The Silence of the Skripals

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Re: The Silence of the Skripals

Postby MacCruiskeen » Sat Sep 15, 2018 4:02 pm

Sorry, RocketMan! Damn, I always mix you up with Dr Evil, he's the Norwegian, you're the Finn. Mea culpa, I will keep it in mind now.

My sarcasm wasn't directed at you personally, btw. I had just read two deeply annoying tweets by those Giants of Investigative Journalism, Jon fucking Snow of Channel 4 and Andrew "Brillo Pad" Neil of the Murdoch Empire, two well-travelled and highly influential gents in their mid-sixties, both of them acting all "ROTFL!! " at the very idea of Russians not loving having their arses frozen and their feet soaked.

As for the Nina Ricci perfume thing: Yes, I've bought women's perfume before, many times, but only when I wanted to give it to a woman as a present. And I've certainly taken flights without buying any perfume at all. What's ridiculous about Boshirov and Petrov, gay or straight, denying having bought any womens' perfume? Nothing. Nothing ridiculous about it at all. In any case, not buying perfume, like buying it, is not a crime.

There is no case there. None. It's a giant nothing, a bubble, a media mirage, completely laughable. Or it would be if it weren't the latest stage in the longstanding drive towards WWIII.

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Re: The Silence of the Skripals

Postby Sounder » Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:17 am

dada wrote...
What I'm trying to get at is I guess what would be called the optics in this particular situation. Blaming Western Intel makes the West look bad, the Kremlin look good. Blaming the Kremlin makes Western Intel look like fools, and the Kremlin look like super duper spies. West looks bad, Kremlin looks good. Truth doesn't need to be factored in, no matter how one looks at it the West is in a position of total narrative disadvantage.

Good observation. This brings to mind the Karl Rove quote about empire and 'making' reality. Maybe the US is not the empire he and his ilk like to think it is. What precedes narrative collapse, -and what follows?
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