Steven Greer: Disinformation Project

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Steven Greer: Disinformation Project

Postby Jeff » Wed Apr 11, 2007 1:34 pm

Greer's recent presentations, as at the "LA Conscious Life Expo," has apparently caused a re-evaluation of what he's all about by longtime supporters. Some think he's been "spoken to," others that they were misled from the start as to his intentions.

I haven't had a chance to watch his Life Expo lecture - it was apparently removed from Google Video - but it's discussed in a
thread here. It seems, though, rather than provide any tangible support for his contention that he has evidence of contact and imminent disclosure, he's taking an increasingly cult-like turn towards "space brother" metaphysics, and making extraordinary claims for his own experience. (Flying on a UFO, I believe, and 8-hours daily meditation when he was a child.)

Some comments:

I think he really shut the door on his own project - he could have kept all this mumbo jumbo to himself and let it play out - let the people and scientific community decide - and let the Government examine what he had before he come out with looking like some "Heavens Gate" operative. It just sickens me - because a 'grass roots' organization such as the Disclosure Project perhaps had the power to get a large movement going to pressure the powers that be - now, everyone is going to see this garbage and poof - he is just another crackpot.

This really REALLY puts the UFO research field back many years, and it really puts disclosure back many years. There are no more credible organizations left - are there??? LOL

How pathetic.


I don't know - but if I was at that conference - I would have wanted to hear what was going on with 'disclosure' instead of hearing about metaphysical realities and communication with our "alien brothers" and garbage like that.

I would have created a scene.

"You gotta be kidding me - I thought you were going to talk about the Disclosure Project, not your new age spiritual awakening and belief systems. I want a refund."

My major concern is this: why didn't Mr. Greer go on tour for the Disclosure Project and present the facts about what he is doing to get disclosure on the issue by discussing what his 'witnesses' saw? why didn't he go on tour to discuss exactly what is being done to force the government to come clean?

Now, it seems he is on some kind of new age tour - and perhaps the Prophet Yahweh will be the opening act (and the Prophet Yahweh would have more credibility) <--- joke.

Sorry I am so infuriated about this... but I know the repercussions it is going to have. Now, any witness that Greer had is totally discredited.

Good game of chess - the public just lost because of Greer: We are now in Checkmate.
(actually it was a poor game of chess, the public never had a chance).


I watched the "Lecture" directly from the original link before I read any of the comments posted, and I agree with practically everything already stated. I'am just flabbergasted!

A whole body of work sinks beneath a camped-up presentation that had practically nothing to do with the original goal of his organisation.

A better hatchet job I have never seen. Maybe he was payed a visit by the same people who suggested David Ickes lizardman punchline.

I'll cling to the hope that his G7 Close encounters scenario has some substance to it.

I have sympathy for his spiritual hypothosis, but this is going to seriously weeken his credibility as most of you have pointed out.

What a crying shame!


You know - I have talked with a few people 'in-the-know" (not about UFOs but other Top Secret stuff - which I will not discuss) and they suggested perhaps this is the case.
Perhaps he was approached and told "or else." This would enhance disbelief and shut down the disclosure project rapidly.
Does anyone know how long Greer has had this 'Spiritual Awakening' ??
From the beginning or is this a new 'idea' of his.
I don't know if that is the scenario - doubtful.
I have lost all respect for the disclosure project.

Those poor people who came forward - under the battle flag of a kook - or even perhaps a sell out to the very enemy that "Disclosure" is fighting against.

We will never know.

What sucks about this cloak and dagger crap is its all speculation.

I doubt it is the case because someone like Greer would have had a contingency plan - if something would have happened.

I don't know - I am rambling about this - I guess that is how disappointed I am.


Yeah, something isn't right. I don't know the chess game that is being played - but I kind of know how 'they' play it. It seems familiar as a disinformation campaign - but its a lot more then that. Think about it. This guy just got 450+ witnesses from the government to come forward and look like idiots following some 'new age' messiah...

What may be happening is further suppression of the government ever coming forward about the truth. Over half of the population in the USA believes UFOs are real - (78% I think - dont quote me - but it is a majority).

