Frogger sodomizes Donkey Kong on a Commodore 64

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Re: Frogger sodomizes Donkey Kong on a Commodore 64

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MAY 9, 1986
A retired FBI agent charged with rape and other...

AUGUSTA, Maine -- A retired FBI agent charged with rape and other sex crimes has apparently jumped bail and may be in South America, according to a district attorney.

see link for full story ... index.html
CNN exclusive: FBI misconduct reveals sex, lies and videotape

By Scott Zamost and Kyra Phillips, CNN Special Investigations Unit
January 27, 2011

Washington (CNN) -- An FBI employee shared confidential information with his girlfriend, who was a news reporter, then later threatened to release a sex tape the two had made.

A supervisor watched pornographic videos in his office during work hours while "satisfying himself."

And an employee in a "leadership position" misused a government database to check on two friends who were exotic dancers and allowed them into an FBI office after hours.

These are among confidential summaries of FBI disciplinary reports obtained by CNN, which describe misconduct by agency supervisors, agents and other employees over the last three years.

Read the FBI documents obtained by CNN

-- An employee had "a sexual relationship with a source" over seven months. The punishment was a 40-day suspension.
-- The supervisor who viewed "pornographic movies in the office while sexually satisfying himself" during work hours received a 35-day suspension.
-- The employee in a "leadership position" who misused a "government database to conduct name checks on two friends who were foreign nationals employed as exotic dancers" and "brought the two friends into FBI space after-hours without proper authorization" received a 23-day suspension. The same employee had been previously suspended for misusing a government database.
-- An employee who was drunk "exploited his FBI employment at a strip club," falsely claiming he was "conducting an official investigation." His punishment was a 30-day suspension.
-- And an employee conducted "unauthorized searches on FBI databases" for "information on public celebrities the employee thought were 'hot'" received a 30-day suspension.

Child Porn Probe Leads To FBI Headquarters
Target claims inquiry is just a “misunderstanding” ... adquarters
JANUARY 5 2011--The government’s pursuit of suspects trafficking in child pornography recently led federal agents to a familiar address--the FBI’s Washington, D.C. headquarters, where a bureau official is the subject of an ongoing criminal probe, The Smoking Gun has learned.

The investigation by the Department of Justice’s inspector general is focusing on FBI employee Joseph Bonsuk’s receipt of nearly 80 illicit images that were e-mailed to him by an Illinois sex offender whose rap sheet includes felony convictions for bank robbery and solicitation of a minor. ... story.html

Prosecutors move to dismiss charges against former Scout leader

January 3, 2007

NEW HAVEN, Conn. --Federal prosecutors have moved to dismiss charges against a retired FBI agent who was indicted on child sex charges dating back more than a decade when he was a Boy Scout leader, in response to the death of his accuser.

William Hutton, 63, of Killingworth, was arrested in February on charges he enticed a member of his Scout troop to Maine for the purpose of sexual activity in 1994 and 1995. ... 323b687229

Edward Rodgers was in charge of investigating cases of Child Abuse at the FBI

THE DENVER POST - Voice of the Rocky Mountain Empire
May 17, 1990
Sisters win sex lawsuit vs. dad $2.3 million given for years of abuse
By Howard Prankratz
Denver Post Legal Affairs Writer

Two daughters of former state and federal law enforcement official Edward Rodgers were awarded $2.319,400 yesterday, after a Denver judge and jury found that the women suffered years of abuse at the hands of their father.

The award to Sharon Simone, 45, and Susan Hammond, 44, followed testimony of Rodgers’ four daughters in person or through depositions, describing repeated physical abuse and sexual assaults by their father from 1944 through 1965.

Rodgers, 72, who became a child abuse expert after retiring from the FBI and joining the colorado Springs DA’s office, failed to appear for the trial. But in a deposition taken in March, Rodgers denied ever hitting or sexually abusing his children.

FBI Agent Pleads Guilty to Child Abuse

Tuesday February 17, 2004 11:46 PM


Associated Press Writer ... 1077052156

WASHINGTON (AP) - The former chief internal watchdog at the FBI has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 6-year-old girl and has admitted he had a history of molesting other children before he joined the bureau for what became a two-decade career.

John H. Conditt Jr., 53, who retired in 2001, was sentenced last week to 12 years in prison in Tarrant County court in Fort Worth, Texas, after he admitted he molested the daughter of two FBI agents after he retired. He acknowledged molesting at least two other girls before he began his law enforcement career, his lawyer said.

Monday August 8, 2005 Longtime FBI agent sentenced to prison on child porn count ... 033110.htm


Associated Press Writer

BOISE, Idaho (AP) A longtime FBI agent who helped arrest mountain-man Claude Dallas and was involved in a deadly 1984 siege involving white supremacists in Washington state is going to prison for 12 months after pleading guilty to possession of child pornography.

William Buie, 64, of Boise, most recently worked as an investigator for the Idaho attorney general's office. ... ab883.html

February 22, 2007

SPOTSYLVANIA, Va. A F.B.I. analyst has been sentenced to seven years in prison for having sex with a young girl in Spotsylvania County.
Forty-four-year-old Anthony John Lesko entered an Alford plea yesterday in Spotsylvania County Circuit Court to nine counts of felony indecent liberties upon a child. An Alford plea means Lesko doesn't admit guilt but believes there is enough evidence for a conviction.
Authorities say Lesko engaged in a sex act with her nine times, beginning when she was nine years old.
According to the plea, Lesko said he was a victim in the case. He said the girl initiated the contact.

FBI Agent Accused Of Masturbating In Public ... _pris.html
May 25, 2007 09:02 PM
FBI Agent Accused Of Masturbating In Public

Posted by, Marissa Pasquet KOLD News 13 News Editor

FBI Special Agent Ryan Seese, 34, is facing sex offense charges after a cleaning woman said she found him masturbating in a women's lavatory on campus, according to a University of Arizona police spokesman.

FBI agent arrested on child sexual assault charge

Associated Press - January 15, 2008 6:14 PM ET
PUEBLO, Colo. (AP) - An FBI agent is under arrest in Pueblo for investigation of sexual assault on a child by someone in a position of trust.

Authorities say 53-year-old David Allan Johnson is being held in the Pueblo County jail today on a $100,000 bail. ... bc097.html

Former Great Falls FBI agent sentenced on child sex charges

Jan 23, 2008

A man from Great Falls who's accused of sexually assaulting five underage girls will be spending the next 10 years behind bars.

Stanley Perkins, 64, changed his plea to guilty after police began investigating him for child molestation in August 2006.

The former educator, who also served two years as an FBI agent, was sentenced on one count of felony sexual assault.

see link for full story ... ormer.html
Jail for former FBI worker from Va.
Washington Post Editors

A 65-year-old former FBI employee from Prince William County was sentenced to nearly four years in prison Friday for possessing child pornography.

Samuel I. Kaplan, of Gainesville, who pleaded guilty June 2 in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, was sentenced to 46 months behind bars.

Kaplan was an information technology program manager at an FBI facility in Chantilly when authorities discovered that he had used the FBI's computer network to "facilitate sexually explict communications," the Justice Department said.

Investigators said they later found 10 to 20 images on Kaplan's home computer showing juveniles involved in sex acts. ... y-charges/

Former FBI agent files petition to enter guilty plea for child pornography charges
This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
A local former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent arrested on child pornography charges filed a petition to enter a guilty plea.

Donald Sachtleben was arrested in May 2012, following an investigation into the distribution of child pornography. Authorities said they were able to trace online activity back to Sachtleben’s Carmel home.

According to court documents, Sachtleben hid behind the email ‘’ and openly traded child porn. In one email he attached nine images of child pornography and child erotica and wrote:

“Saw your profile… Hope you like these and can send me some of (y)ours. I have even better ones if you like.”

Police obtained a search warrant on May 3. During an initial forensic examination of Sachtleben’s laptop

Ex-FBI agent gets 2 1/2 years for assault on marshal

A federal judge today sentenced retired FBI special agent Gary L. John
to 2 ½ years in prison for assaulting a U.S. marshal trying to place him
under arrest.

John, formerly of 110 Post Rd., Westerly, had been on the lam for two
months, when U.S. marshals working with Rhode Island Sheriffs
Department, tracked him to Stratford, Conn., in December 2005. He was
wanted in Rhode Island at the time for allegedly violating orders
barring him from contacting his ex-wife and for failing to appear in
court. ... out-pants/

Buffalo FBI Agent Busted
Dec 10, 2012

BUFFALO, NY – A Special Agent working in the Buffalo office of the FBI is due in Eden Town Court later this month, after being arrested by New York State Police last Friday night, charged with exposing himself to a fellow motorist on the New York State Thruway.

State Police Lt. David Denz confirmed for WGRZ-TV that John A. Yervelli Jr., 48, of Lakeview, was charged with Public Lewdness, a class B misdemeanor, punishable by up to 90 days in jail.

According to Denz, a truck driver from central New York was traveling in the right lane while east bound on the Thruway near mile marker 442, between Exits 57 and 57A, when he noticed a grey minivan pull alongside him in the passing lane.

The trucker told police that when he looked down, he noticed the driver of the other vehicle (who had turned his dome light on) was not wearing pants.

“At that point the complainant stated that the driver of the minivan was exposing himself and making lewd gestures,” Denz told 2 On Your Side.

Denz says the trucker called police, who then intercepted the minivan at the Hamburg toll plaza, where the trucker also went to identify Yervelli. Denz said it appeared Yervelli was wearing pants when he was pulled over.

“He denied exposing himself,” Denz told Channel 2, but added that “inconsistencies” in the account given by Agent Yervelli lead State Police to file charges.

A source says Yervelli insisted to the trooper who pulled him over that he was attempting to relieve himself into a bottle while he was driving. However, the location where he said that occurred was within a few miles (or minutes) of the exit he was headed to, and even closer to a Thruway rest stop.

“I don’t want to give you too many spec ... hal.33945/


By Ryan McBride - The Sun Staff

WAKEFIELD - A former FBI agent from Westerly has returned to prison
after a series of recent arrests for violating a court order to stay
away from his ex-wife.

John served 15 months at the ACI for a criminal conviction of violating a
restraining order in March 2002. His suspended sentence and probation
from the conviction end in 2012.

According to court records, state police arrested John in February 2002
on a disorderly conduct charge for exposing himself in public.
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Re: Frogger sodomizes Donkey Kong on a Commodore 64

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Epstein got a light sentence for his 2008 guilty plea to soliciting sex from a minor because he became an FBI informant ... story.html

SEE IT: NYPD officer kneels on man’s head, waves gun at onlookers during Brooklyn arrest


JUL 08, 2019 | 12:17 PM ... story.html

Off-duty cop pleads guilty to assault after attacking men at Staten Island bar over beer pong game


JUL 09, 2019 | 7:51 PM ... story.html

NYPD detective arrested for perjury in April hit with two more charges of lying


JUL 09, 2019 | 12:29 PM ... 9904f3007f


Police officer fired when money goes missing from a murder victim’s wallet


JUL 10, 2019 | 5:17 PM ... s/22762096

Young Maine hacker shows off skills
11-year-old Old Orchard Beach girl hacks replica election results page in under 11 minutes

Updated: 6:51 PM EDT Aug 17, 2018

Steve Bottari

She's not yet old enough to vote, but Audrey Jones has already hacked her way into a replica of an election results page. ... s/22762096

Aug 17, 2018

The 11-year-old from Old Orchard Beach did so with a group of other tech-savvy kids at DEFCON in Las Vegas, the world's largest conference for hackers.
It took Audrey Jones about 11 minutes.
Once in, she could change votes, name

Kids as young as 7 hack into election systems at DEFCON event
Hacking convention shows vulnerabilities still exist three months before Election Day
Aug 16,2018

in key battleground states from 2016; pages built, organizers say, using actual vulnerabilities previously reported.
Yonatan Lensky, an 11 year-old from Nashua, New Hampshire, who won the award for his age group for "social engineering," was asked if the hack was pretty easy.
"Yeah," he quickly responded, while peering over a laptop computer and wearing small Ray Ban glasses. To prove it, Lensky made it appear as if a journalist won the election -- with 87 billion votes.
Bianca Lewis, an 11 year-old from New Jersey, was asked for her message to the American people. Looking directly at the camera and using a raised v

Jake Braun, the CEO of Cambridge Global Advisors, helped organize the Vote Hacking Village at this year's DEFCON, the world's largest convention of hackers. Over the course of three days, hundreds of them scanned, manipulated and sabotaged nine different types of actual voting equipment.
"This is not make believe," he said during interview in Las Vegas. "This is stuff that's actually happened."
Brad Evans, a hacker who tried to exploit one of the pieces of voting equipment at DEFCON, said that he was doing so because, "I want to help secure these things."
Among the flaws hackers at DEFCON say they found:
* A voting scanner and tabulator -- still used in up to 24 states, according to the group Verified Voting -- with no password or software verification to prevent it from being overridden,
* A touchscreen voting machine that hackers reprogrammed to play music and animated clips.
* An electronic poll book machine that signs in voters on Election Day hacked in five seconds, potentially exposing "unencoded" personal information on voters.
Even though 100 local election officials came to DEFCON, the National Association of Secretaries of State, in a statement the day before the event began, criticized the hacking as a "pseudo environment" that "in no way replicates" accurate protect ... 9904f3007f

ABC News claims anti-police violence is on the rise but offers no data. ... ntentQuery

Visits to Mass. prisoners fall sharply under new rules

By Mark Arsenault Globe Staff,July 10, 2019, 7:18 p.m. ... ret-ballot

‘A risk to democracy’: North Carolina law may be violating secrecy of the ballot ... ght-music/

Some Flowers for Architect Frank Lloyd Wright: Wright and Music
ARIS GEORGES | JAN 10, 2018 ... d6a06b6fc9

A Florida cop planted meth on random drivers, police say. One lost custody of his daughter. ... 83c1275b6f

An American Communist who paid too high a price

Leo Frank ... ury-probe/

FBI Brass Ran Up $65K World Series Tab of Freebies in Luxury Box of LA Dodgers Owners While Team Was Target of FBI Grand Jury Probe ... university

Students undergo FBI training at Marquette University
By: CBS 58 Newsroom
Posted: Jul 10, 2019 8:24 PM CDT ... ic-oneill/

Taking down the FBI agent turned Russian spy ... rison.html

Former F.B.I. Agent Is Sentenced to Prison
APMAY 20, 1996
Continue reading the main story

A former F.B.I. agent who pleaded guilty to taking kickbacks from a pepper-spray manufacturer was sentenced on Friday to two months in Federal prison.
The former agent, Thomas W. W. Ward, 49, the bureau's former chief of pepper-spray testing and research, was sentenced to two months in prison and three years' probation.
In pleading guilty to one count of accepting an unlawful gratuity, Mr. Ward admitted taking $57,500 in kickbacks from a pepper-spray manufacturer. ... agreement/

Jeffrey Epstein’s Light Sentence Was Not Engineered By Robert Mueller ... ice-chief/

Judge rules for Biddeford and its police chief in sexual abuse lawsuit
U.S. District Judge Lance Walker says Matt Lauzon 'buried his head in the sand' by not coming forward with his claims sooner. ... 9904f3007f

Kamala Harris Has a Distinguished Career of Serving Injustice ... story.html

A real cop-out: Police and the DA point fingers about a failure to require Jeffrey Epstein to check in with New York authorities


JUL 12, 2019 | 4:00 AM ... hake-tweet

Mayor Wheeler Defends Portland Police Bureau’s False “Cement Milkshake” Tweet

by Blair Stenvick • Jul 8, 2019 at 3:41 pm ... mate-plug/

Is JPMorgan the ultimate plug?
By Daniel Hopsicker -
July 10, 2019
If you don’t know what a “plug” is, you probably don’t spend much time at Lipstick Alley.
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Re: Frogger sodomizes Donkey Kong on a Commodore 64

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Toyota covers Prius Prime with solar panels to test mileage

ERIC C. EVARTS JULY 8,2019 ... story.html

Advocates for correction officers defend punitive segregation for violent inmates, rail at proposed reform


JUL 14, 2019 | 7:49 PM ... gas-sting/

Trevor Aaronson
July 13 2019, 7:30 a.m.
Footage from an FBI hidden camera in a Las Vegas hotel room on April 27, 2015, where Emile Bouari met with FBI agent Dennis Lao and informant Michel Benamar as part of an undercover sting. Screenshot: The Intercept
THE FBI SPENT more than two years chasing alleged money launderers in Las Vegas and Florida as part of “Operation Bo-Tox,” a code name referencing the toxin used in cosmetic procedures to reduce wrinkles. But the case finally collapsed this week, when the Justice Department moved to drop all charges against the lead defendant, Emile Bouari, as part of a pretrial diversion agreement.
According to the FBI’s internal files, agents in 2014 believed that Operation Bo-Tox would expose a network of money launderers who ... len-rifle/

City Council President: ‘Oakland Deserves Answers’ From FBI On Stolen Rifle
July 12, 2019 at 2:51 pm
Filed Under:Car Theft, Crime, FBI, Oakland, Weapons ... b4b0a.html

In 'exceedingly rare' move, two federal judges say FBI agent gave false testimony
* Arielle Zionts Journal staff Jul 8, 2019 Updated Jul 11, 2019

William Francis Pepper is a barrister in the United Kingdom and admitted to the bar in numerous jurisdictions in the United States of America. His primary work is international commercial law. He has represented governments in the Middle East, Africa, South America, and Asia. Today, Pepper represents Sirhan Sirhan, the gunman convicted in the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy in June 1968.

