Alex Jones interviews John DeCamp

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Alex Jones interviews John DeCamp

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Alex Jones Show July 21 2004

AJ: He’s a great American, Vietnam veteran, you name it. Former state senator John DeCamp and the story he is about to tell is documented. I suggest that everyone get “The Franklin Cover-up” so you understand the level of evil we are dealing with. He’s got a very busy, successful law practice. We appreciate his taking time out to join us today. Mr. DeCamp, good to hear from you today.


JD: Yes sir. It’s kind of a surprise visit. You called here, what, first of the week and wanted to talk to me. And so I said, why not.

Well, it’s because Bohemian Grove is back in the news – headlines out in California.

JD: Is that right? Tell me more.

Well, it’s just, well you know I got video out of there of somebody begging for their life and getting burned on a fire.

I understand you have a video that’s been going out. I don’t have a copy.

AJ: I need to get you a copy.

JD: You need to send me one.

AJ: Yeah, about eight months ago when I said I would. I’m just so busy like you are.

I know what you mean.

AJ: Anyway, I’m getting attacked from the New York Times to you name it. They’re saying, “Well Jones says they are sacrificing people in there. And all it shows is a mock human sacrifice.” The paper even says that. All I ever said is that somebody begs for their life and they burn them. I was hiding in the woods 150 yards away.

And they admit I went in and got the video. But I never said they were sacrificing anybody.

I know that in one of your later editions of the book, that you actually have some quotes in there that you didn’t put in the first edition, that you had back when you investigated for the Senate – in there about the owl and the grove and all this. But before we get into all that, Senator Decamp, tell us about John Decamp. Tell us how you got into this. You didn't get into this to find all these horrors. You were basically there to go disprove it for the Senate, right?

JD: I was. I had just gotten out of the [state] Senate a year or so before when this started breaking. Let me give the story real quick. In North Omaha, Nebraska there was a credit union, an old credit union and that was run by a man named Larry King. Larry King, some of you may remember and I'm sure you'll hear about him again.

Not the Larry King on TV but another one. He was officially listed in the New York Times, since you mentioned them, and a number of other state and national, mostly national publications. He was officially listed as the, quote, "Fastest-rising black star in the Republican Party.” Some of you who may be listening may have attended the 1984 or 1988 Republican National Conventions. One in Texas, I remember I was there and I was there for the one in New Orleans, then…

AJ: You're a Republican. Now let's get that out there.

JD: Yeah, I guess.

AJ: I'm the same way.

JD: It's kinda like - but anyway Larry opened both those national conventions as some of you may remember. In fact, when they refer back in old footage they always show the convention being opened. Larry opened both of them by singing the National Anthem. He's a great singer. A great whatever you call it - baritone or alto or whatever those strange things are, but anyway…

AJ: Vocalist.


JD: I knew it was one of those, but anyway Larry is the man that’s singing there and opening the convention and on a election day 1988, when George [HW] Bush, that would have been when George Bush was elected in November. The Fed's raided his little credit union there in North Omaha. It was suppose to be serving the minority community, particularly the black community and they shut her down. They said there was a lot of missing money.

Stories started floating out as always happens when some incident like that occurs and some of the stories involved missing money that was used for this and that but some of those stories were even strange. They were coming from kids all over. Young kids - 16, 14, 13 - kids telling about how they had been on Larry's private jet to this party or that party. Or that they had been at the Republican National Convention here or they had been at this political event in Washington and the stories had to do with they were there and were used as drug couriers.

You know 13, 14-year old kids back then going through the airport could get through without anyone asking twice about anything. They pack them full of cocaine or whatever on little packs they'd carry on their bodies, between their legs, etc, etc. - young boys, young girls. And the kids also were telling these stranger tales that seemed bizarre at the time: that they had had sex or were involved in sex with this or that famous politician or businessman or whatever.

I was one of the first ones who stood up and said this has got to be the most hilarious, ridiculous story I've ever heard. First of all, I knew Larry King. What the heck! I was head of banking at the time he was when he was doing his banking stuff, the head of the senate banking committee here in Nebraska. So I said, “It's absurd.”

Well the stories started cropping up more and more and I said something else and I said look if I believe even one of these crazy stories I'd be the first one to stand up and demand that something be done. Then I got a letter from a kid named Paul Bonacci who was in a jail in Omaha. And he said, “Look, if you come and talk to me, I can show you that these aren’t just fake tales.”

AJ: Now later, you took his diary that went back like 5 years and had ink experts and forensics experts look at it. He had written all this stuff down.

JD: Yeah, that was the strange thing about this kid. I wish I had been able to do that throughout life but anyway when he was a little boy, he was about 18 when I had meet him in jail, 17 or 18. And as a young kid his uncle or grandfather or somebody had taught him religiously to keep a diary where you mark things down everyday.

Well, he did it and he did it in detail. So when I went and visited with him and he told me these strange tales and then you had the head of psychiatry from one of the major medical institutions in the state say, "Hey, this kid he ain't crazy. He's a multiple personality and he's probably telling the truth because multiples don't need to lie. They just switch personalities.”

Anyway, so to make a long, long bizarre story short. I found out that he was in jail because he had been one of those intimately involved in all this, and he had to be shut up real quick. I’m making that as a conclusion now – at the time I didn’t realize that. But and so they locked him up and charged him with touching another boy on the outside of his pants, a cousin or something.

AJ: Senator, talk right into your telephone for me.

JD: Anyway, they have him there and I finally agreed I would represent him and that led to a long, long tale that's got me deeply involved in researching and investigating the whole collapse of that credit union and the personalities involved. Ultimately, on the advice of my best friend, closest friend, godfather, whatever, eventually writing a book because he told me that’s what I should probably do to protect myself.

And that man was a man named Bill Colby. About the time that I started writing the next book, Bill, as you know was head of the CIA and ended up floating dead in a pond somewhere. But I won't get into that right now. Anyway, so I wrote the book and as I got at the very beginning of this story and working on it, one of the things that I did do was as I say, as you say, obtain the diaries of this young boy to see just what he did say and then I had them checked.

