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Postby Donovan » Sun Jan 28, 2007 12:56 pm

1- Dragon sent me some mud balls. Made no attempt to charge me for anything. Some other stuff too, some of which looked like jewelry. (About which the Lady major pleased.). I testify that Dragon does not seem to be into what he is doing for money.
2- I cannot in any manner think of how anything was perceived as a threat. Was it where Dragon reported that he went to the Ike on the astral plane?. That gave me the giggles. If home the Ike would be at Pier 12 (of the carrier piers) at NOB. I remember going to the Ike many times. After 9/11 mainly through Gate 4 where there would be kids with M-16s behind sandbags and they looked like they had never fired the weapon. When you would get to Pier 12 there would also be guards with side-arms. It got around quickly that some officer was concerned more of some accident and therefore ordered that those guards would be issued no clips for their 45s. The moderator’s of this site are concerned about what?
3- The moderators took sides. I saw this clearly with the geometry problem. Too Stoned bad mouthed me, very foul language, for some time before I responded in kind. A moderator picked out one small joke of mine concerning geometry teachers, (they should be publicly shamed) that all saw as a joke and tried to make it serious. And at that time ignoring Too Stoned. The moderators see a threat perhaps but certainly not the treat they stated.
4- I too would be concerned with either illegal activity or promotion of such. If that was the case I would have nothing to do with the discussion. I saw none. I still see none. Either the moderators are concerned about something else of which they are not saying or they have not read the material.
5- A moderator also picked up on a remark I made to Dragon. It is back there but something to the effect “Watch your mouth or I will kick the gun over to you..” That too was an obvious joke if one read the thread. Good Lord in heaven, we were talking about a math duel !!!!! It was so odd that Too Stoned mentioned ‘F’ (the name is back there, I will not attempt to spell the French name that ‘dueled’ with Pascal which I think I can spell.) In the 1600’s in Paris, (at a time when math went through many changes) such duels were the rage among the aristocracy. A problem and challenge and such being posted on public billboards. Seems there was far more civility then than there is on this board. I fault the moderators for wrongly protecting Too Stoned. Look clearly at Too Stone’s ploys. He would get upset as the diagram did not have labels such as ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’. The areas of interest were colored or easily referenced in the text. The first construction an equilateral triangle within a large circle, colored. The angle 60 degrees. Two moves would be made (each rather complex). But the first move would eat up much of the less than 8 degrees left, the second move even much smaller. The diagram as such with text appropriate. What was the fear. Only that Too Stoned would be shown for what he is.
6- Mentioning the point above in no manner detracts from the points that MaryKmusic made. It is only an add-on. I agree with MaryKmusic.

Those points made I see a philosophical under-pining that furthers MaryKmusic’s remarks. Dragon spoke of the limitation of Newtonian mechanics, energy and matter. That limitation was being fostered well before Newton. Again the 1600s being very pregnant with this. Because of measurements the idea got around that the universe, cosmos, was a ‘two system’, that it reduced only to energy and matter. Later apologists for this including such as Shopenhour (spelling?) while pretending to argue more fostered the belief. (as paraphrase ‘Well there are such things as will…’, di da di da). It was not long before it was thought unreasonable to believe in elves, archangels, trolls, ghosts, or anything not of a physical nature among the masses. So in some respects those in the Dark Ages had a better world view than the present ‘matrix caught’ masses. Not so the upper classes who continued all through, even to this day, to believe in and use magick. Most of this is based on the cabalistic system of which I am very familiar. (33 degrees of Masonry di da di da). The powers-that-be wish to continue this limiting thought among the masses, that any idea of a world beyond matter and energy is wrong. (therefore no ‘other realities or dimensions etc’). I know that those in control using such magick are limited in its use and fear the masses opening up to the possibility. Is this the real danger that Dragon et al are fostering. And if so who is the danger to?

In that respect I learned much from the story of IO as he made excellent observations. Particularly with the (early uncorrupted) ‘rave’ as it had effect on the soccer madness.