Bill Pepper was a friend of Martin Luther King in the last year of his life. Some years after King's death, Bill Pepper went on to represent James Earl Ray in his guilty plea, and subsequent conviction. Pepper believes that Ray was framed by the federal government and that King was killed by a conspiracy that involved the FBI, the CIA, the military, the Memphis police and organized crime figures from New Orleans and Memphis. He later represented James Earl Ray in a televised mock trial in an attempt to get Ray the trial that he never had.

He then represented the King family in a wrongful death civil trial, King family vs. Loyd Jowers and "other unknown co-conspirators." During a trial that lasted four weeks Bill produced over seventy witnesses. Jowers, testifying by deposition, stated that James Earl Ray was a scapegoat, and not involved in the assassination. Jowers testified that Memphis police officer Earl Clark fired the fatal shots. On December 8, 1999, the Memphis jury found Jowers responsible and found that the assassination plot included also "governmental agencies." The jury took less than an hour to find in favor of the King family for the requested sum of $1.00

William Pepper is heavily involved in Human Rights Law, for a time convening the International Human Rights Seminar at Oxford University, during which time individuals such as Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela, accepted invitations to address the seminar. He lives in the US currently -not primarily- but travels frequently to England.

April 4 2018
Justice Integrity Project,
Breakthrough on MLK Death Coverage? Andrew Kreig"

March 30th 2018
Who killed Martin Luther King Jr.?
His family believes James Earl Ray was framed." - Washington Post

Dec 2016
Review from Truth and Shadows

March 2012

Dec 2011
Lawyers For Convicted Robert F. Kennedy Assassin Argue That New Forensic Details Show Client Is Innocent ... story.html

‘My whole family got ruined’: Ex-NYPD cop claims she was sexually abused, raped by cops in her Harlem precinct


JUL 15, 2019 | 7:00 AM ... ult/?amp=1

Maine sheriff’s deputy accused of domestic assault ... me-disease

House orders Pentagon to review if it exposed Americans to weaponised ticks
A New Jersey lawmaker suggests the government turned insects into bioweapons to spread disease and possibly released them ... moral-evil

What is happening in America's Cancertown is tragic, immoral and evil
Reverend William Barber ... 746033001/

Newark cop 'blacked out' when he saw man in estranged wife's room. Then he started shooting

Anthony Zurita, North Jersey Record Published 5:49 p.m. ET July 16, 2019 ... stigation/

Seventh Paterson police officer charged

Frank Toledo, 30, of Paterson, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to violate people’s civil rights, using excessive force, and filing a false police report before judge Katharine S. Hayden at the Newark federal courthouse on Tuesday morning.
Toledo worked with other rogue police officers – including Eudy Ramos, Jonathan Bustios, Daniel Pent, Matthew Torres – to stop and search cars without justification. They would steal cash and other valuables from the occupants of the vehicles and share it amongst themselves.

Authorities said Toledo and other officers also stopped and searched people on the streets and took their money.
The rogue police officers would file false police reports to cover up their criminal activities. For example, on Dec. 2, 2017, Toledo and Ramos stopped and arrested a person in Paterson and took $1,000 in cash. Both men split the cash and filed a false police report omitting that $1,000 was taken from the arrestee.
Toledo and the other officers coordinated their activities through text messages. In one text message, Nov. 6, 2017, Bustios wrote to Toledo, “Yo what the f— are you doing? I’m tryin’ to go mango hunting. Let’s goooo!” Mango is a code word for cash.
“Lafayette and e  18,” responded Toledo. “Meet me here.”
In another text message, Nov. 16, 2017, Toledo wrote to Bustios, “everything we do is illegal.”
Toledo also routinely used excessive ... journalism

Charita Goshay: Miami Herald makes perfect case for local journalism ... 1686940673

Jemar Tisby on Twitter: ""Despite an FBI investigation that identified many members of the lynch mob, no one was ever indicted in Mr. Parker's murder." #Letjusticerolldown ...
Apr 25, 2019 · On this day in 1959, a black man named Mack Charles Parker was killed by a white mob in Mississippi. No one was ever prosecuted. To overcome racial inequality, we must confront our history. ... 2925a.html

Former FBI agent investigating Greitens' affair was himself investigated by the FBI for bigamy
By Robert Patrick, Joel Currier and Christine Byers St. Louis Post-Dispatch Mar 15, 2018
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Re: Frogger sodomizes Donkey Kong on a Commodore 64

Postby fruhmenschen » Thu Jul 18, 2019 2:10 pm ... story.html

New Jersey homicide detective charged with murdering his 3-month-old daughter


JUL 17, 2019 | 10:52 PM ... story.html

Oklahoma inmate jailed for nearly 30 years freed after judge rules he’s innocent in 1991 murder


JUL 17, 2019 | 1:45 PM ... n-reaction

Nipsey Hussle: community outraged at 'disgusting' LAPD investigation into rapper's business
City quietly targets late entrepreneur with criminal case, and South LA residents say police are ‘attacking his legacy’ ... rities-say

LAPD officer charged with rape after ‘cold’ DNA match, prosecutors say ... fs-deputy/

More details released in arrest of Sagadahoc County deputy
Matthew Shiers is accused of choking his live-in girlfriend at his home in West Bath.
Deliberately hurting animal. ... 25dc2c9496

Widespread, oppressive and dangerous heat to roast much of the U.S. through the weekend ... mandering/


CBP Investigating 62 Border Patrol Agents Who Used Demeaning Facebook Page ... 52da7.html

Abrupt about-face on indictment of Louisiana coastal scientist shocks legal community


A string of deaths of prominent Ferguson activists and their relatives, as well as others who were murdered in a similar fashion, has left lingering questions about the circumstances. Given the recent detainment (with no justification given) of Iranian state TV journalist Marzieh Hashemi, who was working on a documentary about the murders, it’s worth re-examining the existing cases. We couldn’t find a comprehensive list placing the cases side-by-side, so we put this together. Some of the victims were notable figures in the protest movement, while others are related tangentially or by the strange nature of their deaths. ... -jr-74225/

Subject: Freedom of Information Act Request: James W. McCord Jr.
Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, I hereby request the following records:
Previously unreleased records related to James Walter McCord Jr. (died June 15, 2017). Mr. McCord served as an FBI special agent and was one of the Watergate burglars.

View An eye View Embed Opening and closing brackets with a diagonal slash through the middle. Embed Download An arrow pointing down Download

From: Federal Bureau of Investigation
Subject: eFOIA files available
There are eFOIA files available for you to download.

View An eye View Embed Opening and closing brackets with a diagonal slash through the middle. Embed Download An arrow pointing down Download

From: Federal Bureau of Investigation
Subject: eFOIA files available
There are eFOIA files available for you to download.

View An eye View Embed Opening and closing brackets with a diagonal slash through the middle. Embed Download An arrow pointing down Download

View An eye View Embed Opening and closing brackets with a diagonal slash through the middle. Embed Download An arrow pointing down Download

View An eye View Embed Opening and closing brackets with a diagonal slash through the middle. Embed Download An arrow pointing down Download

View An eye View Embed Opening and closing brackets with a diagonal slash through the middle. Embed Download An arrow pointing down Download

View An eye View Embed Opening and closing brackets with a diagonal slash through the middle. Embed Download An arrow pointing down Download

View An eye View Embed Opening and closing brackets with a diagonal slash through the middle. Embed Download An arrow pointing down Download

E58a9ea414cca862289da5e167bacc3fb9ff783a9_Q58629_R347924_D2296355 ... extremists

FBI, DHS Book Lists the 46 Indicators of Potential Violent Extremists ... tch-69653/

From: Mackenzie Farkus
Subject: Freedom of Information Act Request: W.I.T.C.H.

To Whom It May Concern:
Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, I hereby request the following records:
All files on or related to the feminist group W.I.T.C.H., also known as the Women's International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell. They were originally active in the 1960s but numerous chapters have reformed in the 2000s.
The requested documents will be made available to the general public, and this request is not being made for commercial purposes.
In the event that there are fees, I would be grateful if you would inform me of the total charges in advance of fulfilling my request. I would prefer the request filled electronically, by e-mail attachment if available or CD-ROM if not.
Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. I look forward to receiving your response to this request within 20 business days, as the statute requires.
Mackenzie Farkus ... er-n474aw/

Jeffrey Epstein, the CIA, Dyncorps, & N-number N474AW
By Daniel Hopsicker -
July 12, 2019 ... the-tells/

GangsterPlanet2: Learning to spot the ‘tells’
By Daniel Hopsicker -
July 7, 2019

“The massive 19-ton cocaine bust on the docks in Philadelphia two weeks ago exposed a weakness— the use of well-worn templates—in the global drug cartel.” ... ion-73107/

Subject: Freedom of Information Act Request: Project Chanology (Federal Bureau of Investigation)

To Whom It May Concern:
Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, I hereby request the following records:
Records relating to or mentioning Project Chanology AKA Operation Chanology, protest movement against the practices of the Church of Scientology by members of Anonymous, a leaderless Internet-based group. The project was publicly launched in the form of a video posted to YouTube, "Message to Scientology", on January 21, 2008. The video states that Anonymous views Scientology's actions as Internet censorship, and asserts the group's intent to "expel the church from the Internet". This was followed by distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS), and soon after, black faxes, prank calls, and other measures intended to disrupt the Church of Scientology's operations. In February 2008, the focus of the protest shifted to legal methods, including nonviolent protests and an attempt to get the Internal Revenue Service to investigate the Church of Scientology's tax exempt status in the United States.
The requested documents will be made available to the general public, and this request is not being made for commercial purposes.
In the event that there are fees, I would be grateful if you would inform me of the total charges in advance of fulfilling my request. I would prefer the request filled electronically, by e-mail attachment if available or CD-ROM if not.
Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. I look forward to receiving your response to this request within 20 business days, as the statute requires.
Emma Best ... ting-fbi-/

December 20, 2013
Requester’s Voice: Ryan Shapiro
The MIT researcher gives tips on how to “street fight with the FBI and win
Written by George LeVines
Edited by Shawn Musgrave
In this week’s Requester’s Voice, MuckRock benefits from the experience of Ryan Shapiro, whose track record qualifies him as a FOIA super hero. A PhD candidate at MIT, Shapiro has developed a set of surgical FOIA tactics that have the FBI scrambling to block his requests. Shapiro’s ongoing “street fight” with the FBI has him convinced more than ever that our democracy depends on the health of the Freedom of Information Act.
What was your first FOIA request? How did it go? Why did you want/need to use public records in the first place?
I filed my first FOIA request to the FBI in 2005 when I was working on my master’s degree in modern American history. The request was for any records on a now deceased scientist who had been a prominent researcher and Cold Warrior in the 1940s and 50s, although he had earlier been a committed leftist. This scientist was also a leading professional proponent of animal research who routinely accused opponents of animal experimentation of being threats to American security and possibly even agents of the Kremlin itself. I wanted to know what, if anything, the FBI made of this scientist’s shifting politics in general, and of his (totally unfounded) allegations of subversion against animal protectionists in particular.
Though I knew almost nothing about FOIA at the time, this request was partially successful. In about a year, the FBI released to me roughly 150 pages. And though this was certainly not all the records the FBI had on this scientist, the release was useful nonetheless. It turns out the FBI completely ignored this scientist’s red-baiting of anti-vivisectionists, and instead continued to view the scientist himself as a potential threat to national security on the basis of his 1930’s leftism.
I first experienced significant FOIA-related problems with the FBI several years later when I began submitting requests for records about more recent history. I think my earliest request along these lines was in 2008 when I requested my own file.
The FBI responded they couldn’t find anything. I still knew relatively little about the intricacies of FOIA work. However, given my own background with aggressive activism beginning in the mid-1990s, I knew the FBI’s claim to find nothing was implausible. But I didn’t know what to do about it. As I developed my FOIA skills in the course of my PhD research, I submitted additional requests for my files. When the FBI again failed to respond adequately, I sued them about this and roughly 70 of my other FOIA requests. I now have a portion my own FBI file. However, the FBI is currently arguing in court that to release the remaining pages about me now would damage national security. This matter remains in litigation as one element of my ongoing Open America fight (discussed below).
Where did you learn how to become a successful document requester?
Reading other people’s FOIA requests was an important step, particularly at first. Reading as much FOIA case law as possible has also been key. Reading the records of FOIA lawsuits has been essential. Along these lines, agency declarations submitted in FOIA lawsuits are especially illuminative sources of information about a given agency’s internal FOIA practices. And endless conversations with expert FOIA attorneys have also been invaluable to my development. I’m especially fortunate to have the counsel of my amazing FOIA lawyer, Jeffrey Light.
In addition to the above, what has been most useful has simply been to file lots and lots of FOIA requests. In general, I design each request not only to hopefully produce the requested records, but also to further illuminate the agency’s FOIA operations. In my experience, successful FOIA work is often the product of tacit knowledge. Though it of course should not need to be this way, developing as intimate a familiarity as possible with an agency’s internal filing systems, databases, and FOIA practices is frequently the key to success.
How many requests do you file? Daily? Monthly? Yearly? Whatever metric makes sense.
I currently have about 600 FOIA requests in motion with the FBI, as well as a smaller number in motion with other agencies. How many requests I submit at any given time largely depends on the type of research I’m doing at that moment. Sometimes months will pass in which I submit no requests, and sometimes I’ll submit 50+ in a week.
Do you have any advice for MuckRock users? Tips or tricks you’ve come across over the years.
The first thing to know about dealing with the FBI for FOIA work is that the Bureau is simply not operating in good faith. While FOIA with some agencies can be akin to a protracted business meeting or an attempt to get telephone customer support from a faceless corporation, FOIA with the FBI is a street fight.
The FBI does nearly everything within its power to avoid compliance with the Freedom of Information Act. This results in the outrageous state of affairs in which the leading federal law enforcement agency in the country is in routine and often flagrant violation of federal law.

