Shameless self promotion

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Shameless self promotion

Postby mentalgongfu2 » Fri Oct 18, 2013 2:41 am

Actually, the thread title isn't exactly accurate.

I do feel some amount of shame, so I'll try to keep it relatively short and sweet.

With the last post in this thread being in August, I'm guessing it doesn't get viewed often, but I need to get better at spreading the word. Promotion is the name of the game, I'm told.

I've been playing in a band for a little while now.

We're called Natural Oil. Original rock and roll music.

The natural question is, "What do we sound like?" Unfortunately, I seem to have trouble answering that question. Not good at defining genres. The best I've heard from others is that we sound like early REM, circa the Green album era. And I think that fits, at least for the songs we have recorded to date.

This is the description I wrote for our press kit.

"A hearty mix of melodic, folk-infused tunes blended with swanky grooves and high intensity rock and/or roll. Lyrical poetry is poured over bright, flavorful melodies served with swinging bass lines, percussive passion and topped with a layer of vocal harmony for a varied and original dish designed to please the entire palette. No additives, no preservatives, only 100% Natural Oil."

We're in the process of putting out a 6-song EP we recorded after a female vocalist/multi-instrumentalist joined the group about a year ago. Overall, our songs cover a pretty wide range of classification in the rock world, but these particular ones were chosen to highlight the vocal harmonies that developed when we morphed from a three piece to a four piece.

Music is meant to be heard. So listen if you would like.

You can also find us on the Book of Faces if you so desire. Simply search the band name.
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Re: Shameless self promotion

Postby 82_28 » Thu Mar 20, 2014 5:57 am

I dunno what you sound like -- in the sense of definition. An antidote to what I call "Olympia music"? Could be. But quite good. Excellent, in fact. I might have a thing or two I can scare up here in the PNW. PM me.

Also send this to Hollow Earth Radio. I dig it. The founder of that joint is a co-conspirator with me at a website-conglomerate. But he runs HER and also works for Sonic Boom. I think from the chills your music gave me, you could get some airplay at least at HER soon to become KHER and KEXP.
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