If I am thrown off the list for ‘questioning the moderation’ so be it. But I still agree with Burnt Hill, MaryKmusic and the others.
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Postby Donovan » Sun Jan 28, 2007 5:08 pm

“As larger target, lessor shot / I fear I’ll die as well as not. / But here I stand on Honor’s Field. / This loaded colt in hand I wield. ……..”

From the duels between the editors of the Landmark and the Virginian Pilot, circa 1860s way after dueling outlawed. But the large ‘Bearn’ of the Landmark prevailed. Blew most of the hip off of the small, skinny Eram of the Virginian Pilot.

But duels were part of our naval heritage many years after that, well into the 1900s. Keep forgetting the name of the American naval officer who killed so many. Name began with ‘B’. Bloodthirsty. Boarded one merchant vessel with a small party. Many shots heard. Upon his return was rumored to have said, “A few died like men. The rest like women.”

I pray these threads are archived for posterity. My success with that challenge is archived in others. It was dishonorable to interfere with a math challenge in the manner that a moderator did. The moderator himself can pick up Too Stoned’s challenge if he so desires.
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Postby Et in Arcadia ego » Mon Jan 29, 2007 4:25 am

Donovan, solve Pi and get back to me when you want credibility in my eyes..
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Postby Donovan » Mon Jan 29, 2007 10:58 am

Back in the tread (one of these threads) there was a discussion of pi. I referenced ‘book’ at
I made the jump from a system of lines and points to a system of objects-only; balls. As the concept of pi is ‘flat’ for objects one can use pennies on a table. Placing a penny in the center and building pennies around it. We can define pi in this system (as the regular) as ratio of across to around that would be useful in calculation. As there are real objects, pennies, the ratio would always be between real whole numbers (a penny or not a penny – not ‘part of penny’). One can see as the circle of pennies build out (at some point making rules for filling in sides of hexagram) as this builds out it would begin to approach the standard calculation of pi. And one could also reason they would never be exactly the same. As you can build more and more ‘penny circles’ or take pi to more and more ‘places’. But they would continue to approach each other.

And interesting thing then happened on the thread. The person arguing (but I think as they would need to agreeing that I approached pi another way) stated something to the effect that it was not the ‘real’ pi, that it would ‘only’ approach it. Interesting because imaginary lines and points for this person became more ‘real’ than pennies. If this continued he should have made the better statement that the ‘normal and accepted’ calculation of pi was far more useful. To which I would have said ‘very true’. And it is. I was using this to demonstrate that there is another way of looking at geometry…, and that in some instances using objects explains more than lines or points. (Understanding the Great Pyramid slope being one).

Another good observation was made, ‘how do we know what the slope was?’ (The Great Pyramid being worn etc.) And accepted calculation was made based on the statement of a Greek Historian, relationship of area of side to height. And this was the same calculation /ratio used to construct the pyramids used in experiments (that they could ‘resharpen’ older types, high iron content razor blades and such if lined up correctly with a compass.)

On my site along with the directions I also show (interspersed with the regular directions of obtaining the slope) how this comes from a ball geometry that gives another look at a standard 3-d geometry of which I take the correct 2-d view). So as Too Stoned pointed out it does not follow a standard form that you might see in a plane geometry class. But there is more, not less: that was just a silly excuse. As the demonstration progressed I wanted the person following to see; 1- first how the facets/stella of the tetrahedron in another position produced the internal planes of a cuboctohedron, (the 14 pockets), 2- how any of the ‘four sided pockets’ had the same on the other side, and 3- that these four slopes would produce a pyramid of 60 degrees. Then I would move the angles out and ‘disappear’ the opposite 60 degree pyramid. With this the sides each moved in a bit.

This ‘bit’ by which the sides moved in would be less than eight degrees in the first step. Far less in the second. Therefore the diagram starts with a comparatively large circle and the real ‘work’ of the problem off, small, in a corner. That is one of the two reasons that a CAD program would be necessary. The second being you would want a good read on the angle so that there would be no question.

You stated above that I should ‘solve’ pi and get back to you. What? Pi in the normal sense is solved. What is your point?

Your point is not to argue sensibly but like Too Stoned just be a bullying smart ass.

