Moderator Announcements for January 3, 2019

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Moderator Announcements for January 3, 2019

Postby Elvis » Fri Jan 04, 2019 1:21 am

Someone suggested posting moderator announcements, suspensions etc. here, so...

========== Moderator Announcements for January 3, 2019 ==========

from Elvis

1. Unfortunately, Jerky has earned another month off. The sixlegged proxy troll thing may compound the consequences.

2. "Sixlegged" is banned.

3. I don't know whether AD stopped posting on his own, or the software kicked in after the new year and activated the suspension. I'm amenable to reducing the duration and will consider it later (hopefully together with 82_28 who seems awol).

By the level of broad support expressed on the board and in PMs, I'm persuaded these actions reflect the will of this board as a whole, a small vocal minority notwithstanding. Objections are noted, though barrel-scraping psycho-social analyses are disappointing.

If anyone simply insists on discussing any of this, please reply in the Rhetoric sticky thread. But no cheering or gloating. Peace.
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