Subversion of Social Movement by Adversarial Agents

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Re: Subversion of Social Movement by Adversarial Agents

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The Father of Modern Liberalism Revisited

I’d like to end this report with a bone chilling quote from a leading architect of the currently collapsing liberal world order named Lord Bertrand Russell. This celebrated “logician, and architect of the Cold War wrote a very ugly yet influential book called The Impact of Science on Society in 1952 where he stated: ... -B.Russell

“I think the subject which will be of most importance politically is mass psychology. Mass psychology is, scientifically speaking, not a very advanced study, and so far its professors have not been in universities: they have been advertisers, politicians, and, above all, dictators. This study is immensely useful to practical men, whether they wish to become rich or to acquire the government. Its importance has been enormously increased by the growth of modern methods of propaganda. Of these the most influential is what is called “education.” Religion plays a part, though a diminishing one; the press, the cinema, and the radio play an increasing part…

This subject will make great strides when it is taken up by scientists under a scientific dictatorship…The social psychologists of the future will have a number of classes of school children on whom they will try different methods of producing an unshakable conviction that snow is black. Various results will soon be arrived at. First, that the influence of home is obstructive. Second, that not much can be done unless indoctrination begins before the age of ten. Third, that verses set to music and repeatedly intoned are very effective. Fourth, that the opinion that snow is white must be held to show a morbid taste for eccentricity. But I anticipate. It is for future scientists to make these maxims precise and discover exactly how much it costs per head to make children believe that snow is black, and how much less it would cost to make them believe it is dark gray. Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen.”

Although it took some decades for Russell’s blueprint to “make its great strides”, the very fact that its success has led to society’s self-destruction should be a sufficient proof that this philosophy (merely a repackaged paganism for the modern age) is not only obsolete as Putin says, but constructed in defiance of the true nature of mankind as a species of reason, morality and free will destined for something much greater than liberals can ever imagine.

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Re: State of Mind - The Psychology of Control

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This keen documentary succinctly describes an extensive history of marketing tricks and psychological operations ‘the top’ have contrived to control the tribe since history started… a lot of stuff we’ve surely considered (such as Curtis’s Century of Self), but vividly presented and easily understandable for someone who’s interested in an quick description of constructing consciousness for social control; such as the funding (with funny money) for universities and institutions - mandating the nature of acceptable science, steering academics in certain directions, tricking the citizens to support the killing in conflicts contrived by conniving psychopaths picking peoples’ pockets and piously plundering populations so the wealthy get richer at Our World’s expense.

Furthermore, the video focuses on the financier funded foundational research of specially chosen 20th century (supposedly respectable) psychological and social scientists… such as Pavlov, Watson, Skinner, Freud, Bernay, Gottlieb, Cameron, West… etc, so forth…, forsaking the trust of unsuspecting hospital patients sincerely seeking psychological and social assistance, these supposedly professional psycho-therapists were essentially subjecting their suffering patients to - ’electro-shock therapy’, ‘psychic driving’, and various drugs for days on end - in ‘studies’ directed to seriously experimenting with many sinister merciless methods of manipulating people and perfecting the art of mind controlling the human condition - in and out of the clinical setting…

Quick typed transcript:

State of Mind: The Psychology of Control

“Habit is thus the enormous fly-wheel of society, it’s most precious conservative agent. It is alone what keeps us all within the bounds of ordinance, and saves the children of fortune from the envious uprisings of the poor.”

- William James, The Principles of Psychology, 1890


Douglas Valentine, author of The Phoenix Program: If you don’t submit to control, if you’re a radical, you’re most likely to be ?. You’re not fitting in with society.You’re viewed as an outsider. So, there’s a lot of social prohibitions about the outsider and the person who’s going to upset things.

Richard Grove, researcher, author: From the time we’re very young we’re taught to worship authority, basically, because that’s our key to survival as young children. But, as adults we never go through the right of passages that tells you to methodically think for ourselves and thus we’re always in a state of extended adolescence.

Dr. Eldon Taylor: We take all this stuff, whether it’s the television, the culturation, the schoolyard, the teachers; we take this whole system and out it into our unconscious mind, and it it is the GIGI that comes out: Garbage In Garbage Out. We simply, in that computer language, have harnessed our own power, accepting all these beliefs as though they are factual; whether it’s the flat earth of Columbus, or it’s the idea that I’m not good enough to do something I dream to do.

Jon Rappoport: To the degree that an individual loses the sense of what freedom really is for himself, mind control is working. This is the constant battle and struggle: What does my freedom mean to me? What is it? How deep does it go? How far reaching is it?

C Edward Griffin: Individuals come with their rights. They’re born with their rights. They’re inherent. They’re hardwired. They’re hardware.

Charlotte Iserbyt: It’s tragic. They’ve lost their sense of the importance of the individual, each individual. We’re not animals. We’re individuals. We’re created in the image of God.

Richard Grove: So what you have is everbodys born into this control structure. Everyone is born into authority. Everyone is born into this situation. But, just because you have an authority making decisions for you when you’re very young at one point - when you’re too young to take care of yourself, it doesn’t mean you should always cater to authority your whole life.

Dr Bruce Levine: Fatalism, defeatism, what Bob Marley would call mental slavery. That’s this huge thing that he would sing about, how do we emancipate ourselves? Have we moved to that point of such slavery that we’re too far gone?

Dr Colin Ross: And just kinda letting it all flow by and being apathetic about it, just gets you in a position of being in control.

Kaye Beach, radio host: There are some people who don’t care,, and some people who don’t know and don’t want to know. It is very frightening if you really look at it. You don’t want to be left with the understanding that you’re obligated to do something about it, and you know people work really hard everyday and they just want to relax and enjoy life.

Anthony Schaeffer: We have established a framework which for the most part works pretty good. People enter into this contract with society. That contract allows them to follow certain rules, expect certain returns on their investment of working within the framework the contract.


Human beings form habits. At some point in our lives many of us realize that the lives we are living are not those which we have imagined, but rather lives reflecting others’ imaginations as if we have been unwitting actors in someone else’s script. Are we acting out the artificial roles created by others who have successfully harnessed our minds through our habits? To answer that question we must first learn how the minds of individuals can be harnessed by systems of psychological control.

Are the habits reflected by human beings in direct conflict with their needs to survive and thrive in this world? The enormous implications deter many of us from asking these simple questions and finding answers relevant to our daily lives.

Craig Roberts: If we don’t resist all of the different information that comes our way, and weigh it and use our own minds instead of what somebody else wants us to think, eventually society will become nothing but automatons, robots.

Douglas Valentine: The establishment has so protected itself, unless you submit to the saturation indoctrination and adopt all it’s values, you can’t get in.

Kaye Beach: Everyone needs to find out and really think about, What is going too far?, because it’s happening so fast, you need to be ahead of the game. They’re ahead of the game.


Alex Jones: Humans subjugate themselves to control because they’re born into it, and the tyrants and social engineers know how to incrementally began to slowly ratchet up the manipulation, the domination, the oppression, so that people never really recognize it coming. It’s the old analogy of the frog in the boiling pot…


Charlotte Iserbyt: I think it has a lot to do with group collectivism. If you go back to John Dewey, he hated the individual, he hated the rugged individualism of America, ? got rid of that. ? and Carnegie were deeply involved in, and they talked about getting rid of that. So, when you’ve been reduced to being a member of the group - the collective, whether it’s the sensitivity training that teachers have to go through, or whether it’s in your own community - like if you have a community oriented policing system, maybe they’ll give you a medal if you do a good deed… Well, you’re part of the collective with the police.

John Rappoport (8:45): I would say in the next 50 years, if large numbers of people don’t become consciously resistant to the overall mind control exerted on society, we’re going to see many more people who really truly resemble androids. People induce this in themselves by looking out at the world and saying, ‘It’s too tough(?) for me to tell the truth or say what I believe or express how I feel. It’s much better if I fabricate a completely synthetic personality that’s going to sit back here and remain passive. That’s how it works.

Anthony Schaeffer (9:30): It’s the idea of a short term gain giving up freedoms. Giving up freedoms is never a good idea.


Since the dawn of time, small groups of human beings have instilled artificial, circular limitations on the minds of their subjects through the procession of history. Traditionally, the limitations are imprinted on the servile population through the cunning use of language, instruction and media for the purposes of conquest, social collusion and authoritative order by harnessing the human resources of the broad population.

Human history reflects countless stories, regardless of what era you happen to live in, and the common thread throughout these stories is that of struggle between the state - whatever it’s form, and the individual. The goal is to harness and subsume the individual, willingly or unwillingly, into it’s group collective.


Alex Jones: The role of authority is a predatory that sees the individual basically as a unit of energy.

The first forms of mind control go back to pre-history; and you would simply have a priest class that developed technologies out of herbs and medicine that added value to the tribe. Pretty soon the priest class would start studying the sky and when there were solar and lunar eclipses, and would say, “Hey! The sun’s not going to come back on this date unless you make me king, or unless you give me total control. And the people would say, ‘Okay… you saw the eclipse when you said it was coming… the snake god ate the sun or the moon! What do you want?’

‘I want your first born child: Sacrifice him to me.’

Every culture does that. Every culture at one time or another demands human sacrifice - because that’s the state or the priest class demanding absolute total fealty and submission to it.


John Rappoport: Mind control has existed since the dawn of time. Only the methods have changed. Elites have always known if I can control the minds of the people, I can control them. Only the technology has changed. It’s still the same program. It’s never stopped.

Anthony Schaeffer (11:50): Also, […] The Art of War (explains) that if you can understand your enemy so well - to the level where you can psyche him out - basically defeat him before you put one boot on the battlefield, you’ve become a true master of your domain.


The greek author Plato invented several key characteristics of rule the roost in his monumental work known as The Republic. Therein he introduces the term cybernetics as a description of steadying the ship of state. Emphasizing crowd control, Plato memorialized the essence of the scenario used to control individuals to this day to make them part of the group or state. This is famously known as The Allegory of the Cave; a useful strategy which is emblematic of the history of mind control.

Richard Grove: The idea of cybernetics first shows up in Plato’s Republic, I believe it’s Book 6… and you can easily discern how this word ties into cybernetics, the control of, not only nations, but how the making of individuals into the collective that formed nations came about.

Anthony Schaeffer: As we move through history, every great leader has had to understand the potential of information, the potential of speech, the potential of words, the potential of books…

What is a citizen if not someone, willingly or unwillingly, participating in the machinations of the state? How do we acquire the habits of citizenship without steering us from the state and our response to it?


In an attempt to assist the state, the 14th century Italian named Nicolo Machiavelli crafted several books intended to help the ruling elite dominate their subjects with the most effective psychological warfare techniques available to the world at that time…


Richard Grove: … (Machiavelli) was trying to convert the DiMedici family into hiring him to provide political advice. Conspiracy is the story of history. It’s the story of plunderers taking care of people who can produce. They claim to take of them through government - which doesn’t give you anything that it doesn’t take away first. So. it’s not creating something out of nothing. It’s very real what they’re doing. They’re taking away your rights, taking some peoples’ rights, and adding more to someone else’s rights.


So, there’s this whole idea of Machiavelli telling the ruling elite how to do this in a more efficient and effective manor without the people directly knowing about it, but the mistake is as this gets out there and other people start to read these books - because it’s not just the ruling elite that starts to have an influence in Europe.

You got a character named Etienne De de La Boetie who writes a discourse on voluntary servitude, and basically what De de La Boetie does, he shows you that everything that Machiavelli told the ruling elite about how to control you is undone when you understand it on the nuts and bolts level, where you then withdraw your consent, and only then are you free!


John Rappoport: ’We control you! We control your mind. We make you believe you have no creative power. We make you forget you have imagination - which is the core capability from which you can invent your own reality.’

The myriad components of collectivism combine to form a comprehensive system transforming the individual into a cog in the machinery of the state.

The first step is to remove self reliance - thus creating dependence on the state or collective. The next step is to create a motivation based on fear of scarcity, as opposed to creativity and productivity. Remove the systems of autonomy, creativity and self teaching - which help to create individuality in the first place, and the void is filled by the will of the collective. Nature abhors a vacuum, and the mind is no different.

Innovative and enigmatic German philosopher of the 19th century, Georg Johanne Frederick Hegel, observed that human history could be manipulated to create a contrived outcome. Hegel’s essential observations of the methods by which history will be authored by a small group translate into a world in which an individual’s choices may be engineered away from his needs.

[… con’d]

The video mentions the terror attacks of 9/11/2001, and describes the case of the Underwear Bomber on an international airline, with eye witness Kurt Haskell describing the Muslim kid’s interaction with the quite a bit older ’well dressed’ man; who convinced the airport gate attendant to get the kid on board the plane with no passport before the departure… postulating his pants on fire prime time production was probably designed to promote the purchase of body scanners from a particular company for airport security.


To meet agendas that conflict with the needs of individuals, the ruling class creates an artificial crisis to which the public reacts by begging the ruling class to intervene. The ruling class then enjoys the plunder made possible by removing the self reliance from individuals.

The contrived financial crisis of 2008 “a manmade economic assault on our country” is briefly mentioned…

The combined philosophies of Thomas Malthus, Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer led to the development of ‘Social Darwinism’. Social Darwinism drafted the concept of the ‘survival of the fittest’ onto the larger social framework. Claims of biological advantages for superiority could then be advanced as justification for future economic policy relating to the hoard, and as the basis of Sir Francis Galton’s pseudo science of eugenics in the 20th century.

Alex Jones: So Darwin comes along about a hundred and fifty years ago and comes out with his theories on where life comes from and it’s survival of the fittest, and that the best organisms are better able to survive in a competitive environment and move forward in the evolutionary chain. Whether that theory is correct or partially correct or totally wrong is a side issue. The robber barons, the British royalty, the J P Morgans of the world, publicly adopted the idea of Darwinism and merged it with predatory eugenics.

Richard Grove: The predatory eugenicists, who have always been looking for scientific causes to justify their sinning - if you will, that’s what they found so useful in Darwin’s work is that, ‘we’ve already had this believe system that we’re better than you, but we now have science to back it up.

Alex Jones: Our entire current civilization we know as ‘globalism’, ‘the new world order’, is based on eugenics scientists that developed their theories in the last 200 years - mainly in England, Germany and the United States. The entire science of genetics, biometrics, eugenics, computers, all of it, came out of the search for a system of total control over humanity.


