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Daryl Gates, Dead Kennedy's, and Oswald

PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2008 2:40 pm
by sunny
(via Covert History)

Did the LAPD Send Lee Harvey Oswald to Russia?
In the book, Chief: My Life in the L.A.P.D., Daryl Gates writes that the Los Angeles Police Department had a special intelligence unit that ran a program which sent American spies to Russia, totally clandestine and under deep cover. This was during the during the same period when Lee Harvey Oswald made his strange trip to the Soviet Union. A natural question arises; was the accused assassin part of the program?

A few words about Daryl Gates are in order. Gates went to University of Southern California on the G.I. Bill. He worked closely with the infamous Police Chief Bill Parker. Gates is a notorious right winger. He was in charge during the Watts riot that occurred five days after the Voting Rights Act passed in1965. Despite his failures during the riots, he was considered an expert on riots and riot control and helped prepare other police chiefs for the riots that would occur in other parts of the country. He worked with the Marines at Camp Pendleton to find the best snipers. His policies were viewed as racist and led to the Rodney King beating and many other abuses of police power. He was also in charge during the second Los Angeles riot. Even someone as famous as Peter Ueberroth was not afraid to ask the question, "Is it true that Daryl Gates is a Nazi?" It was Gates who started S.W.A.T, Special Weapons and Tactics, which put military weapons into the hands of the police. He was behind the Drug Awareness program for kids called D.A.R.E which educates kids in the inner cities about drugs and how to use them.( :lol: ~sunny)

Two interesting facts emerge when studying Daryl Gates. The first one is how interested he was in Lee Harvey Oswald and the JFK assassination. Just a few hours before Oswald was murdered by Ruby, Gates was on the phone talking to the Dallas Police Department. The second one is that he was in charge of Robert Kennedy's security at the Ambassador Hotel the night of RFK's assassination. Actually, there was no security. Gates kept the police away claiming somebody told him Bobby didn't want the LAPD there. The Los Angeles Police would burn most of the photos related to the assassination before Sirhan's trial began. Then Gates kept the case secret for twenty-five years. When he was forced to release the files, he had destroyed most of the evidence.

Many have made the claim that Lee Harvey Oswald was sent to Russia by the CIA, when it could be as simple as a group of private citizens or a local agency like the LAPD behind it. The LAPD was extremely anti-Communist in those days. It had secret divisions investigating subversives which kept huge files on private citizens. If Oswald was recruited by the LAPD it would show him to be a right wing operative, not the communist many claim him to be.
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2008 3:06 pm
by judasdisney
Many have made the claim that Lee Harvey Oswald was sent to Russia by the CIA, when it could be as simple as a group of private citizens or a local agency like the LAPD behind it. The LAPD was extremely anti-Communist in those days. It had secret divisions investigating subversives which kept huge files on private citizens. If Oswald was recruited by the LAPD it would show him to be a right wing operative, not the communist many claim him to be.

Loads of circumstantial evidence (such as the Parkland Hospital events, the Oswald doubles, the Secret Service re-route onto Elm Street, etc.) suggest a much higher involvement than simply the LAPD. The 544 Camp Street address of Oswald's "Fair Play for Cuba Committee" was shared by the CIA. Operation Mongoose would also seem to belie much higher involvement than the LAPD.

Certainly Oswald was not a communist. Read about George DeMorenschildt, 544 Camp Street & Guy Banister & Ed Butler & David Ferrie, etc.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2008 3:31 pm
by streeb
Interesting... isn't there, historically, a strong working relationship between the CIA and the LAPD? Doesn't Ruppert talk about that in Crossing the Rubicon?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2008 5:02 pm
by sunny
I don't think the possible involvement of LAPD rules out CIA in the least. CIA used Mafia, Dallas Police, Bethesda Naval Hospital personnel, and various and sundry other organizations to get the job done.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2008 6:53 pm
by 8bitagent
The powerful and brilliant new documentary RFK Must Die which you ALL should try and see, totally goes into how the LAPD was involved in JFK and RFK, and had strong ties to the CIA at the time.


PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2008 2:06 am
by Joe Hillshoist
Fuck I thought this thread was gonna be about music.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2008 2:49 am
by compared2what?
Dr. Prof. Hillshoist --

When I first saw the subject line, I read it as "Daryl Oates, Dead Kennedys, and Oswald." So I did too. Plus, I had a Trivial-Pursuit quarrel with it.

