Monarch or Not Children Were Abused in MKULTRA / MKArtichoke

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Re: Monarch or Not Children Were Abused in MKULTRA / MKArtic

Postby LilyPatToo » Tue Sep 21, 2010 1:13 am

PW, no problem with what you said--we misunderstood each other and that happens. I missed out on the entire controversy concerning Delta Dawn and will see if I can catch up as soon as I get a complex painting underway and have more RI reading time. For everyone reading this thread who's new to the mind control community online, you may not be aware of all the pitfalls and potentials for conflict when a bunch of people with traumatic pasts try to interact. Suffice it to say that the possibilities for interpersonal conflict are pretty extensive, even when everyone involved is trying to get along. When you add in troublemakers in the form of trolls, it can get nasty very quickly. As I said, I don't know the circumstances of the latest round of survivor wars, but I'm really sorry to hear that it's happened here.

Having mentioned them, I think should clarify a bit more about where I stand on the subject of Cathy O'Brien and Sue Ford, the 2 highest profile mind control program survivors, because I do not want to leave people with the impression that I'm dismissive of these 2 courageous women or callous about what they endured. Nothing I've read or heard about them has led me to believe that they aren't genuine survivors of really terrible organized abuses and programming from earliest childhood. Their autobiographical books are difficult but important reading for anyone interested in this subject, IMHO. BUT many people, including some prominent researchers, have expressed serious doubts about Mark Phillips' influence on both women when it comes to the subject of the dissemination of deliberate disinformation on behalf of complicit intelligence agencies.

Having never met any of the three of them myself, I have only other people's opinions of their reliability on which to base my own attitude toward them. It may turn out that Mr. Phillips was entirely above board, but Sue Ford and other people who were involved with the couple feel very strongly otherwise. But in both women's writings I did find really stunning correlations with memories of things that happened to me, personally. Some were unusual things that I'd not read anywhere else and they validated some important memories for me. I'll always be grateful to both women for having found the courage to write and publish their painful life stories.

Back in 2004 when I first encountered another mind control program survivor, she insisted that I not read any other survivors' stories at all, which I found really frustrating. But later I realized that it was excellent advice, since I avoided cross-contamination/confusion of my own memories that way. In fact, I didn't read any of the books until the flood of memories that surfaced that year finally slowed to a trickle. And by then I'd studied the historical programs enough to have begun the long process of figuring out what probably happened to me and where and, in a few cases, by whom.

At this point, my strongest recommendations for survivors' bios to read first are Carol Rutz's A Nation Betrayed (link to her book is at end of article) and Kathleen Sullivan's Unshackled, then Sue Ford's (writing as 'Brice Taylor') Thanks for the Memories. Whenever possible, I try to buy directly from the author so that they get a larger percentage of the profit. Jeff has also interviewed Kathleen Sullivan and the 4 parts are in the listings beside his more recent blogs. She's taken down many of her articles online since she began practicing as a counselor, but NAFF still has a comprehensive list of resources here. By the time you've made your way through those info sources, hopefully you'll be able to read O'Brien and Phillips' books with a more informed and discriminating mindset than most people bring to them when they begin their investigation into the subject with them.

This is an incredibly tangled field of inquiry and the waters have been so thoroughly muddied at this point that I'll just wish you luck. I wish it were otherwise, but if the perps let provable evidence surface, some of them would probably (hopefully) end their lives in prison for human rights abuses. And they're not stupid. Just evil.


PS Given the Mafia figures, both US and European, with whom I was forced to interact, I don't plan to write an autobiography. But I am working on a fictional series of romantic suspense novels that extrapolate the known historical programs into the present day. I want to get the general information that these abuses took place out into the world and I think that if I can entertain readers, they'll painlessly gain information that otherwise they might never have given thought to at all. The project is eating huge amounts of my time, but I feel a deep need to get the stories written and will market them as well as I possibly can. It's kind of my way of being an activist while still being terminally shy :oops:
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Re: Monarch or Not Children Were Abused in MKULTRA / MKArtic

Postby elfismiles » Wed Dec 29, 2010 3:58 pm

Thanks to nathan28 in this important thread (started by PW [and SLaD])...

Hypnosis: Documents, Articles, Etc.

... for reminding me of this really important msm article (posted by nomo)...

CIA Admission to experimenting on kids

... relevant to the Monarch or Not question from these past threads...

No evidence of a project named "Project Monarch" (2)

No evidence of a project named "Project Monarch"

More Monarch threads at RI:

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Has anyone seen this info on the Monarch Program before?

Any F-----g Questions?

Mind control victim.
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Re: Monarch or Not Children Were Abused in MKULTRA / MKArtic

Postby elfismiles » Mon Jun 11, 2012 1:20 am

Recently came across this documentary again ... in full here:

Code Name Artichoke - The CIA's Secret Experiments on Humans (2002)

previously posted in parts ...

Corruption, Contractors & the Origins of SERE Torture
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