In his 1928 book, The Open Conspiracy, former British psychological warfare expert H G Wells wrote, “The political world of the open conspiracy must weaken a face, incorporate and supersede existing governments. The character of the open conspiracy will then be plainly displayed. It will be a world religion. This large, loose, assimilatory mass of groups and societies will definitely and obviously attempt to swallow up the entire population of the world and become a new human community. The immediate path before all people, a planned world state, is appearing as a thousands points of light; but generations of propaganda and education may have to proceed it.

Alex Jones: The government of England put massive funding towards the study of humans; and not just medicine, but human behavior. So, all the sciences that the British empire used on countries that it was attacking and in the region it was conquering, were also turned inward against their own population.

In 1948, Eric Blair, the British journalist and author who assumed the nom de plume of George Orwell, wrote the iconic, dystopian novel,1984. In it, Orwell outlined a collectivist future governed by technocrats in which a big brother, totalitarian state maintained control of society through constant panopticon inspired surveillance fueled by a perpetual war, and emboldened by both covert and overt forms of mind control and mass persuasion.

Kaye Beach, radio host and political analyst: The premise of the panopticon was our technical design that was set up to maximize the power of surveillance. So, the prisoners didn’t know and couldn’t actually tell if they were being watched at any one time, so they would have to assume that they were always being watched.

Through 1984, Orwell introduced the concept of ’newspeak’ into popular culture: A debased language structure that would suppress the ability of the masses to upset the power of the state by regulating their thoughts through an illusory police force known as the ‘thought police’. Orwell’s notion of ‘doublespeak’ demonstrated the cognitive dissonance inherent in tyrannical structures. As the meanings of the words change, their meaning in society is lost.


Thomas Henry Huxley, the man known as ‘Darwin’s bulldog’, produced a number of grandchildren; the two best known and influential being Julian and Aldous Huxley. Sir Julian Huxley, an evolutionary biologist, was elected as the first Director General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, and also served as both Vice President and President of the British Eugenics Society.

Richard Grave: So, the Huxley family is highly interesting because TH Huxley is the teacher over H G Wells, who becomes a famous protege. But, Huxley’s whole family is not only intermarried and working on these eugenics ideas, but he has a famous son and grandson, and then all sorts of famous cousins that tie into this Darwin Wedgewood family. So, notably you have Aldous Huxley who coined the phrase ‘Brave New World’ in 1932 with his novel; which is really describing a technocratic future by which people are pharmaceutically drugged into ‘loving their servitude’.

Aldous Huxley: I think that what is going to happen in the future is that dictators will find, as the old saying goes, that ‘you can do everything with bands? except sit on them. If you want to preserve your power indefinitely, you have to get the consent of the ruled, and this they will do; partly by drugs - as I foresaw in Brave New World, partly by these new techniques of propaganda. They will do it by bypassing the rational side of man, and appealing to his sub-conscious, deeper emotions, and his physiology even; and so making him actually love his slavery. I think this the danger that actually people may be in some ways happy under the new regime, but they will be happy in a situation where they ought not to be happy.

Leveraging the facts at the 20th century opened up numerous avenues for shaping and controlling the thoughts and behaviors of the population, the ruling elite contrived new ways of obscuring useful facts while peddling useless ideas to the American people. Advertising, in addition to fundamental changes in education, produced a population of non-thinkers whose false understanding of basic concepts instilled from public schooling, led to generations of people who feel that they are magically endowed with the ability to somehow attain knowledge without first observing the landscapes of available credible evidence.

One such artifact of credible evidence which demonstrates that our lives are being scripted by the ruling class is a 1966 textbook authored by Georgetown professor, Dr. Carroll Quigley, titled, “Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World In Our Time”. In it, Quigley details a secret society partially funded by central banker Lord Rothschild, enacted by Cecil Rhodes and led by Lord Alfred Milner, and the Round Table Journal of International Affairs - which Quigley terms the ‘Milner Group’.

The first questions people ask upon hearing of such a book are, ‘Why is it so important?, and, “Why do so few know about it’s existence?”

Alex Jones: This is a key book - it’s almost like a Rosetta Stone to decode everything that they’re doing, it’s over 1000 pages long, with incredible documentation in the bibliography of how this ruling elite based out of Britain, is using a full spectrum dominance model to fund the Communists, to fund the Fascists, to fund the Democrats, to fund the Republicans, so that there looks like there’s a choice, but everything is really moving towards collectivism to the general public, while the elite themselves are exempt from all their own rules.

Richard Grove: These are the ideas of people who plunder. They care not about laws or boundaries or your rights, they see ‘might makes right’. So, when Cecil Rhodes goes in and creates Rhodesia and you have South Africa and the DeBeer’s whole cartel of diamonds and gold; and then you look at who Cecil Rhodes watches Wilson, he funded him to get around and do that, you keep coming back to the historical central bankers that have been manipulating world events - as we’ve been taught them - at least since the beginning of our country, you know, 1776, 1790 is when they start to gain a foothold, they again come over in the 1820’s, 1830’s, 1840’s, pre Civil War, and gain a stronger foothold, and by the end of the Civil War we’re completely switched over to a system that we had fought sixty years before to overthrow.

Alex Jones: Once the power structure got all the best and brightest students of the world and put them through Rhodes Scholar type programs - not just in England but in other nations, they could then control the braintrust and have a fully programmed new generation to take control of the governmental, corporate and media systems to carry out the program.

G Edward Griffin, author of The Creature From Jekyll Island: Their goal was to dominate all of those major power centers, quietly, behind the scenes, and by moving the leadership in a certain direction, then they knew they could control the masses without the masses even knowing that they’re being dominated and led by a very small, powerful, elite group.

In further pursuit of the science of control of human resources, the last will and testament of Cecil Rhodes spawned the Pilgrim Society in both America and in England which created a global brain trust. It’s goal? To assert global control by dividing it’s tasks into working groups such as The Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group and Trilateral Commission throughout the 20th century.

In more recent history, the long held beliefs of the ruling class regarding control of the individual body by the undermining of his mental abilities were then furthered by the technological breakthroughs of the 19th and 20th centuries. In the 19th century, the Prussian government conducted research into how to make the individual a compliant cog in the machine of their conflict based empire. Prussian psychologists Wilhelm Vundt? determined the individual human being has no soul and can best be programmed like an automaton or robot.

Alex Jones; The social engineers don’t need us under social Darwinism. We are scum to be removed. We are seen as noting but biological androids or replicants - from the Phillip K Dick book, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, turned into Bladerunner. We’re just seen as dumbed down, biological workers.

When individual identity has been forsaken, it is much easier to compartmentalize the mind of those being controlled. Various personages throughout history have described the human beings a machine. But it is the synergy amongst the work of Wilhelm Vundt?, Ivan Pavlov, and many others, which scientifically quantified the individual as soulless, thus justifying manipulations to plunder individuals of their rights, transforming individuals into human resources.

G Edward Griffin: Our system is copied from a 1819 Prussian system that’s a 3-tiered education system. One tier is for the intellectual elite. The second tier is for the servers of the intellectual elite. They would be the professional, the doctors, the lawyers. And the last tier is for the lay. It’s for the masses.

Alex Jones: Education, as we know it, is nothing more than mind control. It is the science of control; and the British scientist and eugenicists came up with systems to dumb people down and make them submissive. But, the German model, in fact namely the Prussian model, that was designed to create soldiers that were, in fact, owned by the state, but that were so brainwashed, they were so proud to go off and often march into musket fire. That system, known as kindergarten, is the whole basis of modern western education.



Building upon this demonization of individuals’ animal states of stimulus response, Russian researcher Ivan Pavlov and American researcher John B Watson conducted experiments based on classical conditioning - a simple manipulation of reflexes under observable conditions. These methods were then improved and perfected by Harvard psychologist B F Skinner.

Dr Bruce Levine: B F Skinner is also one of these famous American behaviorists that championed something so called ‘operant conditioning’; again, just some fancy jargon term for some basic common sense. Operant conditioning was all about negative reinforcements like time-outs, positive reinforcements like food pellets and money, and punishments… like shocks. This operant conditioning doesn’t work so good on anti-authoritarians - people who challenge and resist authority. Later on, research has shown that operant conditioning works best on people who are dependent, infantilized - in other words made like children.

B F Skinner: When you ask yourself as a teacher - as I have at the college level, ‘What have I got that my students want?’, it’s sometimes a pretty discouraging question. But, you can discover things that can be reinforced to the students at any level, and that has been done, and regular progress has been made. There are things, that an ordinary - even with a ghetto classroom with lower grades in high school, can be used as reinforcers. You can have special foods at lunchtime, access to play space, privileges to associate with other kids of your choice. More and more of these things have been brought into play as the kinds of contrived reinforcers that can be used temporarily to get the kinds of behavior which will then eventually have their own natural consequences that can be reinforcing.



Richard Grove: All you’re doing is re-enforcing a random schedule of conditioning, taking natural characteristics and harnessing them. So, what you see in the 20th century, not only the eugenics crown and all the things that we talked about, what you see is that they go after the root cause of humanity. The root cause of humanity is that we have learned to speak amongst ourselves, and we’ve learned to observe reality, remove contradiction, to get to that which exists. When somebody obscures that feedback loop, you’re observing and verifying and testing it out, when someone obscures that they can take total control of your awareness.

These methods of classical conditioning had advocates in other fields equally or more influential. Soon, the field of compulsory education would team with the ideas first spelled by these social engineers.

“These children are taught to accept uncritically whatever they’re told. Questions are not encouraged.”

“I know it’s true! I read it in this book right here!!”

Charlotte Iserbyt: The education our children are going to get has nothing to do with education. It is training our children to be resources, human resources. That’s the way they refer to us to spin off profits for the globalists.

Richard Grove: The greatest barrier to discovery is not ignorance, it’s the illusion of knowledge; and that’s what the 15, 000 hours of compulsory school education has really entrained and conditioned into it, is that you’ve been told this story about the people in South America, and so you think you know about it, and it’s not until later in life when you might come across some more information about Conquistadors, and how Jesuits infiltrated all their religious systems and took all the riches out, and basically harvested this whole area. This was an example of plunder in South America that went on for hundreds of years. So, until you have this other piece of information to bring this into focus, you think that what you taught in school during that 15, 000 hours is really what’s going on. And it’s not until you bump up against reality, as George Orwell said - usually on a battlefield, that you have to consider that that which you were taught to believe versus the objective evidence that exists.

“Whatever an education is, it should make you a unique individual, not a conformist; it should furnish you with an original spirit with which to tackle the big challenges; it should allow you to find values which will be your road map through life; it should make you spiritually rich, a person who loves whatever you are doing, whomever you are with; it should teach you what is important, how to live and how to die.”
- John Taylor Gatto

Alex Jones: John Taylor Gatto was an award winning educator in New York who took kids who couldn’t even read or write, (were) headed for prison, and made them top level students. Then, he discovered that he was shut down by the big, tax-free foundations so that he couldn’t teach the children this information; and he discovered that it was by design that they were dumbing people down to make them subservient biological androids or replicants. That’s what we were seen as. But, now we’re obsolete. We’re to be phased out with the new robotic systems, the drone aircraft, the drone submarines, the drone ships, the drone robots on the ground. We’re all being conditioned. We’re all being acclimated to this.


In the Underground History of American Education, John Taylor Gatto details how, beginning in the early 19th century, American travelers abroad were writing on the methodology of Prussian schools and composing traveler’s reports, which were very influential on educational techniques in the United States.

However, in 1831 it was French philosopher and Minister of Education, Victor Cousin, who published his Report on the State of Public Instruction in Prussia, which not only led to the consolidation of schools under the Prussian model, but also directly influenced reformers like Horace Mann in the United States to follow suit.

Mann travelled to Prussia and, without even seeing one class in session, sought to adopt the Prussian model of education with his annual reports given to the Massachusetts State Board of Education. Mann’s promotion of the concepts that the state is the father of children was reinforced and expanded by educational reformers throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.


Dr. Eldon Taylor: One of the things that surprises a lot of people, and it shouldn’t because it’s publicly known, is our education system is not about educating as much as it is about socializing.

It’s like the duckling in the chicken yard. If you take that duckling and raise it with the chickens, it’s gonna be imprinted, it’s gonna behave like the chicens, and in that very real sense we perpetuate this. The danger is, we don’t just perpetuate it, we don’t just culture-ate it, but it’s the only sane way we see to raise our children. The result is that there’s no way of escaping it.

Charlotte Iserbyt:: C S Lewis said, “When training…”, such as Skinner and Pavlov, “beats education, civilization dies’”

Although education has proven to be highly effective in controlling human behavior, more intensive research would need to be conducted away from the prying eyes of the public.

Alex jones: The Tavistock Institute was set up by the British empire to really study mind control, and to scientifically drill down into human behavior, and put into book form a system of basic control so that it could be duplicated out to corporate and government entities. And Tavistock has been involved at every level of social engineering.

The Tavistock Clinic was founded in 1920. They operated as part of the Psychological Warfare Division of the British Military. It was initially a voluntary outpatient clinic for treatment and research, and was made up of general physicians, neurologists, and psychologists to facilitate the treatment of neurosis and shell shocked British soldiers returning home from World War 1.

Richard Grove: Going through their own publications on Amazon, you can find that some of their books cost like $18,000 - 25,000; and what that tells me is, they don’t want the average person anywhere near getting their hands on this book; because what it gives you inside those books is the teacher’s edition - to use an abstraction, as opposed to the students sitting in the class not knowing what the answers to the questions are. There’s a group of people who are being given the answers to all the questions about how we act and react, and how we’ve been under stimulated with curiosity in order to make us subordinate to them.

Alex Jones: You could say much of our world today is the world of the Tavistock Institute and Edward Bernays.

Having been instrumental in the Tavistock Clinic and Director of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, it was former officer and consulting psychiatrist of the British Army, John Rollings Reece, who created the concept of the “psychological shock troops”, or “culture warriors’, a federation of psychiatrists which he intended to disperse across the globe to make it, “possible for people of every social group to have treatment when they need it, even when they do not wish it, without it being necessary to invoke the law. The Tavistock Institute influence did not stop simply at social psychology.

Curt Lewin, former head of Britain’s Psychological Warfare Bureau, was a German refugee who became the founder of modern social psychology in the 20th century. An early consultant to the OSS, and an influential researcher with the Tavistock Institute in the area of ‘management thinking and action research’, specifically focused on the tactics of managing change in society.

