A warm gun

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A warm gun

Postby Stephen Morgan » Mon Jun 01, 2009 6:10 pm

Some thoughts of the first two sinister forces books.

The survival of the templars, he talks about, and almost everything ever written about that is a load of old bollocks. This is no different. Masons may well be partly descended from freemasons, but he doesn't give us any reason to believe so. Nor does the coincidence of Wat Tyler's name (he should have pointed out the possible John Wheaties-esque Cthonic fertility magic inherent in the name Jack Straw, too, and the current government minister of the same name, although I still wouldn't be convinced). The fAact is the templars never went underground. In some countrys they changed their name, like Portugal, in others they merged witht he hispitallers, like France. In England the King liked them and only acted when ordered by the pope, so they had several years after those in France, and were then treated lightly. Most were told to do penance for their crimes (whcih in England were confessed with no duress) in other monasteries. There's plenty of local templar graffiti around here, carved ub tge castle dungeons, in Lincoln castle, in the ruins of their old preceptory at Temple Bruer (where the last Grand MAster of the English Templars was both ordained and arrested), etc. more sinister are the Hospitallers, who became the SMOM (blair, etc). Also the origins of templars and their sucessors.

I disagree that gibberish is of mystical import. Large chunks of his work are gibberish so I can see why he feels some sympathy with it, but the literal meanings of prosaic words are more important that he thinks in ritual magic. Gibberish mostly comes in the form of proper names.

Darwinism, social darwinism that is, left handism (Italian "left handed studies", as he says), are two of a pair. The Cathars weren't restrained ascetics but rather that was their outer persona. The fact is that they were like most cults, one rule for the rank and file and another for the elite. Very much like a modern "Christian" denomination in fact, especially in the more religious countries like America, where the congregants are backwards and often poverty stricken while the leaders have on the big gold ring and the shiny suit (idsregarding of the book of James) and are fucking whores left right and centre behind the congregants back. So it was with the Cathars. The ranks were told that sex especially was bad and forbidden, but that the same went for all worldly pleasures. This of course left the wealth they produced unsquandered so it could be passed up to the rulers of their sect who had no such beliefs. No doubt the Templars practiced in the same way.

He mentions the hashish eaters, but doesn't go into the more interesting matriarchal history of the Muslim heresy. the satanic verses, Kaaba, etc.

He's completely in accord with the mainstream (american) idea that america was founded by idealists looking for a life free of religious tyranny. In reality it was founded by occultists (he doesn't mention this either, but the Salem which trials ended when the governor (who was a known occcultist, as he says) found that his wife had been accused, and put a stop to things). Thos religious figures, the so-called pilgrims, were intolerant bigots who founded themselves universally hated in Britain and Europe for just that reason and so set off to a place where they could enforce their whims to their hearts content. When they briefly ruled Britain during the Protectorate they banned Christmas and football, and they've never been given power again.

clarkson ww2 doc - who won the war, etc., cameraderie

He acts like the Paperclip business was done under the exigencies of (cold-)wartime and was therefore partly justified, but this is the limited hangout position, in fact the Nazis and the American establishment had been best buds before the war, although eh hardly mentions it. Bush's UBC he mentions, but not the GM business and hardly the IBM caper. The Money Plot (of Smedley Butler, etc.) doesn't even get a name check. nor does the American Eugenics movement which spawn Nazi doctrine in the first place.

Although he mentions the Ahnenerbe collection of the skulls of concentration camp victims he doesn't mention those same SS men being dispatched to Tibet, nor the collection of skulls during the Herero revolt in Namibia.

He doesn't mention an important source of post-war funding, the "gold warriors" stash, the stolen loot of the Nazis, the gold Evita took from the Argentine banks the Nazis had stashed it in ($500 million 1945 according to some estimates) or the imfamous gold train.

Gladio doesn't get a mention, nor does it's various aliases or sub-branches (barring an exceptionally brief mention of P2). ONe would think this nexus of CIA spies, fascists and occultopederasts and gun runners would get a mention in a grimoir of political witchcraft.

"You make yourself ridiculous by thinking you can do anything. The world is divided in two. There are the communists on that side and on this side the free world. The Russians and the Americans, no one else. What are we? Americans. Behind me there is the government, behind the government is NATO, behind NATO is the U.S. You can't fight us, we are Americans."

In fact he shows a general contempt for conspiracy, preferring to write things off as coincidences and then pontificate on the role of synchronicity as an independent force in world events.

He claims there's no evidence of a widespread satanic cult of murderers, although he refers to "the ultimate evil" and cites it's proving of a national (at least) satanic cult "based in Minot", as he wrongly puts it. de sade, de retz, montesspan, satanic murder cult through history. No doubt about it.

