Where are they now?

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Where are they now?

Postby sw » Fri Oct 09, 2009 8:17 am

I started looking for people who were involved in Omaha abuse, wondering where are they now.

Saw that Lawrence E. King Jr. , perp , is at the BMW of Sterling Dealership.

Wondered where others had ended up.

Barbara Jean Webb: (wonder if these kids are adopted???)

Barbara Jean Webb

Barbara Jean Webb, 63, of Las Vegas died Monday in Las Vegas. She was born June 28, 1940, in Omaha. A resident for five years, she was a homemaker.

She is survived by her husband, Jarrett L.; three daughters, Annette J. Reed of Gaeta, Italy, Glynis L. Hill of Chicago and Cristen L. Webb of Las Vegas; two brothers, Ernest Caldwell and Xavier Caldwell, both of Omaha, Neb.; and three grandchildren.

Visitation is scheduled 3-7 p.m. Friday in Palm Mortuary, 1600 S. Jones Blvd. A memorial service will be 3 p.m. Saturday in Mountain View Assembly of God, 3901 E. Bonanza Road.

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Postby Searcher08 » Fri Oct 09, 2009 11:24 am

Someone seems to have discovered Mr King there - and is posting some feedback. I imagine there will be some very surprised BMW customers. :signwhut:
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Postby chiggerbit » Fri Oct 09, 2009 12:03 pm


November 6 , 2002- Philanthropist Alan Baer Dies

For a good deed, Alan Baer had a flowerpot.

For years, the longtime businessman and philanthropist scanned the newspaper for articles about people he knew. Then he would send the person a flowerpot, with the story lining the outside, said Jeffrey Silver, a friend and family lawyer.

Baer, 79, died of cancer Tuesday afternoon. Services are set for noon Saturday at the Georgetowne Club, 2440 S. 141st Circle. John A. Gentleman Mortuaries is handling arrangements.

"He was famous for sending his flowerpots," Silver said. "It was a way for him to say he recognized you for being special."

Silver said Baer enjoyed his last days, "living his life to the fullest."

Survivors include Baer's wife, Marcia; two sons, Ted and John; and three grandchildren.

"He was one of the warmest, and generous human beings I've ever met," Silver said. "He had a great sense of humor and treated everyone with respect."

The Alan and Marcia Baer Foundation gives generous donations to Nebraska arts and educational agencies, as well as to various charities.

Baer was a great-grandson of Jonas L. Brandeis, who founded Boston Store, a department store that led to the J.L. Brandeis & Sons Department Store.

Baer was president of Brandeis from 1974 until 1987, when he sold the business to Younkers Inc. for $33.9 million. Before the chain was sold, there were 11 Brandeis stores in Omaha, Lincoln, Grand Island, Hastings, Council Bluffs and Des Moines.

Afterward, Baer continued to own Brandeis Food Service, which catered food and handled concessions at Ak-Sar-Ben and elsewhere. Baer also started Alan Baer & Associates as an umbrella company for his many business interests, among them keno operations, broadcasting, furniture and appliance rentals, and banking.

In 1987, Baer made a five-year, $7 million loan to the Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben to help finance improvements to the horse-racing facility. Racing declined, and the Knights had trouble repaying Baer. In 1992, the organization sold Ak-Sar-Ben's buildings, horse track and land to Douglas County and repaid Baer.

In 1996, Alan and Ted Baer offered another loan, of $1 million or more, to keep horse racing alive at Ak-Sar-Ben for one more year. The Baers hoped the loan would give Douglas County more time to find a long-term answer for Ak-Sar-Ben, where the Baers had their keno, concessions and hockey interests.

Loan negotiations failed, however, and the County Board voted to cancel live racing that year.

Alan Baer also was a proponent of establishing casino gambling at Ak-Sar-Ben.

In 1990, a grand jury investigating various allegations surrounding the 1988 collapse of the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union indicted Baer on two pandering charges. He later pleaded no contest to a single reduced charge of aiding and abetting prostitution and paid a small fine.

Baer was known for his business sense in turning around enterprises that were going badly.

An example was his 1988 purchase of the Omaha Lancers to ensure that the hockey team stayed in Omaha. Ted Baer became Lancers president.

The team once drew 600 to 700 spectators to its games. The Baers moved the team to Ak-Sar-Ben, hired a new coach and eventually started selling out every game at the 6,124-seat Ak-Sar-Ben Coliseum.

Ted Baer continues to lead the team, which recently became the River City Lancers and moved to a new arena in Council Bluffs.

Silver said Alan Baer didn't take his success for granted. "He felt he was fortunate in his business life and had an obligation to give to the community and its causes."

