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Re: Where is the data?

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101. Latinos and the Culture of College
"Bloom's Taxonomy of Education, and Inoculation Theory) curriculums will help Latino students formalize decisions to go to college. ..."
102. Inoculation | Define Inoculation at Dictionary.com
"Inoculation - Define Inoculation at Dictionary.com a free online dictionary with ... Stress inoculation · Inoculation theory · Smallpox inoculation ..."
103. Slide 1 - www.ericweiser.com
"Inoculation Theory. Later research showed that people given 2-sided ... This is called an “inoculation effect” and led to development of Inoculation Theory. ..."
104. The Media in Social Services (COMM581)
"Designing Health Messages: Approaches from Communication Theory and Public Health Practice ... Resistance Theories & McGuire's Inoculation Theory --- Rhoads ..."
105. Main Readings:
"Erin Alison Szabo and Michael Pfau, Nuances in Inoculation: Theory and Application. Jerald Hale, Brian Householder and Kathryn Greene, The Theory of ..."
www.aub.edu.lb/fas/fas_home/faculty_res ... bhs332.pdf
106. Abstinence Only vs. Comprehensive Sex Education:
"inoculation theory; strong emphasis on avoiding unprotected sex, either by avoiding sex or using protection. Methods: Experimental; many role plays to build ..."
107. PRmatrix: My First Dollar
"Balance Theory (Heider, 1946). Dissonance Theory (Festinger, 1957). Congruity Theory (Osgood & Tannenbaum, 1955). Inoculation Theory ..."
"Efficacy of Inoculation in Conferring Resistance to Stealth Campaign. Application of inoculation theory is useful in this study because it explains ..."
109. Defining a research question
"Psychological Inoculation Theory. • Info about drugs. • Decision making skills. • Building Self-esteem. • Learn alternative behavior ..."
110. Explanation of a Few Communication Theories - Associated Content ...
"A short explanation of inoculation theory, cognitive dissonance, and compliance gaining strategies."
www.associatedcontent.com/article/16258 ... ation.html
www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/artic ... 40-6736(01)84599-2
112. The Yale Approach
"William McGuire (perhaps best known for his inoculation theory, which concerns how to create resistance to persuasion) proposed a model of attitude change ..."
www.cios.org/encyclopedia/persuasion/By ... roach1.htm
113. 1 Conceptual Foundations: 2 Philosophical Foundations: 3 Post ...
"Inoculation Theory. 133. Problematic Integration Theory. 137. Comparison and Commentary. 142. C H A P T E R. 9 Theories of Discourse and Interaction ..."
114. PowerPoint Presentation
"The inoculation theory widely implemented. • Research-based practice can mean we are looking under the streetlamp for solutions ..."
115. Clinton's Bequest Reconsidered | The American Prospect
"This is the "inoculation" theory of government, to borrow a phrase from my Northeastern University colleague Charles Euchner. Clinton has inoculated the ..."
www.prospect.org/cs/articles?article=cl ... considered
"(D) Social judgment theory. (E) Inoculation theory. 14. In the cochlea, mechanical energy caused by the flexing of the basilar membrane is converted into ..."
117. Steve Nelson's blog | Clear Night Sky
" I hadn't read his research on inoculation theory, but I've thought about some ...  Briefly, inoculation theory says that to reinforce attitudes and ..."
118. inoculation — Infoplease.com
119. Communication Studies 394-0: Undergraduate Research Seminar ...
"Conferring resistance to peer pressure among adolescents: Using inoculation theory to discourage alcohol use. Communication Research, 27, 411-437. ..."
120. HCI/MIS Workshop Proceedings Format
"want to strengthen existing positive attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, related to occupational subculture inoculation theory ..."
121. inoculation theory word Download
"Inoculation Theory. Notion of cultural truisms. Basic Model of Resistance. Types of inoculation. Refutational. Threat of persuasion. Forewarning . ..."
122. J Am Med Assoc -- Excerpt: A PRELIMINARY INVESTIGATION OF THE ...
"A PRELIMINARY INVESTIGATION OF THE THEORY OF THE INOCULATION OF MALARIAL FEVER THROUGH ... The inoculation theory of malarial fever through the agency of ..."
123. For better or worse? Stress inoculation effects for implicit but ...
"and resources in childhood, as stress inoculation theory defines moderate stress as stress that does not over- whelm one's resources. ..."
124. Novelties in the theory of graphitization. Modification of cast ...
"Conclusion. The theory of modification of cast iron by inoculation has been enriched by new development. In the light of this theory attention must be given ..."
125. Peer Education Learning Program | Health Promotion
"This includes: social learning theory; Social inoculation theory; Role theory; Differential association theory; Subculture theory; and Communication of ..."
126. Contrasting Viewpoints About Controversial Issues
"The moderation of attitudes exhibited in this study reflects the "inoculation theory" proposed in the persuasion literature. "Inoculation theory" suggests ..."
127. SCHEDULE - COM 502
"Persuasion theories: Attitude change, inoculation theory, process models. > Read Severin and Tankard, pp. 151-182. Week 16. Final test. ..."