“To instigate changes toward democracy a situation has to be created for a certain period where the leader is sufficiently in control to rule out influences he does not want and to manipulate the situation to a sufficient degree.”

- Kurt Lewin - 1948

No organization with the size and scope of Tavistock can operate for long without ample funding. From whom was that funding derived? Certainly no small part comes from the seemingly benign, tax exempt foundations of the global elite.

Kaye Beach: I was researching the Reece Committee back in, like, 1952 - 53, where they went in and investigated major foundations and some of their subversive activities. These foundations put an enormous amount of energy into controlling what is being taught at the schools, how it’s being taught, and using schools basically to indoctrinate children, to accept their station in life, to a collectivist future.

According to Dr. Lilly Kaye, whose expertise was demonstrated in her 1993 book, The Molecular Vision of Life - The Rockefeller Foundation, Caltech, And The Rise Of The New Molecular Biology, the world in which we are living has been molded, shaped, and continues to be directed by an elite establishment of eugenicists, a ruling class fueled by violating the will of others to attain their goals.


“Schools ought to turn out good citizens!”

C Edward Griffin: The real goal was to change America from an individualist system into a collectivists system, and in which case it could be merged with the world, and it would be this great ‘new world order’ that read so much about in recent years.

The purpose for creating tax exempt foundations was not to just collect more money, but to visibly exert more influence for the power centers which control the programming of the individual; specifically to breed the self reliance out of the individual and prepare them for the collectivist lifestyle planned by the ruling class. Their goal, to undermine personal liberty on biological, social and economic levels.

C Edward Griffin: They came together and decided what they were going to do with this money was to gain control of education in America, not for a philanthropic purpose, but to change the thinking of American people over a generation or two.

Alex Jones: The globalist social engineers hunger and desired and coveted the power that the liberty in the U S had created. They wanted to take it over, and the tax free foundations wanted to use it as the engine of global domination… And they’ve done that!.

The Reece Committees were the only time when Congress stood constitutionally and demanded all the big foundations come and testify and open their private books; and the Rockefeller, the Carnegie and the Ford Foundation, they all came and said, ‘Look, we’re here under presidential directive from more than fifty years ago, we’ve been told to collectivize the United States, to merge it with the Soviet Union, we been told to make it more compatible with authoritarian regimes, and we’re just doing what we were chartered to do.

Until the creation of language, brute force held the key to fear - thus the control of individuals through violent and physical aggression. With the innovation of language, the minds of individuals could be harnessed with ideas and believes, making less significant the physical dominance of previous generation. This is how, for example, men of small stature could keep otherwise brave and ferocious gladiators as household slaves whose deaths could be used for profit and entertainment. Out of the ashes of WW2 rose the specter of human experimentation in the form of the 1939-1945 exodus of Nazi intelligentsia to continue their research and experimentation under the protection of ‘national security’. After being de-nazified, they were given new identities to live amongst those against whom they had fought.

Craig Roberts, author of The Medusa File:: We brought Werner Von Braun over here, and several other scientists - including those involved in concentration camps medical experiments and mind control experiments.

Colin Ross: A lot these guys were, as far as the State department was concerned, war criminals. They were linked directly to the Nazi’s, and therefore couldn’t get visa, couldn’t come into the United States. So, the CIA did a series of programs to route everybody around the State Department Visa requirements to get them into the country.

Alex Jones: Everybody knows about the race at the end of World War 2 to get Nazi scientists. The Russians wanted them, the United States and England wanted them, and the United States and England got most of them… because the Nazi’s didn’t want to go to the Soviet Union - another authoritarian system. They wanted to go a freer system; and like an infection they came to England, Canada, and the United States; and it wasn’t just over Nasa rocketry with Werner Von Braun and Goddard and others, it was tens of thousands - in mind control, and torture, and military science, and surveillance; and the CIA got modeled, to a great extent, off of the Gestapo. So we see the evil of the Nazi being transplanted back to the United States and England where the eugenics philosophy they had embraced had originally sprung.

The Office of Strategic Services, the precursor of the CIA, under the direction of William ’Wild Bill” Donovan and Allan Dulles recruited Nazi scientists and aided their importation into America. Among them were rocket scientist Werner Von Braun and the aeronautical physician Herbertus Stroodlehold(?).

(53 minutes)

Craig Roberts: The Germans had developed lots of different advanced weapons, and they’d also done a lot of experimentation on human beings in the concentration camps. So, they had a lot of medical data that we didn’t have; and of course, the rocket scientists, and the airplane scientists, and all the rest of it. Paperclip was our version of going into Europe and finding these guys and bringing them to the United States to work.

Colin Ross: We’re missing the documentation… we have physicians, aerospace medicine people, film people, ball bearings, projectile experts, all kinds of scientists, we’re missing from the story of the psychiatrists. But, there must have been psychiatrists brought over, parallel to Strugehold(?)… under Paperclip.

C Edward Griffin: German financing came from America and from Wall Street. It came form American corporations. Even the political support that Hitler got from Germany was, to some extent, traceable to American influences. Prior to World War 2, American financiers, banks, corporations, all decided there was money to be made in pre-war Germany. After all, they all knew that Germany was preparing to become a military aggressor, and it needed money to construct vehicles of war. They were spending a lot of money designing and building tanks and airplanes, military carriers and things like that, submarines, ships, and there was money to be made; and so Wall Street and some of the largest corporations like AT&T and even Ford Motor Company, were very much involved with the Nazi regime.

Richard Grove: The experiment that went on that became known as Nazi Germany starts in World War 1, and the Versailles Treaty in 1919, basically giving Germans the short end of the stick, giving them war reparations that they can’t possibly pay - totally unrealistic. Now, the (?) German Ambassador, Helmar Schact? gets together with a guy from the Bank of England named Montague Norman, and they create something in 1932 called the Bank for International Settlements, and they use it for the clearing house for all the international debt. So, really it’s being used to launder money. What you find out is that same group, Helmar Schact, becomes Hitler’s banker. Hitler is totally financed by these people who are making their lives out of pulling the wool over these peoples’ eyes. At the same time, they want to have a National Socialist experiment to test out the Prussian education system that they are using and about to roll out all over the world.

Following the 1945 completion of Operation Paperclip, the CIA created MK Ultra, the top secret mind control research project which was managed by Sidney Gottlieb under the direction of Allen Dulles. The program began in the early 1950’s, officially sanctioned in 1953, and officially terminated in 1973. The program engaged in many illegal, unethical and immoral activities. In particular, it used unwitting US and Canadian citizens as it’s test subjects, which led to controversy regarding it’s legitimacy. MK Ultra involved the pioneering of many methodologies to manipulate individuals mental state and alter brain function, including the surreptitious administration of psychoactive drugs and other chemicals, hypnosis, sensory depravation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse, and other various forms of torture.

Jon Rappoport: When I interviewed John Marks about In Search of the Manchurian Candidate, he said a very interesting thing to me: He had been given ten boxes of CIA information on a Freedom of Information Act request, not his first. He had been trying to get this information on the CIA mind control program from the CIA in the 50’s for a long time, and finally - as a kind of a sop, maybe a joke, they gave him ten boxes of material that had nothing to do with the projects except the accounting data - the financial data; thinking that Marks wouldn’t be able to do anything with it, and the CIA would be perceived to have fulfilled the request. But, Marks was too smart for them. He saw into the financial data and realized what he had his hands on; that this was not only MK Ultra mind control program of the CIA, but was divided up into many, many, many sub-projects, and he had some of the funding details that provided some of the foundation for him to move forward in his research and discover what they were really up to.

Craig Roberts: The military had just started the Artichoke Projects, and the Bluebird Projects, I think, was the Navy one, and they were trying to figure out, ’Can we make a Manchurian Candidate? Can we make a super soldier? Can we control what people think, and do, and how they act on the battlefield? Can we make somebody braver than they really are? And it was getting up to where they were asking questions, Can we make kamikaze’s like the Japanese had?

Radiation experiments on humans…

In 1994, President Clinton created the advisory committee on human radiation experiments, which was tasked with investigating instances of federally funded research using ionizing radiation on human beings. Based on the documents made available to the committee, they identified nearly 4,000 cases of human radiation experiments taking place between 1944 and 1974. This included a series of federally funded experiments in which unsuspecting hospital patients were injected with plutonium. Many details of MK Ultra experimentation were disclosed during the public hearing before the Advisory committee:

To start, my name is Valerie Wolfe. In listening to the testimony today, it all sounds very familiar. I am here to talk about a possible link between radiation and mind control experimentation that began in the late 1940’s. The main reason that mind control research is being mentioned is because people are exposed as children to mind control radiation, drugs, and chemical experimentation which were administered by the same doctors who are known to have been involved in conducting both radiation and mind control research. Written documentation has been provided revealing the names of people, the names of research projects, and statements from people across the country. It is also important to understand that mind control techniques can follow up into adulthood, may have been used to intimidate these particular research subjects into not talking about the victimization in government research.

The above links between and mind control and radiation experiments were glossed over and overlooked by the committee.

Evidence of mind control experiments being conducted at Guantanamo Bay is briefly discussed by Colin Ross…


In the 19th century, Franz Mesmer’s brand of hypnotism entertained countless audiences, which consequently evolved, both covertly and overtly, throughout the 20th century. CIA doctor George Estabrooks, a graduate of Harvard University and a Rhodes scholar, finally created methods of reliable hypnotism, enabling it’s application to the science of social control.

Colin Ross: George Estabrooks was Canadian born psychologist whose career was at Colgate University in upstate New York; and as early as 1943 in his textbook Hypnotism, he describes in great, great detail, and going back to the second world war, taking marines or other military people, using hypnosis and other programming to create a new personality - so that he called that Jones A and Jones B. Then, the new programmed personality would be given an assignment, which could be a career, or a penetration, or any kind of assignment, and the out front regular person would have total amnesia, complete lack of knowledge of the assignment.

Estabrooks was the leading authority on hypnosis; programming soldiers during World War 2 to act as couriers who were not aware that they were operatives on a mission. In this manner, the OSS targeted political objectives through the covert methods of assassination and espionage leveraging the science of hypnotism.

Where hands off hypnotics and pharmacological methods failed, the physical application of actual electrical stimulus directly to the brain becomes the next logical step. In 1964, Yale neuroscientist Jose Delgado implanted radio controlled electrodes in to the brain of an aggressive bull in an attempt to control it’ s behavior in a ring with a matador. With the push of a button, Delgado himself was able to stop the bull in mid charge. He didn’t stop with the bull, but also conducted experiments on cats, monkeys, and even human test subjects.

Colin Ross: He had people as young as 11 he was doing this to. One was a 16 year old girl, and there’s pictures in these books where she’s kind of staring off into space vacant, another where she’s strumming on a guitar, another she’s pounding on a wall, all based on what button he’s pushing on the transmitter box.

Delgado developed what was called a steno-ceiver that allowed him to target specific emotions and regulate behavior by aiming radio stimulation at different regions of the brain.

Colin Ross: His idea of the future is, and this he seems totally serious about and described in detailed: We’re going to put electrodes in the entire population, except probably Dr Delgado himself and a few elite generals, and we’re control the entire population; and this is not going to be fascism, it is going to the next step in evolution.

Dr Donald Ewan Cameron was a Scottish born psychiatrist who was president of the American Psychiatric Association from 1952-53, and later first president of the World Psychiatric Association. Cameron was directly involved in the brainwashing attempts of the CIA’s MK Ultra and mind control programs. Under directives from Sidney Gottlieb and funding from the CIA funneled through various front organizations, he spent years researching and experimenting with behavioral modification techniques.


Investigative Reports TV show: It was here that the CIA funded a series of experiments. Severe experiments. The work was done by the Institute’s then director, Dr. Ewan Cameron. It is the closest experimentation to brainwashing yet. It’s work, unprecedented in psychiatry, consisted of three areas which he called ‘sleep therapy’, ‘psychic driving’, and the ultimate, ‘de-patterning’. Dr Maurice Saungier ?, current head of the Allen Memorial Institute:

Dr Saugnier?: “in his psychic driving type of so called therapy, he would give his patients intensive electric treatment… not enough to make a patient to ? deeply, even forgetful, and then he would attempt to implant, new ideas in the minds of the patient.”

Reporter: “To a layman it would appear that Dr. Cameron was trying to take the slate and wipe it clean - the slate being the mind. In other words, brainwashing!”

Dr: “That’s a good comparison.”

Reporter: “Brainwashing?”

Dr: “Yeah.”

Colin Ross: Dr Cameron was a MK Ultra contractor, who officially, it says that he didn’t have top secret clearance; but in fact he did. The reason I say that is, he was at different times President of the Quebec Psychiatric Association, the Canadian Psychiatric Association, Society of Biological Psychiatry, and the World Psychiatric Association.

Jon Rappoport: Ewan Cameron was the most famous psychiatrist in the world during the 1950’s. You name a psychiatric association of any size or scope and he was the president of it.

Craig Roberts: He became a psychiatrist, in fact at one time he was the President of the World Psychiatric Association, he ended up immigrating over here from Scotland, and was working in Canada under Sid Gottlieb, and he headed up one of the projects working with LSD and with different types mind control projects - especially hypnosis.

Colin Ross: His experiments were basically, well there’s two components to it: One is psychic driving, and the other is de-patterning. De-patterning is you get massive amounts of electric shock - like 100 shock treatments with six times the amount of electricity per treatment. It completely wiped their minds out. They don’t know who they are, where they are, they don’t recognize their children; and then once they’re in that state, you can add on barbiturates and other drugs that keeps them asleep for weeks at a time, or at times they were half asleep, and then playing tape loops over and over and over. That’s the psychic driving; and the tape loops will be in the doctor’s voice, or the person’s voice, and this is also to program a new personality.

It has been alleged in some cases that Cameron held patients against the will for weeks at a time, drugged and unconscious under threat of being committed to an institution for life if they did not participate in his treatment.

Jon Rappoport: He began a program of torture, and I don’t use the word lightly, on patients who had no idea this was why they were coming to him. They were people who came to him for therapy, for help; and he experimented on them as a torturer would - to create new personalities.

Cameron operated with Rockefeller funding at the Allen Memorial Institute in Montreal Quebec, and he contended that it was first necessary to pattern the minds of his patients in order for them to have a shot at recovery. He also participated in the Nuremberg Trials in 1945, interviewing many of the top Nazi defendants.

