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PostPosted: Mon Mar 31, 2008 8:02 pm
by chlamor
Anyone read this? Is it worthwhile?

The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United
States and the World

Col., U.S. Air Force (Ret.)

Copyright © 1973, 1992, 1997 by L. Fletcher Prouty
All Rights Reserved

This 1997 edition of the book is available in its entirety on Len Osanic's rip-roaring 1997 CD-ROM, The Collected Works of Col. L. Fletcher Prouty along with ~600MB of 70+ articles, 100 images, 30 topics and 6 hours of audio material. Read all about it and how to order your own copy by going to:

Here on ratical we will be hooking up the rest of the book in HTML and ASCII formats over the next 7 months. Each month will see the following chapters come online:

May: Chapters 3-6
June: Chapters 7-10
July: Chapters 11-15
August: Chapters 16-19
September: Chapters 20-23
October: Appendices I-III

The online copy of this book was made possible by the efforts and generosity of Len Osanic. We thank him for his support. Be sure to check out the details on the complete CD if you are interested in this book. There is a great deal to recommend it for anyone who wants to study the writings, interviews and perceptions of Colonel Prouty. The significance of Prouty's level and depth of first-hand experience of World War II and direct participation in the ensuing birth and rise of the National Security State is provided in great detail on The Collected Works CD.



Author's Note


Preface to the Second Edition

Preface: "THE SECRET TEAM II" 1997


Chapter 1 The "Secret Team" -- the Real Power Structure

Chapter 2 The Nature of Secret Team Activity: A Cuban Case Study


Chapter 3 An Overview of the CIA

Section I. Intelligence versus Secret Operations

Section II. Origins of the Agency and
the Seeds of Secret Operations

Section III. A Simple Coup d'État to a Global Mechanism

Chapter 4 From the Word of the Law to the Interpretation:
President Kennedy Attempts to Put the CIA Under Control

Chapter 5 "Defense" as a National Military Philosophy,
the Natural Prey of the Intelligence Community

Chapter 6 "It Shall Be the Duty of the Agency: To Advise, to Coordinate,
to Correlate and Evaluate and Disseminate
and to Perform Services of Common Concern . . ."

Coordination of Intelligence -- the
Major Assigned Role of the CIA

Correlation, Evaluation and Dissemination of
Intelligence: Heart of the Profession

Services of Common Concern: An Attempt at Efficiency

Chapter 7 From the Pines of Maine to the Birches of Russia:
The Nature of Clandestine Operations

Chapter 8 CIA: "The Cover Story" Intelligence Agency
and the Real-Life Clandestine Operator

Chapter 9 The Coincidence of Crises

Chapter 10 The Dulles-Jackson-Correa Report in Action


Chapter 11 The Dulles Era Begins

Chapter 12 Personnel: The Chameleon Game

Chapter 13 Communications: The Web of the World

Chapter 14 Transportation: Anywhere in the World -- Now

Chapter 15 Logistics by Miracle


Chapter 16 Cold War: The Pyrrhic Gambit

Chapter 17 Mission Astray, Soviet Gamesmanship

Chapter 18 Defense, Containment, and Anti-Communism

Chapter 19 The New Doctrine: Special Forces and
the Penetration of the Mutual Security Program

Chapter 20 Khrushchev's Challenge: The U-2 Dilemma

Chapter 21 A Time of Covert Action: U-2 to Kennedy Inaugural

Chapter 22 Camelot: From the Bay of Pigs to Dallas, Texas

Chapter 23 Five Presidents: "Nightmares We Inherited"


I. Definition of Special Operations

II. Powers and Duties of the CIA

III. Training Under the Mutual Security Program



Read Prouty.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 31, 2008 9:52 pm
by Hugh Manatee Wins
Definitely worth reading. First published in 1973 and promptly suppressed.
Read all the Prouty you can find. Plenty online plus a few books.
Ignore what Chip Berlet and John McAdams write about him. They're CIA shills.

If Prouty had lived past summer 2001, he would've ripped 9/11 right open.

Hmm. I'm getting a note saying-
"The connection was refused when attempting to connect to

on edit: fixed the url by omitting the stray ". Don't be a troll, H.C.E.

Stuff is getting hard to find-

Prouty was the Pentagon's liason officer with CIA from 1955-1963.
This means Prouty was not compartmentalized and saw all the CIA secret war projects because they came to him for weapons - bombers, submarines, ships...not just handguns.

So he watched CIA's secret team under Allen Dulles take over the control of the US government and foreign policy right under Eisenhower's nose.

He wrote about the high-level government fingerprints on the JFK assassination based on the security protocols he knew quite well.

He also identified colleagues in photos of Dealey Plaza who were part of the Operation Mongoose attempts on Castro's life like Lansdale. We can also see Conein and Hemming.

I'm quite sure that a decoy project to obscure him is the long series of 9 'Fletch' novels and 4 movies that started in 1974, the year after his 'Secret Team' book.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 31, 2008 10:26 pm
by OP ED
Eisenhower saw it happening too. Diet-Imperialist though he was, I think all the spooky cloak and dagger stuff was something he regarding as cowardly, as somehow unworthy of american exceptionalism. I'd take that over Karl Rove any day of the week, personally.

PostPosted: Mon May 18, 2009 1:31 pm
by MinM

PostPosted: Mon May 18, 2009 1:54 pm
by jingofever
According to Hersh, the former Lebanese PM Rafique Al Hariri and the army chief were murdered for not safeguarding US interests and for refusing to set up US military bases in Lebanon.

From what I assume is the interview:

Could JSOC have been responsible?

No. Hariri, America. No. Impossible. There was no reason. JSOC's responsibility was to go after what they call high-value targets.

I don't know if that is the whole interview but there is nothing about Bhutto in that transcript.