Besides his business life, Baer loved his family, Silver said.
"He was a very devoted husband and father, and loved his family as much as he could."
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Postby JM » Fri Oct 09, 2009 2:40 pm

To save money, Kirsten Hallberg and Kathleen Sorenson camped at my place in early 1985 because my group (Affirming Children's Truths) was co sponsoring (along with ChildHelp and the Sunny von Bulow organization) a small conference. I did not know who they were at the time and had never heard of the Franklin case.
As you may know, Kathleen was killed in a head on car crash as she was taking one of her foster children to a therapist appointment. NOT a contract satanic killing, Kirsten told me. Just an unfortunate terrible accident. Kirsten, hasn't been talking about this for many years.
I still haven't read DeCamp's book; most likely won't, don't really want to, and don't know the details of the case. I have enough to do with my own case.
I was alerted recently that DeCamp had gunderson listed as the investigator of my case in the new edition of his book. I called him before we did all the research on Trochmann, LaRouche, etc. and told him I wasn't thinking of suing him, but he should know the truth. He said, "Why am I not surprised."
Oh, BTW, in the early 90s ted said nothing of Franklin (to me). You'd think he'd tell me he was involved when he first met me; as far as I knew he had nothing to do with any child abuse case then (1990). he did meet with LaRouche on a regular basis, though. Unless it was a ruse on his part, he was unknowledgeable at that point. I saw all or most of his files when he was at my place.
I also went to one of his storage units, this one in Long Beach, with him and saw lots of papers there, too.

During MR's ordeal, Ray Lavis brought over some old VHS tapes to play on my VCR, tlg was not there. They were from many years ago. It showed tlg in an empty looking room with a water pipe just over his head. he was being interviewed about "satanists" by Lavis. We all had a good laugh. No mention of satanic child abuse. It showed me that he had a paranoia about satanists that went way, way back.

....... just FWIW.
You guys are good at helping ME put the pieces together, too.

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Postby sw » Fri Oct 09, 2009 5:34 pm

Harold W. Anderson : former publisher Omaha paper:

Was executive for INFOUSA from 1993 - 2005 where he did all kinds of stuff in this lengthy document about unauthorized jet trips by Clinton and other officials.

http://www.infogroup.com/Content/Pdfs/S ... lement.pdf

Geez, Paul Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi's son was also named as an employee of this InfoUSA mess. It won't let me copy and paste....but it's in there.
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so sweet

Postby sw » Fri Oct 09, 2009 8:12 pm

ah, larry, you're so sweet:

It was such a pleasure to meet you and to be privileged to partake of your fine cuisine! I do want to talk to you sometime soon
Have a wonderful weekend and we will meet again soon...

Larry King
Director of Customer Relations-
BMW of Sterling

Time Boys Town Article:

Boys Town has been making big changes so fast that expenditures now outrun donations. So the twice-yearly mail solicitations that had been suspended after disclosure of the huge endowment have been reinstated. "Boys Town is recovering the sense of mission lost when Father Flanagan died," says Warren Buffett, owner of the Sun papers.

"After all, it's much easier to accumulate wealth than it is to spend it wisely."

First came the shocking disclosure in the Omaha Sun papers two years ago that Father Flanagan's ragtag "city of little men" was probably the richest incorporated village in the U.S., with a per boy wealth of close to $300,000. Assiduous fund raising and sound investing had built its endowment to $209 million; money was literally coming in faster than it could be spent. Unlike the endearing statue out front, Boys Town was finding its burden—wealth—embarrassingly heavy.

New Emphasis. To cut the dollar glut, the board of directors announced in June 1972 that it would spend $30 million "for the study and treatment of hearing and speech disorders in children" at nearby Creighton University.

Last year Boys Town put up $40 million for the study of juvenile problems and the training of youth workers. Conservative Boys Town patrons soon began to complain that the board was spending money merely for the sake of spending it. Moreover, many alumni feared that the new emphasis on physical and emotional problems might smudge Boys Town's reputation as a community of healthy, normal boys. Declared The Wanderer, a conservative Catholic journal: "Boys Town is dead."
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Postby chiggerbit » Fri Oct 09, 2009 10:03 pm

This INFOUSA? I'm having trouble trying to keep up with you, sw.

http://www.freepress.org/departments/di ... /2008/2978

........Then there are Clinton's campaign donors. Any major candidate has some dubious supporters, but Clinton's gotten money from particularly noxious sources. Start with her donation from Rupert Murdoch, who's given to no other Democrat. Add in massive amounts of money from Washington lobbyists and from industries like defense, banking, health care, and oil and energy providers (though Obama's also gotten a lot from some of these industries). Then there's Norman Hsu, who brought in over $850,000 to Hillary's campaign after returning to the US following his flight to evade a fraud conviction (Hsu was subsequently rearrested, sentenced to three years, and is facing further federal charges). There's the Nebraska data processing company InfoUSA, whose CEO, Vin Gupta, used private corporate jets to fly the Clintons on business, personal, and campaign trips, gave Bill Clinton a $3.3 million consulting contract, and is now being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission for allegedly diverting company money to his own personal uses. ....
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Postby sw » Sat Oct 10, 2009 1:31 am

Hey chiggerbit: maybe that is my bad....

I saw Anderson as one of the Board of Directors and then scrolled down where it said Gupta and some of the Board of Directors who did the jets. I was putting him in with his boss thinking main board member 12 years so thought he would know more or the jet trips.

Maybe I should strike that.
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Postby Jeff » Mon Oct 12, 2009 7:44 pm

Professor Helps Former Soviet Block Nation Develop Police Regulations

Aug 30, 2005

OGDEN, Utah – Weber State University Criminal Justice professor Robert Wadman has spent much of his summer in Albania, where he has been working as part of a five-member commission to help the Albanian National Police write rules and regulations for their new force.

