How 9/11 is explained for young audiences

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How 9/11 is explained for young audiences

Postby §ê¢rꆧ » Tue Jun 07, 2011 1:07 pm


Fairly recently stumbled on a link to a teacher's resource about how to teach current events in the classroom - the article was about the alleged killing of OBL, and the link led to a Flash cartoon about September, 11th neatly concluding with the recent news of OBL's death. The cartoon is what you might expect - a basic sketch of the official story. Thought it might be interesting to point out, maybe someone can coax something more out of it (HMW??) ... ember11th/

About the only redeeming quality of the cartoon, to me, was this small part reminding the kidz that Islam is a mostly peaceful religion.


The rest of it is garbage, IMO.



There's also a September 11th Lesson Plan, but I haven't registered to view or download that yet.

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Another interesting thing to post here would be the 9/11 comic book/graphic novel that came out years ago (I think it was published by Marvel ). I remember getting it from the library and being struck by the fact that it was just crap. I'll see if I can find a scan of it online....
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