Britain’s Assassination Programme Stretching Back To 9/11

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Britain’s Assassination Programme Stretching Back To 9/11

Postby alloneword » Sat Apr 27, 2019 7:03 pm

Britain’s Assassination Programme Stretching Back To 9/11 (22nd April 2019)

..Reprieve’s submitted evidence highlights the UK’s apparent areas of overlap with the US drones programme, which risks implicating Britain in violations of international law of the most serious nature. However, what is less well known is another report by Reprieve, largely suppressed by the mainstream media – that of a state-sponsored assassination programme.

To the uninitiated, this is the stuff of conspiracy theories – usually reserved for American movies. And to some extent, readers may well accept that ‘drone-strikes’ are part of the technological advances of war. They may also take the attitude that the killing of the disaffected and dangerous extremists who join the likes of ISIS is fair game. It is not.

Delving deeper into the report something else emerges. First, there is the obvious legal question of extra-judicial killings. That the British state can murder anyone without even finding them guilty in a court case says something about its current legal trajectory.

“On September 7th, 2015, Prime Minister David Cameron came to Parliament and announced a “new departure” for Britain, a policy of killing individuals the Security Services and the military do not like, people placed on a list of individuals who the UK (acting along with the US and others) have identified and systematically plan to kill. The mere admission that there is a Kill List certainly should, indeed, have been a “departure” for a country that prides itself on decency. Unfortunately, it was not a “new departure” at all, as we had been doing it secretly for more than a decade.”

Then there is an issue of international laws and treaties, and not least the morality of some decisions because as we have since found out – “drones in Pakistan killed an average of nine innocent children for each “High-Value Target” singled out for death.”... ... k-to-9-11/

Full report (pdf 7mb)
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