TRUMP is seriously dangerous

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Re: TRUMP is seriously dangerous

Postby seemslikeadream » Thu Sep 19, 2019 2:12 pm

Trump revokes waiver for California to set higher auto emissions standards ... index.html

Keith Boykin

Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used "misinformation" to persuade Trump. "We later exposed it to the president so he understood, ‘You’ve been played,’” said Tillerson.

Netanyahu 'Played Trump Using Misinformation' Several Times, Says Tillerson
U.S. President Donald Trump's first secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, spoke at Harvard on Tuesday during a 90-minute panel interview with Harvard professors

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Sep 19, 2019 6:27 PM

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson waves goodbye after speaking aat the State Department in Washington, Tuesday, March 13, 2018AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
Israel election results: Netanyahu says he wants unity government; Gantz: I will lead it
Russia: Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts unimpressive for years, 'responsible stance' needed
U.S. President Donald Trump was “played” by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on several occasions, said Trump’s former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Tuesday during a panel interview with Harvard professors.

During the talk, Tillerson gave assessments of various world leaders - including Netanyahu.
Tillerson, who had a contentious tenure as the U.S.’s top diplomat, said that Netanyahu is “an extraordinarily skilled” politician and diplomat, but “a bit Machiavellian.” He continued, saying that “In dealing with Bibi, it’s always useful to carry a healthy amount of skepticism in your discussions with him.”

Tillerson, who first formed relationships with many world leaders while CEO of Exxon Mobile and served as secretary of state from February 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018, even recounted how Netanyahu would use “misinformation” to persuade the U.S. when he deemed it necessary.
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Nicholas Burns

Former Secretary Rex Tillerson was insightful and illuminating about the Trump Administration and U.S. foreign policy in our interview with him at Harvard @Kennedy_School. ... 3413649408
Daniel Benjamin
Tillerson shocker: In dealing with Bibi, it’s always useful to carry a healthy amount of skepticism in your discussions with him,” recounting that Israel would share “misinformation” to persuade the U.S. of something if necessary. ... epartment/

9:02 AM - Sep 19, 2019
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See Nicholas Burns's other Tweets

“They did that with the president on a couple of occasions, to persuade him that ‘We’re the good guys, they’re the bad guys,” Tillerson explained.
"We later exposed it to the president so he understood, ‘You’ve been played,’” said Tillerson. “It bothers me that an ally that’s that close and important to us would do that to us.”
Tillerson criticized Trump for preferring the advice of political figures outside of his administration when it came to Israel, over the assessments of his own senior cabinet members. “I did believe that we were at a moment in time where perhaps we could chart a way where the Arab world could support an outcome that the Palestinians might not think was perfect,” Tillerson explained.

“In the past, if it wasn’t perfect, it didn’t happen — but with enough encouragement, pressure from the Arab world, that we could get it close enough that the Palestinians would finally agree,” Tillerson said. “And in my view, it was a two-state solution.” ... -1.7865372
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Re: TRUMP is seriously dangerous

Postby seemslikeadream » Mon Sep 30, 2019 8:55 am


The president of the United States, responding to a Fox chyron, suggests arresting a U.S. congressman for treason. This is so dangerous.

The president of the United States, responding to a Fox chyron, suggests arresting a U.S. congressman for treason. This is so dangerous.

Left, Fox Business, 7:08 a.m.
Right, Trump, 8:12 a.m.

Left, Fox Business, 7:37 a.m.
Right, Trump, 8:31 a.m.



Here Trump is responding to Rep. Ratcliffe pushing the debunked claim that the whistleblower rules were changed to allow secondhand info just before he came forward.

Left, Fox Business, 8:13 a.m.
Right, Trump, 8:43 a.m.
Image ... 8527540225

Lincoln's Bible

Our President is enamored w/a mass-murdering pedophile.
Donald knows all about the verified claims against #PedoPutin.
He followed the Litvinenko case so closely, he had a statement right after the inquiry.
TY for admitting what U know #DotardDonnie.

Donald Trump defends Vladimir Putin over Alexander Litvinenko murder ... urder.html

#PedoPutin is the worst of Donnie's man-crushes, no doubt.
But let's take a look at the other PEDOPHILES & GLOBAL RAPE-TRADERS that our Pres pals around with &/or endorses.

1. JEFFREY EPSTEIN: convicted child rapist, accused child trafficker, & alleged MONEY-launderer 4 RUS mob.

One brave woman even named #DotardDonnie in Epstein's child rape trial - as a participant in Epstein's alleged rape parties. Here's her affidavit. ... Affidavits

2. ROY MOORE. Remember him? Yep, he got #DotardDonnie's endorsement & defense against child assault claims.

3. TEVFIK ARIF: He founded BAYROCK - the Felix Sater run fund behind #DotardDonnie's R.E. "development" (when no banks would lend to #DotardDonnie).
Tevfik likes yachts & stocks them w/ underage "prostitutes." (remember Donnie's Boy Scout speech? Yeah...)

Tevfik also likes touching Ivanka.

4. JOHN CASABLANCAS: Lordy, the accusations are a plenty against this disgusto (may he RIP). #DotardDonnie knew him well - and handed off his daughter, at age 13, to model for him.


5. Then, there are the run-of-the-mill rapists & assaulters that #DotardDonnie ran around w/over the years.
Rubbing elbows
Seeking their advice.
Let's drop a few of their names: Ailes, O'Reilly, Weinstein, Wynn - OH, & #DotardDonnie himself.
The 19 Women Who Accused President Trump of Sexual Misconduct ... mp/547724/

6. #TheCompanyHeKeeps
Got it?

I Was A Child Model for Donald Trump's Buddy, John Casablancas & It Wasn't Pretty ... n-t-Pretty

7. Got it?

"We All Knew About the Trafficking"-The Untold Story of Trump Model Management (Part 1) ... ive-Part-1

8. Got it?

9. Got it?

Inside Donald Trump’s One-Stop Parties: Attendees Recall Cocaine and Very Young Models ... ung-models

10. Got it? ... me-n821706

11. Got it? ... /98321252/


12. GOOD. Stay woke to this.

Because I haven't even gotten into LCN's prostitution rings - and how the mobsters who ran them were in business with Trump org.

The Many Times Donald Trump Has Lied About His Mob Connections ... a-figures/

Lincoln's Bible Retweeted Lincoln's Bible

A: Because Trump Org is a money-laundering front for organized crime, and always has been. ... 3641954304

CODA - The pedophiles keep rolling in. This isn't gonna stop. B/c dotard launders money for the global rape trade (psst... that's a BIG profit center for RUS organized crime). We got baskets & baskets of these deplorables.

