Trevor Bauer Responds to 'BD 911' Controversy...

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Trevor Bauer Responds to 'BD 911' Controversy...

Postby elfismiles » Wed May 23, 2018 1:01 pm

HA! From the ... "REALLY?!?!? Who the frak cares, category."
Nice of Sports Illustrated to keep 911-conspiracies in the news.

:rofl: :uncertain: :deadhorse:

Trevor Bauer Responds to 'BD 911' Controversy, Calls Accusations 'unfounded'
By Charlotte Carroll May 22, 2018

Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer responded to the controversy that he appeared to carve "BD 911" into the mound as a reference to a conspiracy theory about September 11.

Bauer denied the allegations, saying he carved "BD 91.1" on the mound instead of "BD 911." Many people were assuming "BD 911" was a reference to the "Bush Did 9/11" theory.

But Bauer said the numbers and letters are related to him personally and are "completely unrelated to the senseless tragedy we endured on September 11."

Here's a screenshot of the markings on the mound.

The Indians beat the Cubs 10–1.

Bauer had six strikeouts in six innings. He allowed seven hits and two walks in 103 pitches. He's got a 2.35 ERA. ... ontroversy
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Re: Trevor Bauer Responds to 'BD 911' Controversy...

Postby Burnt Hill » Thu May 24, 2018 12:36 am

In a statement to Inside Edition, his agent said: "He addressed with the media and on Twitter. It’s an entirely personal meaning. The initials BD represent a person he knows and 91.1 is training reference from his off season workouts."
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