"if we refuse to believe that..." the CIA, etc., were behind JFK's death, then we supposedly have to find a more occult, sinister, explanation for the "coincidences" surrounding his death. But why the hell would we refuse that?

Strughold and Gerathewohl, two Nazi emigres, studying "motoric responses of the eyes when exposed to light flashes of high intensity and short duration", exactly the basis of the assassination strobe supposedly used against Princess Diana and also tying in with hypnosis (which can be caused by bright lights of high intensity and short duration, noises with the same properties, sexual trauma, etc.). Another thing: I didn't realise Kenneth Arnold had first seen a flash of light before he saw his flying saucers. Keel claims this is usually the case, the light being a hypnotic device of some paranormal sort which causes one to have guided hallucinations, of which the seemingly physical disc are a part. Wellstone, Caradori, etc., killed in small planes. Nearly happened to Arnold too. But he doesn't mention that, despite going into detail on the death of the two air-force investigators at Maury Island. Also doesn't go into Crisman's role in the shaver mystery.

He doesn't mention L ron's two commands, which means he misses some gossip, which he seems quite fond of. His first command he was relieved before the boat sailed. His second he was sacked for depth-charging the sea bed. After his discharge he wrote of for "replacement" medals which he had never been awarded, climing he'd lost the originals, and the Navy sent them to him. He also claimed and received an increase in disability payments from the Navy even after his supposed work in Dianetics had revealed to him the cure for all disease.

He briefly mentions hubbard's debt to Sauder, but not to the German publication "Scientologie" which predates "Dianetics".

"Bluebird of friendliness, like a guardian angel, it's always there."

Olsen was thrown out of that window, see jon ronson, not lsded to death. He makes it quite clear that he believes this but he insists on attributing the death to the effects of LSD and responsibility for such to those who drugged the poor bugger. He has a bizarre theory that the taking of LSD (which Bill Bailey does a good bit n in "Part Troll", if you can find it) is ome sort of mystical initiatory rite, and that the reason Olsen reacted badly (which is highly questionable, as some witnesses claim it had virtually no effect on him) was that he was "going into the abyss" with an unclean conscience, sins intact, as opposed to the clean consciences of the evil but unrepentant men that he worked with, this causing a bad trip. He then talks a load of twaddle about initiatory rites and how Olsen was spiritually sabotaged by not being properly prepared for the "initiatory" experience of forcible doping. Then he remembers that an autopsy showed someone has knocked Olsen out before throwing him out the window, but don't let that get in the way of the woo. Find a book called "Terminate with extreme prejudice", incidentally, refers to a CIA assassination manual which recommends throwing people from high places to disguise head wounds inflicted to passify them so that you can kill them. To be clear, Olsen died because his head was smashed in and he was thrown from a high window, not because he was spiritually unprepared for drug-induced illumination. That fact is the fasting and shriving common to preparatory rites is meant to make people suggestible, and the degree system of initiation allows good people to be corrupted little by little beacuse a slippery slope is easier to lure people onto that a sheer cliff. There's no illumination waiting at the top. To misuse a phrase, it's turtles all the way down.

It's all just Operating Thetans, but Hubbard was a better businessman than most of them.

The correct route is internalisation and independent spiritual development, not cultist obedience a ritualism.

Crowleyan beliefs that a brother of the left-hand path is caused by traversing the abyss without destroying the ego is particualrly mistaken. Who'd have thought it of the people who call themselves Thelemites, "Willists", that they desire only to suppress the ego and consciousness and to become unfree slaves of the id. This is largely what psyops are aimed at, as pointed out in "Death in Washington" by Donald Freed, the Quartered Man strategy was to make people fearful and reactionary, similar to the startegy of tension, to allow dominance of the go by the id, the conscious mind by the demons of the under-mind. The opposite of depth psychology, Freed says. Imagine how much easier psyops would be if everyone became Thelemites and did these things to themselves. This is also what the LSD is about. The entire society had been Olsened, fed drugs without any knowledge of their effect, drugs deliberately spread by the CIA. If it weren't so sad it would be funny to see people crowing about the CIA supposedly shooting themselves in the foot by spreading the consciousness raisers. The trouble is they don't really raise consciousness, no matter what delusions to the contrary they raise in their mind-ravaged victims. They do the work of the CIA, they've been shown to stay in the bloodstream or lodged iin the fatty tissues of the brain for decades and to have a permanent effect on the inhibitions. I suppose if one follows the left hand path (by which i mean the opposite of the Crowleyan left-hand path, I mean the left-hand of the destruction of the Ego and the cultivation of the darkest parts of the id), this lack of inhibitions is good. Certainly if one wants a population of uninhibited, gullible people, it's ideal. Now, who could want that? Only those already in power who wish to control the thoughts of others could benefit from the rise of ego-destroying libidinous sex magic. They sap the will through terror, the little death, with fear mongering and false flag attacks and through the other powerful force, sex. The CIA didn't shoot themselves in the foot, they shot you with a tranquiliser dart.