There were legitimate reasons for creating another section. And there would be a giant legitimate reason for putting anyone off the list who advocated any illegal actions. I do not agree with your decision to put Dragon off the list in that regard. I saw no advocating of any illegal activity. As I stated above I too would be very concerned with that and not even be on a list if that was occurring. My feeling is that it would have been far better to make that clear with Dragon.., clear it up.
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Postby marykmusic » Mon Jan 29, 2007 11:23 am

What illegal activity?

Black magick practicioners work in the etheric plane as well as right here on Earth, actually killing children and taking their life force in order to do what they do. That's illegal as hell.

Dragon goes out into the etheric to do his work, both in remote healing and remote attack.

Telling this story is advocating illegal activity? How?

Pointing his finger at a black helicopter and seeing it set down several miles away is illegal? Why? Especially after those same helicopters made runs over our house so low that we could see the eyes of the pilots, and confirm that they were carrying serious rockets. That is illegal in itself, buzzing a residential area.

The lesson here, apparently, is to talk about the Bad Things, but don't DO anything about them! --MaryK

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Postby Et in Arcadia ego » Mon Jan 29, 2007 11:25 am

marykmusic wrote:Dragon goes out into the etheric to do his work, both in remote healing and remote attack.

And which one of these would he have attempted to employ on my wife, I wonder..
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Postby Donovan » Mon Jan 29, 2007 12:06 pm

et in Arcadia ego,
Needless to say your ploy to discredit my claim failed.

And you have also failed to give any specific example of Dragon proposing illegal activity, (which again I too would be very much against – would not even be on the board).

And here you reply to MaryKmusic in a telling way. Is that your real concern, ‘magick against you or your family’?

I have been a student of cabala for many years. This is the system employed by all of the ‘Western Traditions’ including Masons etc. (for those Masons on that level). There is a ‘rule of thumb’ or generally accepted principle that ‘black magick’ can only go so far and that there are a specific number of fields of activity. The fields are in levels- the one above controlling the one below. I believe this is so by my own experimentation. So, (as you avoid the real specific questions), I am wondering now if we are getting to your real concern. Seems we are.
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Postby Et in Arcadia ego » Mon Jan 29, 2007 1:12 pm

Believe what you want; there's quite a few things out there I fear, but a remote viewing death ray from dragon against myself or my family definately isn't one of them.
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Postby tron » Mon Jan 29, 2007 1:23 pm

was that post number 1777?

cue twilight zone music if so
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Postby marykmusic » Mon Jan 29, 2007 1:24 pm

Arcadia, rest assured that you are not a big enough target to be worth attacking. You hold a bit of power on a board with a few hundred people. Our attention is on those who hold power over millions. --MaryK

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Postby Et in Arcadia ego » Mon Jan 29, 2007 1:41 pm

marykmusic wrote:You hold a bit of power on a board with a few hundred people.

maryk, I assure you that I hold no power on this board whatsoever. Your husband (no quotes) was removed from the board for reasons he himself created, not me. Power is something I simply do not relish, and if you see that the limited 'power' I alledgedly have here was sufficient to mitigate your husband's activities, I guess that says more about his own powers than mine.

Again, I apologize that we stand at ends. I've never thought you were a bad person or actively wanted to injure anyone here, but your husband crossed the lines several times on this forum. If I'm guilty of anything, it's being more vocal in my objections than most of the others who were equally frustrated with him.
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Postby xsicbastardx » Thu Feb 08, 2007 9:46 am

Jesus H. Fucking Christ.....are these loons still going on with all this hog wash.....

Time to transport myself back to Zeta Reticulli
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Postby marykmusic » Sun Feb 11, 2007 4:56 pm

The latest installment. Remember, y'all can either read this as if it were simply science fiction, or take it with a grain of salt. Use your own discernment. --MaryK

Captain's Log, February 11, 2007

It's Spring! At least, here in Cottonwood, Arizona. And in the Spring, a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of....

Underground bases! What a way to start the New Year! The Chinese New Year, too, since the operations I'm referring to were done in early February. One of our operatives, a dedicated long time member of this forum, bracketed Beale AFB with Triniti Wands and then saturated the area with mud balls.

