Canada’s Department of Terrorism? Hamad Subani

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Canada’s Department of Terrorism? Hamad Subani

Postby Transient » Sat Dec 20, 2014 7:26 pm

ABSTRACT: In October 2010, Al Qaida attempted to bomb two cargo planes flying out of the Middle East. They took credit for this failed attempt through an English magazine named INSPIRE. Was INSPIRE really the work of Al Qaida, or was it’s editor a Canadian named Beverly Giesbrecht? She had earlier hosted a reactionary Al Qaida website ( out of Vancouver, Canada. In 2008, she was kidnapped in Afghanistan while trying to infiltrate the Taliban. Shortly after she was released in June 2009, she died/disappeared in strange circumstances. Or was this an exit strategy? And was INSPIRE her new “assignment?” Using his familiarity with Bev’s first foray into the world of Jihad (, the author connects Bev to INSPIRE magazine, and by extension, to the cargo plane bombing plot. What emerges is a sinister picture of Western Intelligence Agencies floating their own secret Jihad groups for a variety of criminal undertakings.
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