128. Persuasion Theory and Drug Abuse Prevention
"In his inoculation theory, McGuire ( 1964 ) used a biological analogy to suggest that just as people can be made more resistant to a disease by giving them ..."
129. The oral route in the pathogenesis of paracoccidioidomycosis: An ...
"Although at present this theory is considered invalid, it has not yet been excluded in experimental studies. In order to determine if intra-oral inoculation ..."
130. PsycARTICLES - Peer Influence on Adolescent Drug Use:: A ...
"Resistance-skills training curricula stem out of social inoculation theory and are designed to teach adolescents how to combat active social pressure (i.e., ..."
131. Social inoculation against cigarette advertisements in a culture ...
"McGuire's8 inoculation theory is one of the theories guiding some smoking onset prevention interventions. Evans,9 for instance, applied the theory in his ..."
132. Public Relations Theory Syllabus_10_30_2009
"inoculation theory. Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, 84(4), 713-728. Week 9—October 14—Global and International Theories. Wakefield, R. (2007). ..."
133. How to Analyze and Resist Persuasive Communications | eHow.com
"See the Resources section for an article on Inoculation Theory, ... on 12/21/ 2008 Great article and nice introduction to inoculation theory. ..."
www.ehow.com/how_4686835_analyze-resist ... tions.html
134. Persuasion Study Sheet
"Mere Exposure effect—the curve. Anticlimax order, climax order, pyramidal order. Primacy-recency effects. Inoculation theory. Inoculate vs refute ..."
135. Preventive Alcohol Education Program
"The Program utilizes components of inoculation theory to forewarn high school students about alcohol and pro-alcohol persuasion and thus prevent them from ..."
www.childtrends.org/lifecourse/programs ... rogram.htm
136. PAWS
"Discusses the advertising technique known as “Inoculation Theory” Explains the use of 'warning, attack and strong defence' in writing. ..."
137. Explanation for Rumors as Assimilation-Contrast Theory ...
"inoculation theory that inoculation is used to describe the attribution of greater resistance to individuals or the process of supplying information to ..."
138. Texas Department of State Health Services - Family Planning Services
"... the Group Cognitive Behavior Theory, the Health Behavior Model, the Social Learning Theory, and the Social Inoculation Theory).10 ..."
139. When Temptation Hits You: The Influence of Weak versus Strong Food ...
"A first mechanism may be derived from an analogy with inoculation theory ( McGuire ... Inoculation theory states that people will better resist a persuasive ..."
140. Inoculation Synonyms | Synonyms of Inoculation and Antonyms of ...
"Find Synonym of inoculation and Antonym of inoculation at Thesaurus.com, Synonym , ... Stress inoculation · Inoculation theory · Smallpox inoculation ..."
141. Inoculation theory - eyePlorer.com - The graphical knowledge engine
"Discover relations linked to Inoculation theory using the graphical knowledge engine eyePlorer.com."
142. Games - inoculation videos
"Inoculation Theory. This is an excerpt from a series of lectures given by Chuck Edwards. To purchase the entire set of lectures please visit www.summit.org ..."
143. On Sense and Nonsense of Pre-Modern Medical Theories:
"Speaking in modern scientific terms, Chinese inoculation theory corresponded to a functional model involving not more than three hypothetical categories of ..."
www.ihp.sinica.edu.tw/~medicine/ashm/le ... mar-ft.pdf
144. Emerald FullText Article : Bolstering organizational identity ...
"Compton, J.A., Pfau, M.W. (2005), "Inoculation theory of resistance to influence at maturity: recent progress in theory development and application and ..."
www.emeraldinsight.com/Insight/ViewCont ... 3_ref.html
145. BibSonomy :: bibtex :: RIP: the use of inoculation theory and ...
"Webapplication of the Knowledge and Data Engineering Group, University of Kassel , Germany."
www.bibsonomy.org/bibtex/2255176c15c7db ... 5fe30/dblp
146. 行政院國家科學委員會補助專題研究計畫成果報告 ...
"inoculation theory— is considered a good theoretical to be employed. ... strategies informed by inoculation theory in Taiwan's political campaign to examine ..."
147. 1 NICHOLAS M. DIDOW ADDRESS (residence) (office) 117 Springhill ...
""Inoculation Theory in Marketing Communications," Greg Lessne. "Issues in the Use of Fear Appeals in Marketing," George R. Franke. ..."
148. Microsoft PowerPoint - Sandra Jones min
"Inoculation theory (Anderson and McGuire 1965; McGuire 1970) suggests that if people are given the worst-case scenario when there is only a ..."
www.tcp-events.co.uk/wsmc/downloads/bre ... 0Jones.pdf
"November 17. Cognitive Dissonance. Inoculation Theory. November 24. PRECEDE- PROCEED. Nutbeam & Harris Ch. 6. Theory at a Glance pp. 39-43 (CP). December 1 ..."
www.publichealth.northwestern.edu/MPH/c ... Fall09.pdf
150. ReCAPP: Theories & Approaches: Social Learning Theories
"Cognitive behavioral theory is one of the foundation theories of Reducing the Risk. Social Inoculation Theory emphasizes behavioral ..."
www.etr.org/training/pdp/images/documen ... rticle.pdf
151. Michelle Wood : Journalism & Mass Communication : U of M
"strategic communication; public relations; persuasion; inoculation theory ... Social utility theory: Guiding Labeling of VNRs as ethical and effective ..."