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DEF CON 22 - Ryan Noah Shapiro - Hacking the FBI - How & Why to Liberate Government Records

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One of the chief means by which the FBI accomplishes this is to deliberately search for records in such a way that the search routinely fails by design. There are numerous techniques a requestor can use to combat this, but two of the most crucial are: 1) Request a search not only for main file records (this is the FBI’s default search) but also for “cross-reference” records, and 2) Request an “ELSUR” (Electronic Surveillance) search. Despite the FBI’s (flatly dishonest) insistence to the contrary, a huge percentage of records will only be found if the FBI conducts these two additional searches, and the FBI will not conduct these searches unless you explicitly request it does so.
That said, the FBI frequently won’t conduct these searches even if you do request them. At that point, you can appeal the FBI’s inadequate search to the Department of Justice Office of Information Policy (OIP). However, this is frequently a slow and ultimately disappointing experience, as OIP often operates as little more than a rubber stamp for the FBI.
Sadly, the most effective means to compel the FBI to conduct an adequate search is to sue. It’s really the only way to hold the FBI accountable to the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act. I currently have five FOIA lawsuits against the FBI covering roughly 200 of my 600 requests.
Where does FOIA shine as a tool and where does it fall short?
FOIA is terrific in theory and largely toothless in practice. As a result, it shines primarily when dealing with agencies that view it with neutrality, or at least not antagonism. Unfortunately, the FBI and other intelligence agencies have long been flatly allergic to the Freedom of Information Act.
As an historian of the policing of dissent and the political functioning of national security, this is definitely a problem. Part of the issue is that FOIA itself is to some extent a misnomer. We don’t really have a freedom of information act in the country as much as we have an open records act. One can’t request information (in the form of a question), one needs to request records. This requires some advance knowledge of what those records are or might be. Especially when dealing with intelligence agencies that conceal the existence of the overwhelming majority of their records, this is frequently a prohibitive hurdle. And this is the challenge I was facing early in my PhD research.
My doctoral work at MIT builds upon my master’s degree research. My dissertation in progress and broader project in part explore the use of the rhetoric and apparatus of national security to marginalize animal protectionists as threats to the state from the late nineteenth-century to the present. As is standard with historians, much of my research is archival. As is sadly far from standard, much of my work is also FOIA-based. I’m fortunate that my program, MIT’s Program in History, Anthropology, & Science, Technology, and Society (HASTS), is very supportive of this approach.
One thread of my research that is heavily FOIA-dependent is my effort to map out the nature and evolution of the FBI’s understanding and handling of the animal rights movement. How did the animal rights movement first come to the attention of the FBI? How did the FBI’s understanding of the animal rights movement evolve over time? How does the FBI understand the animal rights movement as component parts and as a whole? How does the FBI develop infiltrators within the movement? What role did and does industry play in the evolution of the FBI’s understanding of the movement? And perhaps most importantly, beginning in 2004, how did the FBI come to designate the animal rights and environmental movements as the leading domestic terror threats in the U.S. without either movement physically injuring a single person in this country ever?
To answer these questions, I needed a lot of documents. Very few of these documents were publicly available in archives or elsewhere, so FOIA was the only real possibility for obtaining them.
However, I didn’t know what the overwhelming majority of these documents were. Worse, even when I had a fairly clear sense of what the broad subject of some these documents might be, the FBI consistently claimed it could find no records in response to my requests. So I began learning as much as I could about the FBI’s FOIA processes and experimenting with different kinds of requests.
One of the key elements of my eventual approach was to obtain signed consent forms from roughly 250 leading animal rights activists from the 1970s to the present allowing me to request their files. When successful, each one of these requests opened a tiny window into both the subject of my research and the deliberately byzantine filing systems of the FBI. I then combed through these releases for references to any additional specific documents or topics about which I could submit new requests, and then did the same again when I received records from those new requests. I would also compare the released records — and my requests that produced them — against my requests to which the FBI responded it couldn’t locate records.
In the process, I’ve come increasingly close to developing a set of methodologies that make FOIA function with the FBI in a way it has generally failed to do so to date: as a tool for broad-scale historical research. I’m especially honored to have been invited to lecture on these techniques at a host of interested institutions, including the annual convention of the National Lawyers Guild, the National Press Club, and a series of universities and law schools.
What is your favorite FOIA story?
Using the above approach, I’ve obtained roughly 40,000 pages so far from the FBI, and I have about 600 FOIA requests currently in motion with the Bureau. Most typically, however, the FBI has done with my requests what it so frequently does with FOIA requests. It simply sits on them. Though FOIA allows an agency only 20 working days to comply with a request, years would often pass with no apparent movement.
So I sued the FBI for failure to comply with the Freedom of Information Act. This lawsuit covers roughly 70 of my requests. In response, the FBI has invoked the “nuclear option” for a FOIA case. They’ve asked the judge for an Open America stay, which is basically a blanket exemption for an agency from having to comply with FOIA for a specified period of time. In my case, the FBI has asked the judge for an almost unheard of 7-year Open America stay.

Democracy Now!
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Why Did the FBI Label Ryan Shapiro's Dissertation on Animal Rights a Threat to National Security?

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To this end, the FBI is relying upon a radical new interpretation of a Cold War era FOIA doctrine called “mosaic theory.” In so doing, the FBI is arguing that compliance with my dissertation FOIA research would “significantly and irreparably damage national security.” Keep in mind, the FBI isn’t arguing that giving me the documents I’ve requested would damage national security, although they clearly believe this to be the case. Rather, the FBI is asserting in court that simply deciding whether or not to give me the requested documents would irreparably damage national security.
More so, we can’t even read most of the FBI’s argument to support this contention, because the FBI submitted it in the form of an ex parte, in camera declaration. This is essentially a secret letter to the judge from the Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division. And — as journalist Will Potter recently wrote in an excellent article on my case for Mother Jones — the FBI asserts that allowing us to read this secret letter would “damage the very national security law enforcement interests it is seeking to protect.”
As I told Will, this is an especially circular and Kafkaesque line of argument. The FBI considers it a national security threat to make public its reasoning for considering it a national security threat to use federal law to request information about the FBI’s deeply problematic understanding of national security threats.
However, from the portions of its argument the FBI has submitted publicly, one thing is clear. The FBI’s efforts to exempt itself from the Freedom of Information Act in my case are so extreme and sweeping that, if the judge rules in the FBI’s favor, it could have a devastating impact on other FOIA requestors’ ability to obtain records from the FBI and government agencies in general. It’s for this reason that a host of civil liberties and open government organizations, including the Center for Constitutional Rights, the National Lawyers Guild, National Security Counselors, and the National Security Archive (along with TruthOut and Mark Zaid) have filed an amicus brief opposing the FBI’s radical efforts to shut down my research.
And I think this actually gets close to the heart of the matter.
It appears the FBI’s core motivation here has relatively little to do with the purported security threat posed by possible release of information about the animal rights movement. Instead, I believe the FBI is responding in large part to the increasing efficacy of my FOIA methodologies. Since its earliest days, the FBI has viewed political dissent as a security threat. And since the passage of the Freedom of Information Act, the FBI has viewed efforts to force Bureau compliance with the law in the same light. Over the years, the FBI has established countless means by which to avoid compliance with FOIA. Over the past five years or so, I’ve found ways around many of them. I believe the FBI’s unprecedented efforts to shut down my research are primarily a last ditch effort to preserve the Bureau’s functional immunity from the Freedom of Information Act.
I should note, I’m not sure the above necessarily qualifies as my “favorite” FOIA story, even if it is among the most dramatic. I think my favorite FOIA request is actually one I just submitted.
I recently had the good fortune to be having lunch with Daniel Ellsberg, the former top-level military intelligence analyst who in 1971 leaked the classified DOD report known as the “Pentagon Papers.” The leak of the Pentagon Papers unequivocally established that the DOD and a succession of presidents from Truman to Johnson had for decades willfully deceived the American public about U.S. military involvement in Vietnam. Ellsberg was deemed “the most dangerous man in America” by Henry Kissinger and was prosecuted by the Nixon administration under the Espionage Act (the same act under which Chelsea Manning was recently convicted and under which Edward Snowden is currently facing prosecution). Daniel Ellsberg is an American hero in the truest sense, and a longtime personal hero of mine. To my tremendous pleasure, at the end of our lunch, Ellsberg generously granted me signed permission to request his FBI file. I can’t wait to see how that turns out.
How do you think your work at MIT and the attention you’re getting from the federal government is affecting the FOIA landscape?
I’m not really sure how to answer this. What I can answer is how I’d like my work to affect the FOIA landscape. I’ll be very pleased if my work brings greater attention to the necessity of a robust Freedom of Information Act in particular, and to the pernicious effects of our government’s longstanding obsession with secrecy in general. I’m definitely interested in highlighting the absolute necessity of governmental transparency, especially in the face of the ever-growing menace posed by state surveillance and policing of dissent. Outside of a relatively small band of historians, journalists, attorneys, and activists, these topics simply have for decades not been part of any serious national conversation until recently.
Thanks largely to the documents provided and disseminated by Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Hammond, WikiLeaks, and others, such a conversation is finally getting underway. I would like my work, and the FBI’s outrageous responses to it, to contribute to and amplify this conversation.
Does the pushback ever get tiresome or wear on your drive to continue?
Ha. Not really. If anything, just the opposite. On this front I find myself in agreement with Robert, one of the young “Wolverines” in Red Dawn (the 1984 classic, not the appalling 2012 remake). When chastised, “All that hate’s gonna burn you up, kid,” he responds only, “It keeps me warm.”

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Red Dawn - the hate keeps me warm

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Seriously though, it’s not the pushback that upsets me. It’s what I frequently uncover when I do obtain documents.
For example, one 2003 document I obtained via a FOIA request reveals FBI advocacy of bringing federal terrorism charges against undercover investigators of factory farms (You can read about that document on here and at the Los Angeles Times here).
We’re talking about people who videotaped animals intensively confined in cages so small they can’t stand up, can’t spread their limbs and can’t turn around. This horrific existence is standard for many of the nine billion animals raised and killed every year on factory farms in the United States alone. And the FBI’s response to exposure of what goes on behind the closed doors of factory farms is to consider prosecution of the whistleblowers, and to do so under federal terrorism charges.
This is the sort of thing that makes me mad, and reading my own name on that document didn’t help. That said, this is also the sort of thing that makes me all the more committed to my work.
What has to take place for meaningful policy level changes to FOIA laws? Will we ever see that day?
The first thing that needs to happen is for more people to use FOIA and become invested in it. It’s for this reason (and many others) that MuckRock is such an invaluable resource and addition to the open government landscape. We also need more historians and journalists in particular to regularly utilize FOIA and promote the fruits of FOIA work.
I’ve already mentioned Will Potter’s great work above, and I encourage everyone to check out his news site Green Is The New Red and his award-winning book of the same name. I’m also very fortunate to collaborate with the intrepid journalist and fellow FOIA-prosthelytizer, Jason Leopold, but he’s a rarity.
Democracy cannot meaningfully exist without an informed citizenry, and such a citizenry is impossible without broad public access to information about the operations of government. The Bush administration initiated a disastrous welter of anti-transparency initiatives, yet the Obama administration has been, if anything, even worse. Despite entering office promising unprecedented openness, the Obama administration has provided just the opposite, including bringing more Espionage Act prosecutions of leakers than all previous administrations combined. It’s not surprising those in power wish to keep their actions secret. What’s surprising is how readily we tolerate it.
The Freedom of Information Act is one of the most underappreciated elements of the entire American experiment. As broken as FOIA is, the notion that the records of government are the property of the people, and all we need to do to get them is to ask, is radically democratic. FOIA must not only be defended against the FBI and others who view transparency as a threat, but strengthened, and dramatically expanded. The viability of our democracy depends upon it.

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NATO-affiliated report reveals number & location of US nukes in Europe
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The Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York, as seen through reflective glass on July 16, 2019. Photo: Elise Swain/The Intercept
IT’S BEEN FIVE months since a crisis of freezing and inhumane conditions at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York, when a power failure brought darkness to a detention center already inundated by the January ... fbdd4.html

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FBI tracked 'armed and dangerous' FLQ leader Paul Rose, documents reveal ... e-sues-fbi

Connecticut man whose wife was struck and killed by vehicle sues FBI ... sault-fbi/

Denver’s branch of the FBI is investigating a former Westminster police officer accused of raping a woman next to his squad car after he promised to drive her home from a local hospital.
Curtis Arganbright pleaded guilty last year to two misdemeanor charges — unlawful sexual contact and official misconduct — in connection to the 2017 crime and was sentenced to 90 days in jail and four years of probation. Now, federal authorities are investigating whether Arganbright violated a federal civil rights statute, a search warrant application filed in the U.S. District Court of Colorado shows ... be-delayed

The ranking Republican member on the House Judiciary Committee hinted on Sunday that Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s much-anticipated report detailing the findings of his inquiry into allegations of Justice Department and FBI abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act might not be released until the end of the summer.

