State and Corporate Crimes Against Democracy Conference

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State and Corporate Crimes Against Democracy Conference

Postby semper occultus » Mon Oct 03, 2011 1:24 pm

State and Corporate Crimes Against Democracy Conference

London 15th October 10am to 9pm.
4th floor Studios 255 Commercial Road E1 2BT
Tube:Shadwell, aldgate East, shoreditch. Buses 15,115,135 to Commercial Rd. (Other buses nearby)



Tony Hall, Professor of Globalisation Studies and author of Earth into Property, picked by the Independent as a book of the year.

David Halpin: key organiser of the David Kelly campaign. How Blair stitched up the courts and the incredible decisons of Lord Hutton.

Niels Harrit, emeritus professor and world nanothermite expert featured on the BBC's Conspiracy Files: the deadly evidence in the dust from the world trade centre and the failed character assassination.

Robin Ramsay, editor of Lobster magazine, long standing deep politics expert has written extensively on how a narrow group of millionaires took over the Labour Party.

Bridget Dunne and Tom Secker of the J7 campaign, the vanishing 7/7 ringleaders and other questions the 7/7 inquest refused to consider.

Ian Henshall, author 911 The New Evidence, commentator on Talksport and PressTV: the top level whistleblowers who hold the key to the 9/11 attacks and the news editors who don't want to know.

Tim Gopsill, editor of the NUJ's The Journalist for many years, now active in the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom.

Scott Forbes, 9/11 survivor: the suspicious activities in the Twin Towers in the weeks up to 9/11.

Martin Summers, lifelong activist and Oxford PPE graduate with many personal experiences of the intelligence underworld.

Tony Gosling internet activist and host of Bristol radio show, featured in BBC's Conspiracy Files.

Paul Warburton Human Rights lawyer, 9/11 truth campaigner and independent Parliamentary candidate.

Organisers Fran Scott (researcher) and Noel Glynn (Quakers for truth on Terrorism) are also available and will be chairing and speaking.
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