"29, inoculation theory, 202. 30, social judgment theory, 203. 31, multiple audience problem, 205. 32, elaboration likelihood model, 206 ..."
153. ICA Newsletter, April 2009
"His work on persuasion focused on inoculation theory and resistance to persuasion. His research program focused on explicating the mechanisms underlying ..."
www.icahdq.org/publications/publicnewsl ... RT0001.asp
"sided versus one-sided, dissonance theory, inoculation theory etc . . . Show how you constructed the two arguments i.e., what theories were ..."
www.wku.edu/CommBrdcst/course_syllabi/p ... 2005-1.pdf
155. (mcguire -- hilary duff on lizzie mcguire -- lizzie mcguire fashions)
"article by mcguire on inoculation theory ted mcguire the lizzie mcguire movie lyrics eddie mcguire australia patrick r mcguire in california ..."
156. Characteristics of Effective Health Education Curricula - SHER ...
"Is research–based and theory-driven. ... social cognitive theory and social inoculation theory) that have effectively influenced ..."
157. inoculation
"Inoculation Theory was developed by social psychologist William J. McGuire in 1961 to explain more about how attitudes and beliefs change, ... - Read More. ..."
158. The Sleeper Effect and Negative Political Advertising ...
"An extensive body of literature which examines discounting cues prior to attack messages can be found under the rubric of inoculation theory (Burgoon et al. ..."
www.allbusiness.com/professional-scient ... 113-1.html
159. In Pursuit of Change: Youth Response to Intensive Goal Setting ...
"Abbreviations: (ARS) Agricultural Research Service, (BIT) behavioral inoculation theory, (ELM) elaboration likelihood model, (SCT) social cognitive ..."
www.journalofdst.org/pdf/November2007Ab ... STRACT.pdf
160. NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Communication theory
"message production: Constructivist Theory, Action Assembly Theory; message processing: Elaboration Liklihood Theory, Inoculation Theory ..."
"Inoculation Theory 24. 3.1.2. Marriage Theories 24. Rational Choice Theory 24. Exchange Theory 24. Marriage Market Theory 26 ..."
162. psyc 260 notes
"F. Conflicting predictions of BIRGing and Social Comparison Theory. .... Resistance to Persuasion: Counter-arguing; Inoculation Theory ..."
163. ñU : #f If je [# fuiste]
"C) Theory of planned behavior. D) Elaboration Likelihood Model. 3. Inoculation theory was developed with regard to: A) Strongly held attitudes ..."
164. A process evaluation of the Youth Educating About Health (YEAH ...
"The importance of theory-based interventions has been highlighted in the ... social inoculation theory, and differential association theory (Kirby et al., ..."
165. inoculation theory是什么意思_翻译_爱词霸在线词典
"爱词霸在线词典为广大英语学习爱好者提供inoculation theory的意思、inoculation theory的解释、inoculation theory的翻译、inoculation theory发音例句、inoculation ..."
166. Inoculation - first, body, produced, Variolation, Discovery of the ...
"Inoculation is the injection of dead or weakened disease-causing bacteria or ... The theory held that specific microorganisms cause specific diseases. ..."
167. Science Links Japan | Indication of influenza vaccine use and ...
"Accordingly, "an uniform inoculation theory without considering the inoculation purpose" is being generated. There is completely no necessity of refraining ..."
"Richard Petty and his colleagues discuss McGuire's inoculation theory as well as their own attitude strength approach. They present a model ..."
www.psych.nyu.edu/jost/wolfe_mcguire_fe ... w_2005.pdf
"This "inoculation" procedure may thus reduce unwarranted theory perseverance by showing how easily either relationship might be explained, and how hard it ..."
www.psychology.iastate.edu/faculty/caa/ ... 84/82A.PDF
170. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Persuasion, Complete Idiot's Guide ...
"11 Inoculation Theory 157. False Strength: American Traitors 158 ... Inoculation Persuasion Theory 160. Warn of the Attack 161 ..."
171. A method in search of a theory: peer education and health promotion
"In summary, Social Inoculation Theory is relev- ant to some of the claims made for peer education. ..... Social Learning Theory, Social Inoculation Theory, ..."
172. Persuasion » Blog Archive » Inoculation Theory
"Thus the main reason Inoculation theory is successful is because it causes central route processing. The theory is useful for when someone ..."
173. 10
"... social cognitive theory, social influence theory, social inoculation theory, cognitive behavioural theory; ideally, programmes should last 14 or more ..."
www.moh.govt.nz/moh.nsf/0/918f5e9bcf2ed ... Health.doc
174. The audience response to the media
"Inoculation model - a long term effect theory. Inoculation theory suggests lhat long term exposure to repeated media mes- sages makes audiences 'immune' lo ..."
175. Theoretical and Contextual Nuances in Inoculation Theory: Bobi ...
"Buy Theoretical and Contextual Nuances in Inoculation Theory by Bobi Ivanov ; FREE Shipping in India on Theoretical and Contextual Nuances in Inoculation ..."
176. Merton: Theory and Methodology
"Recent increases in marijuana use and Social Inoculation Theory; New Methods: New theoretical Foci: Bio-Social Theory: Lead and Juvenile ..."
177. Sonic Intelligence as a Virtual Therapeutic Environment