The cure is, of course, the opposite. Conscious control of one's mind and body, carefully cultivated. The desires slowly brought under control and then extinguished rather than cultivated to new depths and depravities. The Bible recognises this, talking about the necessity of controlling ones tongue, not to mention that adulterous thoughts and actions, or hate and murder, are effectively interchangeable. If you don't control your mind you can't control anything, whether you'rre running at the mouth, running after women or murdering people. Colin Wilson also understands it, talking about the barking of dogs not being under conscious control. Gurdjieff, notoriously unfond of Crowley, tried to cultivate it through his now famous exercises.

lsd weakens the inhibitions/ego/dexter, exposure to great god pan is to be avoided. the orgy of freedom and killing.

lack of sex rituals are still sex rituals, as in the tantric semen storing, and have the opposite effect of the lascivious alternative.

We are owned. - Fort.

Outside the limit of our sight, feeding off us, perched on top of us, from birth to death, are our owners! Our owners! They have us. They control us! They are our masters! Wake up! They're all about you! All around you! -- They Live

I'm not joking about, either. Find "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair. People falling into vats, ground up, sold as "pure beef lard".

sirhan sirhan, hementions many Arabs being Christian. Of course far more palestinians were before Israel created Hamas.

Not mentioned: the hypnotist bryan's son writing a book about ufos and alien abduction, should be grist for his mill.

manly hall, was it? went into america's special purpose, the real reason for it's settlement and creation.

keehner quit the CIA because of its video sex entrapment techniques. Always nice to see that get a mention, as with Mohammad Atta's girlfriend and the striop club she worked in.

possible to hypnotise someone into murder. None of this "only do things you'd do when awake" rubbish. Not all bad, this book.

christopher lee anti-satanist:

"I am absolutely certain that there are thousands upon thousands of people today actively using black magic to get what they want. I'm sure they're responsible for much of the bad in the world, such as the wars in the Middle East [and] political corruption....

"Black magic has a church-like hierarchy with leaders who want power over people. At the bottom are people who get conned into devil worshipping because they're lonely, insecure, or frustrated....

"My roles in horror films brought me into contact with people who furthered my occult knowledge. I feel very much that it's my responsibility to persuade people to turn away from black magic...and I think my movies do just that by showing the true horror of evil."
Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that all was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, and make it possible. -- Lawrence of Arabia
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Postby lightningBugout » Mon Jun 01, 2009 11:47 pm

Stephen this is a great set of thoughts. Haven't read the series yet but this is Much appreciated.
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Re: A warm gun

Postby stillrobertpaulsen » Thu Feb 26, 2015 4:41 pm

I have a special request for any RI member who owns a copy of Sinister Forces Book Two: A Warm Gun. One of my relatives purchased the Sinister Forces trilogy as a birthday gift for me a couple years ago. I finally completed reading it several months later and absolutely loved it. But to my surprise, the book that I received for A Warm Gun did not include the Foreword by Dick Russell! I'm not sure why, I don't know if this was a printing error on a specific edition or what, but it was completely omitted. Needless to say, as a huge fan of The Man Who Knew Too Much, this exclusion was extremely disappointing.

So this is my request: if there is any RI member who has a copy of A Warm Gun that does include the Dick Russell Foreward, could you please send me a copy of the Foreward, either by mailing a photocopy or emailing a scan pdf? Please PM me; I'm aching to read it!
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Re: A warm gun

Postby cptmarginal » Thu Feb 26, 2015 10:08 pm

My digital copy says "first edition" in the front but doesn't include the foreword either...

The one and only result on Google for a SIP is from the inside flap on Google Books, where I found the phrase to search for in the first place:

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Re: A warm gun

Postby semper occultus » Wed Mar 18, 2015 5:47 pm

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Re: A warm gun

Postby stillrobertpaulsen » Thu Mar 26, 2015 7:12 pm

Thanks you two, I really appreciate that!

cptmarginal - I checked my copy after reading what you linked. It looks like I do have that on the flap as well. I guess some editions just carried the flap, but not the full foreword.

semper occultus - Great to read the full foreword for the first time. Loved the Christocracy crack, though with the upcoming 2016 race, something tells me Dubya was no denouement.
"Huey Long once said, “Fascism will come to America in the name of anti-fascism.” I'm afraid, based on my own experience, that fascism will come to America in the name of national security."
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