Beale AFB in California, you may remember, is home base for some UAVs. Un-manned planes used as spy-in-the-sky vehicles. That sort of stuff makes all of us nervous, so this heroic individual decided to do something about it. You can bet that when there's anything that sinister cooking, the off-worlders are in it, too. And so they were.

This place is/was one of the alien/military interface sites. When Our Hero laid down his Triniti Wands, it slammed the door shut. Some of them may have gotten their fingers caught in the door, because after that they got really hostile. And this is what triggered the latest, intense, round of spraying. The end is in sight for those critters, and they were going to mess this place up as much as possible before leaving. More on that later.

The other operative is one who stays behind the scenes and is very quiet, but very effective. This individual had several hundred of my mud balls and some Triniti Wands, and spread them all over the Mojave Desert. If y'all remember from long back ago, a trip through the Mojave was one of Don and Carol's big adventures, complete with dark-windowed Air Farce white vans trying to run them off the road.

Those guys just never learned to play well with the other children. Don and Carol came through just fine, leaving a trail of orgonite behind them. But I knew that place was unfinished business, and it has been on my to-do list for a long time. This place was a portal, and probably had been for centuries if what Branton has to say about it is credible.

Either way, it is no longer a portal for them. Mojave Desert belongs to the people now.

The latest wave of chemtrail activity was widespread and vicious. This round of spray had sylph-specific killer ingredients in it. If you remember, it was the Air Force that damn near killed them all off with their spraying over the last couple decades. Reinforcements and replacements came in from another part of the galaxy last year, and they were eating those chemtrails as fast as they could. And even with their depleted numbers, doing a good job of it.

Shutting down the Beale AFB connection was one of the things that triggered this sylph-killing response. They should have given more thought to the consequences, though. For after about three days of spraying here, we saw a fleet of ships on the northern horizon. Killing sylphs is messing with the spirit world, and the spirit world is not to be taken lightly. The ships were here for evacuation/expulsion of those responsible for that crime, and for other crimes as well. There was an Archangel escort with those ships. Those individuals sought by the Archangel had just enough time to regret their career choice before they met their end.

What we are getting from our "outside sources" is that the reptilian sprayers are history now, and any spraying that will be done will be done the old-fashioned way, with real planes, real pilots and they gotta buy their own fuel just like you and I now.

Apparently, quite a number of individuals have been taken away, including some who were using human bodies like a Hertz rental. The departure of the non-original inhabitant was quite a shock to some of the bodies. Anna Nicole Smith was being used by 'someone', and that someone left abruptly. Cheney managed to survive, but he's as confused as a sterile rabbit, and may have difficulty speaking in complete sentences. Be observant, and watch for public figures who do an about-face. Look for sudden, unexplained deaths. It is going to be an interesting year.

Remember the Bilderbergers' emergency meeting in Italy just a few weeks ago? It was problems such as this, problems that began to cascade on them after Loohan dropped those mud balls on the District of Calamity a year ago, that they gathered there to fix. Flash disrupted that party, and now look at their situation. If they're still around in May or June, that's their normal time of year to meet. Flash says he can't pull that trick again, so we'll have to think of something else.

Disabled underground bases, off-world portals shut down, Bilderbergers in a real bind, reptilian sprayers in the ash bin of history, and lots of nasty critters leaving the planet. Now, that's an ethnic cleansing we can all support. Spring! You gotta love it!

Spaceman Spiff gets around, and he and Archangel Michael were in the vicinity of Mt.Ararat a few weeks ago. There's something underground there. Spiff sent me a photo he dug up off of Google, and I saw a structure there that looks like something out of the Crusades era.

Michael is not allowed to go in there for reasons he did not explain. Spiff was unable to gain entry himself, and asked us to look into the matter. MaryK took a peek and said that this place is a holding pen for some very nasty critters that were put in there several thousand years ago. Spiff got a look at them, and they are short, with a funny knob on top of their heads. One of them did escape, but he was instantly vaporized. We don't know who put them there, except it may have been the Titans of legend. But, where did the Titans go? The world is full of unexplainable mysteries!