"stress theory of Lazarus1 and the stress inoculation theory of Meichenbaum.2 In Phase I, each participant was given a coping skills measurement within the ..."
www.liebertonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1089/1 ... 3322011614
178. Result for Inoculation
"Inoculation Theory was developed by social psychologist William J. McGuire in 1961 to explain more about how attitudes and beliefs change, ..."
179. Bobi Ivanov - United Kingdom - Email, Address, Phone number ...
"Theoretical and Contextual Nuances in Inoculation Theory: In Defense of the Country of Origin Image by Bobi Ivanov (Paperback - 10 July 2009) . ..."
180. Stress Inoculation Training -- Meichenbaum and Deffenbacher 16 (1 ...
"This article outlines the theory, research, and procedures of stress inoculation training (SIT). SIT consists of three overlapping phases. ..."
181. Resisting persuasion: Building defences against competitors ...
"inoculation is the classical example of this research. William McGuire, the father of inoculation theory and research, drew ..."
www.gfk.com/imperia/md/content/cat_gfkm ... g_7-09.pdf
182. Is the Dreamwork of Carl Jung the Same As the Jungians? | Articles
"I subscribe to the inoculation theory of learning. Get exposed to as many viewpoints as possible. A good starting point is to read Andrew Samuel's Jung and ..."
183. rigorousintuition.ca :: View topic - Inoculation Theory
"As I understand McGuire's Inoculation Theory the idea is to introduce information prior to a message in order to make the recipient immune ..."
184. Microbiology: Laboratory Theory & Application, 2nd Edition ©2006
"Exercise 1-2 Common Aseptic Transfers and Inoculation Methods Exercise 1-3 Streak Plate Methods of Isolation Exercise 1-4 Spread Plate Method of Isolation ..."
185. FreeBooknotes.com - Inoculation_theory from Wikipedia
"Inoculation theory states that to prevent persuasion it is necessary to strengthen preexisting attitudes, beliefs, ..."
186. Psychology - Welcome to Central Board of Secondary Education
"(c) inoculation theory. (d) field dependency theory. xv) The stage of group formation in which intragroup conflict is witnessed is called (1) ..."
187. William J. McGuire, 82, Art of Persuasion Pioneer, Dies - New York ...
"The concept has applications for dealing with political propaganda and is known as inoculation theory. Anthony G. Greenwald, a professor of ..."
188. Assessment of Beliefs about Cigarette Smoking in Middle School ...
"It used the concepts of the "social inoculation theory"20 to present a method which, if used by health educators, would help them circumvent the ..."
189. Theoretical and Contextual Nuances in Inoculation Theory : ISBN ...
"This investigation tested the ability of different resistance strategies to protect the positive COO image attributed to products in the ..."
www.buy.com/prod/theoretical-and-contex ... 14804.html
190. Dave's Mormon Inquiry: The Devilish Details of Inoculation
"I'm lucky enough to have attended a University with one of the leading scholars on inoculation theory. He's a bit of a jack ass (his customize vanity ..."
191. Woodrock Youth Development Project / Database / OST Database ...
"This approach is based on the Problem Behavior Theory of Jessor and Jessor and Evan's Social Inoculation Theory.¹ These theories posit that drug-prevention ..."
www.hfrp.org/out-of-school-time/ost-dat ... nt-project
192. Robert Novak : GOP's political inoculation - Townhall.com
"Bush senior adviser Karl Rove, the author of the inoculation theory, assembled private lobbyists late Monday in Room 450 of the Eisenhower Executive Office ..."
193. Inoculation Theory? - Psychonauts - tribe.net
"Re: Inoculation Theory? 02/01. I have the weirdest way of relating to this .... Re: Inoculation Theory? 02/02. your so saying and thinking what I have been ..."
194. Cardiovascular Health Promotion in the Schools: A Statement for ...
"... KYB was among the first theory-driven school-based CVD prevention programs for .... Based on SCT, social inoculation theory Program (20 sessions, ..."
195. O'Reilly Windows DevCenter Blog
"If we want to strengthen existing attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, inoculation theory suggests that we should present a weak attack on ..."
196. PEP Web - Psychoanalysis and the Social Sciences: VOLUME V. Edited ...
"Irving L. Janis (Emotional Inoculation: Theory and Research on Effects of Preparatory Communications) presents a report on a research study. ..."
197. Page 12 - Preventing Substance Use Problems among Young People: A ...
"Theoretic Basis: Social learning theory; social inoculation theory; problem behaviour theory; developmental considerations. ..."
www.hc-sc.gc.ca/hc-ps/pubs/adp-apd/prev ... _3-eng.php
198. Bellarmine University: Communication Faculty
"She is also interested in resistance to influence and is particularly interested in extending our knowledge of Inoculation Theory. ..."
199. Anaesthetic Sound Inoculation on MySpace Music - Free Streaming ...
"MySpace Music profile for Anaesthetic Sound Inoculation. ... Wishing You A Very Merry Christmas From Everyone at Team Enochian Theory. ..."
200. Parasites and the Germ Theory of Disease
"The Inoculation Theory of Malarial Infection: Account of a Successful Infection with Mosquitoes. Lancet: 1461-. 63, 1541-44. Bloch, M. 1782. ..."
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Re: Where is the data?