Douglas Valentine: After World War 2 and the creation of the CIA, the need for a truth drug and drugs that could perform what the CIA could use for other purposes increased. They turned to the Bureau of Narcotics and Harry Anslinger, and again Anslinger anted up Agent George White to be his lead agent in this program called MK Ultra.

It started basically in 1952 in New York City. White was working with a CIA officer named Sidney Gottlieb. Gottlieb was chief of the technical services at the time, and he had access to a lot of LSD. CIA scientists had decided for themselves the drug they were going to focus on now. Pot wasn’t considered quite potent enough to do things that they wanted to do.

White conscripted a couple of federal narcotic agents to help him, a couple of informants, narcotic agent informants to help him; and went into the streets of New York and got a soft core pornographer named Jo White to help him as well. Apparently, White has his own sexual perversions, which had been written about. He was into S & M. So, he had a couple of qualifications for the job, which went beyond just being a federal agent who could perform these functions. He actually was good at acting out these sorts of things that went on in the drug underworld.

In 1953, the program was formalized, and it was called Midnight Climax; and White had a safe house in New York City which the CIA outfitted with a 2-way mirror, with microphones and recording devices so that White and his thugs from the CIA could actually film people who had been surreptitiously dosed with LSD. The program expanded beyond merely LSD; and what they found out was that these safe houses themselves were probably the most valuable assets of this program. Prostitutes they further employed would bring people to these apartments where they could actually record them while they were doing drugs.

In 1960, the CIA opened another safe house in New York City, and I talked to the people who were running this safe house, and one of these narcotic agents said to me that the CIA was actually using this safe house when dignitaries were visiting the UN, or politicians were coming to New York City to talk to the mayor, or state, or even federal officials, that they were filming them, and potentially using the film for purposes of political blackmail.


Another CIA funded Harvard graduate was Dr Martin T Orne?, whose expertise in hypnotism, psychiatry, and psychology was an invaluable asset to national security. A close friend of Dr George Estabrooks, Orne’s work with hypno-programing at Cornell in the 1960’s was funded by the Human Ecology Fund and the Scientific Engineering Institute, both of which were received funding from the CIA.

To provide cover for operations like Midnight Climax, the CIA’s MK Ultra psychiatrists formed the False Memory Syndrome Foundation to obscure the facts of these covert experiments, creating confusion enough to deny acts of pedophilia, cult abuse, and other inconvenient truths of CIA activities. The False Memory Foundation’s board was a who’s who of MK Ultra. There, Dr Orne was joined by another CIA MK Ultra psychiatrist, Dr Jolyon West, who was the protege of Dr Ewan Cameron. Like his esteemed MK Ultra colleague, West was infamous for his hypno-programming abilities. Using words to make patients believe that their methods of abuse were just figments of their imaginations.


Dr Eldon Taylor: … Well, let me just say it this way: Jules Romaine? testifying on behalf of the CIA to Congress said, and this paraphrase is going to be so close to word for word it’s unbelievable, ‘We now know that we can take a man, and given sufficient time, educate him to kill his mother and father and eat them in a stew’.

How will power gravitate into the hands of those who control information?Through the Internet, through wireless networks, through smart grids, smart devices and smart meters, to monitor and control personal behavior every citizen in the grid. How has the role of harnessing the minds of human resources shape the 20th and now the 21st centuries? A single pattern emerges from all the seeming chaos. The role of science as juxtaposed to the mind has not been used to help individuals, rather at every turn, at every discovery’s emergence, knowledge is being used to restrain individuals. Learned helplessness is just one example.


Dr Bruce Levine: In the 1970’s, they discovered through these experiments with dogs that if you put a dog, or two groups of dogs, in a situation: One group of dogs, they had control over when they were being shocked, they could use their nose and hit a panel and stop the shock; and another group of dogs, they had an equal amount of shocks, but no matter what they did, they couldn’t control or stop the shocks. They discovered this phenomenon called learned helplessness, and that the dogs who had no control over stopping their shocks, they would become passive and depressed; and that when you put them in another task where all the dogs actually had control over stopping their shock by kind of jumping over their short barrier, the dogs that had learned helplessness, in other words in previous experiments had learned that there was nothing they could do to stop the pain. They did not bother trying!

National elections does not equal democracy. Democracy means that you really have some power over things that affect your life. Okay? But, when Americans think that their democracy equals national elections, and they go and they have senseless wars or corporate control with a Republican in office, like George W, and they think we’re going to stop these senseless wars and corporate control and we’re going to go and vote for Obama - this Democrat, and what do they get? Senseless wars and corporate control. So, there’s a kind of learned helplessness that sink in there.


How are the attitudes, beliefs, behaviors and value of a society transformed such that the needs of the individual are always in conflict with the demands of the group. The early 20th century trend of conspicuous consumption, or the trading of that which is valuable and sensible for that which is superficial and frivolous, swept over America and other countries around the world - with the help of a few minds who were focused on changing our lives before we were even born.

Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud, is well known as the father of propaganda and public relations, and for his application of psychological techniques in the field of advertising.

“People have a herd instinct. They tend to move in groups. They make conclusions based on emotion and feeling and desire.”

Alex Jones: Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud - the archetypical psychologist, openly bragged that there was a ruling elite that had taken control of society, and that they could basically program people like machines to walk off the edge of a cliff if ordered to do so. He was the guy who said, ‘Don’t call yourself the Department of War, call yourself the Department of Defense.’ , and he wrote book after book, like the book Propaganda, in 1922, bragging about how we were all dumb animals and the public mind was in his hands.

They could sell pork bellies. They were seen as junk meat only used in flavoring and soups. They came out and said, ’No breakfast was complete without eggs and bacon.’ , and showed a woman in a newsreel there cooking it. And he said. ‘I can make these people do anything I want.’ And so he is the archetypal father of brainwashing and propaganda - right at the age when television began, and they took his sciences and just wrecked this country.

Some of his more famous clients, Proctor & Gamble, General Motors, General Electric, The United Fruit Company, Westinghouse Electric, Time magazine, NBC and CBS.

Dr Eldon Taylor: You look at when Uncle Freud had plumbed out how the unconscious works, it devised in his own mind the idea that you could cause people to do what you wanted them to do - and they chose to do it!

Indeed, in his work Propaganda, he makes it clear that it is the duty of the intellectually elite to orchestrate the beliefs and behaviors of the people in order to have a cohesive society. They got together and said, ‘Well, people are too darn dumb, we have to program them mentally to do what they’re supposed to do.

Dr Taylor: Political Science is largely based today Bernay’s work.

In 1917, Bernays serves on the Committee for Public Information, otherwise known as the Creels Committee, which set out to change public opinion in favor of United States involvement in World War 1. At the request of Woodrow Wilson, Bernays personally attended the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, the same year he would found the first public relations firm in the United States.

Dr Taylor: Advancing some of this work, of course he was commissioned by Woodrow Wilson to assist in selling the idea of World War 1, that it was about spreading democracy throughout Europe. He is, for all intents and purposes, what we call today neuro-marketing.

It has been widely reported that Josef Goebbels had employed Bernay’s crystallizing public opinion, the first book written on the emerging field of public relations, while formulating his own campaigns for Nazi Germany.

Moving beyond Bernays, other luminaries in the manufacturing of public consent included Walter Lippman and Ivey Lee, both of whom complimented these tactics by expanding the breadth and depth of mass media entrainment of individual minds.

Richard Grove: Then, I read a 1928 book by Walter Lippman talking about public relations and public opinion, and basically saying the same thing; that the public is not inherently irrational, but they can use PR and propaganda and media to play upon peoples’ existing irrationality instead of introducing them to the concepts and definitions of that which exist. So, instead of creating world peace by putting everyone on the same page, by giving us a method to discern fact from fiction, they use that gap in our perception to play tricks on us. So, that’s all I’m ever seeing during human history, is human beings playing tricks on other human beings.

As for Ivey Lee, he was not only popular with some of America’s most prestigious corporations and foundations, he also found time in his busy schedule to personally council John D Rockefeller, he represents Standard Oil, and was one of the earliest members of the Council on Foreign Relations. Moreover, in the 1930’s Ivey Lee was a consultant to Adolph Hitler, tasked with developing strategies to improve Germany’s image in the United States and abroad.


60’s television PR commercial voiceover: Kids are impressionable. That’s why right here at this station we watch the programs your child watches carefully. He may see bad guys, but not in the role of heroes. He’ll learn that crime doesn’t pay because your child’s welfare is our concern too. That’s part of our code, code of the National Association of Broadcasters for television in the greater public interest.

Anthony Schaeffer: Waco was an odd situation regarding law enforcement aspects of it, regarding ATF going in and doing the raid on the Branch Davidian compound, as well as the fact that the Special Operation Command was called in to help. This is one of those situations where everything that could go wrong went wrong from day one.

The Clinton administration and Janet Reno started looking for options. One of the options they decided to engage in was bringing in special operations command and to advise them on “psychological operations”. When special operations command elements arrive, they began giving advice to the law enforcement official on how to go about implementing specific ‘things, but then the psychological operations community they typically to look at things of how to modify, adapt, or somehow reshape the thinking of a target group of an audience. These specific techniques that were brought to bear on the Branch Davidians were developed from military operations overseas, primarily against a foreign target. So, then the question has to be asked: What is the wisdom of using psychological operation techniques developed for a foreign audience against a US target? Again, a very controversial issue.

How does one defend themselves against strategic information propaganda. It’s very simple answer. Ask questions. Always check your source. I, as a public figure, am often having to speak publicly about issues and information. I look at everything. I get criticized, my friends, ‘oh god you look at Fox News, CNN?? Absolutely, because the false information being provided to the mainstream outlets means something! So, why are saying things a certain way?

How are the habits of individuals changed and then reinforced to create new behavior preferable to the collective? In the 21st century the method has evolved little from millennia ago. Only the technology has changed. Todays television provide those who leverage public airwaves with an opportunity to control individuals far beyond the simple linguistic programming of radio.

Dr Bruce Levine: The major point of television is, it’s the commercial. The programming is designed to just keep people hanging around long enough to watch a commercial, and that they’re in a more zombified, passive state to buy into the goofy commercial. That is the point of it.

Alex Jones: You are willingly subjecting yourself and your family to psychological warfare assault, not just with the semantics, not just with the messages, but the flicker rate of the television - on record, patented, to put you into a dream like, sleep state where you are highly suggestible.

Dr Bruce Levine: You think you’re looking at a constant picture. You’re really not. modern televisions, you’re looking at LED’s, and they’re going on and off.

Dr Eldon Taylor: Because they’re going on and off, there’s a brain entrainment process that takes place. To make it real simple it comes down to this: Research shows us that the average person, when placed in front of a television set, in less than 3 minutes will go into alpha. Hypnosis is, for all intents and purposes, objectified by brainwave activity. If I’m looking at your brainwaves, EEG, normal consciousness - you’re operating at what we think of as beta. You’re going to be 15-30 cycles per second. 30 is on the stress side, but that is basically where you’re going to fall. In alpha, you’re going to be 7-14 cycles per second… Now, alpha consciousness, for all intents and purposes, is a state of hyper suggestibility!

Dr Bruce Levine: And it keeps people sedated… Televisions are used in prisons. They’re cheaper that hiring more guards. Of course, people are going to be then told that it’s okay not to have just one television, but to have three, four televisions in the house, and if they’re not watching it on their normal television set, but on their phone, or their laptop; and you want to normalize this kind of crazy thing - people spending five, six, seven hours a day watching television.

Alex Jones: Television has been the ultimate tool of mind control, and for more than sixty years children are set in front of it as a babysitter while they are bombarded with images of violence and decadence and corruption; and what it does is it acclimates the child so that when they see a real person dying on the street, they don’t go over and aid the (person?). We see this happening: Oh, that’s entertainment! People now have been recorded laughing at seeing someone hurt. It’s just more entertainment. They’ve had their basic empathy disconnected, cut off.

The role of advertising has certainly evolved away from one of utilitarian necessity and communicating the form, function and value of a product. The application of behavioral and psychological sciences has played a seminal role in the way corporations now sell products to the consumer, and American society, and internationally.

In 1921, after leaving John Hopkins University, John B Watson, the founder of behaviorism, took a job with the J Walter Johnson Company, and by 1928 he was Vice President of the entire firm. Watson introduced new market research techniques into advertising and discovered that sales can be influenced by manipulating images associated with brand names. For instance, blind folded smokers could not tell the difference between brand names and generic. J Walter Thompson remains one of the most powerful advertising agencies in the world today.

: Most people believe you’re going along through life making your own choices, making your own decisions. Okay? You know, I decided to do this, I decided to do that, you know - I did that. Watching the brain live time, ‘neuro-marketers’ know exactly what product to place where, how to package that product, what colors you’re going to respond to, what images you’re going to respond to, what kind of pre-programming already exists that they can couple it to.

Dr Bruce Levine: And so when you have a society where people are being told at every level to consume, to buy their way into happiness, that’s their only salvation, that’s their only way into happiness; and then you have what I call a fundamentalist society.

How is that problematic? Why is that dangerous? Well, when you have people who only care about buying things, you’re going to make people weaker in a lot of ways. You certainly make them less self reliant. When they’re told that you just buy things, you just buy your way into happiness, then they don’t realize that you can gain strength by doing a lot of things yourself. You also make people self absorbed. All advertising, which is the technology of consumerism, is to get people to care, over focus on every one of their needs and every one of their feelings. So, if they’re having a bad day, they must focus on that, and focus on how depressed they are.

Dr Eldon Taylor: Billions and billions and billions of dollars have been spent, privately and publicly, looking into how to tap into your psyche, how to cause you to make choices you wouldn’t other wise make, to do things you wouldn’t otherwise do, consume whether it’s a product, a plank in a political platform.

Attorney General Eric Holder speech: I’ve also asked the school board to make a part of everyday some kind of anti-violence, anti-gun message. Everyday, every school, at every level. One thing I think is clear with young people, and I think with adults as well, is that we just have to be repetitive about this. It's not enough to have a catchy ad on a Monday, and then only do it every Monday. We have to do this every day of the week, and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.

Kurt Haskell: To me, with the media just willing to report whatever the government tells it to report, that that gives the government free reign to create whatever story or narrative it wants to create for whatever purpose it wants to create a story for… and that’s where we’re at.

