Boston Free Speech Rally PsyOp August 2017

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Boston Free Speech Rally PsyOp August 2017

Postby elfismiles » Tue Aug 22, 2017 5:21 pm

Boston Free Speech Rally PsyOp August 2017

elfismiles » 22 Aug 2017 20:56 wrote:Been having some weird personal syncs of late ... I recently went on a binge of going through a bunch of my old videos to upload to YouTube ...

On August 19th I saw aerial video footage of the Boston Commons "Free Speech" Rally that everyone was scared shitless over post-Charlottesville; 40,000 "Free Speech" protestors fenced off, by like 100 yards, from the rally participants. I had mixed feelings about this as it reminded me of the "Free Speech Zones" imposed during the Bush administration and subsequent. I understand the urge to protect folks and keep us safe from battling ideologue crowds but...

Then the other synchronicity occurred ... as I mentioned, I've been digitizing old video footage recently ... imagine my surprise when I discovered who was at the heart of that throng of Bostonians ....

SHIVA AYYADURAI - "Inventor of Email"

shiva-ayyadurai-1990s-actv-peace.jpg (41.78 KiB) Viewed 1658 times

He's been on InfoWars at least 3 times this year:

SMiles Lewis, Shiva Ayyadurai, and Tom Mellett on ACTV show P.E.A.C.E. circa 1995/1996

A free-speech rally, minus the free speech
By Jeff Jacoby, Globe Columnist, August 21, 2017 ... story.html

40,000 March On Boston Common To Protest Free Speech Rally CBS Boston (Shiva Ayyadurai at end of news clip)

Boston Free Speech Rally: What The News did NOT Cover.
Posted by Shiva Ayyadurai

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai Victorious & Savages Media and Alt-Left Protesters.
Posted by Shiva Ayyadurai

Boston Free Speech Rally Permit Approved by CBS Boston

John Medlar: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know ... organizer/

Boston Free Speech Movement On Its Speakers: 'This Is Our Group ... We Get To Decide Who We Let Use It. (Audio)
by Shawn Bodden, Meghna Chakrabarti, August 16, 2017 ... eech-rally ... 372402.mp3

What we know about the ‘free speech’ rally on Boston Common
By Nik DeCosta-Klipa, Dialynn Dwyer, John Waller (updated on August 19, 2017) ... ton-common

Here’s what happened at the ‘free speech’ rally and counter-protests on Boston Common
By Meghan Barr, John Waller, Dialynn Dwyer ... ton-common
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Re: Boston Free Speech Rally PsyOp August 2017

Postby Harvey » Tue Aug 22, 2017 7:33 pm

Interesting stuff. Thanks.
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Re: Boston Free Speech Rally PsyOp August 2017

Postby elfismiles » Tue Aug 22, 2017 10:50 pm

Clearly ... strange things were afoot at the Circle-KKK ... witness the initial lineup of speakers ...

HAIL ERIS! :coolshades :clown :tongout :thumbsup

"Gavin Mcinnes, Shiva Ayyadurai, Kyle "based StickMan" Chapman, Augustus Invictus, Joe Biggs, Brandon Navom MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED"


nashvillebrook » 02 Oct 2015 15:13 wrote:This story has EVERYTHING! Libertarians! Goat sacrifice! Crowley! LSD! In short...FLORIDA POLITICS!!!!

Libertarian Party drama: Goat sacrifice, eugenics and a chair’s resignation


[ became ... ???]

Invictus, 32, is an adherent of a religion called Thelema, established in the early 1900s by occultist Aleister Crowley. Invictus was expelled from the religion’s fraternal organization, Ordo Templi Orientis, but denies Wyllie’s specific claim about dismembering a goat.

“I have never dismembered a goat in my life. I have performed animal sacrifices as part of my religion,” Invictus said. “I was expelled from the order for political reasons. And animal sacrifice was part of it. But that is a deliberate misrepresentation by Wyllie.”

Wyllie said he brought up the issue of Invictus’ religion because the candidate has cited it as justification for supporting potentially violent revolution. Invictus denies that as well.
“The guy is a nut, speaks in tongues or whatever. Weird stuff,” Stone said. “They need someone to run against him to make sure he doesn’t win and make us all look crazy.”
“Many of his supporters are known members of Neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups, such as American Front, Vinelanders and Stormfront, and he has been recruiting them into the Libertarian Party,” Wyllie said Thursday on Facebook.

Invictus said that as a lawyer, he has represented some of these groups in a professional capacity. He said, however, that he’s no racist. “My four children are Hispanic,” said Invictus, who’s divorced.
“I want you to take LSD and practice sorcery,” he says at one point. “I’m also Old World Pagan and a white Southerner. So I know what it’s like to be treated like a wolf in a hen house.”