Postby Hugh Manatee Wins » Sun Mar 14, 2010 2:24 am

parasocial interaction - Google Search

1. Parasocial interaction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Parasocial interaction (or para-social relationship) is a term used by a social scientist to describe one-sided, "parasocial" interpersonal relationships in ..."
2. Contact hypothesis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Therefore, these individuals should benefit from these mediated intercultural interactions (Parasocial contact) ..."
3. Horton and Wohl (1956): Mass Communication and Para-social Interaction
"These is an extract from a hard-to-find resource made available here for my own undergraduate students."
www.aber.ac.uk/media/Modules/TF33120/ho ... _1956.html
4. “The term 'parasocial interaction' was coined to describe one ...
"“The term 'parasocial interaction' was coined to describe one-sided relations in which one party knows a great deal about the other but the relationship is ..."
5. Loneliness, Perceived Reality and Parasocial Interaction
"This study examines the influence of personal (sociability and loneliness) and content (perceived reality) characteristics on people's social interaction ..."
6. An Exploration of Parasocial Interaction and Reality-Based ...
"This study explores the immense popularity of reality-based television programs by examining the concept of parasocial interaction."
7. Parasocial Relationships
"In Researching Para social relationships with major media television personalities it almost seems to be a normal consequence of television viewing. ..."
8. Impact of Motivation, Attraction, and Parasocial Interaction on ...
"Talk radio offers a mediated interpersonal communication experience for its audience. It provides listeners with a sense of personal contact and a forum to ..."
www.allbusiness.com/information/interne ... 153-1.html
9. Dimensions of parasocial interaction by letter-writers to a ...
"Here we explore an alternative conceptualization and measurement of parasocial interaction, using data from a qualitative content analysis of audience ..."
www.allbusiness.com/information/interne ... 495-1.html
10. Parasocial Interaction and Local TV News: Perceptions of News ...
"ED296389 - Parasocial Interaction and Local TV News: Perceptions of News Teams and News Personalities in Denver."
www.eric.ed.gov/ERICWebPortal/recordDet ... o=ED296389
11. Interpersonal and Psychological Predictors of Parasocial ...
"Finds that "attitude" homophily was the strongest predictor of parasocial interaction for all three groups of television performers. ..."
www.eric.ed.gov/ERICWebPortal/recordDet ... o=EJ474147
12. Help Finding the Actual Parasocial Interaction Scale? - Yahoo! Answers
"I'm writing my thesis on parasocial interaction. …"
13. Amazon.com: Getting By: Race and Parasocial Interaction in a ...
"Amazon.com: Getting By: Race and Parasocial Interaction in a Television Situation Comedy (9781581121056): Freda D. Lewis: Books."
www.amazon.com/Getting-Parasocial-Inter ... 1581121059
14. Utilizing mixed methods to assess parasocial interaction of an ...
"The purpose of this study was to develop a model to interpret the degree that parasocial interaction affects entertainment-education radio drama listeners' ..."
15. 'Para-social interaction': Social interaction as a matter of fact ...
"Hence, so-called para-social interaction between media protagonists and media recipients is often reconstructed as a special kind of individual mental ..."
16. Parasocial Interaction with My Avatar: Effects of Interdependent ...
"The "self" concept has grown increasingly important in interactive media environments. This study investigated self-related processes in an avatar-based ..."
www.biomedsearch.com/nih/Parasocial-Int ... 22682.html
17. Parasocial Interaction: A Review of the Literature and a Model for ...
"This paper considers the phenomenon of parasocial interaction (PSI) used by media researchers to describe the relationship between media users and med..."
www.informaworld.com/smpp/10835786-9512 ... a785350899
18. Dimensions of Parasocial Interaction by Letter-Writers to a ...
"Here we explore an alternative conceptualization and measurement of parasocial interaction, using data from a qualitative content analysis of audience..."
www.informaworld.com/smpp/1953806206-13 ... a783685489
19. Local Television News Audience and the Para-Social Interaction
