S.T.S versus S.T.O.

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Control of Uppity Women Behind Witchcraft Accusations?

http://www.sott.net/articles/show/14952 ... cusations-

By the start of the early modern period, female spirituality in most of Europe was criminalized (Elliott). As stark as this statement is, Elliott supports it through her narrative about Chancellor John Gerson from the University of Paris. Gerson's mission was to discredit female mystics, and to appropriate mysticism through the discourse of spiritual discernment to the institution of the university itself. Gerson was highly successful, and soon spiritual expression manifested by a woman was criminalized as a form of witchcraft (Elliott). Later in his life, Gerson was asked to defend Joan d'Arc at her trial. Despite his best efforts and sincere desire to see her acquitted, he was unsuccessful in defending her largely because of his earlier success; there was no longer any acceptable means by which a woman could express her spirituality (Elliott).

This is an insertion of the occult into Christianity, and not the first one either. An insertion not by the 'witches' but by the fucktards that were killing them in the name of God. Killing people that challenge the Priestclass interpretation of what God says, -well that is some evil shit.

(This was meant for another thread, but what the hell, may as well leave it here also.)
All these things will continue as long as coercion remains a central element of our mentality.
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