14. Nader - bagman & trafficker.

Mueller Witness Is Convicted Pedophile With Shadowy Past ... -pedophile

15. The Good 'Ole Boy Pedophile & Trafficker

Trump's Oklahoma campaign chair to plead guilt to child sex trafficking ... ng-n822461

16. Oops! Another Southerner. HEE-HAW!

17. Here's just a rape-y one, like Assange. But we'll include him, 'cuz @KellyannePolls's baby, the CNP, was REALLY into him for a 2020 run.

The horrifying sexual misconduct allegations against Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, explained ... -blackmail

18. And because we did Greitens, we gotta throw in this f*cker. Lord knows what he's up to, but it's really rape-y too.

Inside the Secret Life of a Tech VC and His $10 Million Infidelity ... infidelity

19. They keep coming. Here's a sex-trafficker. dotard sure does loves him some RU sex-traffickers...
Lincoln's Bible added,
Venture Capital

Wow Another Sex trafficker in Trump Tower Boris Kogan, Russian Mobster/ arms dealer, money launderer (now deceased) trafficked Russian girls in Australia
Show this thread

20. General @GOP sexual violence & sadism. Too much of this to track. @GOP was always ripe for donald to take it over. Craven, mammon-loving deviants.

Pennsylvania GOP lawmaker under criminal investigation for drugging and raping a woman in capital ... h8.twitter

Lincoln's Bible Retweeted Lincoln's Bible
21. Don't miss the human trafficking part on this case...

Let's add this one to the Trump "pedophiles & sex crime buddies" thread. ... 950079002/

22. So, then #21 above crashed into Mar-a-Lago, & the entire @GOP leadership tumbled out. Thanks to the sex-trafficking madam who Trump love long time.
Don't miss the part in thread where she posts to her social media from meetings at the White House.
Lincoln's Bible added,

Pictorial thread on Cindy "No dick goes untugged" Yang and all of her supporters:

Traitor tots
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23. One of the grosser ones, in this list.
We’re up to 23.
That’s a lot, btw.

24. Just was shown this. Guess I gotta add it. We’re up to 24, many who are pedophiles.
Lincoln's Bible added,
Lincoln's Bible

Hm... ... rland.html
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25. What the ass f*ck?! Finally dug into this article. Considering all of the above, that donald picked this guy to travel & stay with him at Mar-a-Lago is glaring. And yet, we haven’t heard a peep about it.
RICHARD CICCARELLA, child porn aficionado. And, of course, Russia.

Image ... 1916349441
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Re: TRUMP is seriously dangerous

Postby seemslikeadream » Tue Oct 01, 2019 6:45 am

Counterintelligence expert issues chilling warning about Trump’s desperation

Published 7 hours ago on September 30, 2019 By Sarah K. Burris

Counterintelligence expert Malcolm Nance issued a chilling warning about the lengths he thinks President Donald Trump will go to save himself.

In an interview with SiriusXM Progress host Dean Obeidallah, Nance noted that from “day one” he was warning that America was under attack by Russia, who installed Trump in the presidency.

“Let me tell you this: Donald Trump is a megalomaniac,” Nance said. “We all know that. He is a raving narcissist and the deference that has been given to him is fuel to his megalomania. I think he’s capable of anything. And we are way past — way past — Richard Nixon talking to himself and talking to the portraits at the White House.”

He called Nixon a model of civility, decorum and respectability compared to Trump.

“Donald Trump does not care about the presidency,” Nance explained. He does not care about America. He does not care about the American public. He only cares about himself and he thinks the people that support him will do what he says.”

Nance went on to say that he’s spent his life defending the Constitution of the United States, working for the seat of the presidency and not the person.

“And that man is unfit to have ever been in there,” he continued. “It will be considered the worst mistake in American history. He will make this much, much worse. And what we need to do is be prepared to go down and reclaim our birthright through the Constitution.” ... speration/

So, it’s late. But it seems the answer to @KamalaHarris’ question about a person in the admin who may have “suggested”, “hinted”, “inferred” to AG Barr that he investigate the president’s political opponents was... AG Barr. ... 2157351938
Image ... r%5Eauthor
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Re: TRUMP is seriously dangerous

Postby seemslikeadream » Wed Oct 02, 2019 11:09 am

Trump Wanted To Reinforce His Border Wall With a Water-Filled Trench Full of Snakes and Alligators: Report
By Scott McDonald On 10/2/19 at 12:54 AM EDT
President Donald Trump declared during his 2016 campaign a border wall between the United States and Mexico would solve many illegal immigration issues. He even said, multiple times, that Mexico would pay for it.

Just over the halfway point of his initial presidential term this year, Trump showed frustration that the wall had not been built while immigrants began flooding the southern border at a record clip.

During a meeting this spring, he offered a suggestion to stock the border with reptiles, sounding more like the Atchafalaya Basin in Louisiana than a border crossing in the southwest sector of the country.

"Privately, the president had often talked about fortifying a border wall with a water-filled trench, stocked with snakes or alligators, prompting aides to seek a cost estimate. He wanted the wall electrified, with spikes on top that could pierce human flesh," this New York Times report stated Tuesday night.

The report went on to say the president's aides claimed Trump suggested shooting immigrants in the legs if they threw rocks at U.S. soldiers. Trump was told by his advisers that shooting immigrants in the legs, or unleashing snakes and alligators upon them, was not legal.

"The president was frustrated and I think he took that moment to hit the reset button," Trump's former director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Thomas D. Homan said in March. "The president wanted it to be fixed quickly."

Trump had been in a meeting that was only meant for 30 minutes, but extended to a couple of hours before he got hot under the collar over a key issue that helped him get elected in 2016.

"You are making me look like an idiot!" Trump yelled at others in the meeting. "I ran on this. It's my issue."

Trump Border Wall
US President Donald Trump speaks after he received a briefing on border security next to Sen. John Cornyn(L) R-TX and Sen. Ted Cruz(2ndR) R-TX near the Rio Grande in McAllen, Texas, on January 10, 2019. Getty/JIM WATSON/AFP
In that March meeting in his office, Trump told his staff he wanted 2,000 miles of border between the U.S. and Mexico shut down immediately—by the middle of the next day.

Now, the president has fewer staffers who stand up straight and look him in the eye to say whether his off-the-wall ideas are legal or not.

"I have absolute power to shut down the border," Trump told The Times last summer.

Ever since the moment President Trump made the offer to fill the border with water, gators and snakes, he has faced an increasing number of illegal border crossings, and an equivocal number of arrests and deportations.