Horowitz launched an investigation in March 2018 into whether the FBI and Justice Department filing of four FISA applications and renewals to surveil former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page was an abuse of the FISA process. The applications relied heavily upon the unverified dossier compiled by British ex-spy Christopher Steele, who was hired by Fusion GPS. The opposition research firm was hired by Marc Elias of the Perkins Coie law firm at the behest of the Clinton presidential campaign. ... -sentence/

police officer sentenced for unlawful sexual contact
The former officer must register as a sex offender ... story.html

Jon Lender: After revelation about eyeglass-case eavesdropping with FBI, CT Lottery eyes potential dismissal of VP who’s been placed on leave


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Lobster 77 Summer 2019
• The view from the bridge (PDF) by Robin Ramsay Updated 6 May 2019
• Roswell, the CIA and Dr Edgar Mitchell (PDF) by Garrick Alder
• Has a

9/11's Trainer in Terrorism Was an FBI Informant
(Peter Dale Scott Talk in Palo Alto, October 27, 2006)

If I had an hour, I would talk to you about how the 9/11 Report failed to reconcile Dick Cheney's conflicting accounts, which cannot all be true, of what he did on the morning of 9/11 in the bunker beneath the White House. But that story takes two whole chapters of my forthcoming book, The Road to 9/11. So instead I will expand on what I spoke about a month ago in Berkeley, concerning Ali Mohamed, Washington's double agent inside al-Qaeda, and also a chief 9/11 plotter.(1) I want to add important new material tonight. Ali Mohamed, an Egyptian, was a close ally of Osama bin Laden. As he later confessed in court, he also aided the terrorist Ayman al-Zawahiri, a co-founder of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, and by then an aide to bin Laden, when he visited America to raise money.(2) It is now generally admitted that Ali Mohamed worked for the FBI, the CIA, and U.S. Special Forces.
Patrick Fitzgerald, who testified to the 9/11 Commission about Ali Mohamed, knew him well. In 1994 he had named him as an unindicted co-conspirator in the New York landmarks case, yet allowed him to remain free. This was because, as Fitzgerald knew, Ali Mohamed was an FBI informant, from at least 1993 and maybe 1989.(3) Thus, from 1994 "until his arrest in 1998 [by which time the 9/11 plot was well under way], Mohamed shuttled between California, Afghanistan, Kenya, Somalia and at least a dozen other countries."(4)
What I first wrote in 2004, and again in 9/11 and American Empire, has to my knowledge has not yet been in the US press: it is that in 1993 Ali Mohamed had been detained by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Canada, (when he inquired at an airport after an incoming al Qaeda terrorist who turned out to be carrying two forged Saudi passports). Mohamed immediately told the RCMP to make a phone call to the FBI in the United States, and the call secured his release.(5) This release enabled Ali to go on to Kenya, take pictures of the U.S.. Embassy, and deliver them to bin Laden for the Embassy bombing plot.
In August 2006 there was a National Geographic Special on Ali Mohamed. We can take this as the new official fallback position on Ali Mohamed, because John Cloonan, the FBI agent who worked with Fitzgerald on Mohamed, helped narrate it. I didn't see the show, but here's what TV critics said about its contents:
Ali Mohamed manipulated the FBI, CIA and U.S. Army on behalf of Osama bin Laden. Mohamed trained terrorists how to hijack airliners, bomb buildings and assassinate rivals. [D]uring much of this time Mohamed was ... , an operative for the CIA and FBI, and a member of the U.S. Army.(6) ... Mohamed turned up in FBI surveillance photos as early as 1989, training radical Muslims who would go on to assassinate Jewish militant Meir Kahane and detonate a truck bomb at the World Trade Center. He not only avoided arrest, but managed to become an FBI informant while writing most of the al Qaeda terrorist manual and helping plan attacks on American troops in Somalia and U.S. embassies in Africa.(7)
That Mohamed trained al Qaeda in hijacking planes and wrote most of the al Qaeda terrorist manual is confirmed in a new book, The Looming Tower, by Lawrence Wright, who has seen US Government records.(8) Let me say this again: one of al-Qaeda's top trainers in terrorism and how to hijack airplanes was an operative for FBI, CIA, and the Army.
But what we have heard so far is a fall-back cover-up of even worse truths. Peter Lance, who first wrote the script for the National Geographic special, told about Mohamed's detention and release in Toronto. This important detail, along with others, was cut from the program. Lance withdrew from the project and complained on his website about these and other cuts, such as this one:
"Within days of 9/11 Cloonan ... interviewed Ali, whom the Feds had allowed to slip into witness protection, and demanded to know the details of the plot. At that point Ali wrote it all out - including details of how he'd counseled would-be hijackers on how to smuggle box cutters on board aircraft and where to sit, to effect the airline seizures."(9)
So let us sum up what we know so far about Ali Mohamed:
1. A key planner of the 9/11 plot, and trainer in hijacking, was simultaneously an informant for the FBI.
2. This operative trained the members for all of the chief Islamist attacks inside the United States -- the first WTC bombing, the New York landmarks plot, and finally 9/11, as well as the attacks against Americans in Somalia and Kenya.
3. And yet for four years Mohamed was allowed to move in and out of the country as an unindicted conspirator. Then, unlike his trainees, he was allowed to plea-bargain. To this day he may still not have been sentenced for any crime, and may even be in witness protection.(10)
Peter Lance has charged that Fitzgerald had evidence before 1998 to implicate Mohamed in the Kenya Embassy bombing, yet did nothing and let the bombing happen.(11) In fact, the FBI was aware back in 1990 that Mohamed had engaged in terrorist training on Long Island; yet it acted to protect Mohamed from arrest, even after one of his trainees had moved beyond training to an actual assassination.(12)
Mohamed's trainees were all members of the Al-Kifah Center in Brooklyn, which served as the main American recruiting center for the Makhtab-al-Khidimat, the "Services Center" network that after the Afghan war became known as al Qaeda.(13) The Al-Kifah Center was headed in 1990 by the blind Egyptian Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, who like Ali Mohamed had been admitted to the United States, despite being on a State Department Watch List. (14) As he had done earlier in Egypt, the sheikh "issued a fatwa in America that permitted his followers to rob banks and kill Jews."(15)
In November 1990, three of Mohamed's trainees conspired together to kill Meir Kahane, the racist founder of the Jewish Defense League. The actual killer, El Sayyid Nosair, was caught by accident almost immediately; and by luck the police soon found his two co-conspirators, Mahmoud Abouhalima and Mohammed Salameh, waiting at Nosair's house. They found much more: There were formulas for bomb making, 1,440 rounds of ammunition, and manuals [supplied by Ali Mohamed] from the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center at Fort Bragg marked "Top Secret for Training," along with classified documents belonging to the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff. The police found maps and drawings of New York City landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Times Square -- and the World Trade Center. The forty-seven boxes of evidence they collected also included the collected sermons of blind Sheikh Omar, in which he exhorted his followers to "destroy the edifices of capitalism."(16)
All three had been trained by Ali Mohamed back in the late 1980s at a rifle range, where the FBI had photographed them, before terminating this surveillance in the fall of 1989.(17)
The U.S. Government was thus in an excellent position to arrest, indict, and convict all of the terrorists involved, including Mohamed.
Yet only hours after the killing, Joseph Borelli, Chief of NYPD detectives, struck a familiar American note and pronounced Nosair a "lone deranged gunman.."(18) Some time later, he actually told the press that "There was nothing [at Nosair's house] that would stir your imagination ... ..Nothing has transpired that changes our opinion that he acted alone."[19]
Borelli was not acting alone in this matter. His position was also that of the FBI, who said they too believed "that Mr. Nosair had acted alone in shooting Rabbi Kahane." "The bottom line is that we can't connect anyone else to the Kahane shooting," an F.B.I. agent said."(20)
In thus limiting the case, the police and FBI were in effect protecting Nosair's two Arab co-conspirators in the murder of a U.S. citizen. Both of them were ultimately convicted in connection with the first WTC bombing, along with another Mohamed trainee, Nidal Ayyad. The 9/11 Report, summarizing the convictions of Salameh, Ayyad, Abouhalima, and the blind Sheikh for the WTC bombing and New York landmarks plots, calls it "this superb investigative and prosecutorial effort" (i.e. by Cloonan and Fitzgerald).(21) It says nothing about the suppressed evidence found in Nosair's house, including "maps and drawings of New York City landmarks," which if pursued should have prevented both plots from developing.
Almost certainly, the 9/11 Commission knew more about this scandalous situation than they let on. It cannot be just a coincidence that they selected to write the staff reports about al Qaeda and the 9/11 plot, and conduct the relevant interviews, Dietrich Snell, who had been Fitzgerald's colleague in the Southern District of New York U.S. Attorney's office. (Thus Snell presumably drafted the praise for the superb effort by his former colleague Patrick Fitzgerald and the FBI). Of the nine people on Snell's team, all but one had worked for the U.S. Government, and all but two for either the Justice Department or the FBI.(22)
If you go to my website,, you will know that: Shortly after 9/11, in October 2001, U.S. and British newspapers briefly alleged that the paymaster for the 9/11 attacks was a possible agent of the Pakistani intelligence service ISI, Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh. There was even a brief period in which it was alleged that the money had been paid at the direction of the then ISI Chief, Lieutenant-General Mahmoud Ahmad.(23)
Others have since argued that Saeed Sheikh worked for both America and Britain, since "both American and British governments have studiously avoided taking any action against Sheikh despite the fact that he is a known terrorist who has targeted U.S. and UK citizens."(24) The claim what Saeed Sheikh was recruited by MI-6 in Great Britain has been made by myself, by John Newman, and by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed; recently it has been pointed to in the new book by Pervez Musharraf, the President of Pakistan.(25)
And there may have been other double agents. Last month Robert Baer, a former CIA officer, told an Australian newspaper that ''In 1996, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed [the al-Qaeda mastermind of the 9/11 plot] was in Doha [the capital of Qatar], the CIA found out about it, and wanted to arrest him and people in Washington stopped them. That has never been answered in the 9/11 commission report, why that arrest was stopped."(26)
One week after 9/11, in a story for Pacific News Service, I wrote the following (which is still on my website):
It is important to learn from the serious mistakes made by the United States and CIA in the past. The usual CIA mode of undermining foreign governments it does not like -- from Russia to Cuba to Iran -- has been to organize and train their opponents in criminal activities, including sabotage and smuggling. But time and again this strategy backfires. The problem is that as soon as the United States loses interest in its agents' cause, the sabotage techniques it has taught will more than likely be turned back against it.(27)
This is what happened with al Qaeda.
When I wrote this I did not yet know about the scandal of Ali Mohamed's tolerated terrorism. In 2004, when I did know, I reported a story in the London Independent (but not this country) that Mohamed was on the U.S. payroll at the time he was training the Arab Afghans, and that the CIA, reviewing the case five years after the first WTC bombing, concluded in an internal document that the CIA itself was "partly culpable" in the World Trade Center attack.(28)
I cannot tell you whether (as I would like to think) Mohamed and Saeed were examples of rogue agents out of control (in which case we have a CIA problem), or whether they were agents not out of control (in which case we have of course a much worse CIA problem). One way or the other, we have a fundamental and on-going problem, for which we need a more serious remedy than just putting a Democrat in the White House. As has happened after past intelligence fiascoes, our intelligence agencies were strengthened as a result of the 9/11 Commission, not brought under control, and their budgets were increased.
It's time to confront the reality that these agencies themselves, and their own sponsorship and protection of terrorist activities, have aggravated the greatest threats to our national security. Scott Ritter and others have written that, at this very moment, CIA-backed bombings are being undertaken in Iran by the Mujahideen e-Khalq (MEK or MKO), an opposition group listed by the United States State Department as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.(29) It appears that, as if having learned nothing, the CIA is still sponsoring terrorists.
I want to admit, in all fairness, that certain notable victories have been achieved in the narrow pursuit of al Qaeda. At the same time, after five years of the new broadened war on terrorism, we can say with confidence that the net result to date is a far more dangerous world than we had before.
Peter Dale Scott's latest book (co-edited with David Ray Griffin) is 9/11 & American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out (Olive Branch Press, 2006). His website is

1. I discuss Ali Mohamed in a book I co-edited with David Ray Griffin: David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott (eds.), 9/11 & American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out (Northampton, MA: Olive Branch Press, 2006), 74, 76-77.
2. This admitted connection to al-Zawahiri has led some to identify Mohamed (Abu Mohamed al Amriki) with the al-Amriki alleged by Yossef Bodansky to have acted as go-between between Zawahiri and the CIA: "In the first half of November 1997 Ayman al-Zawahiri met a man called Abu-Umar al-Amriki (al-Amriki means "the American") at a camp near Peshawar, on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. High-level Islamist leaders insist that in this meeting Abu-Umar al-Amriki made al-Zawahiri an offer: The United States would not interfere with or intervene to prevent the Islamists' rise to power in Egypt if the Islamist mujahideen currently in Bosnia-Herzegovina would refrain from attacking the U.S. forces there. Moreover, Abu-Umar al-Amriki promised a donation of $50 million (from unidentified sources) to Islamist charities in Egypt and elsewhere. This was not the first meeting between Abu-Umar al-Amriki and Zawahiri. Back in the 1980s Abu-Umar al-Amriki openly acted as an emissary for the CIA with various Arab Islamist militant and terrorist movements ... then operating under the wings of the Afghan jihad ... . In the late 1980s, in one of his meetings with Zawahiri, Abu-Umar al-Amriki suggested that Zawahiri would need "$50 million to rule Egypt." At the time, Zawahiri interpreted this assertion as a hint that Washington would tolerate his rise to power if he could raise this money. The mention of the magic figure, $50 million, by Abu-Umar al-Amriki in the November 1997 meeting was interpreted by Zawahiri and the entire Islamist leadership, including Osama bin Laden, as a reaffirmation of the discussions with the CIA in the late 1980s about Washington's willingness to tolerate an Islamic Egypt. In 1997 the Islamist leaders were convinced that Abu-Umar al-Amriki was speaking for the CIA -- that is, the uppermost echelons of the Clinton administration" (Bodansky, Bin Laden, 212-13). As we shall see, it is the case that Mohamed was allowed to travel to Afghanistan even after his designation as an unindicted co-conspirator in 1994 (San Francisco Chronicle, 10/21/01).
3. Peter Lance, "Triple Cross: National Geographic Channel's Whitewash of the Ali Mohamed Story," Huffington Post, 8/29/06, cm_huffpost/028270. Unfortunately Lance's book on Mohamed, Triple Cross, was not yet available as this book went to press. Cf. Lawrence White, The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 (New York: Knopf, 2006), 181-82; Daniel Benjamin and Steven Simon, The Age of Sacred Terror (New York: Random House, 2002), 236; Lawrence Wright, New Yorker, 9/16/02: "In 1989 -- Mohamed talked to an F.B.I. agent in California and provided American intelligence with its first inside look at Al Qaeda."
4. Raleigh News & Observer, 10/21/01, http://www.knoxstudio. com/shns/story.cfm?pk=ALIMOHAMED-10-24-01&cat=AN.
5. Toronto Globe and Mail, 11/22/01, http://www.mail-archive. com/; Peter Dale Scott, "How to Fight Terrorism," California Monthly, September 2004, ... rorism.asp. Mohamed's companion, Essam Marzouk, is now serving 15 years of hard labor in Egypt, after having been arrested in Azerbaijan. Mohamed's detention and release was months after the first WTC bombing in February 1993, and after the FBI had already rounded up two of the plotters whom they knew had been trained by Ali Mohamed.
6. Dave Shiflett, Bloomberg News, 8/28/06, ... refer=home.
7. Glenn Garvin, Miami Herald, ... 310462.htm
8. Lawrence Wright, The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 (New York: Knopf, 2006), 181. The Report claims (56) that "Bin Ladin and his comrades had their own sources of support and training, and they received little or no assistance from the United States." But Wright reports that Mohamed, while on a leave from the U.S. army, went to Afghanistan and trained "the first al-Qaeda volunteers in techniques of unconventional warfare, including kidnappings, assassinations, and hijacking planes." This was in 1988, one year before Mohamed left active U.S. Army service and joined the Reserve.
9. Peter Lance, "Triple Cross: National Geographic Channel's Whitewash of the Ali Mohamed Story," Huffington Post, 8/29/06, _huffpost/028270.
10. According to publicity for the National Geographic special, Mohamed is "currently in U.S. custody," but "his whereabouts and legal status are closely guarded secrets" (Rocky Mountain News, 8/28/06, 2D). Lance wrote that Mohamed was put into the witness protection program. "David Runke [Ruhnke], a defense attorney in the African embassies bombing case, says, ``I think the most likely thing that will happen is he'll be released, he'll be given a new name and a new identity, and he will pick up a life someplace.''' (Shiflett, Bloomberg News, 8/28/06). As of November 2001, Mohamed had not been sentenced and was still believed to be supplying information from his prison cell.
11. "Ali Mohamed had stayed in [El-Hage's] Kenyan home in the mid 90's as they plotted the bombings. Another agent in Fitzie's squad Dan Coleman, had searched El-Hage's home a year before the bombings and found direct links to Ali Mohamed and yet Fitzgerald failed to connect the dots" (Lance, "Triple Cross," Huffington Post, 8/29/06).
12. Peter Lance, 1000 Years for Revenge (New York: Regan Books/ Harper Collins, 2003), 29-37.
13. Robert Dreyfuss, Devil's Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam (New York: Metropolitan Books/Henry Holt, 2005), 278; John K. Cooley, Unholy Wars: Afghanistan, America, and International Terrorism (London: Pluto Press, 1999), 87-88; Lance, 1000 Years for Revenge, 29-31; Independent, 11/1/98.
14. Rahman was issued two visas, one of them "by a CIA officer working undercover in the consular section of the American embassy in Sudan" (Peter L.. Bergen, Holy War, Inc.: Inside the Secret World of Osama bin Laden [New York: Free Press, 2001], 67). FBI consultant Paul Williams writes that Ali Mohamed "settled in America on a visa program controlled by the CIA" (Paul L. Williams, Al Qaeda: Brotherhood of Terror [[Upper Saddle River, NJ]: Alpha/ Pearson Education, 2002], 117). Others allegedly admitted, despite being on the State Department watch list, were Mohamed Atta and possibly Ayman al-Zawahiri (Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, The War on Truth: 9/11, Disinformation, and the Anatomy of Terrorism [Northampton, MA: Olive Branch Press, 2005], 205, 46).
15. Wright, The Looming Tower, 177.
16. Lance, 1000 Years, 34.
17. Lance, 1000 Years, 31; Peter Lance, Cover Up: What the Government Is Still Hiding about the War on Terror (New York: Regan Books/ HarperCollins, 2004), 25.
18. Newsday, 11/8/90; quoted in Lance, 1000 Years, 35.
19. New York Times, 11/8/90; Robert I. Friedman, Village Voice, 3/30/93.
20. New York Times, 12/16/90.
21. 9/11 Report, 72.
22. Kean and Hamilton, Without Precedent, 273 (chapters); Lance, Cover Up, 212-20 (reports). Snell was assisted by Douglas MacEachin, the former CIA deputy Director for Intelligence.
23. Peter Dale Scott "Who Paid the 9/11 Hijackers? Al-Hawsawi? Mahmoud Ahmad?", 10/14/04, Cf. David Ray Griffin, The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions (Northampton, MA: Olive Branch Press/Interlink, 2004), 104-07; Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, The War on Truth: 9/11, Disinformation, and the Anatomy of Terrorism (Northampton, MA: Olive Branch Press, 2005), 137-44; Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, The London Bombings: An Independent Inquiry (London: Duckworth, 2006), 169; Peter Dale Scott, "The CIA's Secret Powers: Afghanistan, 9/11, and America's Most Dangerous Enemy." Critical Asian Studies, 35:2 (2003), 233-258.
24. Ahmed, The War on Truth, 142; cf. John Newman, Remarks, Omissions and Errors in the Commission's Final Report, Rep. McKinney 9/11 Congressional Briefing, 18 August 2005, ... cle_id=422.
25. Pervez Musharraf, In the Line of Fire: A Memoir (New York: Free Press, 2006), 225: "It is believed in some quarters that while Omar Sheikh was at the LSE he was recruited by the British intelligence agency MI6. It is said that MI6 persuaded him to take an active part in demonstrations against Serbian aggression in Bosnia and even sent him to Kosovo to join the jihad. At some point he probably became a rogue or double agent."
26. Courier Mail (Australia), 9/23/06; cf. Robert Baer, Sleeping with the Devil (New York: Crown, 2003), 18-19.
27. Peter Dale Scott, "Made in the U.S.A. - How the U.S. Manufactures Terrorists," Pacific News Service, Sep 19, 2001.
28. Peter Dale Scott, "How to Fight Terrorism." California Monthly, September 2004; citing Andrew Marshall, Independent, 11/1/98, ... 10198.html.
29. Scott Ritter, "The US war with Iran has already begun," ZNet, 6/21/05, ... emid=8126.: "President Bush has taken advantage of the sweeping powers granted to him in the aftermath of 11 September 2001, to wage a global war against terror and to initiate several covert offensive operations inside Iran. The most visible of these is the CIA-backed actions recently undertaken by the Mujahadeen el-Khalq, or MEK, an Iranian opposition group, once run by Saddam Hussein's dreaded intelligence services, but now working exclusively for the CIA's Directorate of Operations. It is bitter irony that the CIA is using a group still labelled as a terrorist organisation, a group trained in the art of explosive assassination by the same intelligence units of the former regime of Saddam Hussein, who are slaughtering American soldiers in Iraq today, to carry out remote bombings in Iran of the sort that the Bush administration condemns on a daily basis inside Iraq." I have not yet seen Scott Ritter, Target Iran: The Truth About the White House's Plans for Regime Change (New York: Avalon Publishing Group, 2006).. ... rownie-ii/

