Caracorp report confirms Bonacci's account in the Gosch case

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Caracorp report confirms Bonacci's account in the Gosch case

Postby Marionumber1 » Fri Jan 26, 2018 6:13 pm

There are still some people who are skeptical that Paul Bonacci told the truth about his involvement in the Johnny Gosch abduction. Many of them believe that DeCamp helped Bonacci concoct the story in order to make himself more compelling before the court or the parole board. And as for why Noreen would go along with this by validating his story, those same people tend to accuse her of being delusional or in it for the money. I've never subscribed to any of those character attacks, but it is worth asking: is there independent corroboration of Bonacci's story?

Unless Noreen is literally fabricating an investigative report in her book, which I doubt, the answer is yes. Her book includes an excerpt of an investigative report from Caracorp, the company hired by the state legislature to investigate Franklin:

Why Johnny Can't Come Home, p.107 wrote:October 13, 1990
Report by Robert Hansel to Franklin Credit Union/Investigation
This investigator took over following the mysterious death of Gary Caradori, July 11, 1990.
"At approximately 2:00 PM, this writer proceeded to Donna Owens, residence, at which time, we discussed information regarding Paul Bonacci's diary. It is a synopsis of incidents that occurred to him. One incident took place in September of 1982, an account of a man named Amelio, who took Paul to a farmhouse in Iowa and he saw two boys that were locked in a room with no windows and only one door which was bolted shut. One of the boys was approximately nine years old, 4 feet tall, 80 pounds, blonde hair, and one blue eye and one brown eye. He also had a scar on his left leg approximately nine inches long. He also had a mole on his chest. He cried for his mother a lot and according to Paul his name was Mark.

The other boy was approximately 5'5" in height, 130 pounds, blue eyes, and brown hair. The boy was wearing black jogging pants and had a dirty shirt on that had the name of Kim's Academy on it. At that time, Mr. Bonacci asked if this was Kim's Karate, which he never did get an answer. The boy was approximately 13 years of age and he found out later that his name was Johnny and he couldn't recall his last name. The boy was from Des Moines, Iowa. The other boy was from some town in Minnesota possibly."

This was in late 1990, several months before Bonacci came forward publicly to share his account of the Gosch abduction. And it comes from his diary, which was almost certainly written even earlier. Multiple facts here match what's known about Johnny Gosch: he was kidnapped in September 1982, he did live in Des Moines IA, and he was wearing a Kim's Karate shirt and black athletic pants. We also find Bonacci's account of how the abduction took place corroborated: a man named Emilio (spelled by Bonacci as "Amelio") took Bonacci to a farmhouse in Iowa, just as he would tell Noreen and subsequent interviewers much later.
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Re: Caracorp report confirms Bonacci's account in the Gosch

Postby Elvis » Sat Jan 27, 2018 6:41 pm

That does seem significant—thanks.
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