AJ: And it wasn't just that. I mean they've got…

JD: Forensic experts and the forensics were because somebody said he could have just made this all up later. He could have made this up later. And so I wanted to make sure that this wasn't done. So we had forensic examiners said that this ink was done at a certain time and this could of only been done and on and on. Anyway, to get to the heart of the discussion…

AJ: One more point, Senator John Decamp, because I've actually seen the Discovery Channel documentary that never aired and we actually played it here locally in Austin. I was sent a copy of it. They found hundreds of videotapes in King's office. The police saw it and freaked out, hid it and never released it and for all those other children, people actually got convicted of this stuff.

JD: Oh, yeah.

AJ: I want people to understand. This all happened folks.

JD: This isn't a fantasy. I ended up winning a million dollars on behalf of, against awful, awful, awful overwhelming odds, including the Omaha World Herald newspaper that attacked me so viciously because one of the key individuals that I got locked up in prison was their editor - one of their editors - another individual. But anyway…

AJ: People are going to prison for this… [Cross-talk]

JD: Jack got released from prison here about what 8 or 10 months ago.

AJ: Hold on. And you were actually just out of the senate. You were hired to go whitewash the operation because you know this is ridiculous.

JD: That's what I was hired for. Yeah, yeah. But I did the opposite.

AJ: Well I call you an impeccable witness. Go ahead.

JD: Anyway, so yeah, I won the million dollar judgment in federal court finally and it wasn't easy and I want to talk about that a little because some of the stuff coming out about pedophilia in the church now where things were written in my book way back then.

But anyway to get to the heart of the matter that you called about as I understand it. I took simply the diaries of Paul Bonacci and I printed a good portion of them in my book and one of them - one of the areas described a trip in 1984. I could even read part of it here. In fact, in which he was taken to an area around Sacramento and then where they had the great big tall trees and then they went in where there is some owl. Some huge carved owl or something ….

AJ: When we get back I want you to read that.

JD: Okay.

AJ: Well please continue. Go ahead.

JD: Anyway, so there was where he claimed and I wasn't there so I don't know. The closest I've been to Bohemian Grove, he took me out and showed me where it was an indeed there is a place there. And I didn't know there was a place called Bohemian Grove. I didn't write Bohemian Grove in the book because I didn't know what it was. I just took his diary.

Anyway, it clearly is where he was taken and he was taken out there for a ceremony in which they committed some pretty horrible things on another boy. And three boys and they filmed it and I just took his words and the names he wrote there. And they’re right in the book.

And by the way just to answer your next question. Yes, I put names in the book, dates and everything that I could just as they were. Why? Because I figured blow it out all straight and I said when a number of threatening calls came after the first edition came out. They said, “This is the most libelous, slanderous thing we've ever heard.” And I said, “Fine, I think I've done enough to prove it and I'm satisfied. If somebody feels that way, if somebody said these things about me I'd sue them for liable and slander.”

AJ: Here you are 10 years later and you're winning lawsuits.

JD: Well, there was one libel/slander lawsuit as a result of the book. But, that was one I filed against some group called Great Atlantic Telecast Company. Some TV network on the East Coast when they had one of the characters of the book - who also happened to be running for president at the time - go around saying, "Oh, don't believe this and don't believe this, this is a lie." And they supported him and so I sued them. Well it ended up they ended up paying me off, backing down and reaching a settlement.

AJ: Stay right there Senator. This is powerful info. It's all coming up.


That’s right. Right here in Austin, Texas, every month, they are grabbing the equivalent of 5-first grade classrooms with Child Protective Services. No rights, no nothing. It's just a total takeover. And the very people doing this here locally are involved in their own forms of wickedness, which is a whole other show. This stuff is prolific. It is a cult of evil and it's more wide spread than you can probably imagine. Senator Decamp, we were talking during the break and you made the point about how this is this new world and laughed. What do you mean by this new world?

JD: Well, you just talked about some of it. You just talked about some of it. About five, six years ago on behalf of a family here that was just totally destroyed by Protective Services, I filled a class action suit against the entire system. Since it was financed by myself and I just couldn’t keep it up and they had unlimited lawyers on the other side. But I did bring out an awful, awful lot of things that are sure proof enough since then from the way they take kids. Your rights as a parent are pretty well destroyed. But I'm not going into that now we can talk about that another day.

AJ: It's just such a horror.

JD: It’s just a whole new world we live in from I guess what I thought I grew up in here long, long time ago admittedly. I said to you it sure is a new world order, I think or something like that, and then I realized that I was using a worn out phrase that I guess some people are really trying to implement. But anyway…

AJ: Continuing, you actually have the passages in your book out of the diary …

JD: Well, I have a , I have right here the diary. Do you want me to read a little? Understand that I didn't know that the thing was Bohemian Grove back then, nor did the kid when he was writing it. All he knew was he was taken to this place. Let me just read it. It'll take three minutes. Is that okay?

AJ: Go ahead.

JD: I went in January, now this is Bonacci,


This is Paul Bonacci writing this. This is directly word for word from his diary.

"I went in January of ‘84 on every trip. I was paid by men King knew for sex. The summer of ‘84 sometime I went to Dallas, Texas and had sex with several men King knew in a hotel. I flew on YNR airlines, by the way that’s a private airline or a private charter deal, and Cam airlines another private charter deal, normally for King. I never had much personally to do with King only went where he told me to go.

“In or on July 26th, I went to Sacramento, CA. King flew me out on a private plane from an airfield in Omaha to Denver where we picked up Nicholas. A boy who was about 12 or 13, then we flew to Vegas to a desert strip and drove into Las Vegas to some ranch and got something. Then flew on to Sacramento.

We were picked up by a white limo and taken to a hotel. I don't remember the name of it. We, meaning Nicholas and I, were driven to an area that had big, big trees. It took about an hour to get there. There was a cage with a boy in it who was not wearing anything. Nicholas and I were given these Tarzan things to put around us and some stuff like that. They told me to, (I won't use the word) blank the boy and stuff. (In other words have sex with him.)

