explosives of the type used in 7/7 found in new york

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explosives of the type used in 7/7 found in new york

Postby tron » Mon Oct 18, 2010 1:26 pm

http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/World- ... 6303?f=rss

Explosives of the same type used in the London 7/7 bombings have been removed from a New York cemetery.

Explosives found in New York cemetery

Police have no idea why the explosives were placed in the cemetery

Eight bricks of the powerful C4 explosives were discovered in a plastic bag at the historic New York City Marble Cemetery.

New York police said the explosives were "very potent" military grade of the same type used the 2005 London attacks. But they were missing detonators.

"Inside a building, it could have caused an awful lot of damage," said City police commissioner Raymond Kelly.

"It has yellow writing on a sort of military green material.

View New York Marble Cemetery in a larger map

It was "taken perhaps from a military installation years ago. We don't have the age," he said.

"It looks like it's been there a significant period of time."

The explosives were found in 2009 by a cemetery worker, who left them in the black bag at the back of the graveyard.

They remained there until they were discovered at the weekend by a volunteer worker.

It is not known how or why the C4 sticks ended up at the cemetery.

But police are investigating two bizarre notes found nearby.

One note, written in chalk on the pavement, said: "I really hope one of you finds this."

Another message, posted in an envelope on a police car, said, "words to the effect of 'stop putting Christ on 2nd Street,'" Commissioner Kelly said. It was signed "Jesus Christ".

"It's difficult to tell when this may have been written. What we'll do is look at cameras in the area," the commissioner added.
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7/7-Style Explosives Found In NY Cemetery
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