Some chess move had to take place to discredit everyone... and BAM...

I have been talking about this 'case' at length with some people : IF these people were telling the truth (which is doubtful - to some) the government most likely set them up as dupes. IF Greer was on to something - he would have been 'talked to' (or perhaps not) and if he didn't shut up - he would have died in a way that would have made him look like even more of a kook (heavens gate?). Also, if all of the people involved actually knew something - they would have never had the chance to come clean and tell the public.... they would have died one way or another. ITs all cloak and dagger hearsay... I don't know what to believe - but I definitely don't have sympathy for Greer. He knew what he was dealing with when he began this project....
For all I know - I am being lied to (stories and all) LOL - so who knows what the truth is.


quote: I have great respect for Mr Greer, I'am just terribly dissapointed.

And there you have it. We're not firing harsh words at Greer because we think he's a crackpot and we hate him. We're leveling justified criticism because we had high hopes for Greer and his project, and this presentation seems to defeat the possibility of the DP having any impact.

quote: More importantly,has he ever said in his lectures
"I represent the religious and spiritual beliefs of ALL the members and contributers of the Disclosure Project, all 500 of them??
Absolutely NOT!

Of course not, but he represents the Disclosure Project. He is the voice of the Disclosure Project. So anything he says publicly in that role reflects on other members of the Disclosure Project. If he had made comments about his beliefs on spirituality and new-age metaphysics as part of a private dinner-party that would be different. These comments were made as a representative of the project and as such they reflect on all members of the project. The point is, the Disclosure Project should have nothing to do with religious and spiritual beliefs. Religious and spiritual beliefs are great - I think everyone should have them. But they are things people think and feel very strongly about, and introducing them into a political and scientific project has no positive affect on that project whatsoever.

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Postby Dreams End » Wed Apr 11, 2007 1:55 pm

I am dumbfounded that he had a following in the first place.
Dreams End

Postby Jeff » Wed Apr 11, 2007 2:00 pm

What James Moseley says of Greer in his June, 2006 edition of Saucer Smear:

The somewhat goofy-looking guy in this photo is none other than Dr. Steven Greer, the subject of a recent mildly-hostile Net article from his former home town of Ashville, N.C. The good Doctor used to be an emergency-room physician there years ago, till he gave up his medical practice altogether and went off the Deep End on the saucer subject. Now he apparently makes his living from lecture appearances and by charging hefty fees for week-long 'Ambassador to the Universe" training courses in places like Mt. Shasta, California. The idea is to make physical and/or mental contact with Them, whoever They may be. Details are explained in Greer's self-published books.

Greer reached his peak of publicity in 2001, with a "Disclosure Project" held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. There he brought forth a host of alleged witnesses regarding the "UFO Cover-Up". The consensus of opinion afterwards was that, though some of the speakers were very impressive, others definitely were not. No momentum was built for further revelations.

Greer believes in all sorts of UFO conspiracies, but he is best described by a sentence in the article that states: "Dr. Greer also asserts that he's been for a ride in a flying saucer, can levitate groups of automobiles by meditating, and is in regular communication with the interplanetary tourist crowd." If this is a true statement of some of Greer's beliefs, we hope he never returns to being an emergency-room physician!
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Postby jingofever » Wed Apr 11, 2007 2:19 pm

I don't think this side of him is quite new. The few times I have heard him on the radio he was open about his Transcendental Meditation experiences. He told a story about being in Israel, a UFO may have been involved, I don't recall him hitching a ride. His Wikipedia page has him starting TM when he turns 18, not a child, but not yet a man. Just found something on the Coast to Coast AM website, from 1 June 2006:
Dr. Steven Greer returned to discuss his new memoir Hidden Truth: Forbidden Knowledge, as well as to comment on ufology and disclosure. His latest book chronicles his UFO/alien encounters that began at an early age. At 8 he saw his first UFO, a silvery disc, and later he began to have lucid dreams where he was onboard the craft. At 17, Greer said he had an NDE where he experienced "cosmic consciousness" (being at one with the universe) with two enlightened beings. Later in 1973, while at the top of a mountain, he described encountering a 3-4 ft.-tall ET lifeform that floated him into a spacecraft where he meditated with several ETs from different planetary systems.