Then I emerged from the stream of my consciousness into reality, and read the fascinating and informative article. I hate when that happens.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2008 3:55 am
by Joe Hillshoist
compared2what? wrote:Then I emerged from the stream of my consciousness into reality. I hate when that happens.

Yeah me too.

I'm not American, so I get easily bored with endless talk about the Kennedy's. Not to put down those people that do get into it. But ... well, its just hard to get excited by one US politician getting murdered by another (I know thats a massive oversimplification).

Its not like all the bad stuff started with Kennedy's death.

Fuck if 30000 kids a day die of starvation - how many have died since Kennedy was shot...

I was a good article tho, and I am more interested in people like Gates, their crimes and the influence they have on the unfolding fascist nightmare we are in now.

Not that it helps the hundred or so kids who died since I started typing this reply.

The LAPD - now there's an ugly nest of vipers.

Re: Daryl Gates, Dead Kennedy's, and Oswald

PostPosted: Tue Jul 16, 2013 10:21 am
by Wombaticus Rex

Los Angeles is a young city, young even by California standards. But in that short time, the city’s earned a reputation for its rightwing and racist cops, and for its sophisticated and zealous political surveillance apparatus.

Frank Donner, a labor attorney and pioneering researcher into modern police political surveillance, considered Los Angeles to be America’s premier police state city. From his great 1991 book “Protectors of Privilege”:

“In Los Angeles…more than in any other city in the country, the role of the police department and its red squad as clients of business interests in combating dissent and unionism was from the start openly proclaimed and was implemented over the years with only minimal concessions to changes in political climate, accountability requirements, reform movements, recurring corruption scandals, and adverse court decisions. Finally, the political intelligence component of the LAPD is unique because of its unabashed right-wing commitment. To be sure, all of the red squads were guided by highly conservative political values, but in Los Angeles right-wing zealotry reigned supreme. This extremist bias accounts for the unit’s operational aggression, persistent racism, failure to deal with right-wing bombings in the sixties, operational collaboration with legislative witch-hunts…"


Harry Chandler, L.A.’s O.G. oligarch and owner of the Los Angeles Times, owned most of the land here, which he pimped out to white Midwesterners as the “white spot of America." L.A. was advertised as a place untroubled by “labor difficulties, inefficient workers and a constantly rising labor costs,” in contrast to the cities back East. And the L.A. police department — and its army of undercover officers — were the custodians of this purity, tasked with keeping L.A.’s white spot clean and sparkling, and union free.

The city’s founding fathers wielded unchecked political and economic power, and destroyed anyone who sought to curb or challenge their dominance. The LAPD’s covert division blackmailed political and business opponents and waged constant war on socialists, labor activists and assorted leftists. They responded to even the tiniest whiff of pro-labor sentiment with extreme violence.

So close was the relationship between business and covert police work that for a long time LAPD’s Intelligence Bureau (the official name of LA’s “Red Squad”) was housed inside the Chamber of Commerce — which had been founded by Harry Chandler’s father-in-law and fellow owner of the Los Angeles Times Harrison Gray Otis. Best of all, the Intel Bureau was headed by William Hynes, who got the job after a distinguished career in the private sector as a labor-provocateur-for-hire.

With leadership like that, the LAPD performed marvelously. Intel Bureau agents planted bombs to implicate union activists, attacked labor symps, broke up strikes, blackmailed reformist politicians and received additional pay and bonuses from the Chamber of Commerce and affiliated companies for strike-breaking services rendered. And the Intel Bureau did not restrict its activities to Los Angeles. They rode up to other counties to break up farm worker strikes on behalf of oligarch farmers, who were frequently based in Los Angeles and Pasadena.

The Intel Division began amassing files on individuals and political groups, sharing them with other law enforcement agencies across the nation.

Undercover detectives colluded with Mexico’s dictatorship to harass Mexican political activists hiding out in the U.S. Cops were on Mexico’s payroll, which was known and condoned by LAPD’s top brass. The practice of working for foreign nations would continue well into the present — as the ADL spying scandal showed. But more on that later…

The fact is that police corruption and covert political repression went hand in hand. Cops were given a free hand to plunder and run their own criminal rackets, as long as they tended to the business interests of their masters first.