"dents indicating the existence of a para-social interaction by the viewing .... para-social interaction. Secondly, the division of respondents at this point ..."
20. Watching TV News as Para-Social Interaction
"According to the concept of para-social interaction, the audience ... ence, para -social interaction is considered complementary to social communication. ..."
21. Television Apparel Shopping: Impulse Buying and Parasocial ...
"Key Words: impulse buying • parasocial interaction • television apparel shopping • television shopping program exposure. Clothing and Textiles Research ..."
22. Television Apparel Shopping: Impulse Buying and Parasocial ...
"Watching TV news as a parasocial interaction. Journal of Broadcasting, 23(1), ... Loneliness, parasocial interaction, and local television news viewing. ..."
"Here we investigate the process of parasocial interaction in two highly ... Parasocial interaction is especially likely to occur when television characters ..."
24. Cultural Shareability, Role Modelling, and Para-Social Interaction ...
"Para-social interaction refers to the seemingly face-to-face interpersonal ... para-social interaction between viewers and media characters (Singhal & ..."
25. Parasocial Interaction « One Eye On Tokio
"Parasocial Interaction. 2010 January 26. tags: altpress, stalkers, Tokio Hotel, twitter. by hollyq. Interesting cover feature on ..."
26. Mass Communication and Para-Social Interaction
"Psychiatry 1956. Vol. 19 #3. MASS COMMUNICATION AND PARA-SOCIAL INTERACTION Observations on intimacy at a distance. By Donald Horton and R. Richard Wohl ..."
27. Entertainment-Education and Social Change: An Analysis of ...
"Findings highlight the importance of parasocial interaction and collective efficacy leading to change. However, social change is notedly not ..."
"A conceptual model was developed predicting parasocial interaction from both a ... and both loneliness and parasocial interaction with more television ..."
29. CiNii Article - Parasocial Interaction with The Television Soap ...
"Parasocial Interaction with The Television Soap Operas "Simplemente Maria" and " Oshin". Shefner-Rogers Corinne L. Research Associate of Department of ..."
30. Dimensions of Parasocial Interaction by Letter-Writers to a ...
"Parasocial interaction grew out of the concept of pseudo-gemeinschaft, developed by Merton with Fiske and Curtis (1946) in order to understand a highly ..."
31. Viewer Aggression and Homophily, Identification and Parasocial ...
"Parasocial interaction, perceived homophily, and identification are theoretically distinct constructs. Yet, as noted earlier, there is only limited ..."
32. Relationships between Blogs as eWOM and Interactivity, Perceived ...
"understand the role of parasocial interaction-an illusion of .... Parasocial interaction (PSI) was originally defined by Horton ..."
33. Relationships between Blogs as eWOM and Interactivity, Perceived ...
"The current study defines parasocial interaction as "interpersonal involvement of the ... H3: Parasocial interaction will mediate the effects of perceived ..."
34. IngentaConnect Loneliness, Gender, and Parasocial Interaction: A ...
"This study investigates how unfulfilled interpersonal needs due to loneliness are met by mediated communication, specifically through parasocial interaction ..."
www.ingentaconnect.com/content/routledg ... 1/art00006
35. Identifying with Arabic Journalists: How Al-Jazeera Tapped ...
"How Al-Jazeera Tapped Parasocial Interaction Gratifications in the Arab World ... This 'parasocial interaction' may be linked to viewing levels, ..."
36. 10 Para-social interaction: Social interaction as a matter of fact?
"restrict the phenomenon of para-social interaction to individuals' social ..... So, what does that mean for the so-called para-social interaction? Here ..."
www.reference-global.com/doi/abs/10.151 ... 7389.2.177
37. A study of Egyptian and American young adult parasocial ...
"Respondent's parasocial interaction with their favorite music video performers was also assessed. Results showed that Egyptian young adults consume ..."
www.britannica.com/bps/additionalconten ... o-personae
38. Abstracts: Identifying with Arabic journalists: How Al-Jazeera ...
"Identifying with Arabic journalists: How Al-Jazeera tapped parasocial interaction gratifications in the Arab world. Article Abstract: ..."