That just has the ring of truth. I wonder if several=nine?
Another thing he would talk about on the radio were his gatherings where he and his followers would meditate and summon UFOs. Without fail a caller would tell us how great these cultic rituals are. I always had the impression that the person was a plant.
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Postby Wombaticus Rex » Wed Apr 11, 2007 2:43 pm

^^All the accounts I've read of those early, pre-Disclosure seminars he did made them out to be most disappointing -- basically a UFO variation on Remote Viewing. (Reviewers/attendees with previous experience in RV would often express amazement that he taught such a botched and simplified version of RV.)

All the accounts were similar to the one I'll link to -- the Space Brothers didn't show up, not because Greer is a fraud, but because people in the group weren't doing it right.

Boy, I should get a job in the New Age -- if my product didn't work, that's your fault.

Anyways, link:

....for the life of me I can't find it. Here's some others, though:

Brother Blue taking on Greer (very good stuff)

UFO Watchdog on Greer (they did an excellent piece on Ed Dames)

UFO Evidence on CE-5 (Human Initiated ET Contact...[i]gee whiz, I thought that was called Black Magick??[/b])

and an alternately entertaining and depressed ATS discussion thread about Greer's recent speech:
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Postby Jeff » Wed Apr 11, 2007 2:49 pm

jingofever wrote:I don't think this side of him is quite new.

I think you're right. Without having heard his latest pronouncements, it seems to be more a change in emphasis than an entirely new wrinkle.

Like Stanley Hilton did with his 9/11 class action case, Greer's made claims that he has solid evidence, and then never produced it even as he made more extraordinary allegations. Hopes are strung along, dashed and discredited.

Pretty successful ploy. Maybe that's why we see it so often.
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Postby Dreams End » Wed Apr 11, 2007 4:21 pm

What was Greer doing at a dinner party with Woolsey?
Dreams End

Postby Corvidaerex » Wed Apr 11, 2007 4:57 pm

At best, Greer is a new-age huckster. At worst ....

But there can be no huckster without the suckers who pay his bills. Just like with 9/11 and a host of other WTF?s, the gullible hordes are so hungry for "answers" that they'll follow any slick crook right off the cliff.

I went to that National Press Club thing. It was a joke. Reporters were laughing, Greer was promising & not delivering, and the few seemingly serious ex-military brass were all looking distinctly uncomfortable ... like they suddenly realized this was another shuck & jive. (Anyone can rent the National Press Club for an official-looking presser, btw. Well, they'd probably turn down the KKK or whatever, but any reasonably unoffensive dingbat can certainly rent out the room and bar.)

There's something (or some things) going on, and it's as real as we are (whatever that means) and it has been happening for at least as long as we've been able to witness it. That the National Security State latched onto the phenomena in the 1940s is well documented -- and after that, I believe it became impossible to ever "solve" the mystery, because the mystery itself is now an industry.

... I just read that letter supposedly from the Woolseys & Petersens. WTF? So they confirm the basics of Greer's bullshit story, and then the letter shows up on a UFO "watchdog" site? Ha ha, double-secret disinfo!
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Postby slimmouse » Wed Apr 11, 2007 5:56 pm

From the best of my information, the renewed UFO phenomena kinda 'got busy again' after "humanity" decided to nuke its fellow human's

My intuition suggests to me that 'the bomb' was a big factor in all of this. And not simply because the sickos with the power decided to set an example to the rest of humanity as to how powerful they were.
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Postby Attack Ships on Fire » Wed Apr 11, 2007 7:32 pm

I downloaded and watched the LA Conscious Life Expo video on Google before it was removed. It did contain those New Age-y comments by Greer.

I don't know what to believe with Greer but I do have the feeling that it definitely doesn't all add up. As near as I can figure:

1. If Greer is a disinfo agent, he's playing the standard operating pattern: make big claims, get people excited, show no tangible proof.