At first I said no and they held a gun to my genitals (I'll use that word) and said do it or else lose them or something like that. I began doing it to the boy and stuff. And Nicholas had anal sex and stuff. We were told to blank him and stuff and beat on him. I didn't try to hurt him.

“We were told to put our blanks in his mouth and stuff and sit on the boy’s blank and stuff and they filmed it. We did this stuff to the boy for about 30 minutes or an hour when a man came in and kicked us and stuff in the genitals. And picked us up and threw us. He grabbed the boy and started blanking him and stuff.

The man was about (I'm not sure how to say this) the man was about so many inches long and the boy screamed and stuff. The man was forcing his blank into the boy all the way. The boy was bleeding from his rectum and the men tossed me and him and stuff and put the boy right next to me and grabbed a gun and blew the boy's head off. The boy's blood was all over me and I started yelling and crying and the men grabbed Nicholas and I and forced us to lie down.

They put the boy on top of Nicholas who was crying and they were putting Nicholas's hands on the boy’s blank. They put the boy on top of me and did the same thing. They then forced me to blank the dead boy. (It gets pretty crude.) They put a gun to our heads to make us do it. His blood was all over us. They made us kiss the boy’s lips. (Anyway, a few other things.) Then they made me do something I don't even want to write so I won't.

“After that the men grabbed Nicholas and drug him off screaming. They put me up against a tree and put a gun to my head but fired into the air. I heard another shot from somewhere and then saw the man who killed the boy drag him like a toy. Everything including when the men put the boy in the trunk was filmed. The men took me with them and we went up in a plane. I saw the bag the boy was in. We went over a very thick brush area with a clearing in it. Over the clearing they dropped the boy. One said the men with the hoods would take care of the body for them.

“I didn't see Nicholas until that night at the hotel. He and I hugged and held each other for a long while. About 2 hours later the men or Larry King came in and told us to go take a shower since we'd had only been hosed off at some guy’s house. We took a shower together and then were told to put on the Tarzan things. And after we were cleaned up and dressed in these things we were told to put on shorts, socks and a shirt and shoes and were driven to a house where the men were at some others. They had the film and they played it. As the men watched it they passed Nicholas and I around as if we were toys…”

AJ: Stay right there. This is the New World Order – what they want to do to your kids.


AJ: We are talking to former state senator, John DeCamp. A year out of office, he was hired by the Senate to go whitewash this big story, to cover-up for the Republican Party. Of course, none of them really believed they were involved. It was too ridiculous sounding, too horrible. But if you read the history books, the elites have done this type of stuff throughout history. For some reason, they become completely controlled by Satan.

That’s the bottom line, folks. I’ve read the book. I’ve seen the documents, seen the news articles. I’ve researched it all. It’s true. People went to prison, ladies and gentlemen. John DeCamp, I don’t know if you want to read anymore. I know you are cutting out all of the names of some of these people,

Some of the well-known movie producers and people that were there and some of the other world leaders. I want to go back into the investigation. That's one of the clearest pieces of evidence. How they tried to stop it. How one of the investigators was obviously killed. Do you think that’s a good place to continue?


JD: That's when I brought Colby in. Bill Colby was, as I say, a very close friend when the head of the investigation - the one the senate had hired to do the investigation - called from Chicago. He had gone there on a tip to pick up a bunch of material that he thought would validate some things. And, he……

AJ: In fact, he called and said, “I’ve got them, I’ve got them.”

JD: He called from Chicago to the head of the Senate Investigating Committee, Senator Lorren Schmidt. He said, “I’ve got them. We’ve got them by the (blank, blank).” Anyway, “Tomorrow at the Senate hearing, I’ll be there to testify at 8:00.” And he was in Chicago. He had his private plane there.

He was a very, very careful, meticulous pilot and he had gone there ostensibly to take his son to the baseball game – which he did do. And then he picked up these materials and he took off and his plane came apart. Spread over, just outside Chicago, what’s the name of that place, I can’t even remember now.

Some town just outside Chicago there. The remarkable coincidental thing was one of the central characters of the book – a man named Robert Wadman who had been the police chief of Omaha at the time of these events that are written about in the book had become the new police chief in this other town.

I'm not suggesting anything - just saying it's some of the most remarkable coincidences in the world. And since that time I've learned from the sheriff's office who was first on the scene – it took them years to come forward - how they had the FBI swoop in, or Federal officials they claimed, and took all the stuff and told that he had seized no pictures and stuff that they found laying around and told the sheriff's deputy who was there, "You've not been here. You've not seen anything. If you talk you're in trouble” – blah, blah. Compromising a federal investigation, this and that.

Anyway Gary Cardori and his son were both killed in that accident and of course he didn't testify - and it was only years later when I was still trying to pursue it in the federal courts on a trial to prove some things that I learned through a pure fluke of fate again - and it's been that way all along. Some little strange thing happens and it keeps proving once again when they say this didn't happen or this couldn't have happened or whatever some new little thing comes forward that proves it.

And in this case it was a call from a police, the detective who was head of the patrol – the detective who was head of the State Patrol in Oregon. And he told me that they had just arrested a person and seized a bunch of material and they found a copy of this book, "The Franklin Cover-up," which we're talking about right now. And this person had this in his possession and they saw certain pages underlined. And I said, "What's the person's name?" And they said well "His name is Russell Nelson."

Eventually to make a long, long story short. I got him out of prison and got him up here to testify and bring pictures and tried to seize other pictures - after they got destroyed, always accidentally by the courts. He was a key witness then that ended up in a million dollar judgment. He was Larry King's private photographer who had been going to these various things and taking pictures that would compromise politician A or whatever with a kid or with this or that.

AJ: Yeah, the report produced by the BBC people, that was going to air on Discovery, actually showed the police admitting all this. I mean they grabbed all these videos and photos. It's just like the Finders in DC. You know that outfit with all the kids.

