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Re: Assange Amazing Adventures of Captain Neo in Blonde Land

PostPosted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 2:17 pm
by chump

Mr Brzezinski, 2010, regarding those Wikileaks revelations (2m 30s):

… it’s catastrophic, but not serious… I think the more serious issues are not those that are getting the headlines right now. Who cares if Berlusconi is described as a clown? Most Italians agree with that. Who cares if Putin is described as an unfit dog? He’s probably flattered by it. The real issue is who’s feeding Wikipedia on this issue. They’re getting a lot information which seems trivial, inconsequential, but some of it seems surprisingly pointed…

VT - How the Rothschilds Groomed Assange as a “Bankster Hitman”

Assange at Mercy of Blood-Thirsty Captains Blonde

PostPosted: Fri Dec 13, 2019 4:10 pm
by Cordelia