2. If Greer is more or less honest and is in contact with ETs, then he's doing all of us and his supporters a disservice by not filming some of these encounters to attract more attention for his cause.

3. If Greer is a charlitan, again, why not film some of these "encounters" with shining lights and dump them on YouTube so he can make more money from his CSETI field trips and books?

So in short, if Greer is a hoaxer or genuine, why not use the viral video outlets on the internet to elevate his name or mission?

And then there's the 151 La Jolla Drive question yet to be asked: ... ight=jolla
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Again? Good grief, Charlie Brown.

Postby Hugh Manatee Wins » Wed Apr 11, 2007 7:50 pm

Could see this coming.
Grab an issue flag, run to the head of the pack, get some followers, jump off a cliff.

Like Greg Szymanski.
Or James Fetzer, Morgan Reynolds, Judy Wood.
Daniel Sheehan was lawyer for the Disclosure Project, right? That was a warning.
Maybe Greer will start hawking 'orgone accumulators.' :roll:

When will folks learn that the UFO subject is only an information boobytrap, not an area that generates either a coherent narrative or trust in an age of fascist mind tricks?

The topic is a honeytrap, like one guy on a steet corner looking up.
It lures the hopeful and interested just to then set off a stinkbomb and clear the street so the audience will go back to watching football and 'Star Wars.'

SDI, like its parallel narrative, 'Star Wars,' is over 30 years old and going full tilt. Unmanned drones are all over the place. Wars rage on. The internet has answers if people go there and find them.

The UFO Disinfo Project is more usefull than ever to the PTB that don't want us to believe anything other than what Bill O'Reilly tells us.

The same revving up of the woo-woo factor happened in the mid-70s when the PTB didn't want us focusing on ugly realities like Watergate, Vietnam, CIA abuses, assassination hearings, oil crises, inflation, etc.

So, just as Hunter Thompson said:
"When the going gets tough, the weird turn pro."
CIA runs mainstream media since WWII:
news rooms, movies/TV, publishing
Disney is CIA for kidz!
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Postby brownzeroed » Wed Apr 11, 2007 7:58 pm

If he keeps even a small portion of his current following, Steven Greer will make a killing. If you subtract Greer and add Jones, you get the same formula. Now if you will kndly remove Steven and replaced it with Jim, you will see the eventual result...

Wherever politics and spirituality holds it's seat, the Great Wooden Horse stands waiting at the gate.
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more mk

Postby kristinerosemary » Wed Apr 11, 2007 8:59 pm

i read his hidden evidence book, and the main point
that impressed me was not his newage affiliations but
how many dot mil intel connections he had. another
one for the mind control / alien abductions bin... ?
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Postby Dreams End » Wed Apr 11, 2007 9:04 pm

Greer and Sheehan...yep. That brings in the whole TM thing and questions about what they have to do with Kucinich...but nevermind that.

Slightly off topic, but if you haven't, you might be interested to learn about T. Townsend Brown, the smartest physicist you never heard of. I'm just learning about him myself, but I think everything he tried to do kept ending up classified.

(How do you embed links on this board?)

Here's a little something he was working on in the fifties:
Dreams End

Re: Again? Good grief, Charlie Brown.

Postby Jeff » Wed Apr 11, 2007 9:10 pm

Hugh Manatee Wins wrote:
When will folks learn that the UFO subject is only an information boobytrap, not an area that generates either a coherent narrative or trust in an age of fascist mind tricks?

I see subject and "information" as discrete categories. Something identified as information isn't raw data; it's already been massaged and tagged as significant. Sometimes because some party wants us to think it is, when it isn't. Same goes for 9/11, and just about every other subject of importance.

I believe that much UFO "information" as popularly conceived - Roswell, MJ-12, Dulce, the extraterrestrial hypothesis and reverse engineering - is disinformation and misdirection. The subject is too broad and diverse, and too weird, to be distilled to its so-called information, which tries to deny its paranormal and psychotronic characteristics. But there is evidence that it is actually these characteristics which hold the interest of militaries and intelligence agencies.
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