Welcome to RI's Scalar and HAARP discussion

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Welcome to RI's Scalar and HAARP discussion

Postby Jeff » Mon Dec 10, 2007 4:10 pm

The intention of this subsection is to apply a rigorous scrutiny to long-standing, but little authenticated discussions such as Scalar Warfare, HAARP, and other related 'Black Tech'. This is a long lived but very confusing subject, aggravated by a requisite understanding of math and science which frequently leads to misinterpretation and, in some cases, deliberate disinfo.

Hopefully this area can lend attention to credible claims while also shedding a light on false memetics. Before we do so, however, it should be pointed out that there are a couple of topics which are not subject to discussion here.

* This area is not intended for Orgonite discussions. Individuals who endorse Orgonite are free to do so in the many other places online where such discussions are accepted.

* This area is not intended to support or encourage the allegations of Targeted Individuals.

Particularly relevant to TI's, there is no adequate means of providing support for such claims in an online forum. There is also no viable means of positively analyzing a TI's claims against an unfortunate occurrence of mental illness which may or may not be related to an actual attack from an unspecified group or agent. Due to the potential for harm that may result to an encouraged TI, any and all attempts here to engage a TI's beliefs will be subject to immediate moderation. Despite clearly recognizing a TI's suffering, perceived or otherwise, in all honesty we are simply unable to help them, and suggesting otherwise is grossly irresponsible and potentially dangerous.

Note: et in Arcadia ego will be sharing moderating duties for the Scalar and HAARP subsection.
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Postby hyperbolic cotangent of X » Mon Dec 17, 2007 3:52 pm

First time poster, hope its ok to ask this here. If not please move where appropriate.
Are HAARP technologies considered Scalar, or have they been lumped together because they involve similiar science applications dealing with the electromagnetic properties inherent in the earth? Are all the phased arrays (atmospheric heaters) similiar to the HAARP array considered to be scalar or something else? Maybe someone can clarify why they have been put together here, is it being suggested that HAARP is Scalar technology or not?
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