Craig Roberts: That’s why they put on the 6 o’clock news and switch from one channel to another, they take their commercial break the same time, and they tell the same news stories at the same time. But, then you go to the Internet, or go to the BBC, or one of the other foreign news services, you hear all kinds of news you never hear about here.

Alex Jones: Mass media today is the cutting edge of psychological warfare, and it is nothing but an all out assault against the general public. When you watch mainline establishment television, you are putting yourself in front of the barrel of a gun.

Cognitive dissonance occurs when individuals lack consistency and methods of thinking, thus contradictory elements attempting to reside simultaneously as fact create frustration, confusion, anger and aggression. It is the difference between what you think the world is, and what the world actually is.

Dr Bruce Levine: Cognitive dissonance is really, again,or a fancy psychologist’s term for… this tension that people all experience when they have two opposing kind of ideas.

The role of psychology in advertising is to create cognitive dissonance - the conflict between what you have and what you want; and to fill that void by adapting your behavior accordingly in order to achieve your reward.

If an entire society can be properly dosed with mind altering but culturally approved drugs, this cognitive dissonance may be largely assuaged. With social control as their aim, the ruling class sought to expand their ability to influence the individual. Mind games, those of psychological warfare and advertising, were simply not enough. The opportunity existed to employ chemical treatments physically affecting the hardware of the brain to compliment already existing harmful software in the form of effective propaganda and advertising.

The tax free foundations, including the Carnegie and Ford Foundations, followed the lead of the Rockefeller Foundation in the wide spread funding of the pharmacological solutions to social control.

G Edward Griffin: And they say, we will give you a million dollars for your medical school - if you teach pharmaceutical drugs in your medical school. So, the doctors come out, they’re very happy. They’ve got this wonderful building, all these high paid teachers, the best talent, the best brains you can buy, all funded by tax exempted foundation money, but what comes out of that is the doctor’s are taught drugs, drugs.

Jon Rappoprt: Psychiatry itself as a profession is one gigantic mind control operation.

What happens when the habits demonstrated by groups of individuals reflect the outsourcing of their intelligence to so called experts and authoritarians who are self appointed to make decisions on your behalf?

Jon Rappoport: You can have a psychiatrist testify in court that somebody has ADHD or is clinically depressed or this or that, but everyone of those official mental disorders is a total lie and a fraud because there is no diagnostic test for any of these disorders; not ADHD, not bi-polar, not depression, not schizophrenia, not anything that you’ve ever heard of that is a discreet mental disorder.


Dr Bruce Levine: The American Psychiatric Association has a committee, and they created this thing called the DSM, their diagnostic bible; and they decide what goes in there. They decide that certain people who don’t pay attention to boring things have this disorder called Attention Deficit Hyper-activity Deficit disorder. And if you accept that you have a disease as opposed to, maybe I’m someone who can really pay attention to something that interests me, but maybe I’m stubborn enough to not really want to pay attention to things that are boring to me, and maybe that’s a good thing, That’s how you have a really worthy contribution as opposed to allowing people who are bores to fill up your whole life, you only want to listen to things that actually really are interesting to you. If you accept these ideas that you have a disease, or that theres something essentially wrong with you, you’re going to be more afraid to (?) authorities controlling you.

Jon Rappoport: And some of these drugs, such as the SSRI and anti-depressants, like prozac, paxil, zoloft, and so on, are know to induce violent behavior, including suicide and homicide, and you have a profession like psychiatry that is seeding intrigue, like planting seeds in a garden at a farm with these diagnoses and these drugs? This is Operation Chaos.

Dr Bruce Levine: Part of the problem with psychiatry and psychology comes to diagnoses. They really seem to have no political awareness of their pathologising of anti-authoritarianism, or stubbornness, or rebellion… Part of the reason for that, I think, is an overwhelming number of… mental health officials are more compliant people, and when they see more… oppositional kinds of patients, especially young people, that creates a lot of anxiety for them.

Jon Rappoport: And so you have this power and you do this. 10 years… 50 years. These little seeds that are drugs affect the brain in various, unpredictable and horrendous way, and you have that power to do that for fifty years. Don’t you think you could really call that mind control? That’s mind control par excellence!

If habit is thus the enormous flywheel of society, and habit keeps us all within the bounds of orderliness, then it is our habits which enslave us to the so called children of fortune, for their fortune exists only because our habits prevent us from outpacing the status quo and growing in the right direction.

How might we began to change our habits such that our actions are no longer in conflict with our needs as individuals to survive and thrive in this world? And what will happen if we do not resist?

C Edward Griffin?: We’re heading toward a system where we’re going to have economic collapse, real crises, much worse than anything we’ve seen. We’re going to be in a position where most people won’t understand how it came about, and won’t realize it was the result of government policies and corrupt politicians, so they’re going to go to those same corrupt politicians and endorse the same policies and we’re going to get more of the same. And that’s the drill we’re headed.

Richard Grove: It all goes back to people who are smarter than us who are polymaths, who are organized, who have a lot of office supplies, and who have infinite money because they can print it out of this air, and everyone will take it and say this is real. That’s not real. You mind is real. Objective reality is real.

Wisdom is valuable because we can learn how to survive together with that, but all these things they make us think are valuable, like petroleum, or any of these other commodities, they’re all biased, and if we just really understood what was going on and our voluntary role in it, we wouldn’t play such a role in our own servitude.

Dr Bruce Levine: Don’t we come to a point in our lives where it’s fair to ask, What was the last original thought you had? The way you walk, the way you talk, the vocabulary you use, all of these things are built into the expectation you have of yourself based on the role you have chosen to play in the theatre of life that’s been defined to you.

Curt Haskell: I think we’re seeing what the consequences are of just complying with everything right now, because that’s what most people in America do at this point in time. The consequences are that everyday you’re losing more of your constitutional rights, and your freedom is being taken away more and more and more by the all encompassing security state being brought to you by your United States government.

Alex Jones: If you out there watching don’t wake up and began to investigate these facts and prove them for yourself and take action against these people, we’re not just committing suicide against yourself, but against all good humanity.

Kaye Beach: The consequences to non-resistance to control is losing everything that makes us human, that we love, that we cherish.

Curt Haskell: Think about which laws have been passed recently to give you more rights… There aren’t any. There aren’t any at all!

Dr Bruce Levine: A lot of folks who are critical thinkers, they realize how powerful this kind of giant corporate government entity is out there, and that kind of understanding that a critical thinker has can be quite painful, and lead to them being depressed and apathetic and giving up. So, we see that throughout history that a lot of your really great critical thinkers sometimes succumb to depression and substance abuse because they’re so overwhelmed, as opposed to some others who figure out that conundrum that, if I’m going to be a critical thinker and see how powerful these oppressive authority in my life are, I can’t allow that pain to make me give up in defeatism.

Dr Colin Ross: Information and knowledge equals power and control.

Anthony Schaeffer: Whatever the public face of something is, whatever they’re talking about publicly, there’s probably something else over here that they’re not looking at, and that’s why it’s important for an individual to look beyond what is said and presented publicly.

Richard Grove: There’s input, processing and output, what you’re trying to do is keep a clean signal, that’s knowledge of that which exists, and filter out the noise, and you do that by dismissing arbitrary things that aren’t substantial and identifying fallacies, because the way that people can effectively lie is through words, and it is through our own belief in these words that it takes control of our lives. So, in understanding these essential aspects of how they control us, we can learn individually how to become free, and then communicate amongst each other to do that more efficiently.

Dr Colin Ross: Don’t buy the propaganda, don’t believe what’s in the mainstream media; sometimes it’s true, but often not.

C Edward Griffin: There is one thing that we can do to change the course that we’re now on, and that is to recapture the system. All the positions of power in America today, and to a large extent all around the world, are in the hands of collectivists, people who believe in the very system we have. They like it!

Craig Roberts: First thing we have to do, we have to get the schools back, and then we have to educate the kids, saying, Hey! This happened in the past. These are the things that happened.

Charlotte Iserbyt: You have to have a conscience, and you have to take a stand, and no matter how many people want to get you in the group, don’t be part of that! Because you’re going to lose your individuality if you become part of the group.

Dr Bruce Levine: You have to forgive yourself, and once you do that, you an have greater compassion for the people who are still being victimized, who are still believing that those who are controlling their lives actually care about them.

Curt Haskell: There’s a segment of the population that are so called conspiracy theorists. But, I don’t have a problem with these people. They should be questioning things that are going on, because you can’t trust the media to accurately report stories.

Dr Bruce Levine: Activism can help a society that’s already falling under the weight of it’s own stupidity for a couple of generations earlier to be able to move into a healthier society.

(1: 46: 00)

Richard Grove: When you get down to the ideas of what we can do to free ourselves, you first have to look at exist. What exists is, this system is organized, it is there to control the crowd. If you do not resist it, you lose all individuality, you lose your identity, you outsource your thinking, you are being denied your life; and that is every bit as serious as someone trying to stab you in the back, because without your life, liberty and ownership of your own work and your own labor, you have no rights under their systems.

C Edward Griffin: Freedom means freedom. Not some freedom, but all freedom. As long as you don’t take away the life, liberty or property of a man, you should be free to everything that you want to do. That’s what built this country in the first place. So, the solution to the problem is to return to that high ideal. Turn to that high ground, then everything is possible.

Anthony Schaeffer: You don’t have to like the system you’re in, and frankly you have every right to speak against it.

Jon Rappoport; Freedom of the individual is where you start. And then the individual can say, What am I going to do with my own freedom? How am I going to use my imagination and creative power to invent realities of my own and make them fact in the world, as opposed to sitting back here passively and letting elites manufacture reality for me?

Alex Jones: Humanity is worth resisting this, and if you don’t stand up against these diabolical globalists, you are turning our entire species, and our entire history, and our entire future over to these people; betraying our ancestors who fought against incredible odds so that we might have some freedoms, and you’re betraying yourself, your children, your family, and whole future human generations. We can’t turn our species over to total darkness. We can’t turn our species over to people who love to hurt innocence and who hate beauty. We must resist the new world order. We must free our minds and awaken the human spirit. It is time for the sleeping giant that is humanity to awaken!
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Re: Subversion of Social Movement by Adversarial Agents

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Senior Twitter Executive Is An Officer At Britain's Army Troll Farm

Ian Cobain has written about the long history of British involvement in torture. He is now investigating British involvement in media manipulation. Here is a significant find of his:

The senior Twitter executive with editorial responsibility for the Middle East is also a part-time officer in the British Army’s psychological warfare unit, Middle East Eye has established.

Gordon MacMillan, who joined the social media company's UK office six years ago, has for several years also served with the 77th Brigade, a unit formed in 2015 in order to develop “non-lethal” ways of waging war.

The 77th Brigade uses social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as well as podcasts, data analysis and audience research to wage what the head of the UK military, General Nick Carter, describes as “information warfare”.

The 77th Brigade is a troll farm:

They call it the 77th Brigade. They are the troops fighting Britain’s information wars.

From office to office, I found a different part of the Brigade busy at work. One room was focussed on understanding audiences: the makeup, demographics and habits of the people they wanted to reach. Another was more analytical, focussing on creating “attitude and sentiment awareness” from large sets of social media data. Another was full of officers producing video and audio content. Elsewhere, teams of intelligence specialists were closely analysing how messages were being received and discussing how to make them more resonant.


The 77th Brigade's job is to produce dark propaganda in support of British (military) operations:

What do we know about 77th Brigade? Let me quote a written MoD parliamentary answer published in March 2015. The Brigade exists “to provide support, in conjunction with other Government agencies, to efforts to build stability overseas and to wider defence diplomacy and overseas engagement”. That’s a highly political rather than military remit.

The parliamentary answer goes on to say the Brigade is “leading on Special Influence Methods, including providing information on activities, key leader engagement, operations security and media engagement”. Note the phrase “special influence methods”, which is straight out of Orwell’s 1984. And notice the reference to “media engagement”. Since when has the British Army had a legitimate role in trying to influence the media?

A really interesting and dangerous aspect of the 77th Brigade is mixed military-civilian character:

Here we come to a truly insidious aspect of 77th Brigade. It has a complement of around 440 dedicated personnel, according to the parliamentary answer. Under the Army’s new organisational doctrine, units combine both fulltime soldiers and territorial reservists. The 77th Brigade recruits its reservists from among UK journalists and professionals in advertising and public relations companies. We are not talking just computer and information technology specialists but media practitioners. The result is that the necessary boundaries between the military and the civilian media have been compromised. This represents a potential threat to democratic norms.

That a Twitter executive with editorial responsibility also works for a British military propaganda unit makes clear that 'western' social media are only as neutral or free as the powers that be allow them to be.

The Twitter executive Gordon MacMillan is by now a Captain of the British Army Reserve and at times working in its dark propaganda unit. On September 20 Twitter deleted a large number of accounts, including in MacMillan's area of responsibility. How many of those were designated by the British state?

In December 2018 we wrote about another British government run media manipulation organization - the Integrity Initiative:

[… con’d]
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Re: Subversion of Social Movement by Adversarial Agents

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MIND GAMES: Psychological Warfare Through the Rise of Ideological Conflicts – By Lisa Renee
The Smoking Man
Source –

– ‘…Alice-In-Wonderland” technique is creating mass confusion using terms under the guise of political correctness and ideological conflicts in order to confuse people…This is a psychological warfare strategy deliberately designed to create many levels of separative boxes and walls that are then made into an assortment of ideological conflicts, seeding them within the various cultural norms and then spreading these conflicts out through society at large”

The Rise of Ideological Conflicts – By Lisa Renee

I would like to bring up the intentional creation of division in the public through the weaponization of topics that are used for spreading ideological conflicts, because they’re such a hot topic in the outer world right now. It’s so important to discuss this openly, because knowing what we are looking at will help us to better understand what we’re seeing implemented as a psychological warfare tactic that is happening in the outer world. I’ve been talking in the community about Alice-In-Wonderland tactics, which are military grade mind control confusion tactics used to promote nonsensical gibberish, illogical and surreal debates, and generalized bizarre behavior in the media outlets and into the public platforms in the environment in order to confuse and derange groups of people in the outerscape. Controlled mainstream media is directing an all-out warfare strategy against the population to give well-funded platforms to non-sensical, unstable and irrational people that are used as puppets to generate further division in those particular reality bubbles, in order to generate schisms between groups of people that automatically and subconsciously separate themselves into boxes with specific classifications.

