Cabal Activity in Western University - Hamad Subani

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Cabal Activity in Western University - Hamad Subani

Postby Transient » Sat Dec 20, 2014 7:05 pm

ABSTRACT: A Roadmap of the Dangers of Western University for Independent Minded Students

You probably never expected to see the day when you would come across a guide to the dangers of Secret Societies and Intelligence Agencies in Western University. Sadly, that day is here. You can choose to ignore them, but will they ignore you?

Western University has become increasingly dangerous for independent-minded students. Instead of being home to intellectuals, ideologues and scientists, Western University has now become dominated by Secret Societies and Criminal Cabals. With access to unlimited resources, backdoor connections to Intelligence Agencies and with a blank cheque being given to them by failed societies, Criminal Cabals are actively targeting independent-minded students, who are now fair game to them. Such students may find their educational experience railroaded, and even their future careers may be destroyed. They may experience harassment, stalking, electronic eavesdropping, grade tampering, sexual entrapment and even the possibility of being framed for terrorism. Foreign students are of course. more vulnerable, and this persecution may continue long after they left University. This guide serves as a roadmap to this new and completely undocumented danger, incorporating the first-hand experience of a survivor of Criminal Cabal Activity at one of Canada’s leading University. Since this is a problem stemming from societal failure, there is not much you can do about it. But using this guide, you can secure the education you paid for, while completely avoiding detection by Criminal Cabals at University.

Dealing with Criminal Groups and Predators is never easy. But atleast you can step into University prepared.
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