Remote Viewing Dallas

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Re: Remote Viewing Dallas

Postby chump » Sun Jan 10, 2010 12:09 am

Here is the section about the sewer shot:

The Men Who Killed Kennedy
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Re: Remote Viewing Dallas

Postby MinM » Mon Jul 28, 2014 9:09 am

I was unaware until this morning that the late great John Judge had posted at RI. Ran across his post purely by accident while searching for 'Otto Reich' ..
Glenn Greenwald ‏@ggreenwald: Fascinating article by @mattapuzzo: is anti-Iran group featuring Joe Lieberman, @FranTownsend etc a govt front group? ... -iran.html

emptywheel ‏@emptywheel: @ggreenwald Don't forget Otto Reich, who during Iran-Contra was funneling public money for private lobbying. @mattapuzzo

John Judge » Thu Jan 07, 2010 10:50 pm wrote:I don't put much stock in remote viewing as a source for this "insight", perhaps Obscure Reading might fit. All the early researchers, including Mae Brussell, Penn Jones, and Jim Garrison believed that the fatal head shot came from the storm sewer drain hole on the north side of Elm Street to the right front of the motorcade at frame Z-313, the fatal head shot. Mark Lane and others moved the location up to the Grassy Knoll in the late 60s and it has stuck. I happen to believe that the best evidence points to the storm sewer, a good hidden military location. I think the gun involved may have been a .38 caliber pistol not a rifle, since a .38 shell was found on the south side of Elm and pocketed by an unidentified FBI agent who can be seen pocketing it in photos by a Dallas Morning News reporter, a bullet never to be seen again. Penn Jones ran the photos in his book Forgive My Grief. On the 30th anniversary of the JFK assassination a candlelight vigil was held on the Grassy Knoll at night and I took a single candle down to the sewer instead. Here are my reasons for thinking it was the actual source of the shot, regardless of claims that the windshield would have blocked the shot, etc.

It is a good, covert location for the shot allowing quick escape. The sewer has been altered over the years and the open manhole cover used to come to my armpits, now to my waist, but at the time it provided a long drain opening (6 feet or more) not obstructed by subsequent tarring built up over the years in repairs and for Stone's film, and ample room to crouch inside with a clear view up Elm Street for the shot.

The drain pipe, large enough for a small man to crawl through, goes northward and intersects with a vertical pipe that opens under a drain cover at the intersection of the railroad overpass abutment and the picket fence atop the Knoll. At least one credible witness saw a man passing a gun to someone inside that drain after the shooting from across the railroad tracks. The north route of the pipe comes out at the Trinity River plain, where some information suggests a plane was landed to pick up escaping gunmen. Taken across the street to south Elm, Penn Jones told me he crawled east and upward on Elm and came out at a grate in the basement of the Dallas Jail where both Oswald was killed and Ruby got his cancer.

While people saw smoke rise from the Grassy Knoll area and saw shooters up there at the time, there were people in the motorcade who reported smelling gunpowder smoke inside the cars, including Governor Connelly, and some of the Secret Service agents in the rear of the president's car. The Grassy Knoll smoke rose up over the trees according to S.M. Holland and other eyewitnesses. This gunsmoke was drawn out of the sewer, in my view, by the passage of earlier motorcade cars and smelled by the people in the cars further back.

Eye- and earwitnesses in the area reported hearing final shots that sounded different than the others and echoed. It is also possible that the sewer shot was done with a silencer, since not all the other guns were silenced by any means. Lots of people heard shots from multiple directions and some may have been for distraction. Secret Service agent Kellerman, in the front right seat of Kennedy's limousine, heard a "flurry of shots" according to his testimony and yelled "Get us out of here!" to the driver, who had been braking the car during the events after the first shot, counter to training to speed up at the sound of gunfire. His action has been speculated on by some as a response to shots he thought were coming from the front of the motorcade or on the railroad overpass.