When the U.S. faced a stalemate in trade with Mexico, Trump threatened to significantly raise tariffs on the United States' southern neighbor if they did not help curb the flow of immigrants roaming through Mexico to reach the States. In September, the number of illegal entries across the southern border dipped for a third-consecutive month. ... rt-1462515
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Re: TRUMP is seriously dangerous

Postby seemslikeadream » Fri Oct 04, 2019 7:33 am

These Ukrainian soldiers were killed in August 2019, while President Trump was withholding congressionally voted military aid to pressure Ukraine to exonerate Russia and defame his political opponents

72 Ukrainian soldiers killed in Russia’s war this year
Published Aug. 30. Updated Aug. 30 at 6:18 pm

This photo, released by JFO press-service, shows Ukrainian soldiers, fighting fire on their own near Shyrokyne and Berdianske on June 30, 2019.
As Ukrainian authorities hope to revive peace talks with Russia, the death toll for Ukrainian troops killed in action keeps growing.

Since the start of the year, at least 72 Ukrainian soldiers – 29 of them in summer alone – have been killed in the Donbas, according to the Kyiv Post count based on military and media reports.

The overall death toll for Ukrainian military killed in action since hostilities began in 2014 has reached 3,009 soldiers as of Aug. 29.

After getting elected in April, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for a four-way meeting with Russia, Germany, and France, known as the Normandy format. Moscow has said there is interest in renewing peace discussions, but no date has been set. On Aug. 26, French President Emmanuel Macron said the leaders of the four countries will hold talks in September aimed at ending the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

More than 13,000 people have been killed in the Donbas conflict since hostilities started in April 2014, when Russian-backed separatists took up arms against government forces in the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. Some 1.5 million people have been internally displaced, the largest migration of people on the European continent since World War II.

Below is the list of those known to have been killed in action from June till August.


Eduard Lazarev, 48, a soldier of the 17th Tank Brigade. He was born in Russia but his parents moved to Lviv Oblast when he was little. His fellow soldier Anatoliy Prokazyuk recalled that Lazarev asked his military enlistment office to be sent to the Donbas. On June 4, Lazarev was driving a military vehicle to deliver food to his military unit when an anti-tank guided missile hit them. Lazarev’s death was instant. “He was very brave, patriotic. Despite his Russian name, he loved Ukraine very much and tried to protect it from enemies,” Prokazyuk said.

Lazarev leaves a wife, a daughter and grandchildren in Lviv Oblast.

Oleksandr Lyn, 48, a soldier of the 17th Tank Brigade from Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. Lyn used to work at Kryvorizhstal, Ukraine’s largest integrated steel company, located in the Ukrainian city of Kryvyi Rih for 30 years. He decided to join the army at the beginning of 2019. Lyn was killed together with his fellow soldier Eduard Lazarev when an anti-tank guided missile hit their military vehicle near Novoselivka Druha village in Donetsk Oblast. “He was like an older brother to us, always supportive, always tried to cheer up,” said Lyn’s fellow soldier who asked to be referred by his first name Serhiy.

Lym leaves a wife and two daughters – 26-years-old and 14-years-old.

Vladyslav Berezhniy, 22, a soldier of the 54th mechanized brigade from Luhansk Oblast. He joined the army when he was 18. In March 2018, in an interview Berezhniy said that he “decided to become a soldier when he saw what’s going on in the country.” He told the journalists his family “had always been pro-Ukrainian and we didn’t want our city and Donbas to turn Russian.” He dreamt that all the occupied territories would return under Ukraine’s control and there “would be a Ukrainian flag flying over them,” he was quoted as saying.

Berezhniy was killed by a sniper on June 5 near the village Zolote in his native Luhansk Oblast. He leaves a wife and two-year-old son in Popasna.

Dmytro Pruhlo, 28, a soldier of Azov Special Battalion from Poltava. In 2014, Pruhlo volunteered to the army and joined Azov Battalion. He took part in all the major battles of his battalion. “He never gave up. He was respected by all. I never saw him confused or scared,” Pruhlo’s fellow soldier who goes by nom-de-guerre Podvoh said. “Although we all went to war in 2014, with no experience, he behaved as if it was no longer his first war. He always knew what was going on around him. Older fellow soldiers could always seek his advice or help.”

Pruhlo was killed with his fellow soldier Maksym Oleksyuk on June 7 near the village of Novoluhanske, Donetsk Oblast, when Russia-backed separatists opened fire on the Ukrainian army positions. He leaves a wife and a mother.

Maksym Oleksyuk, 23, a soldier of the Azov Battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine from Vinnytsia Oblast. Oleksyuk joined the army in June 2016. “He was a modest boy,” Oleksyuk’s relative Hryhoriy Shvets was quoted as saying. “I will always remember our last meeting – he was working in the garden with his father last year and I asked him when shall we think about (his) wedding. He just looked at me, smiled and said nothing. Later I learned that he had signed a contract to join the army.”

Oleksyuk died on June 7 near the village of Novoluhanske, Donetsk Oblast, when Russia-backed separatists opened fire on the Ukrainian army positions. According to Oleksyuk’s fellow soldier who goes by nom-de-guerre Biliy (Ukrainian for White), Oleksyuk didn’t have to go on the positions that night but he wanted to help his comrades. “He was one of those people whom you can’t keep on the home front,” Biliy said.

Oleksyuk leaves a mother and a brother.


Oleksandr Lyashok, 24, a soldier of the 137th Naval Infantry Battalion from Kirovohrad Oblast. As soon as Lyashok graduated high school in 2013 he joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine under a contract. It was a few months before the start of the EuroMaidan Revolution. He signed a new contract in April 2019 after had been serving in the army for six years. Lyashok was killed by shrapnel after the shootout that took place in early hours of June 19 near the town of Novotroitske in Donetsk Oblast.

“He was a joyful friend, young and optimistic who will always remain a 24-years-old,” Lyashok’s fellow soldiers wrote on the page in social media.

He leaves a mother and two brothers in Kirovohrad Oblast.

Anatoliy Sorochynsky, 30, a soldier of the 24th mechanized brigade from Lviv. He used to serve at Aidar Battalion from 2015 until the end of 2017. On June 22, Sorochynsky died after stepping on a landmine near the village of Olenivka in Donetsk Oblast. However, the intensive shootout prevented his fellow soldiers from retrieving his body. After two days, the volunteers of the humanitarian project of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ‘Evacuation 200′ found Sorochynsky’s body. “Anatoliy died as a true soldier,” his brigade reported. “Until the last minute, he didn’t put his firearms down – that’s how he was found.”