In 1938, an investigator working for a local police reform group was targeted by a car bomb. He survived, but was badly injured. Subsequent investigation revealed that a crooked cop named Earl Kynette had planted the bomb. Kynette was part of a special “secret service” unit within the LAPD that was tasked with spying on and blackmailing rivals of then-mayor Frank Shaw. Kynette was recruited to lead the LAPD’s secret service after a prostitute extortion racket he had been running was exposed in public.

This was just part of the scummy daily grind for L.A.’s covert ops cops. The hardboiled crime pulp fiction that came out of that era wasn’t fantasy — it was, as they say, inspired by real events.

The Intel Bureau’s activities were slightly curbed in the early 1940s, following a series of scandals and shocking revelations of the La Follette Committee, a blockbuster Senate investigation into big business’s war on labor unions. But the lull didn’t last for long. WWII was just around the corner, and the Intel Bureau’s anti-labor activities were brought back with a vengeance under the guise of Cold War subversive activity.

By that point, covert policing had become deeply ingrained in LAPD’s culture. And many of the department’s most powerful figures rose up through the ranks of the undercover/intel division.

William Parker, LAPD’s longest-serving and most influential chief, had come up from the Red Squad, where he worked to infiltrate and subvert “radical” groups. If his experience had taught him anything, it was that police intel apparatus provided raw political power… In that sense he was like J. Edgar Hoover…obsessed with keeping tabs on everyone and everything...

Re: Daryl Gates, Dead Kennedy's, and Oswald

PostPosted: Tue Jul 16, 2013 10:41 am
by norton ash
Bear Report

CIA: We will neither confirm nor deny that a bear was seen.

FBI: I'm told that there are documents and e-mails involving communications and telephone conversations involving the bear's associates and family. Testimony against the bear is pending.

LAPD: All right, all right. I'm a fucking BEAR, ok? I'm a fucking BEAR. Jesus, sangre de dios...

Re: Daryl Gates, Dead Kennedy's, and Oswald

PostPosted: Tue Jul 16, 2013 12:50 pm
by Wombaticus Rex
Some further brainfood from that Yasha Levine / NSFW link posted above:

And that brings us to today.

L.A.’s current chief Charlie Beck also hails from LAPD’s covert police culture. He was part of the elite anti-gang CRASH Unit—Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums, which triggered the Ramparts scandal, in which detectives essentially operated as a police criminal gang: confiscating drugs and selling them, framing and murdering innocent people as a matter of routine.

Charlie Beck never got caught up in the scandal and does not like to talk about his time there, other than to say that those were the “dark days.” But he was eventually brought in to “reform” the Ramparts Division, and surely knew about what was going on. According to sworn testimony from Rafael Perez, the Ramparts detective who stole a bunch of coke and was caught trying to frame an innocent person for a shooting, just about everyone in the elite CRASH Unit knew what was going on.

Here’s what he said in 2000:

Perez: I’m going to make a very broad statement. And you’re not going to like it. It’s not good. There’s a thing called being “in the loop,” being involved. I was not in the loop or involved in anything, as far as police-wise ’til maybe ’95, when I joined CRASH. When I got into CRASH– before then, I had no concept of what certain officers do. I can tell you this. And you can put me on a polygraph. Oh, well, I know I’m going to be on a polygraph… . I would say that ninety percent of the officers that work CRASH, and not just Rampart CRASH, falsify a lot of information. They put cases on people. And I know that’s not a good thing to hear. I know that’s very broad. But the first time I saw certain things, I didn’t realize that, like I said until ’95, when I joined CRASH I didn’t see a lot of these things. I just didn’t. I was a patrol guy. I worked Narcotics. Just did my normal job. And I’m not, number one, proud of this. You know, it hurts me to say it. But there’s a lot of crooked stuff going in with LAPD, especially LAPD specialized units. ... What I’m saying is, specialized units need to be looked at, because there is – and believe me when I tell you – if there was 15 officers in CRASH, 13 of them were putting cases on people.

Rosenthal: When you say “putting cases on people” do you mean manufacturing probable cause, or do you mean actually, in essence, framing somebody who did not do something for a crime?

Perez: Both. Both.

And, as an understudy to Police Chief William Bratton, who’s backed by the CIA’s Manhattan Institute thinktank, Charlie Beck is a huge proponent of using covert police operations to fight terrorism. You can read Bratton, in his own words, describing his technique of turning cops into pre-terror fighters through “intelligence-led counterterrorist policing” techniques. Which of course will mean going after immigrants and Muslims — after all, only foreigners would want to destroy the United States.