The physical effect of the fatal head shot drives Kennedy back and to the left, at over 100 mph accelerating at over 100 feet per second/per second. Far too fast for "jet effect" or for Jackie to have pushed him, as one counter-critic speculated. Watch the Zapruder film closely. Kennedy is also lifted up out of his seat by the shot. A shot from the Grassy Knoll would have driven him down into the seat and back.

The best X-ray and other autopsy evidence we have indicates that his aide Malcolm Kilduff was right at the press conference that day at Parkland Hospital to put his finger to the right front temple as the point of entry. All the doctors at Parkland and other medical personnel who saw the exit wound state that it was a large flap at the back and atop the skull. also consistent with an upward trajectory from the sewer.

On the 40th anniversary, the only motorcade Dallas police escort still living who was in the event, Billy Hargis recounted his stark memory of that day in the Dallas Morning News. He was on a moving motorcycle at the left rear of JFK's limousine. He said that the skull and brain matter went up in an arc and came down on him. It hit him so hard, through his leather jacket, that he stopped the motorcycle and asked "Am I hit?" This is also consistent with a shot from below.

One skull fragment was found on the south side of Elm Street well behind the limousine position. A .38 bullet was picked up on the South side of Elm near the opposite storm sewer in the aftermath of the shooting. Jackie climbed out of the limousine to retrieve a part of JFK's skull on the rear trunk, and held onto it for a long time afterward. All of this is still consistent with a right to left, front to back trajectory and also upward in my view.

As to the identity of the gunmen, that sort of information rarely gives us much to work with even if we could confirm it. None of the shots came from Lee Harvey Oswald or his alleged weapon, that much is for sure. He did not fire a gun that day, he was as he said "a patsy". Gunmen are generally cutouts who will not know or cannot tell who hired them for the job. There is one interesting account by Mikhael Medvedev in "Treason is My Daily Bread" which came out in England in the 80's, long after the sewer shots were forgotten (until History Channel's "The Men Who Killed Kennedy" revived the claim by pretending to discover it through another self-aggrandizing researcher who crawled through the pipes for them. Medvedev claims to have worked for both Soviet and German intelligence at different points during WWII and then being folded into the Gehlen Organization (General Reinhard Gehlen, head of Hitler's intelligence network for Armies East, who knew far more about the Soviet Union than American OSS did or British, having cross penetrated the KGB and Nazi spies who shared the White Russian and "Solidarist" agenda of reclaiming the throne for the Russian monarchy and ending the spread of Bolshevism forever. Gehlen was approached by spymaster Allen Dulles before the end of the war with a surrender offer which he accepted. He brought documents and hundreds of Nazi spies for surrender at the Swiss Border and was "captured" by the aide-de-camp to American General Thrasher, Clay Shaw, who later appears as one of the main suspects in the Garrison prosecution. Shaw is now known to have been a witting CIA informant and operative abroad through Permindex and Centro Commerciale Mondiale (World Trade Center, in New Orleans, in Dallas and in New York City - ring any bells?). CIA director Bobby Inman admitted in public that Gehlen's spies, who came to the US, were the foundation of our CIA and the Cold War. Gehlen himself headed up post-war German Intelligence, thereby linking almost every important spy agency that existed to manipulate world events). Medvedev claims that Gehlen had him working in South America when he was asked to travel to Dallas and shoot a man in a motorcade from a storm sewer. Maybe he is just like the rest of the "I killed Kennedy" canaries that sing from the songbook of our years of research, adding verisimilitude to a lie. Maybe not. The lack of credence in the storm sewer shot by that time and the relative total obscurity of his account argue for another interpretation. Mae Brussell certainly thought so, and wrote about this and many other links to Gehlen in "The Nazi Connection to the JFK Assassination" in The Rebel long ago. Some of her work is online now.

