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Re: Chemtrail activists...Senate Bill 517 is Rainmaking.

Postby terryintacoma » Sat Oct 07, 2006 7:55 am

We had a very hot and very dry summer this year, and alot of chemtrail activity as well.<br><br>I use to mark on my calendar the days that were heavy with chemtrails. It would be easier these days to take note of the days without them.<br><br>Here is a letter I wrote "To The Editor" back in August 2003.<br><br>I'm going to share (don't you hate it when someone wants to "share" something. Is that a hijacked word?) my letter with you guys, because no one else ever got to read it.<br><br>To the Editor,<br><br>Today is a beautiful day...not a cloud in the sky, except for the wispy lines and patches drifting by overhead. These particular clouds were left behind by airplanes. Strange as it may sound, I have observed on numerous occasions, streaks across the sky remaining hours after the plane had passed, which is not typical of your average con or vapor trail. Even more unlike a con trail, these streaks linger and spread and loom and grow, changing the brightest bluest skies to a dirty dingy haze.<br><br>What has become increasingly distressing about this situation is that no one seems to notice except for me and the loony-tune conspiracy theorists. <br><br>The weathermen neglect to mention them.<br><br>I called the newspaper about it and they brushed it off as "lunatic fringe"<br><br>I called Greenpeace and the gentleman there informed me they were more focused on global issues rather than local issues.<br>Next I will call the EPA, although it is becoming more apparent all the time who's pocket they sit in.<br><br>The only ones who are talking about it are those nutty conspiracy theorists. They call them "chemtrails" and their theories include everything from population control to mind control to weather modification to HAARP. HAARP? What the heck is that? Something else no one talks about? <br><br>The optimistic members of this group speculate a more benevolent reason for these mysterious maybe they are trying to protect us from dangerous radiation or slow down global warming. Maybe it's the "good" aliens trying to help us.<br><br>Why must we speculate? There should be no "maybes" about it, and who are "they" anyway, and how are "they" able to conceal their obvious tinkering with no threat of disclosure or accountability. This is absurd.<br><br>Being one of the multitudes has left me feeling frustrated, powerless and a little hungry for some truth. What a befuddled mass of people we have become. When "they" continuously spray some crap over our heads and no one is talking about it, I even start to feel a bit scared.<br><br>Thank you for your time.<br><br><br><br>I sent that out to several newspapers and all the leftie rags I was subscribing to at the time. As the renewals came around I cancelled them. Told them it was because they wouldn't cover the chemtrail story.<br><br>My favorite theory you ask? I have a couple.<br><br>1. "They" are intentionally increasing global warming. This cover would trap in more heat than it would deflect. (according to some)<br><br>2. "They" are siphoning off the earths moisture. It's being stored in the icebergs that are orbiting around the earth. I read that one somewhere, and I like it.<br><br>HAARP? Sure, why not. You know, one day those darn scientists are going to say, "What do you think will happen if we turn the knob up this high?" and everyone will disappear.<br><br>Thanks for being here people. You're postings on this blog are tieing alot of loose threads together for me. I came here with alot more questions than answers and appreciate your dedication. <br><br>Terry<br><br><br><br> <p></p><i></i>
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Re: Chemtrail activists...Senate Bill 517 is Rainmaking.

Postby dbeach » Sat Oct 07, 2006 10:24 am

2005 summer in state of RI was cooler than most..saw lots of planes and chemtrails last yr<br><br>2006 has been a real bummer summer ...<br> with the whole yr thus far kool and rainy<br><br>not good surf or very dangerous surf<br><br>July was the only warm month with good surf AUg was por surf wet and dry<br><br>Sept had one good weekend the rest cold wet <br><br>Oct has been about the same wet kooler than usual<br><br>Wonder IF the spraying is ending up in New England like the Midwest pollution does?<br><br>VERY strange wheather and I lived here many yrs..all<br> my life really <br><br>NOT NORMAL Whether<br><br>this Holiday weekend is sunny and kool<br><br><br> <p></p><i></i>
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