Oleksiy Karlash, 26, a soldier of the 54th mechanized brigade from Kyiv Oblast. He graduated from a college at Ukrainian State University of Food Technologies and managed to bake cakes for his fellow soldiers even on frontlines. Karlash joined the army in summer 2014. Between the rotations he worked at Kyiv restaurants as a cook. His last rotation was scheduled till July. On June 19 he was fatally wounded in head when Russia-backed separatists opened fire at the Ukrainian army positions near Popasna, Donetsk Oblast. Karlash died in the hospital without regaining consciousness. He leaves a mother and a brother.


Serhiy Mayboroda, 47, a soldier of the 36th Separate Coastal Defence Brigade from Donetsk Oblast. He was killed on July 1 when Russia-backed fighters opened fire on medical Humvee which Mayboroda was driving back to the home lines bringing a wounded fellow soldier to his unit’s positions. He leaves a wife and two children.

Iryna Shevchenko, 48, a soldier of the 36th Separate Coastal Defence Brigade from Kherson Oblast. Until 2015 before joining the brigade, she volunteered bringing equipment and medical supplies to the Ukrainian soldiers. She was killed together with fellow soldier Serhiy Mayboroda when Russia-backed fighters opened fire on their medical Humvee. She leaves a sister in Kherson.

Eduard Loboda, 25, a soldier of the 24th mechanized brigade from Sumy Oblast. Loboda, as a sapper, led a group of scouts, passing through a so-called “gray zone” near Maryinka, Donetsk Oblast. On July 3, the group carried out a combat mission to counter enemy enemy aircraft. The explosion struck unexpectedly as the mine was supplied with the latest motion sensors. Loboda had covered his fellow soldiers. He was immediately taken to hospital, but his injuries were incompatible with life. Loboda leaves a parents and younger brother who serves in the 27th brigade.

Oleh Zhukov, 43, a soldier of the 54th Brigade from Donetsk Oblast. He was killed by a sniper on July 4 near the Vilniy village in Luhansk Oblast. He leaves a mother and a brother in Kramatorsk.


Vladyslav Loktionov, 42, a soldier of the 53rd Brigade from Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. He joined the army for the first time in 2015 and served in the 92nd mechanized brigade until May 2016 when he was taken prisoner by Russia-backed separatists. He spent almost two years in captivity until the prisoners swap that took place in December 2017 when Ukraine handed over about 300 captives to pro-Russian separatists and took back around 70 soldiers.

After treatment and rehabilitation, Loktionov signed a contract with the Armed Forces and returned to the front again. On the evening of July 7, militants fired on positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near the village of Yuzhne in Donetsk Oblast. Loktionov had no chance to survive after being hit by an enemy mine. He leaves a mother and a son he had been raising himself.

Anton Faka, 21, a soldier of the 406th Separate Artillery Brigade of Ukraine’s Naval Forces from Mykolaiv Oblast. He was killed near the village Hranitne in Donetsk Oblast on July 10. Faka leaves his parents and a brother.

Oleksandr Kolodyazhniy, 45, a soldier of the 74th Battalion from Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. He was killed after stepping on a landmine near Maryinka in Donetsk Oblast. He leaves a mother and a son.
Volodymyr Salitra, 29, a soldier of the 24th mechanized brigade from Lviv Oblast. He was killed by a sniper on July 11 near Taramchuk village in Donetsk Oblast. He leaves a brother and a sister.

Dmytro Lisovol, 31, a soldier of the 92nd mechanized brigade from Kyiv Oblast. He was fatally wounded by a sniper near Avdiyivka in Donetsk Oblast on July 15 and died later in a military hospital. He leaves a wife, a son and a daughter.

Bohdan Bihus, 28, a soldier of the 8th Special Regiment of Special Purpose Detachment of the National Guard. Bihus was born in Khmelnytsky. He joined the National Guard in 2014. On July 18, he was killed as a result of a blast. He leaves a wife and two children.

Oleksandr Bardalym, 33, a soldier of the 24th Brigade from Cherkasy Oblast. he was killed by a sniper on July 19 as he was trying to evacuate his wounded fellow soldier. He leaves a wife and a son.


Roman Dzhereleiko, 31, a soldier of the 24th Brigade from Khmelnytskiy Oblast. On the evening of July 19, he was carrying out engineering work to reinforce his unit positions in the Maryinka area when a sniper shot him. A military doctor tended to him but Dzhereleiko died later in a Kurakhove hospital from blood loss. He leaves a wife and a son.

Semen Rumyhin, 21, a soldier of the 25th Brigade from Dnipro. He joined the army in early 2019 and died as he stepped on a landmine near the town Shchastya trying to rescue his wounded fellow soldier. He leaves his parents in Dnipro.

Mykyta Skitchenko, 19, a soldier of the 25th Brigade from Luhansk Oblast. He died as he stepped on a landmine near the town Shchastya. Skitchenko was the only son.


Oleksandr Sharko, 30, a soldier of the 36th Separate Coastal Defence Brigade from Chernihiv Oblast. He joined the army in 2017. On the morning of Aug. 6, four marines were killed while doing engineering work to equip the positions of their unit near the village of Pavlopil in the south of Donetsk Oblast. Sharko was killed as a result of hostile shelling and explosion injuries, which were incompatible with life. He leaves his parents.

Vladyslav Rak, 20, a soldier of the 36th Separate Coastal Defence Brigade from Chernihiv Oblast. He joined the army when he was 18. Rak was one of the four marines killed during engineering work to equip the positions of their unit near the village of Pavlopil in the south of Donetsk Oblast. He leaves his parents, sister and a brother.

Serhiy Shandra, 24, a soldier of the 36th Separate Coastal Defence Brigade from Vinnytsia Oblast. He was enlisted in the army in 2018. Shandra was one of the four marines killed during engineering work to equip the positions of their unit near the village of Pavlopil in the south of Donetsk Oblast. He leaves a mother and a sister.

Vasyl Kurdov, 20, a soldier of the 36th Separate Coastal Defence Brigade from Mykolaiv Oblast. Kurdov was the youngest among the four marines who were killed on Aug. 6 during engineering work to equip the positions of their unit near the village of Pavlopil in Donetsk Oblast. Kurdov turned 20 in May. He leaves his parents and two younger brothers.

Roman Romanenko, 25, a soldier of Azov Battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine. Since the end of 2015, he was serving as a sniper. Romanenko was killed on Aug. 10 as a result of blasting at the Svitlodarska Duha bulge in Donbas.

