7:34 pm

But wait... there's more...

The Captain's Log is a feature that has been written for years, posted on various fora (isn't that the plural of forum?) for nearly five years. The title, to be sure, is based on the Star Trek narrative, but this is real to us and to others who are able to check on the information posted therein.

Lots has happened in the last few months; this didn't start with the first Captin's Log at all. Just recent ones. It was quite gratifying to find that the flattop Eisenhower didn't make it to the Persian Gulf until Dec. 11; it was supposed to have been there a week or more before the election. We consider it a serious real-time confirmation that what Dragon did, and what I saw, was actually happening. --MaryK

"You cannot wifstand my supewiew intewect." --Tweety Bird
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Postby Burnt Hill » Fri Dec 29, 2006 10:40 pm

What the hell, i will give it a try. i have to take action of some sort . i will contact the z-force group and i wll use agnihotra mud balls and perhaps even an orgone accumulator. i have absolutely no idea of any science behind any of this but then i cant figure out the methods of the bad guys either. your group may be delusional and i may be also, but so what? we are losing this battle from my perspective and this seems a low risk intervention.and i have seen unusually patterned vapor, er, chem trails and watched them evolve into a brown haze that reached all the way to the ground. and i dont like the damn cell phone towers screwing up the scenery any way, all our talk here is not changing anything , we all need to take action of some sort. if only it could help with my seventeen year olds cell phone bill. and i will keep y'all posted. oh heck i never liked that conjugation though.
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Captain's Log 17 December 2006

Postby dragon » Sat Dec 30, 2006 2:29 pm

The following Log entry was posted 17 December. It is the most recent entry.---Dragon

Happy holidays to all of you!

Dragon got his Christmas presents early this year. Remember the 'mild-mannered accountant' who did a job on the UN building earlier this year? Well, he's still at it. His latest feat was laying a string of mud balls from New Orleans into Michigan and on to South Dakota. This wasn't done all in one day!

In South Dakota, we believe that there is [was?] an underground base just north of Pierre. There are roads that go all the way around the area, and he bracketed the area with two Triniti Wands, one in each of the two branches of the Missouri River. Mud balls all the way around, too, of course. Knocking out an underground base is a great way to celebrate Christmas, I think.

This mild-mannered accountant left a trail of non-functioning towers behind him, too. He told me that it was bitter cold in South Dakota, and that there is a severe drought. We're hoping that what he did reverses that situation. Killing the towers loosens the other side's control of the weather. Shutting down underground bases helps, too. They emit enormous amounts of DOR that make it easier for the spray planes and HAARP to do their dirty work. Anyone going that direction, see me first, and we'll work to reinforce what he did.

These are on-going projects, knocking out underground bases, and it's always open season on them. We work with what George Bush might describe as a "coalition of the willing", anyone who is in the right place at the right time and willing to drop off some mud balls or deploy some Triniti Wands. Most of our work in the physical world is done with the cooperation of others, as we have been to every target within our reach. We have no way of getting to North Carolina, for instance, but one very dedicated individual who lives there has brought peace and tranquility to Asheville, the surrounding area, and the area under ground, if you know what I mean.

I spend a lot of my time working with these individuals, and there are some pending projects that will see completion by the end of the year. I don't want to spoil the surprise for the Darksiders, so I can't divulge any details right now. We're gonna close out the year with a bang, so to speak. You folks reading this, please consider doing a major hit on some Darkside establishment before the end of the year. The more places that get hit, the greater the power of the resistance movement seems to be. Let's hit 'em while they're down! Whadda ya' say to that?

The physical targets within our reach have already been done. What we concentrate on now are the targets way beyond our reach, and this is done on the mental plane. We're getting pretty good at it. Y'all might recall the recent incident where Poppy Bush broke down and cried in front of the cameras as he was talking with his son Jeb. Wasn't long before the damage control efforts went into effect. The MSM didn't give the story much attention, so it didn't linger in people's minds for very long. Then the internet spin doctors trotted out Greg Syzmanski to explain that the reason Poppy was crying was that he'd just gotten word that he'd lost all these billions of dollars because the court has ruled that Leo Wanta was going to be allowed to keep them for the [US] people. After that, the story just kinda faded away.

The Leo Wanta story was bogus, of course. The Leo Wanta story is very interesting, and it has snagged some believers just as NESARA did. If you're not up on the story, you can find it on the 'net if you want to read it for background information. Syzmanski is, to put it charitably, not a reliable source for information.

