countdown to 11/22/13: JFK disinfo in multi-media

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Re: countdown to 11/22/13: JFK disinfo in multi-media

Postby Harvey » Sat Mar 28, 2020 10:49 am

Someone said yesterday, the only thing which could make them feel better would be a 17 minute Bob Dylan song about JFK. I just assumed they were joking. Thanks for that.

I watched it half an hour ago. Interestingly, the views were just shy of 1.5 million. After refreshing the page, curious to see how many more had seen it, the count dropped to 1.3 million. False reality swallows everything.

Addendum: for context, it rose again by just over 16,000 views in five minutes, a rate of 4.6 million per day. Someone's keeping the lid firmly down on this one.
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Re: countdown to 11/22/13: JFK disinfo in multi-media

Postby RocketMan » Sat Mar 28, 2020 3:01 pm

It doesn't take much to shock me these days, but this one did.

The timing of the release has ZERO CHANCE of being not extremely thought out.

I posted in the music thread already, I didn't realize the lyrics were already here.

It's interesting and predictable that the mainstream media, while obviously having to report the release of this monster, gingerly avoids any discussion of the elephant in the room, Dylan's angrily dissident take on the event. It is made very clear that Bob Dylan indeed has come to his own conclusions as to who is responsible, and it ain't Lee Harvey Oswald, like "Wise Old Owl" Earl Warren would have us believe.

One of the shocking things about this song is how freely it deploys JFK assassination arcana all through the lyrics.

I guess it counts as a minor victory that the media at least have the basic manners of not shouting Dylan down as a conspiracy theorist or a crank. :shrug:
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Re: countdown to 11/22/13: JFK disinfo in multi-media

Postby JackRiddler » Sat Mar 28, 2020 3:04 pm


It's not dissident, of course.

It's what the majority actually think, of those who are old enough or who have occupied themselves with learning about it.

But that's "dissident," yes.
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Re: countdown to 11/22/13: JFK disinfo in multi-media

Postby PufPuf93 » Sat Mar 28, 2020 5:01 pm

I am sort of a Dylan fan but seldom listen to his music these days except covers of his songs by others.

Saw Dylan 3X: At Oakland Arena backed by The Band in a comeback tour (had gone to two The Band shows, the first when Big Pink was their most recent album, was in HS then) circa 74 or 75. At the Tehama County Fair in Red Bluff, CA during the ebb in his career. His voice was bad and the place smelled like barnyard shit as the show took place in a building that was usually used for stock shows and auctions and was newly active as hey this was the Tehama County Fair. The last time was in 86 or 87 at the Mountain View Amphitheatre with Tom Petty as the opening act and Petty and his band backing Dylan.

I like to recall these fine times and experiences so bear with me. The last two shows were with a friend (and others) who I met in 82 and we are still friends and Peter is one of the finest people I have met in my life. Saw and became favorable to Heart because of Peter. Peter was a native pf Hibbing, MN as is Dylan. In January 2020 I drove the 5 plus hours to his current home in Chico, CA and he went with me to Roseville (near Sacramento) for surgery to remove three melanomas from my scalp. I am officially pig headed now as quite a divot was removed and a waffle made of pigskin was sutured in the hole as a framework for healing. Still have a head bandage as was told would take 4 months to heal, the surgery was January 3 and it is still gooey when I change dressing.

Anyway I saw this yesterday and came to post it at RI which is now working again (hooray!!) but the Grizz beat me.

I think this piece is the best thing ever done by Dylan. That good.

BTW came to mind that IanEye has not been around. Wish him well and miss his great stuff.
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Re: countdown to 11/22/13: JFK disinfo in multi-media

Postby Cordelia » Sat Mar 28, 2020 5:36 pm

Elvis » Fri Mar 27, 2020 8:22 pm wrote:^^^ WOW.

Poet Laureate.


But maybe you're being facetious. (His lyricist must have retired.)
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Re: countdown to 11/22/13: JFK disinfo in multi-media

Postby Elvis » Mon Mar 30, 2020 1:37 am


Or maybe the song could just become the new national anthem.

I was just hearing about the difference between song lyrics and poetry, but isn't Dylan thought of, perhaps rightly, as a poet?