JD: I know it extremely well. I was the first one they called when that broke - and I went there .

AJ: Yeah.

JD: That was another story.

AJ: I can't even mention what was in that warehouse. It's all too profane. But this is just like stuff out of the pit of hell.

JD: You know, I know people listening right now will think this is la la land , this is make-believe, these are fruitcakes talking about this. This couldn't happen - particularly, with prominent people. They wouldn't be diddling little kids and wouldn't be... Well, unfortunately, I also believe that. I guess I still want to believe that. But I'll guarantee you some bad things have happened out there.


They do happen. One of the coincidences that I think is going to rock some people here very shortly is one of the centerpieces of this thing was using a lot of kids out of a place called Boys Town. Boys Town, of course, is one of the most respected institutions in this country as it should be. It's done more for young boys throughout the last what 75 or 100 years probably than just about any other institution you want to mention.

At the same time, corruption can occur even the best apples can get a rotten spot. In this case, as I identified very clearly in the book, Larry King was operating and getting kids out of there and using them. Well, of course the Discovery Channel that sent a team in from Britain spent about half million dollars doing things and I think that was one of the centerpieces of their's. You've seen that one right? It was to air…….

AJ: Oh yeah. We accidentally played it on TV.

JD: Anyway, they pretty well …. But anyway, the head of Boys Town, the head of Boys Town is now an 87-year old man, a monsignor. Guess who his newest attorney is? He's hired because he's getting old and is worried about wanting to get some things told and get some truth out - which might happen about next week. His newest attorney is a young man, well he's not young anymore is he? A man named John Decamp who wrote a book called "The Franklin Cover-up" and if anybody would have a reason to want to attack me, it was him. Instead he is doing the opposite.

AJ: Now repeat that again.

JD: He hired me within the last week or ten days as his private attorney because of some of these things you've been reading about in the national press, pedophilia of the priest and so on. He's an old man now and he's 87 or 88.

AJ: And who is he again?

JD: He was the head of Boys Town.

AJ: Oh. Okay.

JD: Monsignor… He also was the only Catholic priest ever appointed as a delegate to the United Nations. He was a special delegate appointed by I think two different presidents as a representative to the United Nations on behalf of children.

AJ: And he's going to blow the whistle?

JD: He's going to provide some information that I think will rock some people and, of course, they will immediately denounce him and shut him up, I suspect. But, just to alert you.

AJ: I hope he's got bodyguards around him right now.

JD: No, he's an old man that will probably be an outcast once he does this. So I've said too much on that already, probably.

AJ: That's incredible. I tell you, you're all over the place, too - with I remember the case you were trying to expose Child Protective Services and, of course, you're going after the whole Columbine deal.

JD: No, I was hired by some of the teacher’s family – you know that one teacher that was killed - to represent a group of people and we have filed a lawsuit because these kids Harris and Klebold out there that killed all these people. They were absolute unlimited addicts of a couple of video games that are just training kids to be …

AJ: Well, Doom was produced, Doom is a military game they admit.

JD: That's correct. That's correct.

AJ: Because they've found that soldiers, and in Vietnam especially, most people will not fire up-close on somebody and through the video games it trains them to disconnect and do it. And these will be our swat team commanders of the future. And now they've found out that a bunch of swat teams are actually shooting the kids too.

So, it's credible. Getting back into “The Franklin Cover-up,” it’s such a huge story. There is so much evidence of it. And a lot of these people actually got convicted – some of the low-level minions.

JD: That’s about right.

Some of the low-level minions but I mean after writing the book and being out there for many, many years now, what has the effect been? Have they just moved the operation out of Omaha, Nebraska?

JD: I would not say that is completely correct. I believe the operations that they were doing still are occurring. Where all they emanate out of, I don’t know. And I have been very, very reluctant to say anything at all that I didn’t absolutely have a smoking gun and able to prove. Why? Because believe me, when you start tampering with some of the people that we tampered with in this thing, you learn real quick that they have power to do a lot of hurt and damage and threats and things like that. So, I’ve been super cautious. If you ask me, is it stopped now? The answer would be no.


AJ: Now, when you talked to the former CIA Director and he said write this book for your safety, that’s what I’ve always told the listeners. Like Jennifer Flowers on Hard Ball saying Bill Clinton is killing people. And they said, why are you saying that? She says, “Well, this is my protection.”

Okay, I’ll tell you the exact story. The reason I wrote the book. I was with Bill in Washington, DC, where I used to stay at his house on occasion.

And he had been hired by the Senate to actually look into the death of Gary Cardori. And after he did some investigation or whatever, he basically told them you are never going to know the answer. Anyway, so I was sitting with him and I was talking to he and his wife in his place one night there.

And I said, "I don't know what to do next. I see prosecutors who are afraid to prosecute. I see politicians who shouldn't be there. I see institutions of government who have surrendered and are ineffective because they've been comprised or corrupted or threatened or whatever.” I said, "I don't know what to do."

He said, "I'm going to tell you what to do." I said, "Oh, thank goodness!"

He said, "Get as far away from this thing as you can. Forget you ever saw it or know it, heard it or anything else.” I said, "Wait a minute. You're telling me” – you know, the former head of the CIA, particularly during the Vietnam thing and all that nonsense. I said, "You're telling me that I should just walk away and pretend it didn't happen?"

He said, "John, I love you. I love your kids. I love your family.” And he says, "This is just a little more serious than you think.” And he said, “Let me tell you a story." So then he starts and he says, "Last night I returned from Moscow." I said, "What the blazes is the former head of the CIA doing in Moscow?" He says, "Believe it or not we were there to, along with some others who's names you'd recognize, trying to make sure that nobody pushes a button and does the wrong thing cause things are unstable."

Now this occurred exactly, this conversation, exactly three weeks before the famous Gorbachev, whatever the revolution and the fall of the Soviet Union, you know what I'm talking about - where they held Gorbachev hostage for awhile? Remember?

AJ: Yeah,

JD: What's his name? Well, Brezhnev or Lenin, whatever, comes and takes over.