Brandon Navom Relief Fund
Several months ago, a friend of mine casually mentioned that my role model on the Shiva Ayyadurai, and Indian American who is currently running for US Senate, was speaking at an event where the general topic was freedom of speech. I very quickly verbally accepted this opportunity to speak in support of the man I admire. When I agreed to what I thought it would benign event filled with boring speeches, there was no way I could have foreseen that the tragic and horrific events that occurred over this past weekend in Charlottesville Virginia would occur. I, of course, immediately condemned those horrific attacks. Yet I immediately found myself at the center of a maelstrom of hate.

I never could have imagined that my efforts to bring more diversity to the US Senate by supporting a person of color and bring more diversity to the US Senate would have me branded as a white supremacist.

This upcoming “Boston Free Speech Rally” scheduled for Saturday is in no way connected to event in Charlottesville. Even though they are different events with different titles, organized by different organizers, and have a different subject matter, CNN falsely reported that these two events were organized by the same hateful people. The only two things that these events have in common is that they had the unfortunate circumstance of being scheduled a week apart and a few hundred miles removed from one another.

Mayor Walsh repeated the false CNN rumor, which sent a torrent of hate in my direction.
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Re: Boston Free Speech Rally PsyOp August 2017

Postby liminalOyster » Wed Aug 23, 2017 6:53 pm

This is really interesting thanks. The presence of Gavin McInnes reminds me that VICE itself could make something of an interesting RI subject. Between that guy's passage from crusty punk to neoreactionary blowhard and the woefully simple Shane Smith's access to Obama as well as the Vice News IS doc and their gonzo-lite forays into Colombia, Congo, etc, I sometimes wonder if they weren't maybe tapped as a deep state channel to the youth (or worse) in the early days of DHS when NYC hipsters after 9/11 broke more as scared patriots than expected. CNN's later acquisition might strengthen that hypothesis as too.
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Re: Boston Free Speech Rally PsyOp August 2017

Postby Wombaticus Rex » Thu Aug 24, 2017 11:44 am

This is pretty wild -- wild in terms of the sheer weirdness of this nexus of characters, sure, but even more so in terms of how sharply this diverges from every aspect of the media / twitter narrative last weekend.

The Boston antifa / Code Pink folks I know were all motivated by the fact this rally was, in an act of hateful audacity, planned as a cheeky response to the events Charlottesville. Turns out, this was book for months in advance (which, really, I should have known anyway given my experience with city bureaucracy, ffs).

Also, everyone in that Gazebo was a flabby, hateful MRA white supremacist with a Kekestani passport. The video footage above paints a profoundly different picture.

So this got me curious and Lo, it does get stranger: ... -media.php

Boston authorities should not have blocked media from covering protest

WHILE PLENTY OF MEDIA COMMENTATORS AND POLITICIANS lauded the efforts of Boston politicians and the Boston Police Department to keep the peace Saturday during an extreme-right-wing rally and massive counter protests, they failed at protecting the media’s right to cover a newsworthy event.

Reporters were not able to actually cover the program of the event because authorities enforced a barrier of up to 50 yards around the speakers’ platform, preventing reporters from entering. Journalists were blocked from witnessing and reporting on the very reason for the massive crowds. The precautions ostensibly were designed for public safety—to keep those participating in the protest and counter protests apart from one another—but statements from law enforcement suggest the nature of the rally played a role.

At minimum, the city should have provided for a limited number of reporters to access the event, which was held in a public place. Instead, police acted as a sort of private door guard for the protest organizers, blocking access to all but a handful of people supporters vouched for at the gates. A group of about 20 people, including white-nationalist and neo-Nazi speakers, took part in the so-called “Free Speech” rally.

Yells of, “We can’t hear you,” rang out from both sides of protesters as the program began.

The scene reminded WBUR reporter Bruce Gellerman of abolitionist Frederick Douglass’s “Plea for Free Speech,” given in 1860 in response to the Boston Mayor and police department suppressing a group of abolitionists honoring John Brown. Douglass argued, of free speech: “Equally clear is the right to hear. To suppress free speech is a double wrong. It violates the rights of the hearer as well as those of the speaker.”

As Gellerman put it, “That speech could have been written Saturday morning at the rally.” The authorities should have allowed the press and public the ability to listen and report, he argues. It’s a position both the “free speech” protesters and anti-racist counter protesters say they agree with in interviews with CJR.

The Boston Police Department was responsible for keeping media away from the protesters, but no department spokespeople would return calls or emails from CJR to discuss where the order originated. The department on Friday issued a statement: “There will be NO designated media staging area inside the Common,” it noted. “Media Members are expected to remain mobile and refrain from long term stationary reporting which may incite and attract participants. NO media personnel will be allowed inside the barricaded area around the Bandstand.”

The City of Boston acknowledged that the rally, and its counter protests, were of significant public interest by issuing statements saying that bigotry and racism have no place in Boston, particularly after the events of Charlottesville. And its police strategy appears to have been designed to limit the exposure of hate speech.

The Mayor’s office referred all questions about the rally to the Boston Police Department, but Mayor Walsh in an interview with WCVB’s Janet Wu on Sunday said the barrier was put up for everyone’s protection, and laid blame on the event organizers for not bringing a sound system.