You don't answer the question of "Who Killed Kennedy?" by identifying gunmen and shot trajectories. You only need shots coming in two directions to posit a conspiracy. It's not "how" that matters, as Mr. X says to Garrison in "JFK" it's "who and why". To pretend that this is still an inscrutable mystery at this late date, or some form of dilettante gossip that allows permanent agnosticism is not only wrong-headed it is fatal to democracy itself. We not only could have known, we were told loud and clear that it came from the highest levels of control in the government by the flawed investigation, the total capitulation of the press to the official version for all these years, and the absurdly composed Warren Commission which included Allen Dulles, fired by Kennedy for the Bay of Pigs, among other luminaries who were busy covering up the truth. Not even the investigative staffs could agree with the Report draft, which was written by Rudolph Otto Winnacker, one of 26 official historians for Hitler's Reich, brought instead to the Army Historical Division by General MacArthur's intelligence director Charles Willoughby and hidden there to write the history of WWII and later of the JFK assassination. It might just be coincidence that his working partner in the project was still at the Army Historical Division into the 2000s, Alfred Goldberg, who in his 90s by then wrote the official AHD report on the attack on the Pentagon on 9/11.

The patsy is a much more reliable source to identify the plotters involved in the conspiracy since they have their hands all over him. Oswald's extensive background in Naval Intelligence, his phony defection to the Soviet Union and his double planted in Mexico City weeks before the assassination to link him to Castro, were all part of the implementation of Operation Northwoods, a plan proposed by the Joint Chiefs and rejected by Kennedy to create a traumatic national incident that could possibly be blamed on Castro to allow a military invasion that had been desired since Kennedy refused to call in air cover during the intentionally failed Bay of Pigs operation. His death was a military coup-detat to overthrow Castro, stop a detente with the Soviet Union and maintain the nuclear testing and arms race, and to stay in Vietnam, reversing Kennedy's clear orders to pull out by the end of 1964. It prevented him from "scattering the CIA to the four winds". Oswald's survival in the arrest at the Texas Theater prevented the planned and already staged invasion since he was a talking head not a dead Red and could blow the operation by speaking. He was silenced by Jack Ruby instead before going to trial and the only source of his statements while still alive are recorded from press conferences and other testimony by Mae Brussell in "The Last Words of Lee Harvey Oswald" printed in People's Almanac 2 by the Wallaces. Castro's prescient analysis three days later appears in "History Will Not Absolve Us" by Dr. Martin Schotz as well. "Spy Saga" by Phil Melanson will deconstruct Oswald for you. To get the whole picture read Jim Douglass's "JFK and the Unspeakable" to get up to speed. You don't need remote viewing to solve the Kennedy assassination, just common sense and reading ability. Nuff said?
John Judge
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Re: Remote Viewing Dallas

Postby chump » Sun Nov 26, 2017 12:26 pm ... ruby-knew/

by Daniel Hopsicker · Published November 24, 2017 · Updated November 26, 2017


According to the testimony of two women from the demimonde in Dallas—Jada Conforto, a fiery and highly intelligent red-haired beauty who at the age of 27 was already one of the stars of burlesque, and Beverly Oliver, a naïve 17-year old singer from the club next door to the Carousel Club— Jack Ruby knew Lee Harvey Oswald.

Moreover, Ruby also knew the assassination of JFK was imminent, newly-released JFK files show.

Beverly Oliver told Warren Commission investigators that Jack Ruby introduced her, with Jada present, to Lee Harvey Oswald in his club several weeks before the assassination.

Oliver’s testimony was peremptorily dismissed, and ridiculed as fantasy. But what has until now been virtually unknown is that Beverly Oliver’s testimony was confirmed by Jada in conversation with two well-known and highly-respected journalists in Texas, before she left Dallas for good several days after the assassination.

Edwin ‘Bud’ Shrake and his life-long best friend Gary Cartwright were sportswriters at the Dallas Morning News who shared an apartment in Dallas together that became a hub for late-night parties during 1963. The two men— who both went on to have illustrious careers as celebrated journalists, novelists, and screenwriters— were between divorces. Jada was a frequent visitor. So too was Jack Ruby...

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