This is a psychological warfare strategy deliberately designed to create many levels of separative boxes and walls that are then made into an assortment of ideological conflicts, seeding them within the various cultural norms and then spreading these conflicts out through society at large. Many of the issues were or are non-existent or only existed at an extremely small scale, statistically speaking, and have now been exploded into the media outlets with massive funding and backing of special group interests used by the Controllers. Understand that pitting different groups against each other is not a random event; the attempts to heighten violence and vitriol between the assorted reality bubbles has been meticulously planned and well-staged. This is a part of the controller mind control mechanism used to target the masses to shape and enforce the narrative of 3D reality. They are intentionally pushing a divide between the population by pushing an assortment of ideological conflicts that are then represented in the mainstream media as some kind of class struggle, severe class struggles within some of the marginalized groups that are identifying with the ideology inherently designed to create the violent conflicts.

But really, what this entire agenda is designed for is getting the New World Order agenda fulfilled on a global scale, because through their problem-reaction solution propaganda, they want to roll out a totalitarianism world government made through the marketing of a Marxist-Socialist type of ideology that they sell to the public as an collectivist ideology. The marketed propaganda tells the population while flooded in total chaos that this ‘socialist manifesto’ is going to be the solution to all of these class struggles generating violence and chaos in the world today. So the controllers, and the controlled and manipulated media, they are aware of the instinctual mentality of the masses much better than the people really know themselves. Thus, those behind the monopoly of controlled digital media realize that they have a much greater advantage at manipulating the masses into emotional reactions, even hysterical instinctual reactions that through desperation, influence them into certain directions in which they will make populist decisions that further inform politics and legislature.

The game of psychological warfare is designed to get the population very angry, upset, emotionally triggered to exploit their negative ego, exploiting the pain body of their intended targets. So for the Controllers, they’ve helped to create the many problems as a part of the larger plan of control and subsequent dismantling of human rights as valued in western cultures, and now the solution they’re presenting really has an end game of putting into place a totalitarian dictatorship. However the propaganda being used to market this end game is currently being marketed as socialism or an collectivist ideology in which no individual has access to private property and privacy. And again, in the promotion of the collectivist ideology includes the destruction of existing structures and history, as they state the destruction of our past history is going to solve all of our current planetary problems with poverty and human suffering. Unfortunately, this is a bait and switch tactic, as until we have a full disclosure event, we cannot connect the dots and see who’s really behind the controller mind controlled reality that hides behind the pyramidal scale of the esoteric knowledge and black magic manipulating reality.

The socialism-collectivism moniker is giving the NAA and their controller puppets another layered facade to hide behind an inverted system that is being used to compartmentalize and hide true and accurate knowledge and information that empowers the public to use critical thinking and common sense on a path towards self-determination. And so they can continue to radically confuse the public, dumbing them down, in so that the masses are not aware to the true Orwellian purpose that this agenda is hiding. When we bring to mind the values held within an ideology, what I’d like you to also remember, in connecting to that ideology, is to connect to the negative ego attitudes and have an greater awareness of the false identities and the false sense of self that is propagating these divisions and classifications. Because a lot of people on this earth hold belief systems on the nature of reality and have an ideology that has evolved into a core value system, and then this value system is directly tied into their sense of identity. And the question to ask when observing ideology in action is “why is that right? who are you? who are you representing really?” and to see the war over consciousness playing out as a game, there is strategy of control and manipulation that’s being played out upon the masses. Once you identify with an ideology and you believe that that is your real identity, then by default you are a puppet on strings that can be manipulated in every direction by external forces. So it is very important to know how amplifying nonsensical behavior along with promoting ideological conflicts in the outerscape, works as a form of psychological warfare and why weaponizing narratives works so well to intimidate and control the public.

Let us reflect on why people can be instigated into mob hysteria so easily. In order to understand this phenomena we have to understand most 3D people’s motivation, combined with the fact that a person’s belief system and ideology are directly tied to their sense of personal identity; this is their personality. Many people, if they feel that you are representing a value system that is threatening their personal beliefs, then immediately without even thinking, you are assigned to be a threat to the personality, a threat to the existence of their ego, and thus they will generally react in unpleasant ways. The current population has been classically conditioned to be an emotionally reactive culture, reacting in hostile and angry ways to different or opposing viewpoints, and this is understanding the negative ego in action. This is negative ego 101 to really get a clear understanding of how the three levels of ego function and to see it when it’s in action, because it’s surfacing into violent conflicts everywhere around us.

So in further exploring the nature of ideologies: ideologies are core value systems people are motivated by through a sense of identification or personal meaning. They’re beliefs held within a group of people that identify with whatever this ideology is exploring or stating. So bring to mind a few labels of what people believe they are classified as into groups, they identify with some kind of classification some other external force has told them exists, or through their own interpretation of experience. Then note how this is used to divide and separate people through the aggravation of confusion, anger and violence in emotionally unstable people. Today they are pushing for generating classifications that are entirely ridiculous, some of these ideologies that go into race, to color of skin, to defining gender and sex, to transgenderism which is an weaponized arm within the controller agenda. This is what the controllers want the masses to get lost in; the never-ending classifications, because this is exactly how you divide and conquer people and weaken the whole species. It is important now to recognize how the obsession with ideologies are being developed in this way, as in the creation of a new religion – the ideology – that gives meaning to some people’s lives. These ideologies are spread intentionally to become strongly tied to the person’s sense of self, to their identity, to their personality, to appeal to their negative ego function at the lowest levels.

Now generally, ideologies are kind of constantly in flux as they evolve to be relevant to current events and cultural attitudes. Some people are more mutable and impressionable because they take in the stimulus of what the environment is telling them is right or wrong, and then they adopt this ideology they have been sold and go along with its agenda. This is a person that is not a very strong person in their core self. Most of the time they don’t know who they are and so they don’t have a developed personal value system, they don’t abide by their own core values, and that’s generally the profile of a undeveloped and immature person that hasn’t done any inner work at all. We must make the effort to know ourselves, a person must have some self-awareness to be able to know what their personal values and motivations in life actually are. Today, most of the values that are being promoted out there in mainstream are ideologies that are directly related to the survival of the negative ego. Many of the belief systems are often in association with cognitive dissonance, because a person may say they have a core value or support an ideology, but they are in cognitive dissonance with that belief system because they’re unwilling to look at the actual source of their own conflicts. That which may be something unpleasant to face or which would require that they do more due diligence to explore the truth in the matter. To get to the truth inside all things, we have to dig deeper, we have to do some work on ourselves in order to become in charge of our own thoughts and choices in the world. Ideologies are constantly being interpreted in the face of things that are ever changing in the current global events, and the consensus of the media, what the masses are told to repeat or parrot to the rest of the population to keep them in line.

Understanding that ideologies are used more like a guiding strategy to the subconscious, and many people do not have core principles that they follow strictly, because they are totally unaware of their hidden deeper motivations. So this is why it’s so important to deeply know yourself, to become clear about your own personal value system, and to understand that this is how you develop personal integrity, to follow your core principles that hold meaning within your heart. You must decide what is right for you and then act accordingly; that’s how you build personal integrity, and then it requires that you are also able to see all of this mind control madness that’s playing out in the external world. Many people are fracturing and rupturing under the pressure of the mind control experiments they are targeting the public with, especially the young adults and children. So understanding that ideological conflicts are heightened now in the current warfare, and that the reality of life on earth is knowing that it is really one big lesson in group conflict resolution. That’s most of what we’re dealing with down here on planet earth; a lot of conflict resolution, so we need to get more comfortable with that process.

One big theme to remember is that most people in their ego will feel conflicted when they perceive their ideology is being challenged, or that their belief in the nature of reality is being called into question. And many times they are resistant to resolving any of this with you or others, because now they’re going have to make changes in their lifestyle if they were to admit the possibility that this could be true, or their ideology is flawed. Again, if a person or group starts to have an ideological belief system in that they think this is how the world works, and then they discover that they were believing in a fallacy, now where does that leave that individual or group? How are they going to resolve this conflict? Most people choose to ignore it out of fear or apathy. However, it is critical that we all learn how to resolve these conflicts within ourselves. Otherwise we are living in fallacies and deceptions and there is no way to be guided towards truth and clarity.

Some people choose to stay in cognitive dissonance, because they don’t know how to resolve the conflict they have. This is another point as to why we must develop critical thinking skills and intuitive skills, to actually come into an deeper self awareness and take any inventory on that content within ourselves. Because you’ll see within the current death culture what’s being promoted in terms of the ideological conflicts growing in the masses, this is about triggering people into high defensiveness, so that they just emotionally react from their pain body; and when we react in this way, this reaction, this impetus that comes from instinct, thus we don’t have any impulse control. This removes the logical and critical thinking, because now we’re just reacting, and we can see this being repeated over and over again in the environment. The mass manipulation with the media, in the intended cultivation of abusing and weaponizing the term “political correctness”, but we may also understand what political correctness actually means in this context.

Actually, in the way that political correctness is being used as a weapon, this is really a mind control tactic that is being used to influence and target free speech.

People now live in fear that they will accidently say the wrong thing and then be called a bigot or racist by the cultivation of mob hysteria, and they can lose their job and be blacklisted in their career, persecuted and made an example for public humiliation. They Controller groups are doing all they can to censor our language and our words, confound the communication between people. So as well, in our society unfortunately, people are not encouraged to know themselves or communicate well with each other. So this is really what I want to leave with you, with this information, is to know yourself deeply and learn how to communicate well. At least attempt to be able to communicate, make improvements in your communication with others, because most people do not know how to communicate with others, especially with kindness or with compassion and empathy. This is a critical skill set now in the current outer terrain of radical psychological warfare being targeted into the population. I really encourage us all to be aware of the importance of compassionate communication, and nonviolent communication, of which there is more information that is in the Ascension Glossary under those terms.

So recognizing what it means for the ego aspect to have ideological conflicts. If there is a conflict in someone’s belief in the nature of reality, most people will feel a sense of threat. So this is understanding, that when you see people react in hostility or rage that this is generally because there is a perceived threat to the ego personality and its belief systems. This can define a classic narcissist. You may be the catalyst in that way to others, just being as natural as it is to be yourself. The person actually feels threatened that you have a different perspective than they do. This may seem ridiculous at times, but it’s true and is something that should be pointed out more, in helping people to release their fears of feeling threatened by belief systems that do not generate physical harm. Why do they feel threatened? People tend to take incoming information and distort it so they can maintain the core identity of their personal value system, whatever the idea is that they may have about the nature of reality, and this is a part of the confirmation bias to reinforce the 3D narrative.

Confirmation bias means that you only select things that actually reinforce the things that you want to believe, and are unwilling to look at anything else that may contradict your beliefs. This is a part of producing extreme mental rigidity which can be observed in over intellectualized people with closed hearts. The ego mind produces this mental rigidity, where one can only live in the confirmation bias, that mental rigidity will not allow for opposing views or debates about anything, because that person’s ego feels threatened.

Those of us in our community need to be the first line in learning how to be compassionate communicators with being able to have opposing views to someone else; do not perceive the opposing belief as a personal threat and then to seek to find a resolution when it is possible, to envision a higher resolution through the conflict. But in noting as well, when people feel threatened, usually the first thing they will do is to perceive the person that’s challenging them as lesser than, they’ll dehumanize that person and the make wise cracks, or they say something mean or nasty about them. Ridicule is the way the threatened ego and dark forces tend to crush people with opposing views. And again this is the classic tactic of manipulators; this is playing out the dramas in the victim-victimizer game, a classic tactic for divide and conquer of groups. Beyond the classifications, beyond the ideologies, we’ve got to come to an understanding that we are the human race, we are the human species, the earth is the home of the human race and this is the number one consideration. True humanity. That’s who we are; everything else should really fall aside.

So in learning how to seek clarity and agreement on the terms for discussing ideological differences and conflicts, a good beginning is by learning how to become a safe person relationally, and establishing ways that a trusting relationship can coexist despite different points of view, despite the range of ideological differences. And in my personal view an easy way to do that is just to bring the Golden Rule into your life. If everybody had their own belief systems and ideologies, but were committed to uphold the Golden Rule, which is a commitment to be respectful and harmlessness to each other, imagine that! We would be able to coexist a lot easier. And as well, here in our community there are many things that we learn about lying tactics, manipulation strategies, in order to see how fears are being exploited in the masses for generating ideological conflicts.

The many things we learn in ES is also about checking energy signatures and boundary testing; and this is also very helpful in being able to better discern the mass confusion that is out there, that is being created into chaos from this psychological warfare method.

Again, “Alice-In-Wonderland” technique is creating mass confusion using terms under the guise of political correctness and ideological conflicts in order to confuse people into believing in these classifications that don’t really exist, and are meaningless in the larger picture. This presents an opportunity to learn better skill sets with compassionate communication, speaking with kindness even with opposing viewpoints. It’s very productive to learn how to apply nonviolent communication towards every aspect of our lives, towards every aspect of our interpersonal relationships, as we are facing personal issues, massive planetary issues. These are core principles that empower us on the way to improving self-mastery and self-awareness during the bifurcation cycle. Focusing upon observer point and conflict resolution is a very powerful process to help us bring more peace, and more harmony between many opposing views and heated interactions.

To further discover more about the military intelligence’s Alice in Wonderland confusion tactics to stress out the population, Amazing Polly does a great job breaking down this mind control tactic into smaller parts that may be helpful in registering how this is being used against the population at large.
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Re: Subversion of Social Movement by Adversarial Agents

Postby Elvis » Fri Nov 08, 2019 8:28 pm

Amusing Polly wrote:

But really, what this entire agenda is designed for is getting the New World Order agenda fulfilled on a global scale, because through their problem-reaction solution propaganda, they want to roll out a totalitarianism world government made through the marketing of a Marxist-Socialist type of ideology that they sell to the public as an collectivist ideology. The marketed propaganda tells the population while flooded in total chaos that this ‘socialist manifesto’ is going to be the solution to all of these class struggles generating violence and chaos in the world today.

Yeah I thought so. It only applies to socialism. Capitalism is wonderful!

Polly has no names, dates or numbers, no history of this insidious technique to which conservative thought is apparently immune. She has it all well worked out in her mind.