He said, “An article in the Globe today said ‘well we couldn’t hear.’ Well, that’s not my issue….That article, I was disappointed in it quite honestly, because yesterday was about making sure people were safe.” Walsh said that he discouraged people from coming to the Common because “why give attention to people spewing hate.”

America needed an easy, feel-good victory after Charlottesville. Status Q had to be enforced. Marty Walsh provided.
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Re: Boston Free Speech Rally PsyOp August 2017

Postby elfismiles » Thu Aug 24, 2017 4:07 pm

Yep - FAKE-FUCKING-NEWS and media-spin as-frakkin-usual ... rally was planned BEFORE the Charlottesville tragedy.

Boston Commons did host a Free Speech rally months before in May: ... ay+13+2017

Meanwhile ...

MP3 audio of interview with Boston rally organizer, Garret Kirland, and Shiva Ayyadurai below.

08/23/2017 Wednesday - Rachael wants to know what the Boston Free Speech Rally on August 19, 2017 was all about. She interviews one of the Organizers, one of the Speakers, and takes calls from people who where there and discovers it was NOTHING like what the media hyped it up to be. GARRET KIRKLAND is a 33 year old activist and organizer, native to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He is a left leaning libertarian and has been doing marches and rallies for 10 years, including 'End the Fed', 'Defend The 4th' and 'Hands Off Syria'. He most recently helped organize the BOSTON FREE SPEECH RALLY on August 19, 2017 which ironically attracted over 40,000 people protesting an officially permitted rally honoring free speech in the United States of America.

DR. SHIVA AYYADURAI is an Indian-American who spoke at the Free Speech Rally in Boston. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is credited as inventing email at age 14 and holds four degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He spoke to the rally about the importance of free speech as a mob of over 40,000 people chanted in opposition to the rally he was speaking at. Dr. Shiva is currently running against Elizabeth Warren for US Senate. For more info go to SAM FROM RHODE ISLAND calls into the show and describes what he witnessed during the counter protest march which he was caught up in while taking photos. ... en_17.html ... 082317.mp3

Garret Kirkland, speaker at Boston rally, on The Kuhner Report: 'Won't ... ... ottesville
Aug 17, 2017 - Garrett Kirkland, one of the Speakers at the Free Speech Rally Saturday in Boston, joined Jeff.

Garret Kirkland says Mayor Marty Walsh “ratchet up tensions” at the ... ... eech-rally
Aug 17, 2017 - Free Speech Rally Boston speaker, Garret Kirkland joins Kuhner to discuss ... This Saturday at Boston commons it begins at noon you'll go from ...

... and as for Gavin McInness ... whom I previously knew nothing about .... checkout the vid below from about the 24 minute to 28 minute marks.

#215 THE 'ALT-LEFT' TRUTH! Gavin McInnes, Owen Benjamin and RazorFist | Louder With Crowder
Talking all things Charlottesville, the "Alt-Left", offensive Confederate statues, "vagina nails", Don Lemon screw ups and more! Gavin McInnes, Owen Benjamin and RazorFist guest!

What I'm wondering is ... how many of these "Alt-Right" guys are just Kekistani 4Chan agitator discordians who actually don't believe the anti-semitic crap they are spouting ... that they are just trolling both the liberals AND the white-nationalists...

For instance ... "Mustache Matt" "Mustachio Matt" "Millenial Matt" ...

Mustache Matt REDPILLING Millie Weaver on Infowars
Hitler Did Nothing Wrong

The Alt Right RedPills InfoWars - Unite The Right - Millie Learns About Globalists & Demographics - The Last Stand (YouTube Channel)

InfoWars Redpilled By the Alt Right at Unite the Right - Millie Weaver, Alex Jones Show - The Last Stand

“Mustache Bro” ak "Millennial_Matt" Matthew ... sABiqjCjNg ... QhUGanuseA ... mz82vj4Feg

Gavin Mcinnes meets Mustachio

Shia labeuof attacks Mustache man - Matthew

FLASHBACK ... 4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump
Trump’s younger supporters know he’s an incompetent joke; in fact, that’s why they support him. ... 4e7cb798cb
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Re: Boston Free Speech Rally PsyOp August 2017

Postby liminalOyster » Fri Aug 25, 2017 11:15 am

So in order to stop the spread of fascism the police had to prevent the press from accessing a "free speech" event because we are all very deeply concerned about the repressive Soviet state apparatus? This is the kind of logic that seems unbelievable even in the dreams of REM sleep. If only we had some sort of living breathing signifier of anti-authoritarianism we could slap all over our news media to make extremely clear that any resemblance to ideologies living or dead is purely coincidental and that we're almost all on the side of good here...


ps. This photo is a pure and barely curated documentation of recent events. This woman and the things which her being connote are in no way meant to shape public opinion by for example suggesting that street violence is now a necessary means to an end due to Leslie Knope types being backed into a corner by the dual injustice of misogyny and Russian political intervention.
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