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Postby §ê¢rꆧ » Wed Jul 22, 2009 7:04 am

Pharmaceuticals, nutriceuticals, vitamins and other supplements. Street drugs, plant medicines, herbs and other mind-effecting foodstuffs. Things you smoke and suck on, choke back and swallow; things you relish and things you enjoy.

All things that affect our mood and temperament; this thread is for the discussion of them.

Exercise, meditation, acupunture and other therapies can be discussed here as well. But I'm particularly interested in things you ingest.

This is not a recreational party combo drug thread; see the I'm Shitfaced thread in the lounge for that. Remember that a particular form of recreational drug use may be extralegal in your jurisdiction, so use discretion when posting. Casting an experience in the 3rd person is helpful, and you can always resort to the use of the Internet-inspired pronoun SWIM ("someone who isn't me").


More to come
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