Those shifting YouTube view numbers—not the first time it's been reported. So someone is actively trimming the total?
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Re: countdown to 11/22/13: JFK disinfo in multi-media

Postby Cordelia » Mon Mar 30, 2020 1:05 pm

Don’t get me wrong, Elvis--I definitely think lyrics can be poetry and vice versa. I just don’t think his new ones are particularly meritorious in either category. (But then I don’t believe in Dylan’s ‘legend’ or buy that he’s the sole author of his brilliant & voluminous canon of lyrics/poetry/music. That’s just my humble opinion, of course.)

The greatest sin is to be unconscious. ~ Carl Jung

We may not choose the parameters of our destiny. But we give it its content. ~ Dag Hammarskjold 'Waymarks'
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Re: countdown to 11/22/13: JFK disinfo in multi-media

Postby jingofever » Mon Jun 22, 2020 1:18 am

I'm not an expert on the JFK assassination or Freemasonry but here is my maybe-serious attempt at Dylanology.

If there are two quote blocks the first is lyrics from Murder Most Foul and the second is from King-Kill 33: Masonic Symbolism in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy by James Shelby Downard. There are some parallels between the two. If there is a single quote block it is from Murder Most Foul unless otherwise stated.

The day they blew out the brains of the king

Downard's thesis is that the Kennedy assassination was a Masonic "Killing of the King" ritual. There is of course that "Camelot" thing but that is the exoteric reading. I am giving the esoteric reading. The title refers to Hamlet, a play about the murder of a king, but I think a lot of Shakespeare plays are about murdered kings. Downard specifically mentions Macbeth as being symbolically important and Dylan throws in a line about Lady Macbeth later in the song.

Being led to the slaughter like a sacrificial lamb

Killed him like a human sacrifice

Downard says that the Kennedy assassination was a human sacrifice for some greater Masonic end, the moon landing perhaps: "for the placing of the Freemasons on the moon could occur only after the Killing of the King." I don't think Neil Armstrong was a Freemason.

We've already got someone here to take your place

Lyndon Johnson would have replaced Kennedy no matter how he died but Downard identifies him as a Freemason. Wikipedia says:
In addition to the individuals listed above, Lyndon B. Johnson was initiated into the first degree of Freemasonry – "Entered Apprentice", October 30, 1937 in Johnson City Lodge No. 561, at Johnson City, Texas, but did not advance any further and did not become a full member of his lodge.

So he was probably a top secret undercover Mason who had most of his Masonic background sheep-dipped.

Perfectly executed, skillfully done

Hiram Abiff is by legend the Freemason who built Solomon's Temple. A description of him and his work in 2 Chronicles 2:13-14 makes frequent use of the word "skillful":
13 And now I have sent a skillful man, endowed with understanding, Huram my master craftsman 14 (the son of a woman of the daughters of Dan, and his father was a man of Tyre), skilled to work in gold and silver, bronze and iron, stone and wood, purple and blue, fine linen and crimson, and to make any engraving and to accomplish any plan which may be given to him, with your skillful men and with the skillful men of my lord David your father.

Maybe that is a stretch but Masons tell a story that Hiram Abiff was killed in the original Killing of the King ritual, even if they do not call it that.

Slide down the banister, go get your coat

It’s unfortunate that President Kennedy didn’t trip Tito and then slide down the stair-rail, for he was in a very vulnerable position as related to Masonic sorcery, and such unorthodox action might have rattled the "Prince of Harodim."

Both men reference sliding down banisters. A little odd but could be a coincidence. Could also be an oblique reference to Guy Banister.

Stack up the bricks, pour the cement

That is a literal description of masonry.

Put your foot in the tank and then step on the gas
Try to make it to the triple underpass
Blackface singer, whiteface clown
Better not show your faces after the sun goes down

The limo drove through the triple underpass from Dealey Plaza. Triples are significant to Downard. He also refers to Kennedy as the Sun God. So Dylan could be saying that the assassins need to drop out of sight after they kill Kennedy. Downard:
As for the three assassins themselves:

Perry Raymond Russo told a New Orleans grand jury that [CIA agent David] Ferrie said [regarding the assassination of JFK] that "there would have to be a minimum of three people involved. Two of the persons would shoot diversionary shots and the third ... shot the good shot." Ferrie said that one of the three would have to be the "scapegoat." He also said that Ferrie discoursed on the availability of exit, saying that the sacrificed man would give the other two time to escape. (Quoted by W.H. Bowart in Operation Mind Control).

