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Re: There's psychiatrists, and then there's psychiatrists

Postby toscaveritas » Wed Jul 20, 2005 12:59 am

I think there are two points to this debate. I will lump psychiatry and psychology into one pot here, because both do non-medication work.<br><br>One is balance: Psychiatry CAN be a good thing, with positive results when used to empower, heal or stabilize. Ultimately the goal has to be IMO, that the patient would live without any assistance or medication. This of course, may not be achievable for people with severe disorders, but even those can be aided to live a <!--EZCODE UNDERLINE START--><span style="text-decoration:underline">quality </span><!--EZCODE UNDERLINE END-->life, even if it is in an assisted living environment. Basis must always be the <!--EZCODE UNDERLINE START--><span style="text-decoration:underline">dignity</span><!--EZCODE UNDERLINE END--> of the human being! <br><br>Many victims of abuse (physical/mental/emotional) cannot overcome the trauma without the help of GOOD professionals who help them learn coping tools, escape victim behavior patterns and prevent family breakups, etc. Many perpetrators of today were victims yesterday of other victims , who never got help. It's a very vicious cycle that has to be broken for it to end! <br><br>Also, it is apparent, that our brutal 'elbow society' completely ignores human dignity, human rights, feelings , justice, poverty, the frail, etc. We have become those who worship the golden calf of sorts- the dollar! Money is the god, humans don't matter. No wonder, so many people have severe depressions. Our food is poisoned for profit, our water is poisoned for profit, our 'vaccinatons ' are littered with bio-agents and pesticides. Greed breaks up families for a 'career'. We send our children to 'day care centers' , so we can have the SUV and the big TV. NO wonder so many souls are crying! IMO, most mental illnesses are souls crying. A symptom of an ailing society, traumatized, robbed of its humanity. Psychology/Psychiatry cannot provide the 'fix' for any of the causes, but in many cases, it can prevent worse by offering that which our media/schools/parents don't -- healthy coping mechanisms and self awareness in healing trauma. <br><br>As far as medication goes, I can say that I think it should always be the LAST resort and never to be viewed as life-long, unless absolutely necessary in severe cases (which I might be wrong about) . I've personally benefited from SHORT term assistance by very reasonably prescribed , mild anti-depressants with the stern warning by the doctors, that I should NOT view medication as a 'fix', but merely as a short term life-saver that can NOT substitute serious therapy.(this did not happen in the USA, but in Europe)<br><br>Having said that: <br><br>Tom Cruise does have a point when he directs attention to the history of psychiatry. I've also done some research into this and have been shocked and appalled at what I have found. Nazi doctors did horrific experiments to test the human psyche and apparently, there is ample proof that their programs continued in the USA after the war. To this day, there are many stories of abuse and experiments. He is right to point that out. Plus, it's still ongoing! Often times, patients with mild conditions, who actually need counseling, not drugs, are used as unsuspecting guinea pigs in 'mental health' hospitals. I don't think I have to post links here now, because of the rather enlightened members, who I'm sure have better search talents than myself.<br><br>I've learned to seriously question many of the so called 'diagnosis' that are used , especially the 'new' ones in recent years. My experiences overseas have helped iwth that, because particularely in Germany, diagnosis are much more refined, very carefully chosen and carefully monitored by medical oversight institutions. The broad brush of 'chemical imbalance', ADHD, or 'bipolar' is almost unheard of and wouldn't be taken seriously. It would certainly be questioned if the professional making such a broad , unspecific diagnosis deserved their title at all. My personal opinion is, that the pharma industry AND the 'establishment'/system BOTH have a vested interest in having as many citizens as possible ON DRUGS, as long as big pharma makes a PROFIT and it makes them quiet and complacent! And with the launch of the 'mental health screening ' in schools nationwide, they have openly declared their intent to increase their PROFIT margin and crush what is left of human dignity for our children and parental rights! More and more people are seeing this on both sides of the political spectrum and the so -called 'non-voters' also and they are very ticked off! <br><br>And here we get to my point 2:<br><br>What better way to discredit, ridicule criticism or even justify removal of parental rights, but to find/create/buy off a crazy-acting, highly prominent 'spokesperson' for the dissenters- a scientology cult advocate - Tom Cruise!<br><br>Soon, every parent who objects to their child being subjected to the 'mental health screening' will be accused of belonging to a CULT or listening to a crazy culty hollywood star on drugs! <br><br>just a thought, but its not so absurd, I think<br><br>The message is: enter the brave new bushworld with pills that make you and your children happy! Trust your Fuehrer with your health, your children or else! (paid for by big pharma and your U.S. corporation) <p></p><i></i>
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Re: There's psychiatrists, and then there's psychiatrists

Postby dbeach » Wed Jul 20, 2005 7:48 pm

good /bad in all the helping professions..drugs are good bad depending on the person..<br><br>peck..great writer...<br><br>"read."'if you meet the budha on the road..shoot him.."<br><br>ole book about the journey of psychotherapy and the teacher/student ..master/traveler relationship... <p></p><i></i>
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