July 18, 2019
Cooking with FOIA: How do your pastries measure up to the military’s standards?
The gluten? You can’t handle the gluten!
Written by JPat Brown
Edited by Michael Morisy
Back in May, we wrote about the military’s official brownie recipe from 2003, and requested the updated specifications. In response, we were pointed to a document on the Defense Logistics Agency’s website: PCR-C-007F, which covers the standards for all “cakes, brownies, muffin tops and filled cakes” consumed by the armed forces.
PASTRIES (p. 1) ... 1442214244

The American Deep State: Wall Street, Big Oil, and the Attack on U.S. Democracy (War and Peace Library): Peter Dale Scott: 9781442214248: Books
This provocative book makes a compelling case for a hidden “deep state” that influences and often opposes official U.S. policies. Prominent political analyst Peter Dale Scott begins ... 1621574717

TWA 800: The Crash, the Cover-Up, and the Conspiracy Hardcover – July 5, 2016
by Jack Cashill (Author) ... ll-cia.pdf

Roswell, the CIA and Dr Edgar Mitchell Garrick Alder
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Re: Frogger sodomizes Donkey Kong on a Commodore 64

Postby fruhmenschen » Sat Jul 27, 2019 11:13 pm ... story.html
Deputy in Georgia shoots and kills canine, not realizing it was his police dog

JUL 24, 2019 | 7:24 PM ... irs-77568/

Subject: Arizona Public Records Law Request: Extreme Heat Plan (Department of Emergency and Military Affairs)

To Whom It May Concern:
Pursuant to the Arizona Public Records Law, I hereby request the following records:
All documents pertaining to the state’s emergency plans for a heat wave or for extreme heat.
The requested documents will be made available to the general public, and this request is not being made for commercial purposes.
In the event that there are fees, I would be grateful if you would inform me of the total charges in advance of fulfilling my request. I would prefer the request filled electronically, by e-mail attachment if available or CD-ROM if not.
Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. I look forward to receiving your response to this request within 10 business days.
Julia ... d-n1025136

Agents feared riots, armed themselves because of dire conditions at migrant facility, DHS report says ... -blackmail

Mueller Tells Congress: FBI ‘Currently’ Looking Into Issues of Trump Team Blackmail
“Yes, that was news,” Rep. Krishnamoorthi, whose question provoked the answer, told The Daily Beast. “I didn’t anticipate that.” ... 4437829636

Jordan asks Mueller why he didn’t charge an FBI informant with lying. He already explained why. ... y-n1034451

AG Barr orders reinstatement of the federal death penalty
Barr also directed the federal government to schedule the executions of five death-row inmates convicted of murder. ... t-violence

FBI wants public, law enforcement to identify signs someone is planning act of extremist violence
Posted: 9:00 PM, Jul 24, 2019 ... 1563921355

FBI Abandons Use of Term ‘Black Identity Extremism’
Bureau has reorganized domestic terrorism categorization in favor of ‘racially motivated violent extremism’ category
By Byron Tau
Updated July 23, 2019 10:33 pm ET ... -10-months

Mueller Did Not Know Strozk Said FBI Had No Case for Collusion 10 Months into Investigation

By Melanie Arter | July 24, 2019 | 3: ... ion-072319

Christopher Wray
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Share on Twitter Twitter Share on Facebook Facebook Email Email
Statement Before the Senate Judiciary Committee
Washington, D.C.
July 23, 2019
Oversight of the Federal Bureau of Investigation ... raceahead/

The FBI Is Still So White: raceAhead
By Ellen McGirt
July 24, 2019 ... p-n2550398

It Looks Like Former FBI Chief Had A Spy Within The Trump White House ... or-general

FBI director lavishes praise on DOJ inspector general
by Jerry Dunleavy
| July 23, 2019 10:50 P ... 8&qid=&sr=

Who REALLY Killed Martin Luther King Jr.?: The Case Against Lyndon B. Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover Paperback – January 14, 2020
by Phillip F. Nelson (Author), Edgar F. Tatro (Contributor)
4.3 out of 5 stars ... -raid-cnn/
Mueller Refused To Deny His Team Leaked Roger Stone’s FBI Raid To CNN

JULY 24, 2019 By Tristan Justice
Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller refused ... e-11421023

Colorado Reps Ask FBI How Sol Pais Could Purchase a Shotgun Here
A bipartisan Colorado congressional delegation has sent a letter to the FBI asking how a Columbine-obsessed eighteen-year-old was able to unlawfully purchase a shotgun in April.
"We must ensure that our state's background checks are as effective as they can be and that the proper steps are being taken to stop this from happening again," said Congressman Joe Neguse in a statement released July 23.
Neguse is leading the charge for an inquiry to determine how Sol Pais was able to purchase a shotgun in Colorado, even though laws in her home state of Florida call for a multi-day waiting period before a purchase and require that a purchaser be at least 21 years of age. Federal law dictates that gun purchases by out-of-staters must fall in line with both the laws of the person's home state and the state where the purchase is happening.

Jason Crow Introduces Gun Bill to Close Loophole Used by Columbine-Obsessed Woman
Why It Was So Easy for Columbine Threat Suspect to Buy a Shotgun
What We Know About Columbine Threat Suspect Sol Pais
Representatives Diana DeGette, Ed Perlmutter, Jason Crow (all Democrats, like Neguse) and Scott Tipton (Republican) have all signed on to the request, which notes that the presence of Pais in the Denver area led to the closing of multiple school districts along the Front Range three days before the twentieth anniversary of the shootings at Columbine High School, which killed twelve students and a teacher. (The two shooters, both students themselves, committed suicide.)
"The reports that a system failure within the FBI allowed this individual to purchase a firearm they should never have been able to possess are extremely troubling," Tipton says in that same statement. "We must get to the bottom of what happened." ... an-halper/

Grassley Pressures DOD For More Information On FBI Spy Stephan Halper
By ... e-at-last/

Not Mueller Time – At Last!

by David Stockman
Posted on
July 25, 2019
At his wrap-up press conference in May, Robert Mueller sternly underscored what he called "the central allegation" of the two-year Russia probe. Namely, that the Russian government engaged in
"multiple, systematic efforts to interfere in our election, and th

Coleen Rowley on Muller Testimony. Puerto Rico Update. ... 1-tourism/

July 24, 2019
CIA archives contain the Air Force’s SECRET sales pitch for getting stationed at Area 51
To deal with chronic staff retention issues, the USAF put together a situational report that reads like a tourism brochure
Written by JPat Brown
Edited by Michael Morisy
News that over a million people are planning on breaking into the infamous government facility known as Area 51 would doubtlessly come as a surprise to those who were actually stationed there, which according to this formerly classified report in the Central Intelligence Agency archives. According to the files, the secretive Air Base employees there were all too eager to leave. ... story.html

Nearly 30 kids removed from Montana youth treatment center after allegations that staff ‘hit, kicked, body slammed and spit on’ children


JUL 25, 2019 | 10:37 AM ... est/?amp=1

Lewiston police officer who died from fentanyl overdose seen pocketing drugs during arrest ... epartment/

Retired FBI Special Agent to Lead Mississippi Department
Christopher Freeze
By Steve Neavling
Former FBI Special Agent in Charge Christopher Freeze has been appointed head the Mississippi Department of Human Services.
“I am confident Christopher Freeze will do a great job leading MDHS,” Gov. Phil Bryant said in a statement. “His intellect and leadership experience as a Special Agent in Charge at the FBI makes him an excellent fit to guide the agency during this period of ... ent-57196/

Subject: Nevada Public Records Act Request: Fusion Center MOUs + MOAs (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department)

To Whom It May Concern:
Pursuant to the Nevada Public Records Act, I hereby request the following records:
Copies of the current or most recent memorandum of agreement (MOA) or memorandum of understanding (MOU) between your law enforcement agency and any fusion centers.
I am a member of the news media and request classification as such. I have previously written about the government and its activities, with some reaching over 100,000 readers. As such, as I have a reasonable expectation of publication and my editorial and writing skills are well established. In addition, I discuss and comment on the files online and make them available through non-profits such as the Internet Archive and MuckRock, disseminating them to a large audience. While my research is not limited to this, a great deal of it, including this, focuses on the activities and attitudes of the government itself. As such, it is not necessary for me to demonstrate the relevance of this particular subject in advance.
As my primary purpose is to inform about government activities by reporting on it and making the raw data available, I request that fees be waived.
The requested documents will be made available to the general public, and this request is not being made for commercial purposes.
In the event that there are fees, I would be grateful if you would inform me of the total charges in advance of fulfilling my request. I would prefer the request filled electronically, by e-mail attachment if available or CD-ROM if not.
Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. I look forward to receiving your response to this request within 5 business days, as the statute requires. ... story.html

J. Edgar Hoover Was a pedophile, Blackmailed by Mob, Book Says - Los Angeles Times
Feb 6, 1993 · Author Anthony Summers writes in his book, “Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover,” that top organized crime figures Meyer Lansky and Frank Costello obtained ...
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Re: Frogger sodomizes Donkey Kong on a Commodore 64

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9/11 Truth Teleconference
wtc7 pentagon
Draft Agenda for July 31, 2019

8 pm (ET) / 5 pm (PT)
Teleconference dial-in # (605) 313-4118
Access code: 464958#

[Note: Some telephone service providers block access to this teleconference service, or require additional charges. If you encounter any of these difficulties, please try calling this alternative number: (425) 535-9195. You will then be required to key in the original phone number above before entering the access code. Please inform of us of any technical difficulties you encounter in accessing the teleconference.]

Greetings all,

The July teleconference will feature some important speakers, some fascinating analysis, and one piece of very positive 9/11-related news.

First up is investigative journalist Christopher Bollyn, who is a major figure in the 9/11 Truth Movement. Christopher, who has been with us on the teleconference before, is the author of the Solving 9-11 set of books and The War on Terror: The Plot to Rule the Middle East. He has written extensively on Israel and Palestine as well as on the history and geo-political background of the events of September 11, 2001. On Wednesday he will be discussing the situation with Donald Trump, 9/11, and the War on Terror. Here is an article on the subject posted recently on Christopher’s website:

Next we have a piece of great news delivered by Ted Walter, AE911Truth’s director of strategy. Ted will tell us about a historic resolution just passed by the Franklin Square and Munson Fire District just outside of Queen’s, New York, calling for a new investigation into the crimes of 9/11. This is the first fire district to take such a step. The district took this initiative, in part, because it lost a fire fighter at Ground Zero on 9/11 and has at least one other suffering health effects from working at the scene. Here is Ted’s article on the resolution: ... estigation.

Our third and final speaker will be Karl Golovin, a retired special agent of the U.S. Customs Service, whose duties over three weeks in November of 2001 included sifting through the rubble of WTC-7 that was brought to Fresh Kils Landfill. Karl will be telling us about a 1952 book he considers essential for understanding geopolitics over the last 1,000 years (and the last 100, especially). It is called The Iron Curtain Over America, by John Beaty The book is available on Amazon ( ... dDbDGF1HE0) and is also accessible for free at the Unz Report: ... r-america/

This will be followed, as usual, by announcements.