I guess the two assassins are the blackface singer and whiteface clown and Oswald would be the scapegoat. Al Jolson died in 1950 so Dylan can't be fingering him.

As for David Ferrie:
Ferry 'cross the Mersey and go for the throat

One reading of that line could be, "[David] Ferrie, have no mercy and shoot him through the throat." A bullet exited Kennedy's throat. David Ferrie is featured in other theories. This line actually follows the banister line which is perhaps interesting because Guy Banister and David Ferrie were acquaintances.

Downard compares the three tramps to the three men who murdered Hiram Abiff. Their only real significance in his theory is that there were three of them. Dylan mentions the tramps in a line but like David Ferrie other conspiracy theories make use of them too.

What is the truth, and where did it go?
Ask Oswald and Ruby, they oughta know
"Shut your mouth," said a wise old owl

The owl is an Illuminati symbol for knowledge or something like that and the Illuminati had strong links with Freemasonry. I guess you could read this as the cover-up.

Where we ask no quarter, and no quarter do we give
We're right down the street, from the street where you live

The Supreme Council, 33°, Scottish Rite Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction is down the street from the White House. I didn't know this beforehand but figured something like it would be true based on the song's undeniable references to Freemasonry.


Wake up, little Susie, let's go for a drive
Cross the Trinity River, let's keep hope alive

James Shelby Downard goes on and on about the significance of threes specifically mentioning the Trinity River, the triple underpass, and lots of other things. Not very strong but I'm keeping it in.

Zapruder's film I seen night before
Seen it thirty-three times, maybe more

He could have said twenty-two or forty-four but went with thirty-three. Twenty-two would be more alliterative. Maybe he really has seen it thirty-three times. Or maybe he is referencing the thirty-third degree of Freemasonry. Downard is obsessed with the 33rd degree and the number 33.

They killed him on the altar of the rising sun

Fredericksburg is also the location of the "House of the Rising Sun," a masonic meeting place for such notables as founding fathers George Washington and Benjamin Franklin (of Hell-Fire Club fame) and George Mason.

Of course he wasn't killed in Fredericksburg but the assassination was the culmination of a ritual that began with the Freemasons who founded this country.

They mutilated his body and they took out his brain
What more could they do? They piled on the pain
But his soul was not there where it was supposed to be at
For the last fifty years they've been searchin' for that


They killed him once and they killed him twice

The concealment of the body was called "aphanism" and is a rite of the Masonic 3rd Degree...

If and when the brain is recovered, the entire process will have been completed under the term "euresis."

Maybe a stretch, but in the Freemason ceremonial ritual resurrection occurs after the discovery of the body but Kennedy's brain has been "lost", preventing his resurrection thus killing him for a second time.
I hate to tell you, mister, but only dead men are free

This line may also have to do with the ceremonial death and resurrection that is part of Masonic initiation ritual.

Play it for the man with the telepathic mind

Oswald may have undergone biotelemetry implantation in the Soviet Union while a "volunteer" at a Behavior Control Center at Minsk.

That would not technically be telepathy but nobody has heard of a telemetric mind. The next lines are:
Play John Lee Hooker, play "Scratch My Back"
Play it for that strip club owner named Jack
Guitar Slim going down slow
Play it for me and for Marilyn Monroe

Oswald being placed with Jack Ruby and Marilyn Monroe seems right.
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Re: countdown to 11/22/13: JFK disinfo in multi-media

Postby thrulookingglass » Mon Jun 22, 2020 12:59 pm

Jack was said to of had thirty-three affairs in thirty-three weeks as well. :confused
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Re: countdown to 11/22/13: JFK disinfo in multi-media

Postby thrulookingglass » Wed Jul 01, 2020 12:33 pm

I absolutely love Michael Parenti. This isn't super great regarding minute details of the assassination, but it does offer insight as to why it happened. Oh, and how the corporate-statist media, still to this day, are involved in the cover up.

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