Polly needs to take a step back and look at her own susceptibility to propaganda—the kind whose powerful perpetrators can be identified and named in the real world, their papers can be read, their actual plans for totalitarianism revealed. They are capitalists.

Polly is both their victim and their unwitting agent. Win-win for the elite. Who are capitalists.
“The purpose of studying economics is not to acquire a set of ready-made answers to economic questions, but to learn how to avoid being deceived by economists.” ― Joan Robinson
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Re: Subversion of Social Movement by Adversarial Agents

Postby alloneword » Sat Nov 09, 2019 6:04 am

The 'essay' wasn't written by 'Amazing Polly', but by 'Lisa Renee'.

I first thought the essay was about 'gender issues', or perhaps 'whatevergate'... but soon realised it was simply channelling the ghost of Ayn Rand.

Then I read the link above, and learned that she's actually channelling "Interdimensional beings (Extra-terrestrial and Ultra-terrestrial, not from this Universe) known as the Lyran-Sirians, Melchizedek Ur and Aurora Guardians." But don't worry, because "Lisa was biologically upgraded to be downloaded to comprehend the Science of Ascension through the Law of One and its dynamics upon the blueprint layers of energy fields." :shock:

I personally feel that she should be hanged by the chakras for crimes against the English language, but that's just my opinion. ;)
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Re: Subversion of Social Movement by Adversarial Agents

Postby alloneword » Sun Nov 10, 2019 11:04 am

Rob Harrison: the art of the wallflower
Posted on November 2, 2019 by admin

Special Demonstration Squad undercover ‘Rob Harrison’ as a DJ.

Donal O’Driscoll, Undercover Research Group, 2 November 2019.

Today we release our profile of spycop Rob Harrison. It is one of our largest profiles completed to date, partly because of the amount of contemporary material we have been fortunate to get access to, but also because he exemplifies a particular style of undercover policing in political groups.

Much of the broad patterns of behaviour are now familiar – a man with a car who, despite a lack of real politics, uses his friendliness and helpfulness to place himself at the heart of the groups he was targeting. In this case, the undercover focused on anti-war and pro-Palestinian groups, starting with Globalise Resistance and the London branch of the International Solidarity Movement. From there, he moved towards groups in the anarchist circles, in particular the State of Emergency Collective and London No Borders. Deployed from 2004 to 2007, Harrison was one of the last officers active in the field for the Special Demonstration Squad; the unit was closed down in 2008.

As with many other undercover officers, he used his connections with one group as a stepping stone into others. Also, he engaged in at least one relationship, with Maya. She is now a core participant in the Undercover Policing Inquiry, and recently the Inquiry ruled that she will receive his real name.

A perfect wallflower and an active DJ

Piecing together Rob Harrison’s infiltration was difficult, however, as many people struggled to particularly place him. He was clearly recalled as regularly attending meeting and events, but in general he was a perfect wallflower, constantly observing and going along with majority view points rather than offering opinions of his own. Meanwhile, he made himself useful enough to justify his presence: he painted banners, did minutes, drove for direct actions – legal and otherwise.

He was particularly active in fundraising for the groups he targeted, taking the lead in organising numerous benefit gigs. This gave him considerable access to squatted venues and to people of interest as well. For his legend, he created a job as a professional DJ, documented by flyers for benefit gigs featuring his moniker ‘Boogie Knight’. Curiously enough, he is not the only DJ undercover, both Bobby Lewis in the 1990s and Mark Kennedy in the 2000s did this as well.

Rob Harrison performing at DJ Boogie Knight at benefit gig, October 2007

All the same, it is clear that Rob Harrison struggled to be accepted fully into the groups he targeted, various people remember having an uneasy feeling about him or questioning why he was involved. Members of State of Emergency went as far as to tell him they thought he was a cop, which he fronted out at the time. When he eventually disappeared from the scene, it was with little comment or sense of loss by those who had known him (not unlike one of his predecessors, Andy Coles, another wallflower).

Damage done

As with many spycops, it is hard to quantify the damage done by Rob Harrison. Members of London ISM have expressed considerable concern that intelligence he gathered on them was passed on to the Israeli Government, and subsequently used to prevent them accessing Palestine. In State of Emergency, the unease he created in female activists certainly had an impact, and overall suspicion about him ultimately contributed to the decline of the group.

Unexpectedly though, a key bit of damage would not be among those he spied on, but within the unit that deployed him, the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS). In September 2007, Rob took part in an action against the notorious DSEi arms fair. It had been organised covertly with details had been kept secret until they assembled, those taking part sleeping over at a squat in East London. The next morning, they surprised security by storming a car park for the arms-fair, seeking to occupy it. A number of them were arrested and subsequently taken to court, including Rob who then appeared before magistrates under his cover name.

Charges were dropped, probably to protect the identity of the undercover officer, but the Inquiry documents reveal how this caused problems with in the SDS. One of his cover officers, ‘HN30’, notes that senior officers viewed the incident as a clear example of mismanagement. As such, it was part of the justification of the closure of the unit. In 2008, deemed a rogue unit having lost its moral compass, the SDS was shut down. Two years later, the arrest of Mark Kennedy (Rob Harrison’s contemporary) during the planning for theRatcliffe-on-Soar power station action would cause similar issues for the other spycop unit, the National Public Order Intelligence Unit.

Remained active online

While much of Harrison’s deployment fits the standard tradecraft, there is an anomaly, though. Through-out his time undercover, Rob took part in discussions on the Urban75 bulletin boards as ‘Boogie Boy’; he occasionally posted on politics, but more often focused on music. While his deployment finished at the end of 2007, he remained active on Urban75 and kept other accounts alive for years after. It is unclear if he did this unknown to his superiors, or that he maintained such contact for the purposes of ongoing surveillance. If it is the former, we have another character like Mike Chitty, an undercover officer unable to let go of the life with those he had targeted. If it is the latter, that raises worrying questions of its own, given that the unit was supposed to have been dissolved shortly after Harrison left the field.

See also: the full profile of Rob Harrison. ... allflower/

More background: The Canary - 'Creepy, nervous loser'
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Re: Subversion of Social Movement by Adversarial Agents

Postby Grizzly » Sun Nov 10, 2019 12:26 pm

I recently ran across an article pushing for more infiltration via love romance/marriage and even having children with your target. Sickening stuff, and this Rob Harrison, wallflower shit fits right in... I forget the agent/story about the guy who married and had children with an activist in relatively recent past. Only to bust her and send her to prison. Gahhh!

As for Amusing Polly, I use her as a reference. It's not at all that I identify with her as some here think. I'm of the suspicion that as Tim Leary once said, as written by Bob Wilson, that "the Right is half right but for the wrong reasons".
“The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.”

― Joseph mengele
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Re: Subversion of Social Movement by Adversarial Agents

Postby Elvis » Sun Nov 10, 2019 6:05 pm

by the late 1970's, pretty much every major "underground" newspaper in America was either owned or controlled by the FBI. —me

The Real News Network has been targeted in an apparent stealth takeover.
Noticed anything 'off' at TRNN lately? This is looking quite bad. Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism lays it out, with many links: ... esult.html
Paul Jay and Sharmini Peries Ousted from The Real News Network in June; Current Fundraiser Hides that Fact; Falling Viewership and Liberal Turn Result
Posted on November 8, 2019 by Yves Smith

It’s remarkable, or perhaps a function of the aggressive use of non-disclosure agreements, that the June defenestration of Paul Jay and Sharmini Peries from The Real News Network, the site they had founded and run for over a decade, has been kept under wraps for so long.

I received a fundraising e-mail from The Real News Network the day before yesterday and noticed the surprising absence of Paul Jay’s name. I went searching through my inbox to see if I had an e-mail address for him. While I came up empty, what I did see was that Paul’s name had last appeared in the “TRNN Daily” e-mails on June 17.


The “6/8” means that this was the sixth segment in an eight part series. The first segment was released on June 2, and consistent with normal The Real News Network practice, the later installments came out shortly thereafter, on June 4, two on June 11 (#4 is here), and June 13.

So what happened to the last two? They did appear, after an unusually long gap, on
August 20 and August 22. Yet “TRNN Daily” e-mail notices for those segments scrubbed all mention of Paul:



Remarkably, The Real News Network site credits Paul for only the first and last segment in the eight part series. Similarly, Sharmini Peries’ last segment credit on the site is as of June 13.

Confirming my concerns, a colleague who ought to be able to get Paul’s attention tried him on his personal e-mail and got no reply.

So I decided to try the front door. I e-mailed The Real News Network, using their Contact Us page, and chose the “Donor Relations” dropdown:

I have contributed to The Real News Network for the past five years, as well as regularly linking to and reposting your videos on my website.

I could not help but notice that Paul Jay’s name was not on the current fundraising letter. I went to the site, and I find that Paul and Sharmini Peries have been removed from the staff list. Nor have they hosted any recent videos.

What has happened to Jay and Peries? They were central to TRNN. Why should I continue to support TRNN when the people who built it and were central to its sensibility and coverage choices have disappeared, and without any explanation?

I’m sure you’ll be the first to understand my concerns – and that I’ll be making my decision about this year’s contribution based on your response.

Thank you!

I got this reply less than 24 hours later, from headed “Your email:

Hi Ms. Webber –
Thank you for your note and request for information about the whereabouts of Paul Jay and Sharmini Peries.

Paul and Sharmini were on leave over the summer and subsequently left the organization, and are in conversations with the TRNN Board about finalizing the terms of their departure. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to comment while that process is underway.

The Board is in the process of launching a search for their successors.

All the best, and thank you for your support

Tom Livingston

Tom Livingston
Interim CEO1
The Real News Network

(410) 243-1974 (office)
(703) 798-1199 (cell)

This is an utter disgrace:

Paul and Sharmini built The Real News Network from nothing. I remember meeting them in NYC in the early years, when Paul, Sharmini, and a staffer were hauling large and awkward bags of lighting, booms, and cameras to be able to set up on a remote location. This was not just a job for them but a mission which they pursued with intensity and intellectual courage, as well as their available funds.

The Real News Network has been and continues to misrepresent the ouster of Paul and Sharmini while in the midst of a $200,000 fundraiser. Paul’s bio page listing him as “CEO and senior editor” and Sharmini as “a journalist and executive producer for the National and International News Bureaus at The Real News Network.”

Similarly, the existence Livingston as “interim CEO” is well hidden. He is on the Staff page with a photo in a white starched shirt. But even if you thought to click through, the listing is obfuscatory. It gives an idea of what he’s done, but does not give a clue as to what exactly he is doing for The Real News Network.

A teeny bit of additional digging reveals that in addition to serving at Pacifica, which his The Real News Network bio mentions Livingston has also been an interim CEO at a host of radio networks, such as AIR, WKSU, KRCC, WWNO and Capital Public Radio.

Yet The Real News has not been successful in keeping the status of Paul and Sharmini a state secret up to now. If you look at Paul Jay’s bio on Wikipedia, you will see edits in the revision history that memorialize his forced departure:3


The Real News Network has deteriorated since Paul and Sharmini were turfed out. When the cross-posting pickings were thin, I’d have to resist the impulse to hoist them more often and would feature them as Links instead. But in the last few months, I’ve mainly come up empty when looking for something good enough to showcase to our readers. With the benefit of hindsight, The Real News Network has taken a liberal turn, buying into and eagerly promoting narratives it treated in a more judicious manner under Paul and Sharmini, such as Russiagate and Ukrainegate.

My hazy impression is confirmed by YouTube traffic counts. Even though The Real News Network still has more or less the same number of subscribers, many of its recent videos have traffic counts well under 5000, which would have been a low number under Paul and Sharmini. Although I have not done a rigorous analysis, an eyeballing strongly suggests views are down considerably.

The following observations are more speculative (some people connected with The Real News Network were willing to speak in light of the information above but they were awfully chary, underscoring that lawyers were involved and they were concerned that publicity would be used against Paul and Sharmini):

The pacing of the ouster strongly suggests there was no serious financial or other impropriety. When people have their hand in the cookie jar or up the skirt (or in the pants) of a subordinate in a leftie organization the #MeToo era, they are usually booted quickly. That doesn’t mean that as part of the coup that the board hasn’t gone over Paul and Sharmini’s expense reimbursements with a fine toothed comb to see if they can depict sloppiness as malfeasance to get bargaining leverage (see the example of CalPERS board member Margaret Brown’s temporary misplacement of CalPERS equipment being depicted as a hanging crime for an example of how this is done).

The extremely attenuated “settlement” screams of bad faith dealing by the board and any significant backers that they represent. Notice that Livingston said the board was “finalizing the terms of their departure.” Huh? What could there possibly be to discuss that could go on for five months? It’s not hard to negotiate payment for gag orders and mutual releases.2 Departures of big-name CEOs, who can afford to hire big-name law firms to push back, go way way way faster than this has.

It is inconceivable that Paul and Sharmini have the financial wherewithal to be holding up a settlement (which implies payout) via a lot of legal jousting. This looks like a mean-spirited, perhaps even vindictive strategy by the insurgents to get Paul and Sharmini to accept less than they deserve by starving them out.

The change in editorial slant appears to be more “liberals” taking advantage of a crisis than the basis for the exits. It does not appear that Paul and Sharmini were defenestrated for being too leftie. An employee said that Aaron Mate’s departure in late 2018 was due to him and Paul having differences, as opposed to pressure to abandon skeptical coverage of Russiagate.

It also does not appear that ouster was the result of overspending. For one thing, you don’t see any signs of retrenchment or budget-cutting, such as cuts in headcount or programming.

However, if you’ve paid attention, The Real News has regularly had very large challenge grants, often $25,000 and if my memory is correct, even a $100,000 donor challenge. That means there is at least one very heavyweight backer. There isn’t a sign from the board roster of foundation money or a very wealthy individual or family, but it’s not hard to find representatives for that role.

Insiders indicated that a major money source backed the defenestration, but some staffers did as well; we’re not sure what the internal controversy was about.

The Real News Network looks to have gone from the frying pan into the fire. Aside from the traffic decline, the involvement of the interim CEO Tom Livingston is another cause for pause. A former board member of Pacifica Foundation was gobsmacked that he listed his work there as an accomplishment.