AJ: Yeltsin.

JD: Exactly, Yeltsin, that's it. Exactly three weeks before that, he said things are unstable. Then he says, "You know the night before I was to leave I couldn't sleep. I was thinking about the momentous event that I was participating in." He says, "So I decided in the middle of the night, I couldn't sleep so I’d just go for a walk. Of course, I knew that was forbidden. Everybody knew who I was and the guards wouldn't let me out.”

He said, ”They just ignored me and I walked down this hall of the hotel - the most prestigious hotel right there on Red Square where we were staying." He said, "I walked up to the door of the Kremlin at two o'clock in the morning, guards watching - nobody paid attention, nobody cared." He said he walked up right to the statue of Lenin there. Nobody cared. He said, “Two - three o'clock in the morning and then it struck me."

I said, "What struck you, Bill?" He said, "That it’s dead! It was dead. And it's over! The cold war is over! We won!" Remember, this is three weeks before all this broke loose and the whole thing collapsed and then I said, "Uh-ha." And he said and then something else struck him and I said, “Gosh, what was that?” He said, "That this walk in the middle of the night in absolute silence and nobody caring in the middle of Red Square by the former head of the CIA who fought these blank people for forty years.

That this was going to be the only victory parade I and all the cold war warriors would ever have. We wouldn't have a march down Madison Avenue like the soldiers in World War II or whatever. And there wouldn't be any victory parades and ticker tapes, just this march.”

I said, "Well, Bill that's a real interesting story but for gosh sakes what's my great lesson I'm learning?" He said, "Well I guess what I'm trying to tell you John is sometimes there are forces too big and too evil - even though we know they’re there and we know it absolutely, for us to deal with it the way we would want, or should, or could. And therefore, you have to turn and walk away if you want to live to fight another day."

It doesn't make sense to me but anyway. Then he says, "These forces are too big and too evil and too powerful. And you're just going to get killed if you keep playing around.” He said, “I don't want that." I said, "You mean there's nothing I can do?" He said, "Well, if you have to do something, the safest thing, the best thing you can do for your own safety is write your story. Tell it all. It may be ridiculed; it may not be believed but at least if you tell it there's no reason for them to do you in. They'll just try to ridicule you.” That’s exactly what happened.

AJ: Yeah, because then that'll make them even more powerful. They don't want to make the book a martyr.


AJ: There is so many faucets to this. How many children were you able to confirm were involved in this and ....

JD: I can't confirm a total number. I dealt with I think probably 25 or 30 that were really intimately involved.

AJ: A lot of these were children, according to the book, the news articles, the press, were children that didn't even know each other cross-referencing in the same thing.

Well yes, absolutely. In other words, it wasn't because one kid said this and the story of the good guys is that well these kids just got together and made up this terrible hoax. It's all a hoax perpetrated by these absolutely penniless poverty children who all got together somehow and told this tale. Get real!

AJ: There were convictions and you wrote the book and nobody sued you because...


I mean these children didn't know - they were flown to Sacramento and then driving for an hour and that's how long it takes to get to the Grove and they describe it in great detail and the stuff that had come out earlier. And then I’ve been there for their big to-do when it's not a small crowd when it's a big crowd.

They have all this regalia, bring a bound body in, it begs for its life, they burn it and it screams in pain and that's just the stylized stuff they do there. When Skull and Bones came out on Fox news last year - slitting the woman's throat, the blood squirts.

Why isn't there a police investigation? If my neighbors saw me slitting women's throats and worshipping Satan, which they were doing by the way on the tape, in my back yard wouldn't they call the cops on me? Wouldn't the cops have probable cause, John, for a search of my house?

JD: I sure think so. But then, once again, everything sounds so unbelievable or something.

AJ: I would expect to see the police ripping out my walls. If I saw my neighbor doing this and I reported it. I would expect a warrant and a 5-day search.

Yeah, I know. As I say, the problem is that gap between something outrageous and what the average human being is capable of believing based on their own human experiences.

Is that the New World Order’s trick is that they do everything in plain sight so overtly - it's just so arrogant, so insane that the average person just can't even process it mentally?

JD:Well, I'm not sure what the plan is or isn't? I guess I admit I’m not smart enough to know. I do know that what I wrote about and what occurred here I absolutely know and believe occurred and is pretty horrible and if that's part of some larger program or plot then I'm really worried. I'm scared for us all, so to speak.

AJ: So some of these people are now getting out prison? Some of the low-level minions?

JD: Larry got out, editor got out, a couple of the others got charged and paid a fine and then got felonies dropped to misdemeanors. For all practical purposes anybody who was in prison has been redeemed and somehow holy now.

AJ: Folks, if you want to load the phones up we'll let you talk to John DeCamp and we’ll also tell you how to get his powerful book. It’s thick, it’s captivating, it’s painful to read but you need to get it. 1-800-259-9231. We’ll be right back.


AJ: Alright, the phones are loaded up here. […] Before we tell you how to get the book. He’s come on several times before and didn’t even really plug it. But I think everybody should get it. It’s excellent. Give it out to everybody. Donate it to your library. People need to know what’s happening. It’s flawlessly documented. It’s stood up for over eight years now. None of these creatures sue him because they can’t. The facts are the facts.

Before we do that though, if you want to see “Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove.” I snuck into this labyrinth two years ago. It made international headlines and I’m still getting attacked for it today. Find out what all the hubbub is about. It’s $25.95, two hours and four minutes long.

Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove.” Here’s the toll-free number to order: 1-888-253-3139. Or go to, order the films on-line or get the mailing address or phone number.

Before we go to all these calls, Senator DeCamp, how to folks get “The Franklin Cover-up?”

JD: By the way, just so you know, I’ve never spent one penny trying to advertise or anything. The book, I wrote it as I say for my own reasons. It’s got over 85,000 copies now sold. But anyway, AWT, Inc, P.O. Box 85461, Lincoln, Nebraska 68501. Just make it $12 - shipping and handling. It’s actually a little more than that. Just mention Alex Jones and it’s $12 bucks shipping and handling and everything.

