Three Out-of-Print Texts on Rammed Earth Construction

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Three Out-of-Print Texts on Rammed Earth Construction

Postby annie aronburg » Tue Feb 02, 2010 12:23 am

Featuring the oft-cited USDA Farmer's Bulletin #1500, S.W. Johnson's Rural Economy: A Treatise on Pise Building,
and Karl Ellington's Modern Pisé-Building, which is often quite charming in its style:

But I am not giving out information on pisé for the sake of getting building jobs. I insist on each one being his own builder and that he tries his best to make his building cheap by the doing the work himself. This book tells him how to do it. And if there is still for local reasons be any detail upon which the builder need more information - or if it is a lone woman or a cripple that wants a warm little house of rammed earth - I am willing to bring such builders what assistance I can give them.

Downloadable even!
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