We made contact with two individuals in New Mexico, one in Santa Fe and one near Albuquerque. They are using ash to neutralize the towers in those areas. This is new territory. Santa Fe is important because there's a thriving consciousness community there. Albuquerque is important because it is bad in the same way that Denver is bad. NWO, military, all that yucky stuff. A few mud balls may help disrupt their agenda. One person can make a difference. Think of the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dike. Think of Loohan last year with a couple hundred mud balls in D.C.

I'm still hanging out there on that no war with Iran limb. No one seems to want to join me, though. MaryK comes by once in a while and hands me up a cup of coffee. Still got at least another month before the situation clears up.

But hey! Here's a limb for someone to go out on. Dubya is planning a trip to Paraguay in March. Paraguay, if you recall, is where he bought a huge ranch, 100,000 acres, give or take an acre or two. Now, this ain't gonna be no Jed Clampett homestead. All the comforts of home, I'll bet. I've got five dollars says he won't come back. Anybody want to cover that bet? Reckon the boys in Vegas will give you odds?

There are a few speculative scenarios as to how this will play out. Simple resignation, faked assassination, real assassination, military coup back home. Y'all think of any others?

Now all we gotta do is get Dick Cheney out of the way. Agent 004 had a dream. Time will tell if it was a prophetic dream. MaryK had a similar dream. Both dreamed of Cheney's death. If Cheney does not die or resign, then he becomes president when Bush rides off into the Paraguayan sunset. The ones who run the Republican Party don't want that to happen any more than you or I do. Cheney needs to shuffle off to Buffalo, so to speak, and let Condi become veep. Because if Cheney and Bush are both gone, Nancy Pelosi is next in line. And they can't afford to let that happen. The public would hold her to a higher standard and expect more out of her, and that would be disastrous for TPTB.

This all makes sense if you look at it from the perspective of those who are trying to save the Republican Party. With Cheney and Dubya gone, they have a chance to make Condi look good for the '08 elections. Picture this as an '08 election drama:

A black female sitting president and a white male as a vice president on the Republican ticket. They would be facing a white female presidential candidate [Hillary] and a black male vice president.

How do you make Condi look good, and do it quickly? End the war. Now. And, what a coincidence! The Iraqi insurgents are already in peace talks and have set their conditions for allowing us to withdraw. I can't remember now where I read that. I read their list of demands, and it doesn't seem at all unreasonable to me.

End the war. Bring the troops home. And we'll have 18 months of presidential campaigning to keep the sheeple's minds off how badly the government screwed up. And can you imagine what a spectacle it would create if the two parties arranged themselves as I mentioned above? The people would be caught up in that drama and it would keep them from asking too many questions and holding the proper people accountable.

So, that's a limb for someone to go out on.


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Postby marykmusic » Sun Feb 25, 2007 12:54 am

This is a three-part installment of the Captain's Log.

Remember, this might get too weird for some of you... "Warning! Warning!"

Captain's Log 24 February 2007 Part One of Three....

Z-Force Group HQ has been the scene of some intense activity over the last few
weeks. I'll try to keep this in chronological order, but I make no promises! :-)

We were blessed with the presence of Ellie S. as a house guest over the
Wednesday thru Sunday period of last week. Ellie, for those of you who tuned in
late, is one of the first among us to begin using the agnihotra ceremony. She
and Loohan and Archie and Clyde formed an interactive group that I dubbed 'the
Axis of Orgone'. Not sure what the rest of the group is doing now, but I know
that Ellie is still very agni-active. And still in the business of producing
fuel for agnihotra fires.

Ellie was in Sedona for a four-day training class for advanced energy work.
She used our house as a base of operations while she studied. It was really
grand having her around and finally getting personally acquainted after all
these years of correspondence.

A visit to Sedona is not complete without checking out the vortices, and she
did that, and did it in a big way. Not only did she leave some mud balls in
them, but she also buried a Triniti Wand in Boynton Canyon. While socializing
with a group of people she met at one of those vortices, she was able to raise
their sensitivity to the point where they were actually able to feel the energy.
She met a couple of fellows on that tour who saw her with the agnihotra ash and
volunteered the information that they live in Sedona and do the ceremony
regularly there. That's super cool! Sedona will be totally liberated some day!

