Where is UFOlogy at in 2015?

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Re: Where is UFOlogy at in 2015?

Postby 8bitagent » Fri Oct 16, 2020 3:27 am

Digtally rented The Phenomenon and I liked it, tho as a lifelong UFO person I didn't glean anything too mindblowing. It felt like a 90 minute Discovery or National Geographic special on any given night. But ending the last half hour on the Ruwa Zimbabwe with some of the schoolchildren in the modern era recollecting what they saw was a nice touch. As well as the credits interspliced with Vallee talking about the classic saucer seen in paintings drawing back millennia. I remember a somewhat serious indie doc over a decade ago that focused on John Mack, so it was cool to finally see a documentary focused around the decades research of Vallee(he looks really good!)
But yeah the Ruwa Zimbabwe 1994 thing still remains the most goosebumps creepy/inspiring event to me in all of human history in regard to "UFO/aliens". There's just no way 64 kids can go in depth in describing landed saucer and aliens in unison, and then 25 years later still describe the same emotion and detail. Weird seeing Richardson and Podesta in there, just that they've become part and parcel to the Epstein/Qanon conspiracy narrative. Or maybe not so weird. Anyways, I liked The Phenomenon even if it wasn't groundbreaking or anything new. It didn't cover too long on Roswell but pretty much showed the "Mogul weather balloon" cover story in the 40s and 1990s is still laughable. The Trent family farm story tho and a few other lesser known incidents were interesting. Main thing I took away is that if UFOs are real, for thousands of years they tend to stick to the classic silver saucer shape, but they often float on their side and take off in the blink of an eye. If anything UFOs are fairly consistent even if they feel telepathically targetted.

Incidentally, as much as they mostly cover boring deficit hawk economics and the like, the morning show "The Hill's Rising" covers UFO news in a serious matter every week. For a mainstream show they cover this topic a lot every week in a serious gravity way

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