Vasyl Yevstyhneyev, 38, a soldier of the 72nd mechanized brigade from Kirovohrad Oblast. He was killed when Russia-backed fighters opened fire at the Ukrainian army positions near the village of Vilniy in Luhansk Oblast.

Tykhon Kurbatov, 26, a soldier of the 24th Brigade from Luhansk Oblast. He was enlisted in the army in 2013 and in two years signed the contract to continue his service. In May 2019, Kurbatov was awarded a medal “For military service.” He was killed as a result of a shootout near the village of Shumy in Donetsk Oblast. He leaves his parents and a sister. ... reloaded=1
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Re: TRUMP is seriously dangerous

Postby seemslikeadream » Sun Oct 13, 2019 1:50 pm

OCTOBER 10, 2019
Imagine a Conference Full of Conspiracy Theorists. Sponsored by a Prison Company. At a Trump Resort.

Oh, and Don Jr. will be there.


Last year, a group of far-right fringe agitators and conspiracy theorists set out to create a pro-Trump political conference in DC for people just like them. Headliners for the American Priority Conference included Trump whisperer Roger Stone, before he was indicted for lying to Congress, and short-lived Trump White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci. But the event at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park proved to be an embarrassing flop, with attendance so dismal that one scheduled speaker fled rather than address such a small audience. Undeterred, organizers this year have taken a new approach by moving the event from DC to the Trump National Doral Miami Golf Club in Florida.

Relocating to a property owned by the president seems to have transformed the conference, which starts Thursday, into a bona fide political confab. It has attracted some more prominent speakers this year, notably the president’s son Donald Trump Jr., who will stand for selfies with anyone who pays the VIP rate of $2,500 to attend. But American Priority also seems to have nabbed the support of the sort of a big corporate patron that was missing from its 2018 fringe-fest. GEO Group, a Florida-based private prison company that has received nearly half a billion dollars in federal contracts to detain immigrants since President Trump took office, is now listed as one of its most prominent sponsors.

Holding functions at a Trump-owned property has become de rigueur for interest groups, from payday lenders to the Saudis, looking to influence the administration, and GEO Group is no exception. The country’s largest private prison company relies heavily on federal largesse. More than 40 percent of its revenue comes from federal contracts, and it has taken a number of steps to ingratiate itself with the Trump administration. During the presidential campaign, a GEO Group subsidiary donated $225,000 to a pro-Trump super-PAC. After Trump was elected, the company donated $250,000 to Trump’s inaugural committee and moved its annual meeting to Doral. And now, it’s helping a pro-Trump group spend some money there.

A press release for the American Priority Conference touted the new location of the event with as many superlatives as it did for any of the major headliners. “Doral Resort offers an experience like no other with unbeatable savings and luxurious accommodations on a prestigious 800-acre resort in tropical Miami,” it read. “The $250 million renovation boasts a completely re-designed clubhouse, 643 new deluxe accommodations, fresh restaurant concepts, enhanced championship golf courses, re-imagined Trump Spa and an array of retail shops and recreational amenities, including the Royal Palm Pool oasis.”

The Doral is the single largest source of revenue for the Trump Organization, the president’s company that is currently run by his children. But the golf club’s operating revenue has fallen sharply since Trump first entered the presidential race, declining by 18 percent between 2015 and 2017, according to the Washington Post. Trump has been accused of using his office to shore up the resort’s flagging fortunes. During a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron at the G7 meeting of world leaders in France in August, Trump publicly suggested that when the US hosts the meeting next year, the event might be at the Doral.

“It’s got tremendous acreage, many hundreds of acres, so we can handle whatever happens,” Trump said, calling the Doral a “great place” and touting its proximity to the airport. “We have a series of magnificent buildings, we call them bungalows, they each hold from 50 to 70 rooms, they have magnificent views.”

Critics responded to Trump’s suggestion that the world leaders meet at his own resort, where he would personally profit from their visits, by using social media to highlight a lawsuit against the Doral over bedbugs that was settled in 2016. The #TrumpBedBugs campaign infuriated the president, who tweeted “Radical Left Democrats” were to blame for spreading nasty rumors about one of his prized properties.

As the attraction of his properties diminishes with the president’s popularity, Trump needs companies like GEO Group to keep his resorts profitable.
As the attraction of his properties diminishes with the president’s popularity, Trump needs companies like GEO Group to keep his resorts profitable. Meanwhile, GEO Group needs him. In 2016, President Barack Obama had ordered the Department of Justice to stop using private prisons, a decision that sent GEO Group’s stock plummeting 35 percent. But Trump quickly rolled back that policy, and since he took office, the prison giant has secured about $480 million in new contracts with ICE for immigrant detention, making ICE the company’s single largest source of income. In 2018, nearly 30 percent of its $2.33 billion in revenue flowed from ICE contracts.

But the company has become ever more reliant on the Trump administration’s generosity. Many major national banks have divested from private prisons because of criticism over their profiting from human rights abuses and the incarceration of immigrant children and families. Big banks are now refusing to extend loans to the company to finance its growth. GEO Group’s stock price has fallen about 30 percent since June, when JP Morgan Chase became the latest bank to announce it was abandoning the company.

Sponsoring the American Priority Conference at the Doral may win GEO Group favor with Trump, but it’s hardly an ideal model of corporate image burnishing. Despite the relatively mainstream headliner additions of Don Jr., former Trump press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), the vast majority of people on the schedule for the three-day event hail from the right’s furthest fringes.

Advertise with Mother Jones
The event will feature a climate change denier as well as promoters of QAnon, an internet conspiracy that claims Trump is fighting the deep state to stop liberal elites they believe are running a secret pedophile ring. Tracy Beanz, who organized 100-plus QAnon believers to march on Washington last year, will be on a panel called “Unmasking the Russian Hoax,” along with George Papadopoulos. He’s the former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser who pleaded guilty in 2017 to lying to the FBI about the campaign’s contacts with Russia.

Conferencegoers will hear from the internet troll Jack Posobiec, who helped promote an earlier conspiracy theory that suggested Hillary Clinton and her henchmen were running a pedophile ring out of the basement of a DC pizza parlor. The idea inspired an armed North Carolina man to show up at Comet Ping Pong and fire shots as he searched for the nonexistent basement holding cell. The event will also feature a speech from “free speech maven” Jason Fyk, who sued Facebook after the social media giant killed his business by shutting down pages he’d created that were dedicated solely to videos and photos of people peeing. (He lost.)

