Punk Pioneers: Austin’s early punk scene

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Punk Pioneers: Austin’s early punk scene

Postby elfismiles » Fri May 13, 2011 5:24 pm


I like all kinds of music. I know that RigInters are a diverse bunch but it seems like there are a lot of folks here who love old-school punk rock. Well, if yer in or around Austin tomorrow night... FREE BEER!!!

Punk Pioneers: Austin’s early punk scene
http://southaustincenter.org/2011/05/10 ... unk-scene/


The South Austin Popular Culture Center opens its next exhibit Punk Pioneers Saturday, May 14th at 7:09 p.m. with a celebratory reception.

This exhibit focuses on the early Austin punk scene… from late 1977 to ‘round 1983. Some say the 1978 Sex Pistols show in San Antonio was the catalyst for the Austin scene. Many of the burgeoning Austin punk musicians were there, along with cultural observer and man-about-town Artly Snuff. Those musicians came back to town and through their music, rejected the whole hippy, cosmic cowboy and rock & roll thing and created their own loud, in your face statement.

Bands like the Skunks, The Dicks, Big Boys, Violators, Toxic Shock, The Buffalo Gals, The Chickadiesels, Rank & File and the Explosives basically took over Raul’s and Duke’s Royal Coach Inn. Club Foot and the Armadillo World Headquarters hired punk bands as opening acts for touring bands like the Ramones and the Psychedelic Furs and held “Punk Proms.” Antone’s hosted a Punk Symphony Orchestra gig, as did Soap Creek Saloon. Austin embraced this new musical art form.

The poster art was different too, not so mannered and beautifully realistic. The art took on the energy of the music – definitely not ‘politically correct.’ There was no doubt as to what the issues of the day were. Come check out this display and see what we mean.

If you were part of the scene and have something to share, items can be added during the first week of the exhibit. Contact the Center at (512) 440-8318 for more information.

Remember, there’s no parking at the Center so park on Collier Street and walk over.

http://southaustincenter.org/2011/05/10 ... unk-scene/
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