Ellie is a super fine person, and the only sad part is that it may be a year
before we get to see her again. These training sessions are expensive. Remember
that, next time you go to visit an energy worker of any sort. This stuff they do
may look simple and near effortless, but the knowledge didn't come cheap and the
understanding that it requires is quite complex.

Early on in this month I received a letter from someone who was concerned
about a staged event to take place at an oil refinery in the Denver area. I told
this story on Rick's forum, but I'm inserting it here to refresh memories for
those of you who have heard it, and bring up to date those who have not.

The message said that the refinery in Commerce City was to be hit by a staged
event that would be made to appear as a terrorist attack. I discounted it at
first, but it wouldn't leave me alone, so I contacted Flash and asked him about
it. Turns out, this insider really did know something. Flash filled me in on the
details. There are five tanks, each with the plastic explosive already in place.
A tanker truck is to be driven in from out of state, leaving Wisconsin to pick
up a load of flammable liquid in Michigan.

The truck was to arrive on Friday, 23 February, and would itself be exploded,
parked alongside of the tanks. The drivers would be foreign nationals, obvious
"ragheads", who would be the patsies for the job. At the time Flash was telling
me this, they were already in the process of producing the video of that event.

A video before the event? Sure. Watch the movie, Wag The Dog. Great training

MaryK tells me that she hears from her trucker buddies that the trucking
industry is being overrun and taken over by what the native born truckers refer
to as 'ragheads'. So, finding a couple of them to be fall guys is no problem.
And they won't appear as unusual, since so many truckers on the road now are
foreign born.

I asked Flash what could be done, thinking that he might be able to intervene.
He has done this several times in the past. Most recently, it was at the
emergency Bilderberger conference in Italy. Remember the incident in the
kitchen? We learned from a couple of his buddies that it wasn't his finger that
he put in the soup.

Flash said to contact Spaceman Spiff, and so I did. Put in an emergency call,
and he responded next morning. Y'all are familiar with how they contact Batman
when he's needed. Shine a big light up in the sky with a bat image on it. Well,
contacting Spiff isn't quite like that, but we're working on it. Right now, we
have to use existing equipment supplied by US Qwest.

I filled Spiff in on the problem, and he said he'd get right on it. I got
right on it too, and took myself to the War Room. I was in there a long time.

Projecting energy, especially attack energy, is very draining. When I do it, I
get cold inside, and it takes quite a while to warm up again. This was an
exceptionally draining mission, and it took about three days to get over it.
Worth it, though. Spiff went there and found that the detonators had been
neutralized, so he proceeded on to visit with the truckers. There are two
foreign nationals who are still alive today because Spiff caused them fuel and
tire problems. They'll never know. They'll never guess. They never showed up.

This is Saturday. D-Day, detonation day, was at or before 1700 yesterday.
Denver is still there. Some people are having a hard time dealing with that
fact. We'll identify them and see how what their reaction has been in Part Two.


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Postby marykmusic » Sun Feb 25, 2007 1:18 am

Here's the next one.

Captain's Log 24 February Part Two of Three.....

Harold wrote on Rick's forum that he'd been getting uneasy feelings, a
'disturbance in the Force' type of thing. Planning for an event of that
magnitude puts out brain waves that a sensitive person can feel, if not
interpret. And Harold lives in Boulder, so he doesn't need a strong mental
antenna. Turns out, he was right.

He wrote in with additional information this morning, saying that there had
been a power outage at the refinery on the 19th. The outage was a local event,
affecting only the refinery. Was this a cover so they could send some people
home while they planted the plastic explosives?

And after Spiff and I had done our work, we read on Truthout's web page that
David Broder of the Washington Post was hinting that George Bush may be poised
for a comeback and we shouldn't be surprised if this happened. Really,
Mr.Broder? What did you know and when did you know it? Broder is known as the
'insider's insider'. Cheney probably tipped him off.