AJ: Only $12 for a 400-page book?

Yeah, what the heck.


AJ: I’ve seen it in some of the book stores for like $25.

JD: Yeah, I know. They’re getting rich, not me.

AJ: Rose, in South Carolina, thanks for holding. You are on the air with Senator DeCamp, “The Franklin Cover-up.” Go ahead.

Rose: Mr. DeCamp, I’ve got a little story to tell you about this gentleman here in our state. It made national news before the national election was going on last year. And he carries barbecue sauce but he also had a table full of paraphernalia of the confederate [?] – among all that was your book.

AJ: Oh yeah, the guy they went after and said he couldn’t …

Rose: Yes, and I think maybe, now no one admitted this….

AJ: For those who don’t know, Rose, I’ll hold you over if we need to. The gentleman up there in the Carolinas…

Rose: Maurice Bessinger

AJ: Yeah, was flying the Confederate flag out in front of his barbecue sauce company, all of the stores, one of the most popular brands, I need to get him on. And so they demonized him. He’s a patriot. Nothing wrong with the Confederate flag, folks. And then they attacked him in the international media. You’re saying you were there and saw him and he was promoting “The Franklin Cover-up.” Go ahead.

Rose: We went down there one time and ate some barbecue sauce and there on that table laid “The Franklin Cover-up.” So we bought it and I was wondering, in the back of my mind, if that was not part of the problem he was having – because the elections were going on.

JD: I do not know. This is the first I knew about this.

AJ: Is that it Rose? Alright, thanks for the call. We’ll be back with our guest and the other calls. Stay with me.


Alright folks, we’ve got Sen. John DeCamp for a couple more segments. We are going to go to Charles, Chris, Roger, Larry and we may have time for a couple of other calls. Since a lot of new stations just tuned in and a lot of new people are tuning in every millisecond, Sen. DeCamp, spend about two minutes, in a nutshell, tell folks about “The Franklin Cover-up” and what you discovered, what happened. This is on the record. It’s been proven folks. Just a recap of what’s going on here.

JD: Wow, two minutes. Well about ten, twelve years ago, whatever it was, they seized a federal credit union in Omaha, Nebraska run by a man named Larry King. Larry King was a black man, officially identified as the “fastest rising black star in the Republican Party.” And they found multi-, multi-millions missing and then the story came out about how Larry and some of his top political cronies were using children as drug couriers to deliver drugs across the country and to compromise politicians, businessmen and be sex slaves and this kind of nonsense – as horrible as it sounds and as unbelievable as it sounds.

Anyway, I, at the time, was one of those who pooh-poohed it more than anybody and said this has to be absolutely impossible. And then one thing lead to another and I ended up representing some of these children, particularly one where I ended up winning a million dollar judgment on his behalf, by the way, in federal court after five, six, seven years, it took. And it’s more than a little interesting because I think it’s proven to be very true and that unfortunately there’s some bad things going on sometimes behind the scenes……..

And then it led into a wooded area with big redwoods and an owl, snuff films…

JD: That was certainly one of the events that.the children were involved in that took place in California that I only learned in the last few years is called Bohemian Grove. All I knew was from the kid’s diary – a place with big trees with a big owl looking at them.

And the senate investigation – people mysteriously died who were involved.

JD: Almost anybody who was anybody involved in the investigation either ended up dying or discovering that they wanted to commit suicide. I think I listed 22, something like that, deaths in the book of key individuals involved.

AJ: Sounds like Enron.

JD: I’m just glad I didn’t lose mine. You know where Enron started, don’t you?

AJ: No, where?

JD: Omaha, Nebraska. That was our biggest company – until it moved to Houston, Texas, fifteen years ago. Ken Lay made a promise he would never leave Omaha. Thirty days later, they announced the move to Houston. Didn’t know that, did you? See?

AJ: Do they tie into it?

JD: Read the book.

AJ: Yeah, I’ve read the book.

JD: I don’t specifically have any knowledge of Enron other than that they came from Omaha, Nebraska.

AJ: It’s incredible, ladies and gentlemen. Let’s cram a call into here. Charles in Florida, you’re on the air, go ahead.

Charles: Yeah, Alex?

AJ: Yes sir, go ahead.

Charles: Yeah, I remember reading about Bohemian Grove in the Intellectual Digest back in the ‘70s – about 25 years ago. The first time I read about it. This is an article in a short-lived, liberal paper called the Intellectual Digest that doesn’t exist anymore. But they were talking about the author, who I corresponded with later, was talking about even David Rockefeller and William Buckley were involved in setting up stage scenery at Bohemian Grove according to the magazine article I had.


And it’s interesting to me, you know, Kissinger goes there. I’ve been reading over the years about Bohemian Grove and their antics. I wonder if your guest would comment about what Ted Gunderson has said at different times. I heard him one time years ago on WWCR talking about this same group I think – the group he uncovered in Los Angeles – with the …..

Hold on, we’ve got to break. We’ll let DeCamp comment on that when we get back. And then we’ll talk to Chris and Roger and Larry and others. It’s incredible, we’ve got Ted Gunderson, former head of the FBI in Southern California, and he has exposed a lot of them as well. I ought to get him back on the show, as well.


AJ: Defending liberty, resisting tyranny to the hilt, ladies and gentlemen, I’m your host Alex Jones. Live, six hours a day, Monday through Friday, from 11 AM until 2 PM, all times Central Standard, returning live from 9 until midnight. And again the websites are and And definitely check out our Bohemian Grove section, as it has been radically expanded and improved and there are even more video clips there for you of the sickening activities going on.

We are talking to former state senator John DeCamp, Vietnam veteran, state investigator, hired to go basically whitewash this, found out it was all true. People went to prison, exposed it, child sex slaves, drug couriers, an absolute nightmare, global elites – some of the biggest names you can imagine. Mr. DeCamp, Charles was raising some questions about Ted Gunderson…..