Along with a golf tournament and pool parties, the conference schedule is packed with random people who’ve become minor internet celebs for owning the libs, like Scott Presler, a member of Gays for Trump who organized a trash cleanup day in Baltimore after Trump criticized the city as “a disgusting rat and rodent-infested mess.” Trump’s military high school platoon sergeant, now a Florida lawyer, is on the schedule to talk about taxes along with Trump superfan, radio host and QAnon promoter Bill Mitchell. Sadly, raw food advocate David “Avocado” Wolfe will no longer be leading the QAnon crowd through downward dog poses at daily yoga classes. Touted early on in the conference promo materials, Wolfe was perhaps even too fringy for the American Priority Conference. As The Outline explains, “Wolfe has stated that mushrooms arrived on our planet via the cosmic wind. He tells his followers vaccines are a conspiracy, and believes that chemtrails are real.” He’s no longer on the schedule.

All in all, it’s not the sort of event that corporate America tends to get behind—and it hasn’t. Most of the other sponsors are conservative political groups such as American Majority or small outfits like Republican Legion, which sells MAGA hats online. GEO Group did not respond to a request for comment. The American Priority Conference is organized by a low-profile Virginia conservative activist and telecom exec named Alex Phillips, who also did not respond to requests for comment; nor did the conference’s PR team.

At least one private prison opponent thinks GEO Group has nothing to fear from its sponsorship of the fringe conference. “This is a company that incarcerates people for the purpose of generating corporate profits,” says Alex Friedmann, associate director of the Human Rights Defense Center, a nonprofit advocacy group located near GEO Group headquarters in Florida. “They run facilities where people have been murdered. They house children in prison-like facilities. At this conference, all the other nutjobs should be embarrassed and ashamed to be associated with GEO Group, not the other way around.” ... mp-resort/
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Re: TRUMP is seriously dangerous

Postby seemslikeadream » Thu Oct 17, 2019 9:50 am

President Trump’s new pick for the Commission on Presidential Scholars "is a prolific author of self-help Illuminati books whose education company has been accused of handing out certificates to undeserving applicants.”
Among George Mentz’s works: “The Illuminati Secret Laws of Money,” “The Illuminati Handbook,” “50 Laws of Power of the Illuminati” and “100 Secrets and Habits of the Illuminati for Life Success."

Trump picks Colorado Springs author of Illuminati books for education board
George Mentz is also an online professor, Newsmax writer and Trump donor

Justin WingerterOctober 16, 2019 at 6:00 am
George Mentz
A Colorado Springs lawyer appointed by President Donald Trump to a federal education board is a prolific author of self-help Illuminati books whose education company has been accused of handing out certificates to undeserving applicants.

The White House announced last week that Trump had nominated George Mentz to the Commission on Presidential Scholars. His nomination does not require Senate confirmation.

“I’m extremely excited for myself, my family and Colorado,” Mentz said in an interview Friday. “I can’t tell you how happy I am. I’ve been an educator for many years.”

The Commission on Presidential Scholars chooses the most distinguished high school seniors in the country each year. The commission includes a former member of the Michigan State Board of Education and the 2019 National Teacher of the Year, among other education experts.

Mentz is a lawyer and a professor of online courses on wealth management at the Texas A&M University School of Law. He also writes for the conservative outlet Newsmax, which is owned by a Trump confidante, and he founded an aggregated news website, the New York Gazette.

Mentz’s books include “The Illuminati Secret Laws of Money,” “The Illuminati Handbook,” “50 Laws of Power of the Illuminati,” and “100 Secrets and Habits of the Illuminati for Life Success.” Nearly all of his works are about money and often center on mindfulness secrets to achieving wealth.

“If you conceive of your desire, you can then imagine that your goal will take place with belief, and then you will be able (to) retrieve the opportunity from the world’s storehouse of riches,” he wrote in a 2013 book, “Abundance Bible & the Secret Powers of Manifesting Wealth Health and Peace of Mind.”

“When a person stops struggling and initiates ALCHEMY OR MAGIC, SOMETHING HAPPENS,” Mentz wrote in another 2013 book, “Success Magic — The Prosperity Secret to Win with Magical Spiritual Power: How to Grow Rich, Influence People, Protect Your Mindset and Love Yourself Like a Warrior Using Timeless Abundance Secrets.” An e-book version is available for $2.99 on Amazon.

“Just because I use the word Illuminati, don’t let that get you too excited,” Mentz said with a laugh during an interview. “If you look the word up, it means ‘illumination.’ How to be more aware, conscious, a better person.” References to the “Illuminati” are part of the books’ marketing, he said.

In 2015, Mentz wrote a blog post predicting Trump would win the 2016 election. The next year, he became a member of the Trump campaign’s economic coalition. On his website, Mentz says an unnamed publisher has bought the rights to a “blockbuster book” about Trump’s “success principles.” In an interview, Mentz said he did the research and expects the book will be written by someone else next year.

Mentz said his support of Trump dates back three decades, to when he met Trump at the Superdome in New Orleans, where Mentz is from. Trump was kind and gracious with his time, Mentz said, and he has been a fan ever since. He has donated thousands of dollars to Trump’s campaign and political action committee.

Mentz owns the Global Academy of Finance and Management, which is registered in Colorado Springs. He was previously the CEO of a similar Colorado Springs company, the American Academy of Financial Management.

Both companies award certifications, allowing applicants to add an alphabet soup of titles after their names. For a fee, you can become an accredited life coach, a certified political scientist, a master Islamic financial specialist or more than a hundred other titles. Having such a certification “makes you one of the next generation of global leaders,” according to a message from Mentz on the GAFM website.

A Wall Street Journal article in 2004 found AAFM awarded certifications to applicants who had never taken a course and, in some cases, had not taken a test to prove they knew the topic at hand. In 2010, another Wall Street Journal article found several people listed on AAFM’s board of advisers had never advised the company and were unaware the company was claiming them as an adviser.

Mentz defended his certification processes in the interview Friday. He says his companies have rightly used college degrees as a “pathway” to certifications.

“Our standards are pretty basic,” Mentz said, using a journalist as an example. “If you took 135 hours of college education to get your degree from a particular university and satisfied a major in journalism, then you’re qualified for certification in that area if you had a GPA or 3.0 or higher. So, instead of having someone go to Sylvan Learning and take a quiz to be certified, we would allow somebody like you to apply directly for a certification.” ... -scholars/
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Re: TRUMP is seriously dangerous

Postby stillrobertpaulsen » Mon Oct 28, 2019 5:10 pm

I predicted Trump would win in 2016 — and I’m predicting the same for 2020. Here’s why liberals don’t understand what he represents

Written by Anis Shivani / Salon October 27, 2019

I predicted well before the 2016 presidential election that Donald Trump would be elected. I had felt that way ever since he rode down that golden escalator with his rapist invective. Ever since he was elected, I’ve also believed that he’ll be re-elected, more easily this time.