Spiff told us the next day that the truckers were having all kinds of tire and
fuel problems. He said that he went to the refinery and found that everything
had been neutralized there. Flash told us later that myself and about 25 angels
had worked on those explosives. He said that even if someone inspected them,
they would appear to be normal and could be expected to function.

Once we had those assurances, we just let the clock run out. I posted the
story on Rick's early Friday morning, confident that the problem had been
solved. When the time was up, we began to monitor Dick Cheney to see what his
reaction would be. Old Dickie doesn't like to be disappointed.

On the web this morning, we saw a video of Dickie boy doing an interview on
Australian TV. He's there now, establishing an alibi, I suppose. I've never seen
him so relaxed and comfortable, even pleasant. This interview took place early
Friday, our time. He was calm, poised, and confident. You could almost feel the
anticipatory energy oozing from him. This was the day he had been waiting for.

We looked in on him right at 1700. He had just gotten the news that nothing
happened. First reaction is, he thinks that they're just late. An hour later, he
knows that the mission has failed, and he's no longer calm and poised. As the
evening wore on, he became more agitated and finally had to accept some sleep
medication around 0200 their time.

He's getting assurances from his people that the event can still be pulled
off. Their fall-back position is for the full moon weekend, this coming Friday.
And it's a better time from an astrological standpoint. I've been doing what I
can for Mr.Cheney from here, yesterday and today, but my modest efforts have not
cheered him up very much. When MaryK looked in on him this morning, he was on
blood thinners because they feared a stroke. I put out some more soothing
vibrations this morning, and now she tells me that he's barely able to stand up.

Poor old Dickie boy. The future ain't what it used to be for him. I'm gonna go
back and help him some more later on today. Y'all can help, too.

Mokoosh, up there in Dudley Do-right land, sent me a link to a story posted on
Jeff Rense's forum. I don't normally go there unless someone sends me. This is
quite a story.

It has been public knowledge for years and years, going back as far as the
Cold War days, that computer chips are subject to fail when hit by an EMP pulse.
Back in the days of the Cold War, it was said that the Russians knew this, and
were still using vacuum tubes for their war equipment. True or not, I don't
know, but what is known is that an EMP [electromagnetic pulse] would shut down
any piece of equipment that depended on computer chips. That would include
anything from a microwave oven to a vehicle or a jet plane. Or a missile.
Nuclear bombs generate EMPs. That's one way.

The boys on the Enola Gay didn't have to worry about EMPs over Nagasaki. Does
anyone know if a B-52 could out-run an EMP?

As this is a known weakness, military chips are supposed to be "hardened"
against EMPs. The author of the Rense article is relating what happened as one
of those chips was being tested. Not only did the chip being tested fail, but so
did the chip in the machine that was doing the testing. As you can see as you
read the article, this has caused a lot of consternation among the Powers That

The article leaves one with the impression that the Chinese are the ones
responsible, and there may be someone, or some shadowy group above them, that is
responsible, since this cuts across national boundaries. Everyone who buys or
build weapons depends on chips from a small number of suppliers. The Chinese,
they don't get parts out of the same bin as the round-eyes. They know about the
problem, and they have compensated for it. After all, this is the civilization
that produced Sun Tzu, the author of THE ART OF WAR. Must reading, if you want
to understand how it is done.

It is understandable that the problem would be seen that way, as a Chinese
plot. One expects a three-dimensional answer to a three-dimensional problem.
That's where they're looking, they're looking in the three-dimensional world,
but that's not where they'll find the answer.

Pay close attention as the writer briefly mentions an "abortive air strike".
An Israeli air strike on Iran. My ears perked up on that. What "abortive
strike"? Nothing on the news, not even in the conspiracy news. MaryK said she
sees that it was more than one plane. It was a group, or two groups of planes,
totalling about ten or twelve in number. It would take that many to have any
chance of success. The Iranians have radar, and an air force. They would have to
expect some resistance.

Something malfunctioned on all of them, shortly after take-off. Picture a
dozen or so jets armed with nuclear weapons behaving like bucking broncos. All
that training paid off for those pilots! They set them down safely.

As Sun Tzu said, one is chance. Two is coincidence. Three is enemy action. How
could this have happened to the most advanced military equipment in the world?