No known connection, but.......

I had been working on Poppy every day for three days prior to his appearance with Jeb. He was looking pretty good in all the photos I saw of him just prior to mentally engaging him. When he was with Jeb that day, he looked like the aftermath of a Mongolian gangbang. Used up, washed out, done for. Has anyone seen him in public since then?

I hear that Hillary is not doing too well these days, either. But that's a story for another day.

And Bill Clinton! He's the most powerful adversary I've met yet on the mental plane. He and I wrestled for days. Took a lot out of me. His health ain't looking too good either, right now. That story is for another day, too.

Five cabinet ministers in China last week. Too early to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and it's not likely they were doing Christmas shopping. Five of them. Something big, but what? The internet fear peddlers tell us that the Chinese are going to dump the dollar. Did you see that story? Had anyone ever heard of Hal Turner before he wrote that story? Dump the dollar? Not likely. That would be bad for business. This would not move their agenda forward at all.

One of the lead stories on Bloomberg said that Westinghouse is now going to build four [count 'em, four] nuclear power plants in China. The Bushniks are staging power plays, bringing the middle east to the brink of war over Iran's nuclear power plants, and now they're gonna build four of them in China? What gives?

What gives is that Nixon woke up that sleeping giant for Pepsico. That sleeping giant has now tasted power, and it wants more. Now that it is a world power, it has no choice but to express itself as a world power, and maximize all its potential as a world power. Paulson and the other cabinet members don't share their thoughts with me, but if I was inclined to wager on it, I'd say that the Chinese gave the Bushniks an ultimatum. They hold a trillion or so of our dollars. Dumped on the market, we're all goners. They want nuclear power. They'll pay for it with some of those worthless dollars.

It's kinda like a person who is in debt to a loan shark. The loan shark holds all these IOUs. The debtor does what the loan shark demands or suffers the consequences. China holds a trillion or so of our dollars. These are just like IOUs. In short, they have the money, they have the power to set policy. The Federal Reserve has done it to us for nearly 100 years. Now, with a trillion of our dollars in reserve, China can do the same thing. They can even dictate middle east policy. War in the middle east? That's bad for business. They need the oil. Crashing the American economy? Bad for business. They need us to keep consuming their industrial production because it keeps them on the road to being a world power.

They're a world power now, economically. They're not able to project their military might very far beyond their borders. Not now. The four nuclear power plants will help hasten that day. Those who set these events in motion care not, for they'll be long gone when the time comes to deal with China as a military power. They'll be long gone, just like Richard Nixon who gave them their first sip of Pepsi Cola.

I'm going out on a limb with my assessment of the situation, of course. I'm feeling lucky, though, so I'll take a chance. The other limbs I went out on this year didn't break. The war in Iran didn't happen, and neither did the October Surprise.

Speaking of October Surprises, the Dark Side is so very predictable. It makes it easy to counter their moves because there are only certain dates that they consider favorable for major moves. The winter solstice is coming up, and that's one of their biggies. This year, it is going to be different. My over-the-event- horizon radar doesn't detect any overt moves on their part this year. They no longer have the power to initiate major events. All they can do now is react as events unfold. It has already been 15 months since their last successful event, Hurricane Katrina. There have been plenty of opportune dates since then, but they've been unable to pull anything off. We're almost to the point where the possibility of a major action on their part is a non-problem.

Against us, the American people, they're practically powerless. Among themselves, there may be some house cleaning that will get done within the next few weeks. If Georgie Boy doesn't move in the direction he's being pushed, then he may not finish his term. Cheney's fate is kinda iffy right now, too.

We've mailed out nearly 3,000 mud balls in recent weeks. Some have already been deployed, as on the New Orleans to South Dakota run. Some are waiting to be deployed at the proper moment. When I tell you where they went, you're gonna love it. Join in the fun! I have 1300 of them in stock right now, postpaid at $20 per hundred anywhere in the US. You can neutralize a tower or a Masonic Lodge for 20 cents. Give yourself a Christmas present.

Pass some along to Santa, too!


Z-Force Group. Arizona's Global Tyranny First Response Team.

Postby Wombaticus Rex » Wed Jan 03, 2007 6:06 am

Oh man, that's great.

You're a huckster for sure, but if you can make $20 a pop selling mudballs, my hat is off to you.
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Captain's Log 26 January 2007 Part One of Two.....

