Student shooting sprees

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Student shooting sprees

Postby Inkwhyring » Sun Dec 16, 2012 2:42 pm

Does anyone have any ideas on what is wrong with our society,that kids are becoming murderous,young adults are violent-ballistic,and obviously unhappy?Are we breeding them this way-no respect for anyone or anything,like the value of a human life?Is it Cartmans' "I do what I want" mentality,or mental illness?I know I didn't always enjoy school,the cliques,bullying,etc.but....I never thought about killing em' all-well,not seriously!And so what if you parents and teachers tell you what to do-aren't you supposed to respect your elders?And does that apply when they haven't really done much to deserve it?I just don't know what feelings could actually incite a kid to kill his parents,fellow students,or himself!!!! :baghead:
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