An illustrative personal anecdote, one of many over the last three years: A creative writing PhD I know with tons of debt, whose wife happens to be an undocumented Filipina, became mightily angered by the promise of student debt cancelation. What about those who have paid their dues by taking out debt, he asked? No doubt he would refuse a blanket amnesty for “illegals” too. His DACA wife, as he sees it, paid her dues.

Columnists at the New York Times are all angry at the possibility of decriminalizing of border crossings, health care for the undocumented and the abolition of private insurance. In fact, they don’t want to do away with Trumpian inhumanity. They want the oppression to continue, but without the transparent rhetoric.

Minus the Trumpian rhetorical overlash, war, empire, violence, hollowness, junk goods and a junk life are all the people have ever known and all they want.

Historical movement in long cycles can’t be short-circuited, as we can see in the resistance of the liberal elite toward Bernie Sanders, the only candidate who could beat Trump, versus the stampede toward Elizabeth Warren, who provides a “safe” alternative and will surely lose.

But what kind of a fascist doesn’t start a war in three years? Trump doesn’t need war: He has brought the war home by making us confront our emptiness directly. He is the catalyst we needed at this time, and he is fulfilling his purpose beautifully. America is exhausted, which the liberal elites don’t get.

Trump keeps making noises about Iran, but he hasn’t actually done it yet. His pullback at the last moment, when the bombers were supposedly already on their way, is a trope that makes sense to a lot of people. We could have, in a science-fiction world, the repetition of this particular action — pulling back from the brink, the antithesis to Strangelove-style irrevocability — day after day, and it would be the right psychotropic drug to rouse us.

And what kind of a huckster is he? He constantly keeps changing his mind, which is not a character flaw, but the essence of his “deal-making.” America can’t find a better deal — from the New Deal to the Fair Deal to the imaginary Green New Deal, a landscape of lost opportunities and blighted dreams — so contingent honor, betrayed promises and infinite self-cancellation constitute the only kind of deal-making possible. And unlike on “The Apprentice,” there can be no winner at the end, while the rest get fired, because the endless prevarication — saying two things at the same time, often diametrically opposite — is what constitutes deal-making. We’d better get used to it: It is the end point to a century of liberal social planning.

To be totally adrift, Trump is saying, is to have total freedom. The empire embraces its most recent eruption of vulgarity, barbarism and eco-destruction as a welcome development — or at least the dispossessed do, if not the meritocrats. To move beyond the dead language of liberal political correctness, which all the Democratic candidates suffer from, is a great service. Trump is preparing us for the imminent turmoil of the coming decades — concluding in secession and fragmentation by mid-century — with the kind of language the empire needs now. He’s reading history well, only too well, far better than his ideological opponents, the neoliberal globalizers or the democratic socialists.

Not one of his opponents is prepared to say that power is America — brute, unforgiving, no-second-chances power. This kind of power requires a base removed from liberal education. He reforms language every day, in his tweets, which emanate from our deepest unconscious, such as when liberal stand-up comedians turn out to be racists and misogynists in their revealing moments.

As we prepare for the age of brutality, he’s telling us — as the Times columnists confirm every day in the limits they impose to compassion — that the recent gloss of multicultural tolerance, in the Reagan/Clinton/Obama years, was the final fantasy. His border wall seeks to literalize the walls of segregation and inequality that have been going up relentlessly all throughout the interior. He won’t start wars of humanitarian liberation, because that was the foreign aspect to the domestic malevolence passing as tolerance.

Former UN ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick counseled in the 1970s that we could work with good authoritarians around the world, but not with socialists. Trump’s affection for Narendra Modi, Jair Bolsonaro, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, and Mohammed bin Salman is nothing new. It is how we have always operated, even in the halcyon days of Henry Kissinger’s détente, when we violently crushed democracy in Chile and elsewhere, or under the spiritual Jimmy Carter, when we trapped the Russian bear in Afghanistan, much to Zbigniew Brzezinski’s delight.

Trump doesn’t want to restart history, to repudiate Francis Fukuyama or Bill Clinton. Nor does he want to start a clash of civilizations, to validate Samuel Huntington or George W. Bush. He is content with leaving history alone, which seems natural, coming so soon after the younger Bush’s counselors, who wanted full-spectrum dominance. The deal, as Trump sees it, is ever-changing, immune from textual recreation, legal solidity, constitutional affirmation.

What is his obsession with China then? China for the last three decades has been a management consultant’s dream come true. Trump is not playing a zero-sum game, a chessboard called economic nationalism, with China. With him we move beyond oligarchic nationalism or even democratic fascism. China helps construct a total vacuum of thought, reaching even beyond the vulgarity of trashy American consumerism. We no longer want their tacky goods. We want the Harley-Davidsons back — or not, it’s OK if they don’t come back. If we can’t recall manufacturing, and we leave world trade, then we are thrown upon a manly ideal, where we make things and do things for ourselves, except that Trump and his followers know that that ideal is well past reach, going out of fashion with the rise of consumerism precisely a century ago.

The 2020s: An exact reversal of the rise of optimistic consumerism in the 1920s. History does have its symmetries, if you know where to look. The end to advertising, news broadcasting, modernist propaganda, the religion of self-help and therapy, physical fitness, institutionalized spying and technological utopia.

Trump’s attack on the media, the breathing tube for an empty liberal consumerism that died long ago, is the most welcome move to his fervent supporters. You can’t believe a word you see. You have to create your own reality, which the Internet helped bring about starting in the 1990s. Consider the real scandal of Joe Biden’s son’s corruption, already noted matter-of-factly in leading newspapers, versus the impeachable scandal of just talking — airing out possible deals to land political opponents in trouble. Torture, assassination, deportation and ecocide are all within the pale, for the resistance, for those who would like to replace him with an acceptable alternative who will take empire back to where it was.