Livingston was hired to be Pacifica’s interim executive director for nine months in 2018. After losing the court case when the Empire State Realty Trust sued Pacifica over non-payment of WBAI’s tower rent, the board was bitterly split over whether to take out a loan or go into voluntary bankruptcy. Livingston was recommended to some of the pro-loan board members by the loan broker. Unsurprisingly, Livingston signed the $3+ million loan less than two months after being hired. His friend’s fee was estimated at $50,000.

Livingston was also instrumental in getting the Pacifica CFO to resign. From the former board member:

He took on the title of iCFO but displayed zero interest or competence in this area and did some damage, including signing a 990 he apparently never even looked at because it was full of obvious mistakes. He also recommended Pacifica outsource their accounting to a small firm he had worked with. They have performed poorly for Pacifica.

Livingston was also contracted to do a search for a new Executive Director for a fee above his generous salary. His candidate lasted only nine months, and Livingston will do a replacement search, although raising the question of why Pacifica would ask him to double down on a record of failure. Livingston will apparently conduct the search during his Real News Network gig. Has he informed the Real News Network board of this competing demand on for his time?

Livingston’s comment “The Board is in the process of launching a search for their successors” leaves open the question of whether they’ve yet engaged a headhunter. You can be sure that Livingston pitched the business hard; you can also imagine not-savvy board members being persuaded by Livingston allies that they shouldn’t demotivate him as interim CEO by giving the search business to someone else…as if his fee isn’t enough of a motivator. But there’s no evidence that Livingston has deep enough contacts in TV or online. And it’s not like he did a bang-up job of recruiting at Pacifica, which is in his bailiwick.

And is Livingston hiring cronies as he did at Pacifica?

Naked Capitalism is withdrawing its endorsement of The Real News Network as a trusted platform for interviewees, financial contributors and/or viewers. Dishonest efforts to create the impression that it is operating on a “business as usual” suggest that even more is amiss. It is our view that The Real News Network is no longer, either intrinsically or administratively, what it once was and aspired to be.

Moreover, if you are as deeply disturbed as we are by this turn of events, I strongly urge you to contact The Real News Network, give them a piece of your mind, and demand answers. The official contact form is here. Please also circulate this post widely, including featuring it on Facebook and Twitter

I have not tried to find the coordinates of board members, but if any readers have or can obtain them, please provide them in comments and I will add them to this post as an update.


1 This was escalated awfully quickly, unless one assumes Livingston handles all donor inquires personally.

2 One thing that could take some wrangling would be if Paul and Sharmini controlled the domain name and (not at all unreasonably, particularly given they created its value) are requiring the usurpers to pay to license it. But negotiating a license should not take remotely this much time.

3 Lambert checked the IP addresses of the parties making the edits (neither had an account name). The earliest one was from Brooklyn, the later one, from Mount Laurel, NJ.

The reader comments tell much, here's a selection:

Thank you for this. I was wondering what was going on.

I have had the same impression for at least 2 months that something was amiss.

Where was Paul? and the whole tone off the site has changed dramatically.

To me it once again highlights the fragility of progressive news sites.

There’s an old saying often attributed to the intelligence services that goes something like, ‘once is an anomaly, twice is a coincidence- but three times is enemy action!’

Something more than merely coincidentally strange is going on. There aren’t many progressive sites doing actual reporting in the first place, so the loss of any is keenly felt.

In our ‘free’ society, the easiest way to censor the media is to buy it.

I find their current output to be MSNBC lite. It has taken a dive off a cliff

In my mind, Paul created the gold standard for journalistic and editorial integrity.

michael hudson

Wow for me too!
I had not heard from Paul or Charmini for some months, and did not see them at the Left Forum in New York, where I usually meet them. The staff simply told me they didn’t come.
... What to do now …?

I was about to contribute to TNR again this year; now I will not.

Yves Smith

I am getting more and more reports from current employees of Bad Shit going down which I can’t report because the overall pattern is very consistent, but the conveying data points would out the sources

I noticed several months ago that the Real News Network suddenly started to suck in a Voxy Vicey sort of way

On the heels of the Taibbi book, this is another example of hidden media processes used to divide unsuspecting viewers. Reminds me of Erving Goffman’s work — back stage practices while shilling the same show (obvious change in their tone, content).

As other commenters have pointed out, the pickings are getting mighty slim out there

Like we need more Liberal doses of Bernay’s sauce

TRNN has over 350K subscribers, a daily mailing list, and a site which also drives viewers to YouTube.

Hillary Clinton recently said that it’s a pity that we no longer live in the era when all the news came from three TV networks and that all these alternative sources were “confusing” the public.

Yves Smith is cautious:
The shift to the right was a side effect, not a driver, of the ouster.
(Driver aside, the effect is the same.)
I wasn’t aware of this, but it explains a few the recent postings on The Real News Network that I felt they should have been ashamed for.

Their homepage has changed. They used to show [...] Noam Chomsky

This parallels what happened to Pacifica/KPFA over the last two decades. A takeover by the neoliberals, as cash crunches loomed

recently, Real News did a total hatchet job on Tulsi Gabbard. Not that I think Tulsi is perfect, but this story was awful

At my house, we’ve been wondering what’s going on with the The Real News.

I felt something was wrong for a while, then I saw that horrible Steiner video where they smeared Aaron Maté, and decided to ask where Paul Jay was. Never received a reply.
“The purpose of studying economics is not to acquire a set of ready-made answers to economic questions, but to learn how to avoid being deceived by economists.” ― Joan Robinson
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Re: Subversion of Social Movement by Adversarial Agents

Postby chump » Thu Nov 28, 2019 11:51 am

Netflix documentary bout an investigation into Cambridge Analytica’s methodology in helping to sway young voters on social media to actually swing national elections, Brexit, etc.

They took your data. Then they took control. The Great Hack uncovers the dark world of data exploitation through the compelling personal journeys of players on different sides of the explosive Cambridge Analytica/Facebook data scandal. In select theaters and on Netflix July 24.


Explore how a data company named Cambridge Analytica came to symbolize the dark side of social media in the wake of the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

When confronted with the following statements, CA staff were shocked: “Everybody walked away from the screen in silence back to their desks.”

“Psychographics should be (are) classified as a weapon.”

“… And it was actually illegal to use those without the permission of the British Government….

It’s Psy-Ops. Psy-Ops is psychological operations. And it’s a term that the military uses to describe what you do in warfare which isn’t warfare. So, essentially, you know, in a place like Afghanistan you’ve got a choice: You either bomb the shit out of a village, or you try to use other techniques to persuade them that actually, “The Taliban’s not very good. and you’d be much better off without them.”


“It’s all the same methodology.”

Cambridge Analytica = Defeat Crooked Hillary

“Facebook is designed to monopolize attention. Just taking all the basic tricks of propaganda, marrying them to the tricks of casino gambling - you know, slot machines and the like, and basically playing on instincts - and fear and anger are the two most dependable ways of doing that. So, they created a set of tools to allow advertisers to exploit that emotional audience with individual level targeting, right?

“There’s 2.1 billion people, each with their own reality; and once everyone has their own reality, it’s relatively easy to manipulate them.

The other thing about this is, they know that it’s killing me to be critical of what I’ve viewed as my baby. It is a lot easier to just sort of say, “I’m not going to think about it.” But, you get tested in your life a few times, right? And, for me, it was just one of those moments I was going to stand up and do something about this, or I wasn’t going to stand up and do anything about anything, right? Because my fingerprints are on this thing! I mean, I felt really guilty. And I just want to be able to sleep at night.”

Roger McNamee, Early Facebook Investor


”Parliament spent 18 months investigating (Cambridge Analytica). They called in all these witnesses, and at the end of their report it says very clearly, “Our electoral laws are not fit for purpose.”

We literally cannot have a free and fair election in this country (Britain) - and we can’t have it because of Facebook, because of Tech giants who are still completely unaccountable. It sounds quite apocalyptic, but it does feel like we are entering into a whole new era. We can see that authoritarian governments are on the rise and they’re all using these politics of hate and fear on Facebook.

Look at Brazil: There’s this right-wing extremist who’s been elected, and we know that WhatsApp, which is a part of Facebook, was really clearly implicated in the dissemination of fake news there. And look at what happened in Myamar: There is evidence that Facebook was used to incite racial hatred which caused a genocide.

We also know that the Russian government was using Facebook’s tools in the US. There’s evidence that Russian intelligence created fake Black Lives Matter memes, and when people clicked on them they were taken to pages where they were actually invited to protests that were organized by the Russian government. At the same time they were setting up pages targeting adversary groups like Blue Lives Matter.

It’s about stoking fear and hate to turn the country against itself. Divide and Conquer.

These platforms that were created to unite us have now been weaponized, and it’s impossible to know what is what - because it’s happening on exactly the same platforms that we chat with our friends or share our baby photos. Nothing is what it seems.”

- Cadwalladr, Ted Talk

“The Cambridge Analytica case is behind me now. They pleaded guilty for not giving my data, and I’ll probably never get it back. By the time my daughter is 18, they’ll have 70,000 data points defining her, and currently she has no rights. no control over that at all. But the battle continues.

- David Carroll ? (Man who sued, “ to see the data they had on me.”)
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Re: Subversion of Social Movement by Adversarial Agents

Postby coffin_dodger » Thu Nov 28, 2019 1:15 pm

Hey Chump, have you watched the Netflix documentary above?
I consider Netflix to be about as reliable as Hollywood in presenting an impartial account.
That is to say, I consider them both to be a part of the same complex. Is it at all accurate?
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Re: Subversion of Social Movement by Adversarial Agents

Postby chump » Fri Nov 29, 2019 10:59 pm


It was Thanksgiving Thursday here in heartland, so (fortunately) we were feeding our faces with lotsa turkies in the olde familiar family feast fashion… frenetically followed by the finally (‘black’) Friday family farewell.

TV sucks…

Nevertheless, to replace the one that had recently stopped working, I was brought to buy a brand new TV (a 32 incher for only $120); and instead of having to string a cable from my olde computer to connect to the ‘net’, the new found flat screen is said to be ‘smart’ - and easily connects to a Netflix ‘app’. So, since (as usual) nothing good was on regular programming, I changed the channel to easily stream some of Netflix’s (nearly new) ’original’ stuff…

The Great Hack was hardly perfect, but helped to elucidate one example of mainstream media methodology -- data driving individuals and populations through their personal computers and cell phone technology; and while parts of the program were especially pertinent and important enough for the “Subversion of Social Movement by Adversarial Agents ” thread, duly note a glaring omission in the story reported in the ‘properly’ edited propaganda popularly presented to an practically impaired, impractical public…

The Laundromat - which I previously posted in ‘The Panama Papers’ part of this forum… was a somewhat similar worthwhile watch.
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Re: Subversion of Social Movement by Adversarial Agents

Postby chump » Tue Dec 17, 2019 7:12 pm

(links at original)

Recently Retired USAF General Makes Eyebrow Raising Claims About Advanced Space Technology
December 16th, 2019

Update: Is Starlink Going to Drop The American Culture Bomb on China?

If you’re like me, you’ve been wondering: What is Starlink’s actual purpose?

I didn’t entirely believe the prosaic narrative about better rural broadband Internet and a funding source for Elon Musk’s Mars aspirations, etc. Well, it might be about those things at some level, but the massive scale of the project and the rapid approval by the U.S. Government made me think that there had to be some sort of national security element in play.

Back in October, we learned that SpaceX has been working with the U.S. Air Force on a program called Global Lightning:

Shotwell said many of the Starlink features are being tested by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory under a program called Global Lightning. SpaceX in December 2018 received a $28 million contract to test over the next three years different ways in which the military might use Starlink broadband services. So far, SpaceX has demonstrated data throughput of 610 megabits per second in flight to the cockpit of a U.S. military C-12 twin-engine turboprop aircraft.

Maybe we’re getting warm, but there has to be more to it.

Flash forward to a recent talk given by Retired Air Force General Steven Kwast at Hillsdale College called, “The Urgent Need for a U.S. Space Force.”

Kwast made a statement that made me think that Starlink could be used to launch The American Culture Bomb at China:

“We could bring secure, trusted data to every human being on planet Earth, underpinned by American values and the American Constitution.”


Listen to the General Kwast talk, read The American Culture Bomb and U.S. Has Secret Tools to Force Internet on Dictators and tell me that Starlink is just about rural broadband.
Peters writes:

Contemporary American culture is the most powerful in history, and the most destructive of competitor cultures. While some other cultures, such as those of East Asia, appear strong enough to survive the onslaught by adaptive behaviors, most are not. The genius, the secret weapon, of American culture is the essence that the elites despise: ours is the first genuine people’s culture. It stresses comfort and convenience–ease–and it generates pleasure for the masses.

Is China strong enough to survive the American Culture Bomb?

I don’t know, but if the Chinese government is worried about the Black Hand now, what happens when, “Secure, trusted data… underpinned by American values and the American Constitution,” is pouring from the sky at gigabit speeds?

Via: The Drive:

Kwast claims China is already building a “Navy in space” complete with the space-based equivalents of “battleships and destroyers” which are “able to maneuver and kill and communicate with dominance, and we [the United States] are not.”

“The technology is on the engineering benches today. But most Americans and most members of Congress have not had time to really look deeply at what is going on here. But I’ve had the benefit of 33 years of studying and becoming friends with these scientists. This technology can be built today with technology that is not developmental to deliver any human being from any place on planet Earth to any other place in less than an hour.”
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Re: Subversion of Social Movement by Adversarial Agents

Postby DrEvil » Wed Dec 18, 2019 7:31 pm

This technology can be built today with technology that is not developmental to deliver any human being from any place on planet Earth to any other place in less than an hour.

SpaceX could do this right now if they wanted to. Fly into orbit, circle the Earth and land again. Done. They're even considering actually doing it if/when Starship is up and running. It could take a hundred passengers from London to New York in under an hour. Or a hundred soldiers to anywhere with a landing pad.

Granted, it would have to be launched from a spaceport and not just anywhere. The more flexible alternative would be a space plane, which (officially at least. The X-37 doesn't count as it has to be launched on a rocket) are still only on the drawing board. Those could launch from any airport with a long enough runway, but the first prototype is still years and billions of dollars away. Reaction Engines is (very) slowly getting there ( ... ket_engine ), but they're British, which probably means the US military nabbed the blueprints ages ago and are building their own.
"I only read American. I want my fantasy pure." - Dave
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Re: Subversion of Social Movement by Adversarial Agents

Postby chump » Wed Dec 18, 2019 10:39 pm

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