We look forward to having you all join us this Wednesday!

Cheryl Curtiss
Craig McKee

DRAFT AGENDA for Wednesday May 29 Teleconference

I Roll call/ Minutes approval (copied below)/Agenda approval (5 min)

II Trump, 9/11, and the War on Terror [Christopher Bollyn] (20 min + 10 min Q&A)

III NY fire district calls for new 9/11 investigation [Ted Walter] (10 min + 10 min Q&A)

IV An essential book on geopolitics [Karl Golovin] (10 min. + 10 min. Q&A)

IV Announcements

V Updates on 9/11 topics (as needed)
New articles, books, films, or recent news about 9/11 or other Deep State crimes
9/11 and the Deep State on the legal front, including current adjudicatory efforts by Lawyers for 9/11 Inquiry, JASTA, 28 pages, William Pepper’s efforts with AE911Truth against NIST and the Dept. of Commerce
Censorship and cognitive infiltration: new examples of censorship or harassment of members of the Truth community; MSM treatment of 9/11 Truth
Google (et al.) censorship
9/11 Truth political candidates
VIII Adjournment

This draft agenda sent to:
Richard Gage, John Heartson, Don DeBar, Scott Halfmann, Steven E. Jones, William Rodriguez, David Ray Griffin, William Douglas, Steve Alten , Tom Tvedten, Justin Martel, Les Jamieson, Michael Jackman, Michael Wolsey, Peggy Brewster, Barrie Zwicker, Erik Lawyer, Gabriel Day, Kevin Barrett, PhD, Carol Brouillet, Mia Hamel, Paul Craig Roberts, Jack Blood, Diana (for, Cheryl Curtiss, Jodie Baltazar, Jarek Kupsc, Joseph Culp, Ken Jenkins, Ellen Mariani, Gerhard Bedding, Jack Shimek, Paul Krik, Rock Creek Free Press, Damon Bean, Allan Giles, Kyle Hence, Michael Berger, Dylan Avery, Jason Burmas, Mike Palecek, Donald Stahl, Ray McGovern, Cynthia McKinney, Ph,D, Don Plummer, Doug Wight, Global Outlook, Paul Zarembka, Penny Little, Bob Cable, Suzanne Warson, Peter Thottam, Ralph Schoenman, Carol Wolman, Scholars for 911 Truth & Justice, Hummux, Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth, Frank Morales, Frank Tolopko, Alan Miller, James Hufferd, Ph.D., Erik Larson, Ted Walter , Suzanne Warson, Frederick Coward, Gordon Duff, Sherri Kane, Leonard Horowitz, William Woodward, Jerry Mazza, William Pepper, Wayne Madsen, David Kimball, Jeffrey Orling, Michael Marino, Lenny Mather (in memoriam), Ken Freeland, Tania Torres, Graeme MacQueen, Yumi Kikuchi, Stuart Hutchison, Roland Angle, Frank Agamemnon , Harold Hilton, Phil Restino, Rich McCampbell, John Zito, Manny Badillo, John Hankey, Oskar Mosquito, Edwin Jewett, Ms Anisa Fattah, Robert Barron, Shelton Lankford, Matthew Hayward, Anna Yeisley, Chris Pratt, Craig Ranke, Susan Lindauer, Barbara Honegger, Democritus Blantayre, Joseph Baltar, Jim Hogue, Sheila Casey, Steve Martin, Ben Collet, Elizabeth Woodward, Runyan Wilde, Susan Wolfe, Adam Ruff, Conrad Gilber. Jonathan Mark, Tonya Sneed, Dan Sutton, Richard Krushnic, Mark Crispin Miller, Byron Belitsos, George Ripley, Laurie Manwell , Susan Serpa, Nicolas Guillermo, Dwain Deets, Craig McKee, Steve Fahrney; Fran Shure; David Petrano, Lawrence Fine, A.K. Dewdney, Steve De'ak, Allan Rees, Art Olivier, Ron Avery, Michael Booth, Jim Fetzer, Laura Katleman, Don Gibbs, Mark Basile, John-Michael Talboo, Julian Stroh, Christopher Gruener, Elias Davidsson, Martin McGee, Adnan Zuberi, Jan Ravensbergen, Rich Aucoin (in memoriam), David Hooper, Don Fox, Bill Wilt, William Jacoby, Ron Neils, John Campbell, Dan Hennen, Barton Bruce, Cheri Aspenleiter, Stephen Phillips, Dick Atlee, Lynn Ertrell, Nita Renfrew. Frank Tolopko, Mark McDonald, Christopher Bollyn, John Paul OMalley, Rodger Bories, Mark Snyder, Jane Clark, Richard Sacks, Tim Michel, Lynn Bradbury, Xander Arena, David Cole, Rick Tufts, Jerry Turner, Rick Shaddock, Rebecca Schmoyer, Mark Mckertich, Kip Beckford, Doug West, PF Soto, Dennis Cimino, Jane Clark, Charles Ewing Smith, Lucy Morgan Edwards, Pablo Novi, David Rolde, Gregory Flynn, Pat O'Connell, Jeff Long, Greg McCarron, Andy Steele, Thomas Robichaud, Doug Mackenzie, Peter Michael Ketcham, Gene Laratonda, Karl Golovin, Steve Jarrott, Neil Marquis, Matt Van Slyke, Tony Hall, Ph.D., Mike Springmann, Ezra Smith, Samuel Smith, Janane Tripp, Daniel Fielding, Gerald Pechenuk, Ralph Lopez, Robert Griffin, Linda McPherson, Marie Spike, Kathy Allard, PhD, Trina Silvers, Julio Gomez, Ann Hendricks, Malcolm Arnold, Nooria Ghafoor, Bonnie Faulkner, Clay Smith, Andrew Kreig

Draft minutes for June 26, 2019

July 23, 2019
Ann Hendricks, Secretary 9/11 Monthly Teleconference Call
Draft minutes for the June 26, 2019 regular conference call

Present were:
Cheryl Curtiss, Teleconference co-facilitator, Connecticut 9/11 Truth
Craig McKee, Teleconference co-facilitator, Truth and Shadows
Ann Hendricks, Teleconference secretary
Marti Hopper, Colorado 9/11 Truth
Barbara Honegger, Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry
Peter Michael Ketcham, formerly of NIST
Nita Renfrew, New York 9/11 Truth
John O’Malley, DC911Truth
Cheri Aspen, San Diego 9/11 Truth
James Hufferd, 9/11 Grassroots
Cat McGuire, 9/11 Truth Outreach
Karl Golovin
Steve Stodola, Boston 9/11 Truth
Dan Hennen, TAP
Jonathan Mark, Fly By News
Zander Arena
Doug West
Gerald Pechenuk, LarouchePac
David Rolde, Anti-imperialist activist

The minutes of the May 29, 2019 regular conference call were APPROVED.

Book published
James Hufferd spoke about his latest book, Colonel Crystal’s Parallel Universe: A Defense Only Military. This is a novel about a top flight commander in Afghanistan and Iraq who retires and , disillusioned with the U.S. Military, writes down his grievances about U.S. foreign policy. He develops a concept of a defense only military. James said, “All countries have this except for the United States. Russia and China each have one foreign base, but the U.S. has over a thousand military bases and installations on foreign soil.” This novel is James’s 10th book and is available on Amazon and other online bookstores. James’s website is

Apollo lunar missions
Jonathan Mark of FlyBy News has been considering the implausibility of the Apollo moon landings, in part because NASA now states it has to learn how to protect the astronauts before they can send them beyond low earth orbit. After 10 years of seeing the public’s resistance to 9/11 facts, Jonathan decided to look to the subject of the future, the exploration of outer space. “They will either have to keep lying about what they claim to have done, using 1960s technology, and keep suppressing the truth, or, they will have to own up to it. And if they own up to it, this could redirect the country because of the popular uprising of all these people realizing they’ve been under cognitive dissonance most of their lives and they will demand change.” Jonathan’s website is

Strategy for victory
Gerald Pechenuk’s presentation regarded ending perpetual war and the surveillance nightmare of the post 9/11 era. He spoke of Bill Binney’s position that Russia never hacked the DNC computers and the effort to get Binney to testify of this before Congress. “As a result of this lie, that Russia hacked the DNC, the Congress passed a bill that the United States can carry out cyber warfare against Russia, China, Iran and North Korea without it going through the President.” Gerald also told about the petition to have Lyndon Larouche exonerated, which is posted on their website: ttps://

Colorado Pentagon conference
Barbara Honegger and Bonnie Faulkner attended the May Pentagon conference sponsored by Scientists for 9/11 Truth, and Barbara provided a review. She met Warren Stutt, who had analysed the alleged Flight 77 Flight Data Recorder. His findings were that it indicated a north path for the plane that approached the Pentagon. The conference videos are available at http://www.scientistsfor911truth
Barbara’s rebuttal video can be found here:
In response to a question, Barbara presented her theory about why some in the Truth Movement have been accelerating their support for the claim that Flight 77 really hit the Pentagon. She responded that it might be related to the release of the 28 pages and to the ongoing lawsuit by 9/11 family members against the government of Saudi Arabia, which could not succeed if Flight 77 is shown not to have hit the Pentagon.

Karl Golovin told of attending a Brookings Institution event on May 29 and asking General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, whether a false flag terrorist attack could be used to lead the U.S. into war against Iran. Kevin Barrett wrote an article about this and included the C-Span video link:
Barbara Honegger mentioned two developments with potential to increase 9/11 truth awareness. A friend of hers attended a meeting in Europe and discussed 9/11 truth with Admiral Mike Rogers, recently retired NSA director, who seemed to show a positive reaction when learning about the Lawyers’ Committee efforts. Additionally, a film production company that supplies documentaries to Japanese mainstream television is now producing a film about 9/11, after learning of the Lawyers’ Committee Grand Jury Petition.
Barbara also gave an update on September 11 anniversary event planning: Professor Daniele Ganser will be the keynote speaker at the Zurich event; Lawyers’ Committee members will also be speaking. The videos from this eight-hour event will be available on YouTube. A Dutch newspaper about 9/11 is currently being distributed in a different European city every weekend. It will be published in English and be available at the Zurich event. Mick Harrison will be speaking at the 9/11 film festival in Oakland, CA. David Meiswinkle and Andrew Kreig are planning an event for either Washington, D.C., or New York City.
Cheryl Curtiss said the Red Pill Expo in Hartford was most uplifting and encouraging. Richard Gage received a tremendous response and two standing ovations.
Cheryl noted that the July 31 teleconference speakers will be Christopher Bollyn, Adam Ruff, and Karl Golovin.
Call began at 8 p.m. EST and adjourned at 10:55 p.m. EST/5 p.m. to 7:55pm. PST. Audio of the June call can be heard here: ... 062619.mp3. The next monthly teleconference will take place on Wednesday, July 31, 2019 at 8 p.m. EST, 5 p.m. PST. Agenda items should be emailed to facilitator Cheryl Curtiss ( no later than one week before the call. Please use subject line “Agenda item for 911 Truth Teleconference.” Please include a brief description of your item and any relevant links you’d like participants to be aware of, together with your estimate of the number of minutes your agenda item will require. If you would like to join the teleconference list serve, contact Craig McKee (, and anyone who would like information such as links included in the minutes should email Ann Hendricks (
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Re: Frogger sodomizes Donkey Kong on a Commodore 64

Postby fruhmenschen » Tue Jul 30, 2019 10:27 pm ... r-failures

Olympic Organizations And The FBI Knew Larry Nassar Was Abusing Young Gymnasts But Didn’t Do Anything For Over A Year
A congressional report found that the agencies had opportunities to stop the doctor but failed to do so and “knowingly concealed” his abuse. ... henanigans

Chris Wray's FBI continues to cover for Team Comey's Russia shenanigans

Cop claims NYPD ignored her sexual harassment complaints against fellow officers, lawsuit says


JUL 30, 2019 | 5:47 PM ... -all-wrong ... ment-60073 ... use-report

Mark Meadows bypasses FBI to appeal for release of info linked to FISA abuse report
by Daniel Chaitin
 & Jerry Dunleavy
 | July 30, 2019 04:59 PM ... wnIugFckA/

WATCH: Cop Won't give Man Reason for Stop, Holds him at Gunpoint, Arrests him ... ed-of-rape

Oklahoma court to rule on appeal of ex-cop convicted of rape
Published: Tue, July 30, 2019 12:54 PM Updated: Tue, July 30, 2019 12:55 PM ... 857097001/

State board says Paterson police officer in sex case should not get full pension

Joe Malinconico, Paterson Press Published 8:18 a.m. ET July 30, 2019 | Updated 11:50

PATERSON — In the latest development in a case that has cost city taxpayers more than $2 million, a state board ruled against giving a full pension to a retired cop who spent nine years being paid for not working after he was accused of sexual misconduct.
The retirement board decided on July 8 that the former cop, Ma ... 12ecc.html

Cop commander on the hook for missing cash from drug fund, state auditors say
* Lauren Cross, 219-933-3206 Jul 30, 2019 Updated
* ... trial.html

N.J. cop charged with killing newborn daughter will remain jailed, mom charged with endangering set free
Updated Jul 30, 5:55 PM; Posted Jul 30, 3:23 PM ... 74011.aspx

California cop guilty of insurance fraud ... ship-minor

Downingtown cop charged with inappropriate relationship with minor

A 44-year-old former Downingtown police officer is charged with ... UJaMZFf-A/

Cop Convicted of Body Slamming 66-Year-Old Nurse at Hospital gets 45 Days Jail ... de855.html

Lebanon cop accused of assaulting boyfriend expected to make plea
* By John Koziol Union Leader Correspondent Jul 30, 2019 Updated 1 hr ago
* ... -1.2514409

abusive cop barred from contacting wife

WILKES-BARRE — The Wilkes-Barre police officer accused of threatening to slit his estranged wife’s throat and kill himself reached an agreement Tuesda
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Re: Frogger sodomizes Donkey Kong on a Commodore 64

Postby fruhmenschen » Fri Aug 02, 2019 10:12 am ... -happened/

e Kennedy Assassination: what really happened
By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
August 2, 2019

The Kennedy Assassination: what really happened
In 2018 I posted this video which examines all the secret government releases from the JFK archives that Trump ... e-n1038531

Texas police officer kills woman while shooting at loose dog, police say
The officer was checking on the woman who was said to be passed out in the grass when he fired at the animal, police said. ... he-bureau/

Author of New FBI Book Argues J. Edgar Hoover Was Not the Father of the Bureau

By Steve Neavling
A new book, “The Birth of the FBI: Teddy Roosevelt, the Secret Services, and the Fight Over America’s Law Enforcement Agency,” argues the FBI was not created by its first director, J. Edgar Hoover, as many people claim.
The origin of the FBI is traced back to 1908, when President Theodore Roosevelt created the Special Agent Force under the Justice Department. Later that year, the agency was renamed the Bureau of investigation.
By 1935, when the FBI was created, Hoover was the third director of the Bureau of Investigation.
Author Willard M. Oliver, a professor for the College of Criminal Justice at Sam Houston State, argues Roosevelt should be credited with creating the FBI because of the agencies that preceded it. ... -happened/

Dan Moldea: On The 44 Anniversary of Jimmy Hoffa’s Disappearance. Here’s What I Think Happened
The writer, a Washington investigative journalist specializing in organized-crime and political-corruption investigations, is a Jimmy Hoffa murder expert. He is the author of “The Hoffa Wars” (1978) and eight other books. Tuesday marks the 44th anniversary of the unsolved disappearance of Hoffa, who wanted to regain the presidency of the Teamsters. 