Postby dragon » Fri Jan 26, 2007 6:04 pm

The equinox came and went with no darkside events. They have become so poorly organized and ineffective in the last few months that we no longer even anticipate these things.

There was a time when we could look at the calendar and see what the next opportune date was, and then discover what they had in mind. We successfully intervened against every plan since Katrina, and for the last couple of months, they don't even plan.

The October Surprise was discussed in previous log entries. That was the war that never was. When that flopped, and Rumsfeld had to resign, there were too many factions in the administration at war with each other to even think of doing some deed timed for New Year's Day.

So Bush has his back against the wall, sort of. His supporters are deserting him, and Congress is no longer his rubber stamp ally. Time to make a new plan.

His fall-back position is for Cheney to resign, which we forecast some time ago. His pending resignation is in the news yesterday and today. While this waits realization, Bush has moved spooks into position in preparation for the day when he can initiate action against Iran, or maybe Korea. Negroponte is number two at the State Department now, ready to take Condi's place when she becomes VEEP. And he is waiting for senate approval for the spook he selected to run the Defense Department.

While Dubya is doing all his selecting and "deciding" what to do about the situation in Iraq, there is another plan we don't hear about. This is the plan made by those who are really in charge. And those who are really in charge have been tired of Bush for a long time. They don't act with the decisiveness that you and I would use, because it isn't their children who are in the war zone. And it isn't their money being spent to wage the war. They're making lots of money on the war, so there's no real hurry from those issues.

Time is important, or should I say timing is important. There is another election coming up in two years. And even though they own all the candidates, the show must go on to keep the people satisfied. So, Condi will be in position to be a presidential candidate if they decide they need her for that. And George? He's history. He will likely exit the stage, one way or the other. He's a burden to the Republican Party and it's best that he just disappear from the scene. That'll give Condi two years to make a name for herself, and the public two years to get the taste of George Bush out of their mouths.

If they allow Bush to finish his term, he'll taint any Republican candidate foolish enough to try to run. It would be as uneven a contest as the one between Goldwater and Johnson. They don't like to do that any more. The public needs a good contest to get them interested and make the process seem legitimate.

The political theatre in D.C. plays on, and the sound track music in the background is a war against Iran. Bush is moving ships around, making military appointments and public pronouncements. Administration flunkies are on the talking heads shows. The internet fear peddlers are busy on their front, too. Keep the people on edge, that's the plan.

Keeping the people on edge is their only plan, though. There won't be a war against Iran this year. Next year doesn't look good, either. Now, don't go betting the farm on what I tell you! :-) This is just my little old blond head talking. But I have reasons for what I say.

As some of you know, we have not been content to let events take their course. Where possible, we've intervened on behalf of peace and humanity. The work on the nuclear reactors in the warships was discussed in a previous log entry. More recently....

I went to my special place in the War Room and visited for a while with Robert Gates, the gonna be new head of the Defense Department. Ol' Robert should never have come back to Washington. What's in it for him? He doesn't need the money. Now he's working with creepy, crawly creatures, some of whom may even be cyborgs. When I went to visit him, I could tell that he was out of his element.

I did a Vulcan mind meld on him, and asked a few questions. He confirmed that there is no plan for a war against Iran. Flash had been telling us the same thing, and my over-the-event-horizon radar was not picking it up, either.

Had a couple of visits with John Negroponte, and may have been able to dull his sword, so to speak. I know where he is and how to find him when he becomes the replacement for Condi. Let old George get his ducks in a row. I'll knock them down later.

The oil market knows that there won't be a war. Nothing in any of the Bloomberg reports ever mentions it, not even once have I seen it, as a factor in the price movement of stocks or commodities. Oil has been steadily going down over the last few weeks. It dropped below 50 dollars a barrel at least twice. No known connection, but certainly suspicious, the announcement that the government is going to double its strategic oil reserves. Price went up about five dollars after that.

War is a Broadway play that folded before opening night. The events to watch now are all on the economic front. We'll talk about that in Part Two.


Captain's Log 26 January 2007 Part Two of Two....

Postby dragon » Fri Jan 26, 2007 6:11 pm

There are some economic adjustments coming. I do not have complete information on them. I "feel" something coming, and I see things on the news that reinforce that feeling.

