Man beheads mom, then takes her shopping

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Man beheads mom, then takes her shopping

Postby Iamwhomiam » Tue Jun 26, 2018 11:45 pm

On Mother's Day, no less.

Oregon man sent to psychiatric hospital for beheading mother
Gillian Flaccus, Associated Press Updated 6:24 pm, Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Joshua Webb appears in Clackamas County Circuit Court in Oregon City, Ore., on Tuesday, June 26, 2018, where he pleaded guilty except for insanity in the May 2017 killing of his mother and his dog at his home in Colton and stabbing of a grocery store employee in a neighboring town. He was sentenced to life in state psychiatric custody. (Everton Bailey Jr./The Oregonian via AP) (More photos at link)

OREGON CITY, Ore. (AP) — A man who decapitated his mother on Mother's Day and walked into a rural Oregon grocery store holding her severed head was found guilty of murder by reason of insanity Tuesday and sent to a psychiatric hospital.

Joshua Lee Webb qualified for the plea because two psychiatrists diagnosed him with schizophrenia and psychosis, Clackamas County Judge Robert Herndon ruled. He noted that Webb, 37, hears and responds to voices despite a year on anti-psychotic medication.

Webb also killed his dog on May 14, 2017, and stabbed a checkout clerk multiple times with the same knife he used to behead his mother, Tina Webb, prosecutors said.

Webb's family and relatives of Mike Wagner, the store employee, expressed dismay that Webb was not sentenced to prison.

"Josh Webb is my brother, and I believe this sentence must have prison time behind it, or my mother's death will forever be without true justice," Sarah Morris-White said in a statement read in court. "He must pay for his sin."

Under state law, Webb will be evaluated within 90 days and then at least every two years to see if his mental state has improved enough to be released — a decision that must be finalized by a state psychiatry review board after a hearing. Even if Webb is released, he will be under the control of the state's Criminal Psychiatric Review Board for life, said John Wentworth, senior deputy district attorney.

Webb, wearing a black- and white-striped jail suit and shackled at the wrists and ankles, did not make a statement in court. In the unusual hearing, he confirmed his guilt and waived his right to a jury trial before he was committed to the state hospital.

"The losses for both families have been profound, and we hope through this process that Mr. Webb will get the help he needs — and he does still need help," said Herndon, before finalizing his sentence. "This is a case where the medical evidence is without a doubt."

In court documents filed late Monday, prosecutors described gruesome crime scenes in two fading logging towns in the foothills of Oregon's Cascade Mountains about 30 miles southeast of Portland.

Morris-White arrived at her parents' home with her children to celebrate Mother's Day but found Tina Webb's headless body on the floor. Investigators later found Webb's dog dead of stab wounds.

About the same time, authorities rushed to the grocery store over reports that a man was carrying a knife and a severed head inside. Webb drank a soda and then stabbed Wagner, the employee, multiple times before being subdued by other workers.

Webb was in a "catatonic state" for hours afterward and would not speak, authorities said. About 24 hours after his arrest, he suddenly sat up in his hospital bed and said, "I had a nice nap." He then confessed to killing his dog and his mother and attacking Wagner, according to court documents.

Webb had problems with his vision and lived at home so his parents could care for him. His mother had confided in Morris-White that Webb "had been doing weird things lately" and was "losing his mind," court papers say. His father said he had seemed depressed but had improved.

Court papers show that Webb's odd behavior escalated in the weeks before Mother's Day.

He believed his girlfriend was injecting him with an unknown substance and that Fox TV "owned him." He also told his girlfriend that a black box in the garage contained a device that was recording him.

Webb himself began to worry that he would hurt someone and voluntarily turned in his guns to police, according to court papers.

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Re: Man beheads mom, then takes her shopping

Postby Pele'sDaughter » Wed Jun 27, 2018 8:10 am

I think this guy has him beat, and, surely, he's also just as batshit crazy. Too many families are living with this fear, and there seems to be too many people suffering from mental illness. ... 10814.html

Terrelle Johnson confessed to killing his mother the morning after her decapitated body was found June 6 in their backyard in Stone County, a sheriff's deputy testified at a preliminary hearing Wednesday afternoon.

Justice Court Judge Justin Miles decided after the testimony of sheriff's Capt. Ray Boggs that enough evidence existed to send the case to a grand jury, which will decide whether Johnson should be formally charged with first-degree murder and tried in Circuit Court.

Boggs took the stand as Johnson, 29, sat with his head hung beside his attorney, Jim Davis of Gulfport, during the brief hearing.

Boggs knew Johnson because the sheriff's office had been called an unspecified number of times to the tidy brick home on Johnson Road, where Johnson lived with his mother, 51-year-old Sherry Johnson. She worked as a guidance counselor at Hattiesburg High School.

Boggs said he went to the house for a "welfare" check — a law enforcement term for checking to make sure someone is OK — at the request of Sherry Johnson's two brothers and sister, who had not heard from her since late on June 3, a Sunday.

Terrelle Johnson said she was away on a cruise, but they did not believe him.

When he arrived at the house, Boggs said, Terrelle Johnson was sitting on the front porch. He insisted his mother was OK and had gone somewhere with a friend, but Boggs asked if he could look inside.

Johnson took Boggs and two other deputies into the house.

"When I entered the bedroom," Boggs said, "I immediately noticed blood everywhere." He said the walls and bed were covered in blood.

Sherry Johnson's headless body lay in the backyard.

Boggs said he did not see the head at first, but it was located about 15 feet from her body. Deputies arrested Johnson and crime scene investigators worked into the next morning to process the crime scene.

When that was done, they interviewed Johnson. He confessed on audiotape to killing his mother, Boggs said. Johnson said that he and his mother got into an argument over credit cards. He said he tried to walk away, but the argument escalated into a fight.

"He told me that he beat her up real bad," Boggs testified. " . . . He said it got out of hand."

Johnson said he then choked his mother until she stopped breathing. He decapitated her with a butter knife, he said, also using his hands and teeth to remove her head. He said he took her body to the backyard so the house would not smell bad.

Davis indicated after the hearing that it is too early to say whether he will use an insanity defense for Johnson. He questioned Boggs about Johnson's previous mental commitments. Boggs said his understanding was that the Department of Veterans Affairs had expelled Johnson after a previous arrest.
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Re: Man beheads mom, then takes her shopping

Postby thrulookingglass » Wed Jun 27, 2018 8:33 am

And you think my posts are horrific. :wink
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Re: Man beheads mom, then takes her shopping

Postby Iamwhomiam » Wed Jun 27, 2018 10:22 am

I think you've misinterpreted the concern raised by your comment. The complaint was that your remarks contained homophobic slurs, but I do suppose that you could say more than a few found it horrific. Most of all of those who did, I imagine, would be our homosexual RI members.

Me, I was more concerned about your state of mind. If you'd like someone to talk with about how trying our time has become, feel free to pm me. If so, I'll send you my phone number and we could talk, if you'd like to. I am not a counselor, just someone, an old guy who's been through a lot, who's willing to talk with you.
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