James R. Hoffa
By Dan Moldea
Jimmy Hoffa disappeared 44 years ago today.
In early August 1975, while serving twenty years at Trenton State Prison for manslaughter, inmate Ralph Picardo received a visit from his accountant, who was accompanied by Stephen ... 1560250453

FBI springs serial killer for a day to help murder Jimmy Hoffa

Contract Killer: The Explosive Story of the Mafia's Most Notorious Hitman Donald "Tony the Greek" Frankos Hardcover – January 1, 1993
by William Hoffman (Author), Lake He ... nce-asset/

Accused Pedophile an Intelligence Asset?
July 31, 2019 Staff National News 0 ... story.html

Baton Rouge police chief apologizes for city’s hiring of cop who killed Alton Sterling


AUG 01, 2019 | 8:49 ... 94403.html

St. Louis police officer charged with assault for pepper-spraying 3 during protests
* By Robert Patrick St. Louis Post-Dispatch Jul 18, 2019

Cover-Up Artist?
July 20, 2019 Staff Conspiracy Buzz ... story.html

Orange jail officer resigned amid investigation into punching handcuffed inmate, review shows


JUL 29, 2019 | 5:30 AM ... ecord.html

Videotape All Police Interrogations
Justice demands it.
By Saul Kassin and David Thompson
Dr. Kassin is a professor of psychology. Mr. Thompson is a partner at a firm that specializes in nonconfrontational interview techniques. ... 1836890621

Nashville Police Officer Resigns After Video Surfaces of Him Brutally Slamming Black Woman Against a Car

A Nashville police officer who is under investigation for using excessive force during a traffic stop has submitted his resignation. ... 90802.html

What did police do? Protesters demand answers on man’s SEPTA subway track death.
by Jason Laughlin, Updated: August 1, 2019- 8:23 PM ... ona-racist

Video of Phoenix police threatening a black couple revives memories of Arizona’s racism ... tened-her/

A white Seattle teacher told police she felt unsafe around a black fifth-grader who she says threatened her
Aug. 1, 2019 at 5:15 pm Updated Aug. 1, 2019 at 11:00 pm ... 90802.html

Political Cartoon: Philadelphia’s Police Facebook squad
Updated: August 2, 2019 - 5:00 AM ... 90801.html

A man was electrocuted on SEPTA tracks. Witnesses say Philly police Tasered him first.
by Jason Laughlin and Samantha Melamed, Updated: August 1, 2019 ... 895035001/

Dallas police pinned down and mocked a man, bodycam footage shows. Minutes later, he was dead

N'dea Yancey-Bragg, USA TODAY Published 8:39 p.m. ET Aug. 1, 2019 | Updated 9:09 p.m. ET Aug. 1, 2019

https://www.americanswhotellthetruth.or ... ll-save-us

Who Will Save Us?

Submitted by robert.shetterly on 23 July 2019 - 09:12am
Note: Today's blog entry is the text of Robert Shetterly's opening address at the Climate Convergence Conference in Blue Hill, Maine on July 20, 2019.

I begin with Gauguin’s great painting which asks the questions: Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going? 
Dinosaurs lived 200 million years on this planet, and my guess is that they never felt the need - much less had the ability - to ask such questions. And we can be pretty sure they never questioned Nature’s laws. What finally killed them was not arrogance or failure to evolve - they were very good at that - but an enormous asteroid. We humans have existed in our present incarnation for only 100,000 years. We are clever enough, conscious enough and curious enough to ask those mysterious questions. Clever enough, too, to shape shift ourselves into our own asteroid. Previously those questions - Who are we? Where are we going? - were  philosophical musings. Now survival demands their answering. 
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Re: Frogger sodomizes Donkey Kong on a Commodore 64

Postby fruhmenschen » Wed Aug 07, 2019 10:30 pm ... ng/261221/

Did Bill Barr Call His Shot? Unanswered Questions about FBI’s Foreknowledge of the El Paso Shooting
William Barr’s warning that a “major incident” could occur “at any time” and “galvanize public opinion” around the unpopular encryption back-door policy he has been seeking seems to have come true in the weeks since the attorney general made those statements. ... r-in-tempe

PD: Military police officer accused of molesting toddler in Mesa
Posted: 11:48 AM, Aug 07, 2019 ... g-homeless

Published on
Wednesday, August 07, 2019
byCommon Dreams
'Heartbreaking' Scene on Boston Streets as Police Destroy Wheelchairs Belonging to Homeless Residents
"Can we all agree that it is inhumane and cruel and a waste of resources to crush the wheelchairs of people who are living on the street after a car accident in a full body cast?"
byEoin ... nt-worker/

Florida cop Lester Brown charged for battering handcuffed migrant worker
By Jorge Fitz-Gibbon
August 7, 2019 | ... on-appeal/

PUBLISHED: August 5, 2019 at 8:41 pm | UPDATED: August 6, 2019 at 12:32 pm ... gRZb7WM7A/

WATCH: California Cops Slap Phone out of Man's Hand for Recording: 'He Hit Me!' ... ing-women/

A Georgia Cop was Fired for Stalking and Harassing Women
Former Sergeant Scott Martin is a certified creep.
ZURI DAVIS | 8.6.2019 3:55 PM ... 1837041580

Judge Orders Baton Rouge to Release Psych Report of Cop Who Killed Alton Sterling Amid Reports of Abuse, Unprofessional Behavior

Anne Branigin
Today 3:39pmFiled to: ALTON STERLING ... -home.html

$7.5K settlement could end lawsuit claiming school cop ‘abandoned’ first-grader in empty home
Posted Aug 7, 10:56 AM ... e/28635293

Second former NOPD cop takes plea deal in Mid-City bar beating case ... -gopro-is/

Cop Points Gun at Photog Because He ‘Doesn’t Know’ What a GoPro Is ... ice-force/

MINTZ CBS NEWS August 7, 2019, 8:17 AM
St. Louis sergeant: There are white supremacists on the police force ... 525627512/

Two officers in north Minneapolis Christmas tree controversy have been fired
The officers were put on administrative leave shortly after a photo of the tree surfaced on social media. The police union is appealing the firings. 
By Libor Jany Star Tribune AUGUST 7, 2019 — 8:34 ... ls-morale/

August 7, 2019, 7:39 AM
Arizona police slam racial bias training: "Absolute worst training I've ever had" ... index.html

Exclusive: El Paso suspect's mother called police concerned about gun ... n-america/

We asked 155 police departments about their racial bias training. Here's what they told us.

AUGUST 7, 2019 / 7:32 AM / CBS NEWS ... er-firing/

Former Mt. Pleasant police chief sues borough over firing ... -docs-show

FBI employees disciplined for unauthorized disclosures received lighter punishments after internal review, docs show
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Re: Frogger sodomizes Donkey Kong on a Commodore 64

Postby fruhmenschen » Fri Aug 09, 2019 6:05 pm ... rrest-data

The FBI Told Congress Domestic Terror Investigations Led to 90 Recent Arrests. It Wouldn’t Show Us Records of Even One.
Four days after asking for information on the FBI’s claims of 90 domestic terrorism arrests, we are still waiting. And, frankly, it got kind of weird.
by Fritz Zimmermann Aug. 9, 11:15 a.m. EDT ... story.html

NYPD officer had more than 60 child porn pictures when he was arrested: prosecutors


AUG 08, 2019 | 6:22 PM ... neil-young

Revealed: how Monsanto's 'intelligence center' targeted journalists and activists
Internal documents show how the company worked to discredit critics and investigated singer Neil Young ... 01-freeway

Op-Ed: The LAPD spied on our group. Here’s why we shut down the 101 Freeway ... gLW8_D_BwE

FBI Eavesdroppers Now Monitor Your Confidential Conversations With Your Telephone DOWN ON THE HOOK or TURNED OFF!
Everyone is aware of the widespread eavesdropping presently used to monitor telephone conversations and very few individuals now speak freely on the telephone. ... story.html

Michigan cop suspended after KKK documents found in his house by black potential homebuyer


AUG 09, 2019 | 4:10 PM ... id-lawsuit

Illinois Cop Shot Unarmed Black 12-Year-old in Bed During Botched Raid: Lawsuit
An officer put black tape over his badge and covered his body camera after shooting 12-year-old Amir Worship in the knee during a pre-dawn raid on his home, the lawsuit alleges.

Pilar Melendez

Updated 08.08.19 4:50PM ET 
Published 08.08.19 2:39PM ET ... econdary-w

Cleveland Cop Who Shot and Killed Man Outside Corner Alley Appears to Have Violated Order to Carry Secondary Weapons
by Vince Grzegorek August 09, 2019 at 1:48 PM ... opposition

NY bill to make water attacks on cops a felony faces Democratic opposition ... p-license/

Kansas deputy who was arrested twice in same day loses cop license
POSTED 7:31 AM, AUGUST 9, 2019, BY AP ... rison.html

Former Oregon cop admits soliciting child porn, sexually abusing girl, gets 32 years in prison
Posted Aug 8, 3:57 PM ... almost-hit

Baltimore Cop Convicted of Pulling Gun on Pedestrian He Almost Hit
August 8, 2019

The Real News Network
335K subscribers
Exclusive: Baltimore Cop Convicted of Pulling Gun on Pedestrian He Almost Hit

Exclusive: Baltimore Cop Convicted of Pulling Gun on Pedestrian He Almost Hit


The Real News has learned a Baltimore police officer was convicted of 1st degree assault for pulling a gun  on pedestrian who he almost hit with his car ... daa43.html

Merrimack County Attorney accused of being anti-cop, anti-victim
* By Mark Hayward New Hampshire Union Leader Aug 8, 2019 Updat ... dhNAqMMnw/

Former Utah Cop Sentenced to Prison for Forcible Sex Abuse of His Wife ... tress.html

N.J. cop gets a year of probation, quits force after admitting he groped waitress
Updated Aug 8, 5:19 PM; Posted Aug 8, 4:46 PM ... evastating

Dan Bongino: Newly released FBI documents on Steele dossier, FISA applications are 'devastating'
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Re: Frogger sodomizes Donkey Kong on a Commodore 64

Postby fruhmenschen » Thu Aug 15, 2019 8:09 am ... -approach/

LA County Cancels Mental Health Jail Project in Favor of “Care First” Approach
August 13, 2019 ... on-resist/

Federal Workers Sue to Overturn Special Counsel’s Ban on #Resist
August 13, 2019 ... destroyed/

Historic SF Murals Will Be Covered, not Destroyed
August 14, 2019 ... -bulletin/

FBI bulletin concedes that conspiracy theories might be fueled in part by actual conspiracies
Bureau’s Phoenix Field Office warns that adherents of Pizzagate and QAnon “Very Likely” to be motivated to violence
Written by JPat Brown
Edited by Michael Morisy
In a Federal Bureau of Intelligence bulletin dated May 30th, 2019, the FBI’s Phoenix Field Office warned that it was “Very Likely” that “Fringe Political Conspiracy Theories” would eventually motivate its adherents to violence ... story.html

Reform advocates, family members of men and women killed by police demand firing of NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo for 2014 death of Eric Garner


AUG 14, 2019 | 12:59 AM ... -beginning

Minor White's vanished America – in pictures ... curity.htm

I'm here because I have been publishing a little magazine called Lobster for 17 years, part of whose content has been information about, and critical commentaries on, the activities of the British and American - mostly British - security agencies. To intelligence professionals, no doubt, the little I have managed to learn and publish is laughable, both in content and quantity. Even so, Lobster has had its moments. It has been denounced in the House of Commons by Ray Whitney, former head of the Information Research Department, IRD, the state's official, anti-left, psy-war outfit. Oddly enough this was something he omitted to tell the Commons before denouncing me; not that one MP in 50 would know what IRD was had he referred to it.
That I am aware of, I have had two agents of the British secret state - from MI5, I presume - sicced onto me to pick my brains. This happened in 1987/8 when I was deeply embroiled with Colin Wallace and his story about anti-Labour hanky panky in Northern Ireland. I was on the phone to him every day and was talking to lots of journalists who were trying to understand his story. Wallace and I assumed our phones were tapped - though we never had any evidence of this; none of the noises, interference and fragments of recorded conversation played back other people were reporting at that time. Being essentially a one-man band even then - my erstwhile partner Stephen Dorril had abandoned Lobster to write a book - Lobster must have presented a peculiar problem to an organisation like MI5. How do you penetrate a one man band? After you have the phonetaps on and the mail intercept, what else is there to do? In the case of something like CND it's easy: someone is sent to join and then volunteer to work at head office. Incidentally, the talk of MI5 'penetrating' CND is a joke: any member could work in head office. It was an open organisation, it ran on volunteers and it had no secrets.
So here we were in 1987: MI5 contemplating what to do about Lobster.
What they did was really quite subtle. I was a fairly serious runner then and used to regularly run round the grass perimeter of the University of Hull playing fields. There were three of us running round this field at lunch-times and eventually we got to talking in the changing rooms, and then went for a beer afterwards; and I became friends with one of them, a post-doc researcher, a man called... let's call him John. Nice guy: on a similar wavelength to me politically; interesting life; good stories; good drinking companion - and, of course, he was really interested in the little magazine I was publishing and what I was working on. At that point nobody in Hull was interested in what I was doing and I was happy to talk to him. I had no secrets.
About 6 months after I met him I got a call from an American journalist I know called Jim Hougan. Hougan had been chatting to a friend, who had a contact in the FBI and somehow this little magazine produced in Hull, England, came up. Don't worry about Lobster, was the message, Lobster has been penetrated. That seemed absolutely hilarious to Hougan and me. Typical spook bullshit, we thought, claiming to have penetrated an organisation consisting of one man. We had a good laugh down the transatlantic phone line and I forgot about it.
About a month later, as I was cycling through Hull city centre, out of a clear blue sky, without any conscious musings on my part, I thought: 'It must be John' - and about six months experience suddenly reorganised itself in my head. Yes, it was my new running, drinking, talking, buddy John. He'd been pretty clever about it but I knew it was him. Through his girlfriend I let him know I had sussed him and I never saw him again.
That, you might think, would be the end of it. Not so. A few weeks went by and another person tried to attach himself to me, this time claiming to be to be a former MI5 agent who would spill the beans. But he was ill, so ill, and the NHS in London was so bad.....This goes on for some weeks and I initially take him se ... -incident/

Chinese police chief fired after his Porsche-driving wife explodes in road rage incident

By Anna Fifield
August 14 at 7:39 AM ... ert/?amp=1

Maine game warden charged with groping Bangor concertgoer ... Pfsit6tXg/

California Transit Cop Shoots Dog on a Leash for Lunging at Him ... HzbsfNaAQ/

Chicago Cop Assaults Man Recording who asked why are Cops Shooting People ... wZN1o5-Og/

Court Suspends 2 Prosecutors' Law Licenses for Covering up Brutal Police Beating ... bEFeLThXQ/

Facebook Admits it Listens to and Transcribes Private Voice Chats on Messenger ... bk3AujWuw/

Georgia Cops Enter Wrong Home without Warrant and Hold Man and Child at Gunpoint ... LkbvkNgEA/

NYPD Officer Sentenced to Prison for $1.6 Million Disability Fraud & Tax Evasion ... viLOP6xFw/

Woman Dropped on Face by Cop Files Lawsuit, Claiming she Suffered Brain Damage ... teens.html
Former Lansing cop pleads no contest to criminal sexually conduct involving teens
Posted Aug 13, 9:41 AM ... n-11342244