If you remember late last year, November maybe? There were five cabinet ministers meeting with the Chinese. They weren't there just to get bargain prices on Christmas gifts. China has a ton of our money, and that's a lot of leverage. They want something. And the fact that it was the Americans who went to see the Chinese, and not the other way around, tells us who has the upper hand in this situation. They did contract for some nuclear power plants. That'll eat up some of the reserves, but I'm betting that there are other subjects on the table. Iran, maybe? Don't know.

But I do know that the United States is vulnerable as long as someone else has more of our money than we do. The Chinese think and plan years in advance. The Americans plan on how to get to the end of the fiscal quarter. That's long term planning, American style. Remember how the Russians let Napoleon just go on and on into that vast country until his supply line was stretched over hundreds of miles? Then they finished him off. Want to bet that the Chinese didn't plan the same way, letting us buy all their cheap goods for IOUs and move our production facilities over there? Now, they've got us in a bind. Was the November meeting the first bit of squeezing? I don't know. Does anybody here know?

But something is up. Something is changing. And it has to do with gold, and oil, and the American dollar. It would not surprise me at all to see America default on its debt to China and issue a new currency. This one would be backed by gold. I read one rumor this morning that Bush is going to put us on the gold standard within thirty days.

A new currency is already in the planning stage, if the internet newsmen are to have any credibility. The new currency would be the Amero, legal tender in Canada, US, and Mexico. That may be a dream of the world planners, but I think events are out of their control now, and they cannot materialize it before the current American dollar becomes worthless. So, something has to be done.

There is an economic summit meeting right now in Davos, Switzerland. That one I knew was coming. I did not know until yesterday about the Bilderbergers meeting going on at the same time in Stresa, Italy. Was not expecting those boys to get together until May or June, their regular meeting dates. Is this an emergency meeting?

Emergency or not, these guys are not friends of the proletariat, so to speak. I called up Flash for an emergency meeting and asked him what could be done. Showed him a picture of the hotel where the meeting was being held. He zoomed on over there.

Now, old Flash is a kinder, gentler soul than I am. My thoughts run more to disruption and destruction. So the Bilderbergers were lucky that Flash was there and not me. Flash does have a warped sense of humor though. He went there and put his finger into the soup. He imparted a special energy into the soup. Any man who had soup for dinner last night got an instant erection, and one that would not go away for days.

Now, these guys being the type of guys that they are, they had already planned on having some party time after the meetings were over. One taste of that soup, and the meetings were over! MaryK and Flash looked in on them later, and MaryK said that all she saw were naked people all over the place. The working girls were earning their money last night!

I passed this on to Spaceman Spiff, who is Terra-based, and he brought back a report this morning. Entities are feeding on the energy that is being released, and these guys are getting darker and darker as time goes on, leaving them open for almost any kind of frequency or attachment.

MaryK's view this morning said that there were aircraft being dispatched with big-wigs aboard to go there and rescue the situation. Maybe I'll get a report from Spiff tomorrow. There are no meetings going on, no business being conducted. That's why there is a rescue mission on the way.

As I said, Flash is a kinder, gentler, soul than I am. The objective was to prevent meetings, not to enhance their sex life. The Bilderbergers were lucky. If I had been there, it would have been a much less pleasant outcome.

Spiff also says that there are large trucks there, with big antenna dishes on them. I asked him if it was some of that Active Denial equipment that the army has for crowd control, but he said it was not that kind of dish.

So that's where we're at on the national level. On the local energy front, we've introduced mud balls and other energy devices to some new people and have gotten a lot of positive feedback. For example one lady on the east coast abandoned her plans to self-destruct, got a grip on herself, and no longer is being influenced by mind control.

In another case, large tower, likely on top of an underground base in one of the Yankee states was neutralized, and the weather there is more like normal now, and the chemtrails have disappeared. There are other stories, but you get the idea.

What I'd like to see is for all of you to post your own stories about victory over chemtrails and towers and mind control, and if your region is secure, then reach out to someone in another region and help them help themselves.

Clear blue skies here. How about at your place?


The world divides itself into two groups. Those who make policy, and those upon whom policy is made.

Postby MASONIC PLOT » Fri Jan 26, 2007 7:21 pm

Economic collapse is coming, no doubt about that. I just changed more fed reserve monopoly money into silver and gold today, I am still surprised people are dumb enough to keep making these trades with me.

Chemtrail activity has been relatively heavy over Northern Arizona the last two weeks specifically.


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