But apparently it did happen, and a faulty chip was the reason the mission was
aborted. The operative word here is "apparently".

Now, back last fall when I was working on the navy's nuclear reactors, I also
spent some time working on the Israeli Air Force. Ahud Olmert was making noises
like he was going to strike Iran, and I believed him. I tried to discourage him
one-on-one, and in case that didn't work, I messed with his airplanes a little
bit. All I wanted to do was neutralize the bombs. So, I'm remembering this as
I'm reading the Rense article.

Remembering too, the story on the news about how those pesky Chinese had used
a laser beam to kill one or more satellites, and didn't even tell anyone
beforehand. Caused quite a stir among some world governments.

Well, I already knew that the Chinese didn't do it. The satellites were
neutralized by mind power. That's all I am going to say about the satellites.
All this is going through my mind after reading the Rense article. Finally, I
couldn't stand it any longer and asked Flash for the true story.

Flash says that the Chinese didn't do it. They didn't purposely manufacture
chips with a built-in weakness. The weakness is the fact that the chips
themselves are made of circuits [see Rense article] one one-hundredth the
thickness of a human hair. The chips are manufactured to specifications. The
Chinese, though, aware of the problem themselves, have different specifications
for their own military chips.

The human mind can emit a pulsed frequency. And in the case of a chip with a
circuit that small, it only takes one molecule knocked out of place and the
chips are down, so to speak. Any human with a focused mind can do this. And
that's what happened to the Israeli jets. Sort of.

When I worked on the Israeli Air Force, my intention was to disable their
nuclear bombs. What actually happened was, the jet squadron that was sent to
Iran was on an agressive mission, and the chip[s] failed. Some system, or
systems, went down, and the planes returned to base. This, to me, sounds like
something that Archangel Michael might do. It's the way he works. Which reminds
me, I owe him a crystal for that, and for other assistance.

Michael may have fine-tuned my work on the Israeli Air Force so that they were
unable to carry out their mission. They tried to penetrate an angelic force
field, you might say. If so, then Thanks, Michael! He's much kinder and gentler
than I am. Left to my discretion, they'd all be on a compost pile somewhere.

Now, the 3-D planners and thinkers in the war rooms of the government have
been confronted with the fact that all these high-tech, super expensive pieces
of equipment are now, in this new paradigm, merely good for parades and as
decorative items. There is no way to ever discover which chips will fail and
which are truly "hardened", and there's some doubt if any of them are truly
"hardened". All it would take to neutralize the whole fleet out there in the
Gulf is for some aircraft, even an un-manned aircraft, to fly over with a weapon
made from an old microwave oven aiming it at the ships and planes. And it all
shuts down, just like flipping a switch.

This information is making its way through military channels now, and it is
hard enough for the medal mannequins of the Pentagon to accept. These are nuts
and bolts thinkers, Newtonian physics guys. "I push a button here, it goes
'boom' over there" type guys. And they get reassurances from the military
hardware suppliers. "We've tested these things". Uh-huh. What they don't
realize, or at least don't say, is that this is a quantum physics "the observer
is part of what is being observed" sort of thing. They weapons manufacturers
expect the chips to pass, and so they do.

In the real world, those who can mentally or physically attack the chips
expect the attack to work, and it does.
The medal mannequins have been told, but they don't believe that mental power
alone can bring down a jet, or a fleet of jets. Or neutralize a satellite. This
is just too much for them. None of this was covered at West Point or Annapolis.
Eisenhower never had problems like this! This can't be real!

But real it is, and there are four dead satellites up there as testimony, and
some disabled Israeli jets. And the report that you read on Rense makes it
public knowledge that there is a real problem. The Rense report doesn't mention
the satellites or the bucking bronco jets, but it doesn't have to. The report
posted on Rense is enough for the medal mannequins to know that they have a
problem. They're no doubt in denial right now, but when they finally accept the
truth, it'll be a huge Maalox Moment for them.

Here at Z-Force Group, four years ago we came to the understanding that the
battle front has expanded to include the mental and spiritual plane.

An overview of that, and where we go from here, in Part Three.


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