Emma After Dark drunken AMA & storytime DDoSecrets

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Emma After Dark drunken AMA & storytime DDoSecrets

Postby seemslikeadream » Wed Aug 21, 2019 4:31 pm

Emma After Dark: a drunken AMA and story-time with the co-founder of DDoSecrets
By Emma Best


Emma After Dark: a drunken AMA and story-time with the co-founder of
With guest appearances from Barrett Brown and L.B. Horne.

Ever wanted to hang out or get drunk with me while I answer questions and talk about the strangest case I've ever worked on? Now's your chance. To help raise money for Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoSecrets), I'll be making a rare appearance in a pair of back-to-back livestreams where I'll do just that. As a bonus, I'll reveal what DDoSecrets next release (the first entry in a new series) will be. Whether you're a journalist looking for a candid interview or a curious supporter, I hope I'll see you there (no special software needed, just a web browser).

Over the past few months, DDoSecrets – which the Columbia Journalism Review described as "an alternative to WikiLeaks" – has ballooned in terms of both how much data it holds and how much is downloaded everyday. For the 3rd time in less than a year, we're going to have to upgrade our server infrastructure. Several pending releases (including #29 Leaks, which may surpass the total number of emails and documents published by WikiLeaks) and the search function being developed with the help of the Pursuance Project will raise our costs even more. As it is, virtually of DDoSecrets' funds come out of my pocket, and the more time I spend working on DDoSecrets, the less money I'm able to earn to pay its costs. Currently, DDoSecrets' servers cost about $300/month, not counting software licenses, etc.

To avoid directly taking contributions (DDoSecrets is not an incorporated entity or a registered non-profit), I'm going to try raising funds in ways that let people receive something in exchange for their contribution. To begin, I'll do a two-part interactive livestream. Free to patrons, the livestreams will be open to anyone who contributes $2 (or more if you're feeling generous/really want to help). All funds raised (after any transaction fees, Stripe takes $0.30+ off of each ticket) will be set aside for DDoSecrets.

In the first part (2 hours), I'll answer your questions about FOIA, research, DDoSecrets (within reason because OPSEC), and even myself. Meanwhile, I'll be drinking beer (and using MMJ) – essentially a drunken, live-streamed AMA. The more interactive I am, the faster I tend to drink. In other words the more you ask, the drunker (and less filtered) I'll become. In between questions, I'll tell random anecdotes and stories.

In the second part (up to 2 hours), I'll continue drinking while I share some of my stranger and more unique stories and anecdotes from some cases I've worked on. For some of these, I may have a rough outline of the chronology of events with minimal details, but otherwise recount things from memory (you know the formula).

Stories will include:

Stories behind a few of the less hyperbolic entries on the list
The time I was poisoned at a punk show
What the history books leave out about Angleton's firing
Danny Casolaro, and what he got right (and wrong) with his theory about "The Octopus"
How looking into PROMIS and the Cabazon murders led to an ex-nun pointing a gun at my head
How a liaison under NOC (whose identity I won't reveal, for legal and moral reasons) arranged for my eyebrows and some of my hair to be burned off, and separately threatened to retaliate if I went through channels to try to get documents from the local government
I was a smalltime prepubescent, intercontinental smuggler
CIA duck
I'll keep an eye on the chat as we go and continue to answer questions and respond to feedback.

This is likely a one-time only event. If you aren't able to participate live but buy a ticket in advance, you'll be able to watch it later. If I upload a copy of it available later, I may edit portions out and/or charge more for it. The only way to be sure to see it is to buy a ticket in advance, and the best way to see it is live and interactive.
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