Re: Daryl Gates, Dead Kennedy's, and Oswald

PostPosted: Tue Jul 16, 2013 12:54 pm
by Wombaticus Rex
Good Riddance, Daryl Gates


The former Los Angeles police chief, Daryl Gates, who died last Friday of cancer at his home in California, is being widely credited in mostly laudatory newspaper obituaries as the man who developed the idea of Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT)units–those paramilitary police teams so loved by Hollywood filmmakers–who bring the art and weaponry of modern warfare into communities, breaking into houses with faces covered in ski masks, and carrying assault weapons in order to make arrests for often minor offenses, or blowing away people–often innocent people–in what the modern military calls “force escalation incidents.”

But Gates was more than just the Sultan of SWAT.

He was also a proponent of the police-state tactic of massive surveillance and spying. Not that he invented it. As a deputy chief under Chief Ed Davis, and later as chief of police, Gates inherited the LAPD’s notorious “Red Squad,” known as the Public Disorder Intelligence Division (PDID), which had a sordid history going back into the 1920s, but he certainly expanded it dramatically.

I had my own experience with the PDID when I was an editor of the little alternative news weekly, the Los Angeles Vanguard, founded by myself and several other Los Angeles journalists in 1976, after the demise of the venerable Los Angeles Free Press. Our publication, which took on the issue of police brutality and especially the all-to-frequent shooting of unarmed citizens, very quickly became a special focus of the PDID. We learned, years after our publication had folded, that our volunteer staff had been infiltrated by a young PDID officer named Connie Milazzo, a woman just out of the Police Academy, who came to us posing as a journalist wannabe.

In a depositions taken by attorneys with the Southern California American Civil LIberties Union as part of a class action suit against the LAPD and the City of Los Angeles in the early 1980s, after Milazzo and other equally young Red Squad spies had been discovered infiltrating over 200 peaceful organizations in Los Angeles ranging from our newspaper to the local chapters of NOW, the Peace & Freedom Party, and even the office of City Councillor Zev Yaroslavsky, we learned that the PDID was gathering dossiers on literally thousands of local political activists, infiltrating and spying on protected political activities like peace demonstrations, anti-nuclear demonstrations and even political campaigns, and also engaging in provocateur activities, trying to encourage peaceful groups to cross the line into criminal actions.

We learned too that our paper was actually sabotaged by the PDID, which operated under Gates’ authority. We had, after about six months’ operation, hired a person at a considerable cost to sell advertising space in the paper. We learned from this person, only much later after the paper had to shut down, that she had been told by her boss, an advertizing agency executive, to only pretend to try and sell ads. It turns out that the executive had a son who had been busted by the LAPD for drugs, and the police had extorted the father, saying if he prevented our paper from getting advertising, they’d get the charges dropped against his son.

Gates is hailed too, for being the first police chief to add helicopters to the police department’s arsenal. It was a logical move. The LAPD already was widely seen as essentially a military organization, so why not have an air force too? But in fact, the helicopters were mostly a huge waste of department money. They gave the department, and its chief, great bragging rights at tony Los Angeles parties and police conventions, but did little to reduce crime.

I remember how back then, when I lived on a hill across Alvarado Boulevard from Dodger Stadium in the Echo Park section of L.A., when I would come home from Vanguard Office, how often a police helicopter would be secretly following my car. When I’d park and start walking up the steps towards my house, I’d suddenly be bathed in a light as bright as day, as the helicopter would turn on its searchlight. It was a clear attempt at intimidation and harassment, as were the helicopters that, during the day, often came to buzz over our office in the Crenshaw District, just to let us know they were watching.

Connie tried to get our sources. Her technique was simple. She would volunteer to stay in the office and answer the phone while the three or four editors went out to lunch. I kept all my files in those pre-computer days in a metal recipe box on index cards. Fortunately I kept my best sources hidden by using false names and carefully rearranged phone numbers, so my inside sources in the LAPD and the Sheriff’s Department were never uncovered by Millazzo. But it wasn’t for lack of her trying, I’m sure.