Charles raised an interesting question and I’ll try to answer it. Because Mr. Ted Gunderson, former head of the FBI in Los Angeles, or as he joking says he was in the three major cities where everybody was assassinated – King and then Kennedy and then the other Kennedy.

Anyway, he was head of the FBI in each of those areas – either before they occurred or after.

But anyway, Ted Gunderson was hired by a group of very prominent businessmen to come to Nebraska and investigate the thing and come up with a report to prove that I was full of beans and crazy and so on and so forth.

I don’t know if you know that. If you talk to Ted Gunderson, you will find that out. He was hired for that purpose. He came to Nebraska. He was extremely aggressive and, as fate would have it, he concluded rather quickly that I was the one telling the truth and he was hired to …

AJ: Yeah, I know that, he’s been on the show. He recommends your book.

JD: He was hired to make me look bad. In fact, he has since become probably my closest friend in the world.

AJ: Well yeah that was the whole start of him turning into an evil right-winger, too.

JD: Anyway, he was the one then that got denounced by a lot of people because he had graduated from the most sacred institution in Nebraska and had been a member of the absolutely most sacred thing we have in the state, which is the Nebraska football team. The Big Red. He had actually been on the Big Red football team once upon a time, believe it or not.

AJ: A Corn Husker, huh?

JD: A Corn Chucker, yeah. So anyway, these businessmen who had risen to prominence here and across the country hired Ted to come in and prove that these terrible things I was saying, issues I was raising and lawsuits I was filing were all bogus. And he ended up staying here, I don’t know how long, a year and half.

AJ: I know Ted told that story. That was his whole beginning, finding out about the New World Order. He had just gotten out of the FBI. He had this big security investigation, they hire him and pay him a bunch of money to go up there to disprove it. Just like the Senate hired you to disprove it. And you start investigating and wow it’s true.

So anyway. We became close friends. He is the central character in my book, one of the key individuals. And he is still working on things. He was back here working on some other things –the ones I was just talking about at the very beginning of the program involving the good monsignor, the former head of Boys Town, who’s 87 years-old and probably going to rock a few people here sometime soon. And…

AJ: Well, let’s get to those calls. Charles, real quick, finish up, we’ve got a bunch of calls here. Charles, in Florida, does that answer your question?

Yeah, I wanted to say Ted Gunderson, one time years ago on WWCR, said that the group that he had uncovered with you in the Franklin cover-up in the McMartin Day School in Los Angeles had branches in practically every country in the world – including North Korea and China.

JD: That’s why when they asked me a question earlier, I don’t know if you were listening, when they asked me a question earlier about whether this cult still exists in quote “Nebraska,” my answer, I think, was pretty much I don’t have an answer.

AJ: Look, we know snuff films are on in the hotels in many areas of Asia. This is a big business

JD: Yes, it is.

AJ: – grabbing a kid off the front lawn, torturing the daylights out of them. They are looking to grab your kids right now. A lot of the ones they grab by Child Protective Services ended up getting eaten by Rottweilers, raped, sold into prostitution.

This is all in the mainstream news in Massachusetts. Defend your family, folks. Don’t let them take your kids. Don’t let them rape and kill them. Let’s go ahead. I’m not playing around here. Thanks, Charles. Let’s talk to Chris in Kentucky. Real quick, Chris, go ahead. You are on the air.

Alright, thanks Alex. I am just outraged that this is going on and the public is not knowing about this. John DeCamp, thank you for coming out and the FBI agent in California, him too, because we need more leaders like this to get this out to the people. The wickedness of this – George W. Bush who went to Bohemian Grove - I have lost respect for the [?]. If we get somebody that is a statesmen, representing the people in this country. I am just real angry hearing about this because …

AJ: Well, by the way, I’ve got the San Francisco Chronicle, New York Times, all of them admitting the president and his father and all of them go there. I’ve got pictures of them under the owl from their own publication.

Chris: Amazing. And that’s why, you know, you listeners out there, if you are not knowing what the Bohemian Grove is, “Dark Secrets of the Bohemian Grove,” go to the website,, order it, take it to your church, take it to your pastors – because the problem is, some churches that I went to tell what a great Christian George Bush is. Get real, folks. It’s not what it is.

AJ: Well George Bush is like the fool of Bohemian Grove. He’s not involved in any of this.

JD: Let me say something here. It’s kind of important. I don’t know what George [HW] does or doesn’t do or his children or whatever. I guess I know him. I, John DeCamp, who wrote this book was the number one vote-getting delegate pledged to George [HW] Bush, famous president.

At the Republican National Convention, I was the number one vote-getter from Nebraska attending the Republican National Convention in New Orleans and Texas and so on and so forth. And I guarantee you, I had no idea any of this was going on at the time. At the same time, I also attended the single biggest party ever put on at any, at any national convention.

That was put on by Larry King at the Southport Ranch in Dallas at the Republican Convention in 1984. I attended it. It was only later, one of the things that I absolutely know when I interviewed this kid Paul Bonacci in prison, that I told you about, knew absolutely he was telling the truth when he starts describing that party and that Convention as well or better than I could. And you would have had to have physically been there, which he was – to know some of these things – to see and identify some of these things.

So, just because you were at a party… And Larry King, by the way, rented a mansion on Embassy Row in Washington, DC that cost about $5000 a month during all this time even though Larry King was officially earning $16,000 a year during that time.

Well, let’s go further. They use Bohemian Grove to compromise. [Cross-talk] They use it to compromise people. Dick Nixon, Richard Nixon said, quote, and this is on the record, I have a news article, it’s the most faggy place he’d ever seen. He hated to go there but he went there for power. He went there to smooze.

And, so you want to make all that clear, exactly. We are not even saying that even though this is what the evidence shows is going at the Grove with these witnesses – a lot of people just cannot bring themselves to admit that this is the full magnitude. Chris, thanks for the points. Let’s talk to Roger in Pennsylvania. Roger, you are on the air, welcome, go ahead.