Phoenix Cop in Viral Video: A Missing Gun, Car Crashes, and Citizen Complaints
MEG O'CONNOR | AUGUST 13, 2019 | 8:00AM ... he-worked/

Sex crimes cop jailed for sex assault on teen whose case he worked
By Lee Brown
August 13, 2019 | 12:15p ... story.html

Staten Island NYPD cop busted for writing fake summonses to girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend: sources


AUG 14, 2019 | 1:52 PM ... f-watchdog

L.A. County sheriff’s top watchdog is under investigation — by the L.A. County sheriff ... aedophilia

Thailand Cop gets 143 years for paedophilia
PUBLISHED : 15 AUG 2019 AT 16:26 ... s-n1042321

South Carolina cop charged with soliciting minor for sex in sting set up by his own department
Deputy Derek Vandenham, 34, was immediately fired f ... bike-lane/

Cyclist: Cop Used Trump’s ‘Go Back Where You Came From’ When I Complained About Him Blocking a Bike Lane
* By Gersh Kuntzman
* Aug 15, 2019
* ... 1.35033822

NYPD cop charged with stealing from disabled husband
According to court records, Donna Meehan, 54, a former NYPD officer, was arraigned Sunday in Hempstead on charges of stealing a check payable to her disabled husband and of trying to cash it at a Bethpage bank in May. (Credit: News 12 Long Island). ... tMHuSTPvJ/

Former cop sues DeKalb city, says he was mocked over his race ... IuMxo3niw/

WATCH: Cop who Killed Man Trying to Drop his Gun at Burger King won't be Charged ... s-job.html

Cop accused of patrol car sex with fugitive takes deal and gives up his job
Updated Aug 14, 6:58 PM; Posted Aug 14, 4:23 PM ... handcuffs/

Surveillance Video Released Shows Shocking Moment Black St. Louis Cop Swings on Unsuspecting Black Man Using Fists and Handcuffs
By Lauren Floyd -
August 14, 2019
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Re: Frogger sodomizes Donkey Kong on a Commodore 64

Postby fruhmenschen » Sat Aug 17, 2019 10:42 am ... buking-him

Democratic Party rebukes L.A. County sheriff; some feel ‘misled, almost conned’ ... story.html

Parkland parents face uphill battle in wrongful death suit against FBI, shielded behind broad federal law


AUG 16, 2019 | 8:17 PM ... B0006P0YIM

Blue by day, white by night: Organized white supremacist groups in law enforcement agencies Unknown Binding – 1993
by Michael Novick (Author) ... ed-letter/

The CIA was unimpressed with the Atomic Energy Commission’s attempts at secrecy
by JPat Brown
August 15, 2019
In July of 1955, Lewis Strauss, chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, wrote to CIA director Allen Dulles over matters of mutual interest. In one of those letters, uncovered in the Agency’s archives, Strauss thanked Dulles for a package he had sent him, using deliberately vague terms to describe its contents as to “avoid classifying this letter.” Strauss’ efforts were in vain however. Not only was the letter classified for just shy of 50 years, but the vague descriptor itself remains classified to this day.
Read More

Portland Copwatch Statement Against Criminalization of Anti-Fascists
Portland Copwatch, as a project of Peace and Justice Works, adheres to principles of non-violence. We are very aware that efforts by the President and members of Congress to label Antifa as a criminal and/or "terrorist" organization are unfounded and can only lead to criminalization of free speech and association. Antifa is a term which is short-hand for anti-fascists, covering an entire movement, not a specific organization.
As Rose City Antifa pointed out in their statement condemning the government's stated intentions, the government is not taking such steps to criminalize or label as terrorists the right wing groups who promote and engage in violence, racism, and anti-immigrant organizing. Here are a few examples. Although the government did arrest people who took over a federal wildlife refuge while openly carrying guns in Oregon in 2016, they were unsuccessful in prosecuting them. When a law enforcement official suggested that the FBI had labeled the "Proud Boys" or "Patriot Prayer" as hate groups, the FBI denied that was the case. Similarly, the Portland Police did not alert the media or the community right away nor did they make any arrests when people associated with Patriot Prayer were found on top of a downtown parking structure with guns.
Portland Copwatch and its members stand against fascism. We support other groups who oppose fascism. We have documented how the Portland Police visibly favor right-wing protestors while facing down and/or attacking anti-fascists who confront them.
We as an organization remain committed to nonviolence as we seek to end the use of violence by the state to enforce its policies. The threatened criminalization of an entire movement is itself a form of state violence and must be stopped. ... Department

Copwatchers Wear Spit Hoods During City Council Meeting to Protest their use by the Berkeley Police Department ... am-exposed

Friday, August 16, 2019
byCommon Dreams
Alarm as Trump Requests Permanent Reauthorization of NSA Mass Spying Program Exposed by Snowden
"The White House is calling for reauthorization of a program that security agencies have used to spy on innocent people, violate their privacy, and chill free speech."
byJake Johnson, staff writer ... ce-project

Published on
Friday, August 16, 2019
by Common Dreams
George W. Bush's Infuriating Innocence Project
The former president is a war criminal guilty of crimes against humanity—a serial killer. Will the American people ever come to grips with this fact?
byRobert Shetterly ... ar-police/

Robert Mackey
August 7 2019, 5:13 p.m. ... h-penalty/

Liliana Segura ... -newswire/

“Comply First[…]Complain Latter” Barr Touts Police As Soldiers Standing Between Civilization and Carnage, Attacks Police Reform Efforts in FOP Speech
August 16, 2019 by Jake Wartel

“What stands between chaos and carnage on the one hand, and the civilized and tranquil society we ... april-2018 ... -1984.html

A Martian State of Mind
Did the CIA really astrally project to Mars in 1984? We asked a psychic spy.


Questioning Consciousness ... -gathering

Sean Hannity: Sources say 'most explosive' part of DOJ review is about 'outsourcing of illegal intelligence-gathering'
by Daniel Chaitin
 | August 16, 2019 08:27 AM
 | Updated Aug 16, 2019, 08:50 AM
* ... ment-agent

Suspected FBI informant linked to Russia 'smears' claims immunity afforded to government agents ... remacists/

Documents Show FBI Targeted Ferguson Black Activists Over White Supremacists
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Re: Frogger sodomizes Donkey Kong on a Commodore 64

Postby fruhmenschen » Tue Aug 20, 2019 11:00 am ... story.html

No criminal investigation for officers who rode horseback while walking handcuffed black man through Galveston


AUG 18, 2019 | 6:56 PM ... 308629.php

Locked in limbo
By Kevin D. Sawyer Aug. 18, 2019

California has a new use-of-force law. What does it mean for cops and people of color?
* Read more here: ... rylink=cpy ... 020675001/

3 findings from our investigation into Jeff Young's close ties with local cops ... g-the-cops

These Activists Want People to Stop Calling the Cops
Police in Phoenix don't know how their relationship with the community got so bad

By Josh Hersh
Aug 19 2019, 11: ... groped-her

Model Alicia Arden says she went to cops after Epstein groped her during what she thought was a VS interview ... nypd-cops/

AUGUST 19, 2019
Dear Guys Who Got Arrested for Throwing Water on NYPD Cops
You hosed Harlem. You bedewed Brownsville. You wetted Woodhaven. News media report that you’ve sprayed or doused water – yes,vile, menacingly wet water – on police ... e-pay.html

Cleveland police officer sues city, says cops required to take ‘comp time’ instead of overtime pay
Updated Aug 19, 4:54 PM; Posted Aug 19, 12:33 PM ... tham-jean/

Fired DPD Cop, Amber Guyger Back In Court For Killing Botham Jean
August 19, 2019 at 11:00 am ... 69791.html

Early Epstein Accuser: Police Could Have Stopped Him in 1997
Alicia Arden said she never heard back from investigators about her complaint
By Katie Campione and Jennifer Peltz
Published Aug 19, 2019 at 9:25 AM ... n-n1033286

Progressive DAs are shaking up the criminal justice system. Pro-police groups aren't happy.
A new wave of progressive DAs across the country favor decriminalization, diversion programs over jail time and holding law enforcement accountabl ... story.html

‘Ready to throw officers under the bus’: Baltimore police feel angst over leadership, consent decree


AUG 19, 2019 | 4:11 PM ... 875f22f9f6

08/19/2019 06:00 am ET
I Called 911 On My Neighbors. The Police Showed Up In My Home With Guns Drawn.

Lynnette Bradford ... use-report

John Sununu: FBI Director Wray will try to cover up FISA abuse report
by Daniel Chaitin
 | August 19, 2019 03:04 PM ... her-steele

Judge orders FBI to search for more records on Christopher Steele
by Jerry Dunleavy
 | August 19, 2019 01:11 PM ... 39267.html

Federal jury sides with FBI in wrongful termination case
AUGUST 19, 2019 04:24 AM, UPDATED AUGUST 19, 2019 11:25 AM

A federal jury in Mississippi has ruled against an FBI agent who sued the agency for wrongful termination as a result of reporting racial discrimination.
Citing a U.S. Attorney's Off

Read more here: ... orylink=cp ... s-redacted

Judge rejects FBI plea to keep Comey memos redacted ... llegations

FBI files allege Lord Mountbatten, murdered by the IRA, was a pedophile
IrishCentral Staff @IrishCentral Aug 19, 2019 ... ab883.html

FBI man gets 7 years for child sex
A 17-year veteran of the FBI will serve seven years in prison for having sexual relations with a young girl in Spotsylvania County, a judge ruled yesterday.
Anthony John Lesko, 44, entered an Alford plea yesterday in Spotsylvania Circuit Court to nine counts of felony indecent liberties upon a child.

Lesko, who later moved to Jacksonville, Fla., worked as an intelligence analyst at the FBI for 17 years, according to his attorney, James A. Carter II. He is a major in the U.S. Army Reserves and has received numerous military awards.
An Alford plea means Lesko doesn't admit guilt but believes there is enough evidence for a conviction. Under the terms of the plea, he was sentenced to seven years in prison with another 15 years suspended.
Lesko engaged in a sex act with a girl, 9 and 10 at the time, at least nine times in 2003-2004, according to evidence put forth ... story.html

Woman trying to record mayhem at Brooklyn housing development says cops knocked her down after she took out her phone


AUG 19, 2019 | 9:04 PM ... -in-court/

Bernie Sanders Proposes barring ‘Disreputable’ Law Enforcement Officials from Testifying in Court

Bernie Sanders
By Steve Neavling
Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders u ... ly-altered

US policing
Was a man wrongly identified after police digitally altered his mugshot?
ACLU says case ‘raises big questions’ after Oregon authorities removed facial tattoos before showing image to witnesses
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Re: Frogger sodomizes Donkey Kong on a Commodore 64

Postby fruhmenschen » Wed Aug 21, 2019 9:52 am

Is this email not displaying correctly?
View it in your browser.
9/11 and Other Deep State Crimes Teleconference
wtc7 pentagon
Draft minutes for July 31, 2019

August 20, 2019
Ann Hendricks, Secretary 9/11 Monthly Teleconference call
Draft minutes for the July 31, 2019 regular conference call

Present were:
Cheryl Curtiss, Teleconference co-facilitator, Connecticut 9/11 Truth
Craig McKee, Teleconference co-facilitator, Truth and Shadows
Ann Hendricks, Teleconference secretary
Marti Hopper, Colorado 9/11 Truth
David Rolde, Anti-imperialist activist
Peter Michael Ketcham, formerly of NIST
Nita Renfrew, New York 9/11 Truth
John O’Malley, DC911Truth
Cheri Aspen, San Diego 9/11 Truth
James Hufferd, 9/11 Grassroots
Cat McGuire, 9/11 Truth Outreach
Barton Bruce, Boston 9/11 Truth
Bill Wilt, congressional candidate
Gordon Bastian
Christopher Bollyn, Solving 9-11
Karl Golovin
Barrie Zwicker, Towers of Deception
Mike Cook
Alison Maynard, provided legal assistance to Sandy Hook activists
Bonnie Faulkner, Guns and Butter
Richard Gage, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth
Ted Walter, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

The minutes of the June 26, 2019 conference call were APPROVED.

Cover-up worse than the crime
Christopher Bollyn stated “The cover-up of 9/11 is worse than the crime itself, because it indicates that the same people who carried out 9/11 crimes are still in power. The political candidates are told, ‘You will not talk about 9/11 Truth’….and this order has gone through. Although it’s terrible, it gives us an opportunity to learn who the culprits are. You cannot apply the cover-up without exposing yourself. There must be some people in congress who know in their hearts that 9/11 is a lie, but somebody has told them, ‘You won’t talk about that if you want to remain in power, or if you want to stay alive.’”

Christopher has completed his fourth book on 9/11, a compilation of his articles published since 2012, and he will release this on September 11th. It can be purchased on his website

Heartening news from Nassau County, New York
Ted Walter, director of strategy for Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth, reported on the resolution passed by the Franklin Square and Munson Fire District demanding a new investigation into 9/11 and stating that the three World Trade Center towers were definitely brought down by explosives.

“The Commissioners recognize that a significant percentage of the community already knows there are problems with the official story, and is supportive of an investigation. Perhaps the environment is really ripe or prime, maybe many districts will have similar resolutions if they get a critical mass of people supporting the cause.”

Some of the first responders might be joining with AE staff in meetings with members of Congress on Sept. 11. Ted’s article is online: ... estigation

Iron curtain over America
Karl Golovin presented on John Beaty’s book The Iron Curtain Over America—about the influence of Talmudic Zionism on world affairs—and on a 1961 speech by Benjamin Freedman (transcript attached below). The following link is a review of Beaty’s book: ... r-america/

Karl also told about his attendance on July 27 at a SNAP Conference (Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests) during which he questioned some conservative Jewish attendees about the Talmudic law, and this encounter resulted in Karl being escorted out of the conference. He wrote a letter to the organizers of the event about his removal, and his letter is attached below. ... script.pdf ... endees.pdf

David Rolde announced his candidacy for the Green Party’s nomination for U.S. President. He will be speaking about his decision on this teleconference soon.
Barbara Honegger provided an update on 9/11 anniversary event plans:
9/7/19 New York City (6 to 10 p.m.) The Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry will have an event at the Community Church of New York, located at 40 E. 35th Street, between Park Avenue and Madison Avenue. David Meiswinkle, Richard Gage, and Bill Binney will be the speakers.
9/11/19 Washington D.C. Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth will hold a press conference.
9/11/19 Oakland, CA Mick Harrison will be speaking at the 9/11 Film Festival in the Grand Lake Theater.
9/11/19 Zurich, Switzerland: All day truth event. ... 2-KB-1.jpg
9/15/19 The Hague, Netherlands: Europe 9/11 truth event.

The call began at 8 p.m. EST and adjourned at 10:07 p.m., EST/5 p.m. to 7:07 p.m. PST. Audio of the July call can be heard here: ... 073119.mp3. The next monthly teleconference will take place on Wednesday, August 28, 2019 at 8 p.m. EST, 5 p.m. PST. Agenda items should be emailed to facilitator Cheryl Curtiss ( no later than one week before the call. Please use subject line “Agenda item for 911 Truth Teleconference.” Please include a brief description of your item and any relevant links you’d like participants to be aware of, together with your estimate of the number of minutes your agenda item will require. If you would like to join the teleconference list serve, contact Craig McKee (, and anyone who would like information such as links included in the minutes should email Ann Hendricks (
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