The lawsuit brought against Gates and the PDID, settled out of court because the PDID didn’t want to have to disclose any more of its nefarious activities, which it turns out included selling much of the collected data on local activists to a right-wing organization called Western Goals that had links to the John Birch Society, ultimately cost the City of Los Angeles $1.8 million, of which I received $2000.

So I guess I owe Chief Gates a small word of thanks. The money came at a point when my wife and I, by then living and working as freelancers in New York, were low on cash (and expecting a baby). But that check hardly compensates for his role in helping to undermine and destroy an award-winning but financially fragile investigative newspaper that was for the first time exposing the LAPD’s role in killing unarmed citizens through excessive use of force and an official, but secret, department policy of shoot-to-kill.

Gates’ obsession with violence and his policy of using the police in Los Angeles as an occupying army in poor minority communities ultimately led to his undoing. His defense of the officers filmed beating the unarmed and defenseless Rodney King, and his inept handling of the days of wide-spread rioting that followed the aquittal of those officers by an all-white jury, led to his being forced to resign as chief in 1992.

Chief Gates represented all that is wrong with police and law-enforcement in America. Thanks to him, my little town of Upper Dublin, a mostly upper-middle-class exuburb just north of Philadelphia where crime mostly consists of breaking and entering, or an occasional case of drunkenness or disorderly conduct, boasts a big gray SWAT panel truck, equipped with assault weapons and god knows what else that never gets used, but that gets shown off every year at an annual police and fire department show-and-tell day. And surely, his PDID, and the spying it engaged in, was a harbinger of and even pioneer for the almost universal surveillance state that we now live in, with cameras popping up everywhere, our electronic communications constantly monitored, and police acting like the gestapo, instead of the civil servants they are supposed to be.

Indeed, Gates profited handily off the trend towards increased surveillance that he helped encourage, moving from his disgraced resignation from the LAPD to a lucrative post as chief executive of Global ePoint, a maker of digital video surveillance systems.

I, for one, will not miss him.

DAVE LINDORFF is a Philadelphia-based journalist and columnist. His latest book is “The Case for Impeachment” (St. Martin’s Press, 2006 and now available in paperback). He can be reached at


PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2013 10:55 pm
by MinM
sunny » Mon Jan 28, 2008 4:02 pm wrote:I don't think the possible involvement of LAPD rules out CIA in the least. CIA used Mafia, Dallas Police, Bethesda Naval Hospital personnel, and various and sundry other organizations to get the job done.

Image @TimothyS: Every city? "His last position was Director of Central Intelligence Representative in Los Angeles from 1999 to 2003."

PhaseOne Names Ren Stelloh Chief Operating Officer

LOS ANGELES, July 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Reynold F. "Ren" Stelloh III,
executive vice president of PhaseOne Communications, Inc. has been appointed
to the additional office of chief operating officer, according to Joanne L.
"Jody" Moxham, president and chief executive officer of the research-based

Stelloh joined PhaseOne in June, 2003, following a distinguished 25 year
career with the Central Intelligence Agency. His last position was Director
of Central Intelligence Representative in Los Angeles
from 1999 to 2003.

PhaseOne scientifically analyzes all forms of communication, and forecasts
performance in the marketplace. For more than 20 years clients have employed
PhaseOne to determine which strategic direction is best suited to specific
marketplace challenges, to understand strengths and vulnerabilities in their
and their competitors' communications and to maximize the impact of their
communications, before spending time and money to produce them.

Stelloh is a member of the Virginia State Bar, and received his law degree
from the College of William and Mary. He lives in Redondo Beach, California.

PhaseOne is headquartered in the Howard Hughes Center, just north of Los
Angeles International Airport.

SOURCE PhaseOne Communications, Inc. ... 24932.html



PostPosted: Thu Jun 16, 2016 8:52 pm
by MinM
Apparently that scumbag Daryl Gates is getting exposed a little in the new ESPN OJ Simpson Documentary...

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streeb » Mon Jan 28, 2008 2:31 pm wrote:Interesting... isn't there, historically, a strong working relationship between the CIA and the LAPD? Doesn't Ruppert talk about that in Crossing the Rubicon?

Manny Pena and Hank Hernadez (the guy that interrogated Sandy Serrano) both had CIA/USAID ties.



Special Order 40

PostPosted: Sun Feb 05, 2017 8:50 am
by MinM
ImageLos Angeles Times ‏@latimes

How LAPD's law-and-order chief revolutionized the way cops treated illegal immigration