www.faqs.org/abstracts/Mass-communicati ... -in-t.html
39. "Mass Communication and Para-social Interaction: Observations on ...
"Parasocial interaction (or para-social relationship) is a term used by a social scientist to describe one-sided, "parasocial" interpersonal ..."
40. Utilizing mixed methods to assess parasocial interaction of an ...
"Parasocial interaction (PSI) is defined as the quasi relationship that audience members have ...... social change: An analysis of parasocial interaction, ..."
41. A study of Egyptian and American young adult parasocial ...
"Respondent's parasocial interaction with their favorite music ..... parasocial interaction with music video persona. One possible reason for ..."
42. Development and Validation of a Farasocial Interaction Measure ...
"parasocial interaction. A 47-item questionnaire derived from qualita- .... parasocial interaction measure. Starting with qualitative responses to queshons ..."
43. Project MUSE - Journal of Sports Media - Checkered Flags and ...
"Checkered Flags and Mediated Friendships: Parasocial Interaction among NASCAR Fans ... Factor analysis of parasocial interaction scale among NASCAR fans ..."
44. Project MUSE - Journal of Sports Media - Checkered Flags and ...
"Checkered Flags and Mediated Friendships: Parasocial Interaction among NASCAR Fans ... Parasocial interaction (PSI) involves attraction to and subsequent ..."
45. Social-Parasocial paper
"The concept of parasocial interaction has proven valuable in explaining individuals' social behavior toward media. Numerous definitions of "parasocial ..."
www.stanford.edu/group/commdept/oldstuf ... ocial.html
46. Entertainment-Education and Social Change: An Analysis of ...
"media-stimulated change, a process involving parasocial interaction, peer com- ..... perspectives of parasocial interaction, social learning, and collective ..."
www.arvindsinghal.com/entertainment-edu ... change.pdf
47. Crisp Volume 6 No 9
"The term "parasocial interaction" was coined to describe one-sided relationships in which one party knows a great deal about the other, but the relationship ..."
48. Among seventh-generation video game consoles
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101. White Paper: Never Too Late at Communication Resources International
"Four of the main characters in Never Too Late, Pakoom, Chaba, Man and Ampoon's cognitive parasocial interaction scores rose when listeners had talked about ..."
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"Psychologists actually have a term for this, parasocial interaction. A parasocial interaction is one-sided relationship. Ah, Harry Potter, anyone? ..."
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"Back in the 1950s, Horton and Wohl (who coined the terms "parasocial interaction ") argued that parasocial relationships between celebrities and their ..."
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"social mentions of parasocial interaction | Samepoint.com utilizes unique technology to bring parasocial interaction conversations together from multiple ..."
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"In a para-social interaction media users respond to social cues presented by persons they encounter within a medium even though it is illogical and even ..."
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"One way to interpret these findings is through the theory of parasocial interaction. Parasocial interaction is defined as the presence of a seemingly ..."
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"social interaction motives) and media involvement variables such as TV-affinity, parasocial interaction and post-viewing cognition; second, between lower ..."
199. Back to Basics: Implications of Trust for Users
"and Parasocial Interaction Theory. See West and Turner (2007) or other .... Social Presence, Parasocial Interaction and Parasocial Presence Theories ..."
www.editlib.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=Re ... r_id=29999
200. Psychology 1551: Mind Perception
"Parasocial interaction: A review of the literature and a model for future research. Media Psychology, 4, 279-304. *Taylor, M., Carlson, S. M., Maring, ..."
www.wjh.harvard.edu/~wegner/Psychology% ... 202009.pdf
CIA runs mainstream media since WWII:
news rooms, movies/TV, publishing
Disney is CIA for kidz!
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Re: Where is the data?