Yeah, thanks. This is the perfect segway into my question. Can you think of any possible alternate explanation for that we have very few people in the high ranks of the muckity-mucks – the secrecy is just so thorough that not even ten or twenty years later does anybody come out, whether through conscience or getting religion, saying what is a matter of policy or politics at the Bilderberg meetings, etc.

The only one I can think of that ever came out was Chester Ward when he wrote the book with Phyllis Schlafly. But you have hundreds of lower-level muckity-mucks that are just being groomed for power and haven’t necessarily compromised themselves. And you may recall that when John McCain was threatened to topple the Bush dynasty, the years before that the rumors were coming about the Vietnamese having some twenty reels of video with him in sex….

AJ: Yeah, it’s all about compromise. What’s the question?

Roger: Another 30 seconds. And then recall then that Rush Limbaugh just barely hinted about it on his show and John McCain just went silent after that.

AJ: Okay, so you’re talking about compromise.

Roger: My point, if you allow me a few more seconds..

AJ: No, we don’t have time.

Roger: So is there any other possible alternative to that other than pedophilia or some other occult [?] that they get compromised on these tapes and that is the condition of their being inducted into …

AJ: Yeah, that’s how you join the club. That’s how the mafia does it – even low-level gangs. You’ve got to kill somebody before you’re a made-man. John?

You just said it all. In other words, you take an individual and you force him to do some abnormal, unnatural act – particularly at a young age. And some of these horrible, I hate to say it, fraternities…

AJ: Skull and Bones

JD: That was one thing Colby kept warning me and warning me about. The way the country had created so many systems where secrecy is the key. You remember why he was fired. Bill Colby was fired from the CIA and he was replaced by a man named George [HW] Bush. George Bush replaced Bill as the head of the CIA. Bill was fired because Kissinger was insanely angry because Colby dared to go before the Congress of the United States, who he thought he was to report to, and exposed some of the errors and some of the secrets of the CIA.

That’s why he was fired. You may remember the famous Church hearings. He dared to go and explain some of the things that had gotten out of control and I could tell you a lot more on another program, if you want to talk about it because I’m still writing a book about some of the other. That’s why Bill really was concerned about where we were headed because he knew he had been a great key part of creating some of the very monsters that now threaten them.

AJ: Roger, I wasn’t trying to be mean to you. We’re just out of time.

God Bless.

Alright, take care. I know that you are extremely busy Mr. DeCamp, can you stay with us about eight more minutes? We can talk to Larry and Andy and that will be it and also plug your book again.

JD: Eight minutes – you’ve got it, baby.

AJ: Alright, I know you’ve got a busy law firm going there. […]


AJ: Alright, before we go any further, we’ll take two final calls. We are talking to former state senator John DeCamp, who has written a powerful book, "The Franklin Cover-up,” – only $12, shipping included. And it’s like a 400-page book. It’s powerful stuff, all documented. It’s stood up and nobody sued him. People were convicted. This is a real story. John, how do folks get the book?

JD: You write AWT, Inc, P.O. Box 85461, Lincoln, Nebraska 68501. And today, it is $12 bucks, shipping/handling everything. It’s actually quite a bit more than that. And I tell you what, anybody that orders on this, I will send a copy of the million dollar judgement that I won on behalf of the one kid and a little information on myself. […]

AJ: Quickly, Larry in Indiana and then on to Andy in Texas. Go ahead Larry.

Thank you Alex. Alex, as incredibly ugly as what John described is, it’s important for so-called Christians to expose this type of thing – not turn away and just write this stuff off. Because that’s why so many of them think that George and George, Jr. are good guys. I had read a book which described exactly what you’re talking about, John, that explained about this MKUltra and compromising Congressmen – little boys and girls.

Every single thing you described is detailed in this book. And Alex, when you said what they do is hide things in plain sight, that’s exactly what they do. I could never have recognized all the stuff in the Matrix, or all the stuff that’s going on today that is right out in your face. It’s like the chemtrails. People just ignore it. They think it’s a conspiracy theory. It’s right out in their face.

AJ: And now they’ve got a bill in Congress admitting they are doing it.

Larry: He’s rescinded that, you know though.

AJ: Yeah

I wanted to thank you. I wanted to encourage people to dig into stuff. There is all kind of material on it. But it’s like assembling a puzzle, Alex. It’s a very ugly puzzle. But as ugly as it is, it’s exciting to know what the truth is. These guys’ actions are going to be witnesses against them when God comes back and hands out their reward. So, that’s about the only judgement you can think about….

AJ: Alright, Larry, thanks. Andy, questions or comments for our guest. Go ahead. You’ve got about a minute and a-half.

Andy: I don’t know if you talked about the C-Span show they had yesterday?

JD: No

Andy: Well, they had a show on C-Span about trafficing children. And they had a lady, they had a bunch of people, one lady, I don’t know if I should give her name. Her name was Christine Goin, and she has a website called And she was talking how bin Laden was in Serbia and different places and about how it’s all involved in drug trafficing, nuclear waste trafficing and she called it the bedrock of all of these crimes.

AJ: Well, they admit they have kidnapped like 2.2 million women out of Eastern and Central Europe in 1999 alone and shipped them to slave brothels all over the Middle East. Again, that’s the CIA involved, yet again. Not just the CIA, the whole global control arm. That’s a whole other show.

Andy: Yes, I read David Icke’s story about Dick Cheney doing some stuff….

AJ: Yeah, that’s kind of a discrediting mechanism. Let me get a quick comment from John DeCamp. John? Thanks Andy, we are out of time. John, any closing comments?

JD: I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist. I just kind of look at the lay of the land and pretty much accept it the way it is. Except when I got involved in this, I kept getting in deeper and deeper and realizing that sometimes all that glitters is not gold and black is sometimes white, and up is down, so on and so forth.

And so, if nothing else, I think it would behoove people to sometimes take a second look. If something doesn’t smell right, doesn’t look right, maybe there is something wrong and you ought to ask some more questions. And, I’m not claiming that I have all the answers but I think the things that I have written about are pretty well supported by the actual physical evidence.

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