But it’s not going to happen, because he was never the bearer of a virus, which implies something alien. He is the perfect mirror, just as Nixon followed Lyndon Johnson, Reagan followed Carter, and Bush followed Clinton, in performing not so much an oscillation but an exaggerated return to form. Empires, heavy and difficult to maneuver, don’t engage in circular or sideways motions. Trump is the accelerant to the end point that empire needs now, just as Reagan and Bush served their functions earlier, and in that sense he is a true man of the people. You don’t beat a man of the people electorally. You just don’t.
"Huey Long once said, “Fascism will come to America in the name of anti-fascism.” I'm afraid, based on my own experience, that fascism will come to America in the name of national security."
-Jim Garrison 1967
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Re: TRUMP is seriously dangerous

Postby 82_28 » Fri Jan 31, 2020 2:36 pm

It's over yo yos! We are officially within what I thought would become of starting this thread. America for all we think of it, pro and con, is dead.
There is no me. There is no you. There is all. There is no you. There is no me. And that is all. A profound acceptance of an enormous pageantry. A haunting certainty that the unifying principle of this universe is love. -- Propagandhi
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Re: TRUMP is seriously dangerous

Postby thrulookingglass » Fri Jan 31, 2020 4:08 pm

When Michael Salaza wrote that his “fourth grade teacher would force me to use my right hand to perform all of my school work” and that “if she caught me using my left hand, I was hit in the head with a dictionary,” he described more than just an encounter with a violent instructor; he illustrated the physical consequences of centuries of religious, scientific, and social thought.

Across time and place, left-handedness has been seen as everything from a sign of moral degeneracy to a symptom of neurological deformity to an illegal act. Given the ubiquity of general wrongness that multiple disciplines have attributed to left-handedness, it’s in some ways surprising that today experts herald left-handedness as a sign of creativity and mental deftness.

Sinister, today meaning evil or malevolent in some way, comes from a Latin word simply meaning "on the left side." "Left" being associated with evil likely comes from a majority of the population being right handed, biblical texts describing God saving those on the right on Judgment day, and images depicting Eve on Adam's left. Consequently, the Latin for "right," dexter, finds its way into positive words like dexterous, and the French word for right (droit) is found in adroit.
The association of the directional left with evil is likely attributed to the dominance of right-handed people within a population, and consequently the awkwardness of motions made from the left side of the body.
Such darkness wasn’t always attached to that side, however. The Ancient Celts, for example, worshiped the left side, associating it with femininity and the fertile womb. But beginning with the appearance of Eve on Adam’s left side in accounts of Genesis, the Christian tradition finds instances of the left side being pinned to immorality.
The Book of Matthew describes how God will divide nations on the Day of Judgment, “as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats; and he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left,” with those on the right sent to the kingdom of Heaven and those on the left “cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.” Left-handed people comprise only 10 percent of the population, and the preference for the left hand demonstrated by the popular minority was attributed to demonic possession, leading to accusations of witchcraft.
In the 20th century, anthropologists and psychologists identified left-handedness as a biological anomaly, one associated with deviancy but that could be corrected away with behavioral reinforcement.

Left-wing politics supports social equality and egalitarianism, often in opposition to social hierarchy. It typically involves a concern for those in society whom its adherents perceive as disadvantaged relative to others as well as a belief that there are unjustified inequalities that need to be reduced or abolished.

They don’t call it the progressive party, the socialist party. They won’t sing the praises of the ideals of anti-war, amicable living, anti-capitalist, anti-greed, anti conspicuous consumption, basically greater peace, love, and harmony. No, its Biden vs Trump, Bernie vs Trump. We don’t talk ideals. You won’t hear about America’s need to change its irresponsible behaviors, its not polling well. People fear change. Fear; best.control.mechanism.ever. Michael Moore says USA is actually a very left leaning country when you talk to its citizens in simple terms that they can understand. Single payer health care, socialized medicine, medicare confuse. Who wants to have no one look after you when you’re sick? How’d you like to be shoved off into the poor house because you fell ill from the rigors of a heartless world? The only modern country in the world not to have socialized medicine. If we will not care for the poorest of souls, well, look in the mirror, you’ve just became one. Divide and conquer is a tried and true tactic of war. American’s (if not the world) neglect one another after being deceived by the totalitarian nation-state run media who frame the real social issues under republican or democratic. These are human rights issues and shouldn’t be left for political shit-cannery. Kings cannot be kings if the serfs won’t serve them. Tyrants need to be called out for what they are. The (capitalist) machine exists to enslave. Its tiered diffusion of money and power is implicit and unjust. We deride the poor, laugh off the homeless situation, yet if you were they you’d weep tears of joy if someone would simply show a modicum of kindness. Who are we to assault one another with such wickedness? On a youtube video I watch a homeless man state, “I think about committing suicide every day.” sobbing into his hands. Sobbing into his hands. Who the fuck are we to create such pain and misery while pining for Gucci bags and iphone ∞’s?! Compassion is a currency that never spoils. What unholiness has gripped us where we can’t even think to care for one another?! Instead we dispense unpleasantries over whether you a Red Sox or a Yankees fan, patriot or colts, Manchester city vs Manchester united, democrat or republican. We ruin this world. We. How far do we have to fall before some intelligent collection of us rocks the fuck out to some twisted sister anthem? Its all one great vection, vestibular illusion our isochronic degeneration, no need for alarm. Inaction is an action. Responsibility begins with individuals. The hands of our elected leaders are no smaller or larger than our own. Having a capacity for moral decisions and therefore accountable; capable of rational thought or action. The ancient Egyptians built beautiful holy places that stand as testament to their skill, prowess and intelligence with regard to engineering that still stand today. We leave the world with empty McDonald’s cups, subway wrappers, thousands of plastic single use bottles world wide. The Egyptians have stone vases that exist today that no one can figure out how they were manufactured which reflect a level of refinement and exquisiteness, we throw our own children’s lives away because people have a right to purchase firearms. No hatred of Trump, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton is ever going to turn this ship around. A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person, a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend, to have love or affection for, to have a profoundly tender, passionate affection for (another person). Love, it’s a killer verb, but dead on the page.

I love you.
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Re: TRUMP is seriously dangerous

Postby 82_28 » Thu Feb 06, 2020 7:00 pm

Told y'all 5 years ago it would come to this. Not to gloat. But the US has a major problem on it's hands. It was never "russia russia russia" at all but I predicted it would be a thing no matter how true or not it is. The tilting to racists. This guy is scum. I did not predict that he was this nuts though. I find it funny that Guns N' Roses has announced a (I think only US) tour. Welcome to the Jungle coming up soon.
There is no me. There is no you. There is all. There is no you. There is no me. And that is all. A profound acceptance of an enormous pageantry. A haunting certainty that the unifying principle of this universe is love. -- Propagandhi
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Re: TRUMP is seriously dangerous

Postby Harvey » Thu Feb 06, 2020 7:22 pm

Self fulfilling prophecy and all that.
And while we spoke of many things, fools and kings
This he said to me
"The greatest thing
You'll ever learn
Is just to love
And be loved
In return"

Eden Ahbez
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