Postby Hugh Manatee Wins » Sun Mar 14, 2010 2:27 am

Hey, nathan. Can you hear me now? :)
CIA runs mainstream media since WWII:
news rooms, movies/TV, publishing
Disney is CIA for kidz!
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Re: Where is the data?

Postby nathan28 » Sun Mar 14, 2010 4:59 pm

Hugh Manatee Wins wrote:Hey, nathan. Can you hear me now? :)

I'll get to this... eventually. I've got a Mouseketeer's Lil' Agendapad full of things to get to first, though.

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Re: Where is the data?

Postby orz » Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:14 pm

Thanks for all that Hugh. Naturally you've communicated with some of the authors to share your important research in the field and they agree with your theories and don't consider you a nut....

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Re: Where is the data?

Postby Hugh Manatee Wins » Fri Mar 26, 2010 12:05 am

Board trolls like "orz" hate to see so much scientific confirmation of psyops and resort to trying to sow doubt.

So doing, they confirm what they don't want you to know.
CIA runs mainstream media since WWII:
news rooms, movies/TV, publishing
Disney is CIA for kidz!
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Re: Where is the data?

Postby nathan28 » Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:03 am

Hugh Manatee Wins wrote:Board trolls like "orz" hate to see so much scientific confirmation of psyops and resort to trying to sow doubt.

So doing, they confirm what they don't want you to know.

Forget orz, he disappeared after he stated that the PA sch. dist. spying on kids via webcam was impossible and a paranoid delusion despite the court papers and the admission by the school. Which is probably embarassing for an apparent computer dude. Anyway i'm posting here since I plan on getting to this... eventually.

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Re: Where is the data?

Postby orz » Tue Oct 12, 2010 4:07 pm

nathan28 wrote:Forget orz, he disappeared after he stated that the PA sch. dist. spying on kids via webcam was impossible and a paranoid delusion despite the court papers and the admission by the school.

Correlation does not imply causation. (furthermore that's not at all what I said or meant.)

Hugh Manatee Wins wrote:Board trolls like "orz" hate to see

...your dumb, boring, demented, tragic and harmful posts.
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Re: Where is the data?

Postby Wombaticus Rex » Thu Aug 18, 2011 3:07 am

The more I interact with this material the less I think Hugh has actually read or understood it. Seriously. C2W's reservations at the beginning of the thread are spot-on, especially in terms of Hugh's claim that this lexical priming has exclusionary properties.

I also love the recursive logic of this gem:

My research indicates, and CIA whistleblowers like Ralph McGeehee and John Stockwell and others have confirmed, that psyops is THE single most top-secret activity in a spook culture that is based on 'need-to-know-compartmentalization' and multi-layered deceptions...to motivate even the majority of spook culture with appropriate myths designed to make them carry out national security polices.

I like that: the entire edifice of National Security is protected by a covert technique -- and that covert technique is the most important secret of National Security. I'm not being sarcastic here: I think all human religion works on basically the same principle. Still, in an operational context it reads as a little schizoid. Surely their actual covert military actions, assets and technology are more important than the mundane details of how Mockingbird muddies the water?

Then again, perhaps not.

Regardless, I've been losing my mind at the end of a failed tour and printing out tons of this documentation off my hard drive. It brought me back to the Psyops forum to re-engage with Hugh's work and there's a huge disconnect between his ability to name these concepts and his ability to actually apply them. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, and 10,000 cited papers later, Hugh's actual arguments and worldview isn't any more coherent.

Anyways, I'll have a lot more for you when this coagulates into an article or ten. But I will say this: Hugh, your central conceit is that you already knew what was behind the curtain. It's all been confirmation bias ever since.
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Re: Where is the data?

Postby Hugh Manatee Wins » Fri Aug 19, 2011 2:37 am

Confirmation, not confirmation bias, WR. I use the scientific method and C2W doesn't.

See this thread-

Mere hours after Repub straw poll leader, Michele Bachmann, was exposed as part of the kooky "Quiver movement," Robin Quivers (Howard Stern Show) was "almost killed" in a freak hit-and-run incident.

That's keyword hijacking viral marketing as counterpropaganda : Quiver vs Quivers. Hiding how freaky Bachmann really is to gain women's votes.

If you don't get this, you're hopelessly conditioned against understanding psyops. sigh.
CIA runs mainstream media since WWII:
news rooms, movies/TV, publishing
Disney is CIA for kidz!
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Re: Where is the data?

Postby Wombaticus Rex » Fri Aug 19, 2011 1:58 pm

Thanks for clarifying my point, Hugh. Anyone interested in the question of Hugh's grasp and application of the material that is presented within this thread -- cited as "support" for what Hugh does -- should absolutely check out that link he presented. Here it is again:

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Re: Where is the data?

Postby Wombaticus Rex » Wed Apr 04, 2012 9:34 am

Recommended Resources:


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J. Christopher Cohrs, Jürgen Maes, Barbara Moschner and Sven Kielmann - Political Psychology Vol. 28, No. 4 (Aug., 2007) (pp. 441-469)

The Strategies of Psychological Warfare
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Toward a Science of Propaganda
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Goebbels' Principles of Propaganda
Leonard W. Doob - The Public Opinion Quarterly Vol. 14, No. 3 (Autumn, 1950) (pp. 419-442)

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Psychological Warfare in Vietnam
James O. Whittaker - Political Psychology Vol. 18, No. 1 (Mar., 1997) (pp. 165-179)
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