PostPosted: Mon May 18, 2009 10:39 pm
by Sweejak
"The connection was refused when attempting to connect to"

The quotes were stuck to the url. works for me.

PostPosted: Mon May 18, 2009 11:22 pm
by barracuda
MinM wrote:'US special squad killed Benazir'

Whoa - Seymour Hirsh says Cheney killed Bhutto!? That's kind of a bombshell. From the link:

    Former prime minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto was assassinated on the orders of the special death squad formed by former US vice-president Dick Cheney, which had already killed the Lebanese Prime Minister Rafique Al Hariri and the army chief of that country.

    The squad was headed by General Stanley McChrystal, the newly-appointed commander of US army in Afghanistan. It was disclosed by reputed US journalist Seymour Hersh while talking to an Arab TV in an interview.

    Hersh said former US vice-president Cheney was the chief of the Joint Special Operation Command and he clear the way for the US by exterminating opponents through the unit and the CIA. General Stanley was the in-charge of the unit.

    Seymour also said that Rafiq Al Hariri and the Lebanese army chief were murdered for not safeguarding the US interests and refusing US setting up military bases in Lebanon. Ariel Sharon, the then prime minister of Israel, was also a key man in the plot.

    A number of websites around the world are suspecting the same unit for killing of Benazir Bhutto because in an interview with Al-Jazeera TV on November 2, 2007, she had mentioned the assassination of Usama Bin Laden, Seymour said. According to BB, Umar Saeed Sheikh murdered Usama, but her words were washed out from the David Frosts report, he said.

    The US journalist opined that it might have been done on purpose because the US leadership did not like to declare Usama dead for in the case the justification of the presence of US army in Afghanistan could no more be there, hence no reason for operation against Taliban.

Again, whoa. I'm starting a thread on this one.

PostPosted: Mon May 18, 2009 11:27 pm
by H_C_E
Hmm. I'm getting a note saying-
"The connection was refused when attempting to connect to"

Well, of course it's a CIA plot, it has to be if you're noticing it.

and you're wrong about "Fletch." That was a CIA program targeting my late beloved Basset Hound of the same name.

PostPosted: Mon May 18, 2009 11:42 pm
by Hugh Manatee Wins
H_C_E wrote:
Well, of course it's a CIA plot, it has to be if you're noticing it.

and you're wrong about "Fletch." That was a CIA program targeting my late beloved Basset Hound of the same name.

THIS is the most common form of thread derailing at RI and it is constant.

Would mods or other board members please discourage trollish snark like this?

If you have no information, just read instead of posting your petty aggressions.

PostPosted: Mon May 18, 2009 11:46 pm
by OP ED

Fletching is the ancient art of aerodynamically stabilizing arrows from materials such as feathers. The English-language surname "Fletcher" derives from this term, meaning "one who fletches."

As a noun, fletching refers to the fins or vanes attached to an arrow, each of which fins is known as a fletch. Traditionally, the fletching consists of three matched half-feathers attached near the back of the arrow or dart's shaft that are equally spaced around its circumference.


it also has an less popular euphemistic meaning as a verb, but i'll leave that alone for right now.

PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2009 12:03 am
by barracuda
I believe you are referring to "felching", a common transposition of consonant and vowel.

PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2009 12:05 am
by Hugh Manatee Wins
The whistleblowing by Lt. Col. L. Fletcher Prouty came at a really bad time for the US secret government and numerous countermeasures have been taken, a topic, sadly, unwelcome at this board and discouraged by Jeff.

Anyway, Prouty is one of a handful of insiders who have helped civilians see what's behind the mil-intel government's curtain.

What he wrote about JFK's murder led to
> Oliver Stone's movie 'JFK' which led to the
> President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 which led to the
> Assassinations Record Review Board 1992-1998

And all this happened just as the internet was becoming a civilian tool for research so one helluva lotta disinfo was cranked out as a countermeasure to Too Much Truth for the Kidz.
The Col. L Fletcher Prouty Reference Site is a focal point where researchers can locate and retrieve articles, books, videos, and tapes on a variety of subjects which Fletcher has written and participated in.

Col. Prouty spent 9 of his 23 year military career in the Pentagon (1955-1964): 2 years with the Secretary of Defense, 2 years with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and 5 years with Headquarters, U.S. Air Force. In 1955 he was appointed the first "Focal Point" officer between the CIA and the Air Force for Clandestine Operations per National Security Council Directive 5412. He was Briefing Officer for the Secretary of Defense (1960-1961), and for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

At times he would be called to meet with Allen Dulles and John Foster Dulles at their home on highly classified business. He was assigned to attend MKULTRA meetings. In this capacity Col. Prouty would be at the nerve center of the Military-Industrial Complex at a time unequalled in American History. He has written on these subjects, about the JFK assassination, the Cold War period, and Vietnamese warfare, and the existence of a "Secret Team". He backs up his his work with seldom seen or mentioned official documents - some never before released.

Fletcher Prouty offers a rare glimpse of the "Power Elite" as described by Buckminster Fuller, or "The High Cabal" as Winston Churchill refered to them; and how they really operate. Those who have not been in a position to witness events such as these from the inside would not understand how invisible but ultimately effective they and their power structures are.

Len Osanic
Web site administrator

PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2009 12:06 am
by OP ED
re: cuda:


PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2009 12:18 am
by barracuda


PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2009 12:28 am
by OP ED
heh. sorry for OT.

wouldn't worry, fishy one, as you aren't even the first person i've heard say " mean 'felching' right?..." when this has come up in conversation.

on reflection, considering it has no wiki page and my google searches all reveal zen and archery shite or completely unrelated porn [depending on my search terms] it may be that the term is entirely regional and/or not in wide use.

i don't know, it isn't my thing really.