The overseas assignment is part of the U.S. State Department's International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP), an outreach effort designed to help promote democracy around the globe. ICITAP is funded by the State Department but administered by the U.S. Department of Justice. Wadman, who works part-time for the Justice Department, was accompanied by representatives from the European Union and the Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe.


Wadman has conducted similar work with police forces in Poland, Haiti and Nigeria. In fact, he returned to Warsaw in mid-August to conduct a community policing seminar for the leadership of the Polish National Police. The information he shared in the seminar draws on curriculum he has developed while teaching at WSU. Eventually, his course material will be shared with more than 120,000 officers in the Polish National Police.

Closer to home, Wadman hopes students enrolled in WSU's criminal justice master's program will have an opportunity, as part of their graduate course work, to review and evaluate the processes being developed by the Albanian police.

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Postby sw » Mon Oct 12, 2009 8:48 pm

Thanks, Jeff. I missed that when I was looking into him.

At one of the Johnny Gosch sites, maybe Justice for Johnny, I was reading about the man who supposedly kept Johnny for two weeks after he was abducted, on his Sioux City Iowa farm, Charles (Charlie) Kerr. Strange because the site showed he was deceased, but still I could find nothing on the guy when he was alive.

And, if I was Noreen Gosch and my ex -husband was Leonard Gosch, I'd string him up by his xxxx until he coughed up his role. Leonard seems to still be in Iowa. The lack of info on him is also strange.

Something I did not know about Gary Caradori family... I emailed Nick Bryant thanking him for doing his book. He emailed back last week with just a few sentences saying thanks for the feedback. He also asked me if I was the same person who had left a message for Connie Caradori a couple of year ago saying how sorry I was about Gary and her son. I also said her husband was a hero to me. Nick told me this because he said the message meant a lot to her. He said her family and Gary had been attacked in the press in Omaha. I never knew this. Who and why would anyone attack this guy...who gave his life for justice. Off thread topic but you know me.
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Postby JM » Tue Oct 13, 2009 12:11 am

Did you guys know that from Omaha, Robert Wadman went to North Carolina and was Police Chief in Wilmington?
A lot of movies are filmed in Wilmington, NC and they filmed "The Crow" there. Wadman closed (inotherwords it was all kept secret) the investigation into the death of Jason Lee who was shot during the filming.
It was ruled n accident but some thought there was something weird about it.
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Postby Free » Tue Oct 13, 2009 9:04 am

JM wrote:
Did you guys know that from Omaha, Robert Wadman went to North Carolina and was Police Chief in Wilmington?
A lot of movies are filmed in Wilmington, NC and they filmed "The Crow" there. Wadman closed (inotherwords it was all kept secret) the investigation into the death of Jason Lee who was shot during the filming.
It was ruled n accident but some thought there was something weird about it.

That's Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee's son. This is all conjecture, speculation and rumor, but there has been much said about Bruce Lee being killed by the Chinese Triads, and in China they believe that if you kill the father, you must also kill the son (so he doesn't come back for revenge).

A Chinese friend told me that he thought that Bruce Lee's old film company, Golden Harvest, wanted to off him because Bruce had dumped them and gone to work for American companies.

I have to say that it doesn't make much sense to me, because when he's gone, he's gone and no new films will be made, but who knows...

OK, back to topic...
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Re: harold

Postby Jeff » Wed Oct 14, 2009 10:49 pm

sw wrote:Harold W. Anderson : former publisher Omaha paper:

Andersen's 86 and a columnist for his old paper:


Other offices currently held:
Director, Nebraska Game and Parks Foundation
Member, Council on Foreign Relations, Inc.
Director, Omaha Zoo Foundation

Previous offices held:
Director, infoUSA, Inc.
Chairman, Nebraska Game and Parks Foundation
Chairman, Midwest Regional Advisory Committee, National Park Service
President, Omaha Development Council/Foundation
President, International Federation of Newspaper Publishers. (First American to hold this position.)
Chairman and president, American Newspaper Publishers Association. (Only Nebraskan to hold this position.)
Director, Associated Press. Chairman, Associated Press Foreign Operations Committee.
Director, Newspaper Advertising Bureau
Chairman, World Press Freedom Committee
Chairman, Newspaper Advertising Bureau Future of Advertising Committee
Member, Knight Foundation Journalism Advisory Committee
Chairman, Nebraska Committee for Selection for the Rhodes Scholarships.
Senior Vice President, North Central Flyway, Ducks Unlimited
Chairman, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Chairman, Board of Trustees, University of Nebraska Foundation
Director, The Williams Companies
Director, Avenor, Inc.
Director, Peter Kiewit Sons´, Inc.
Director, Creighton University
Director, McCaw Cellular Communications, Inc.
Director, Morrison Knudsen Corporation
Director, Raleigh (N.C.) News & Observer Publishing Company
Trustee, Nebraska Nature Conservancy
Trustee, Midwest Research Institute
President, Junior Achievement of Omaha
Chairman, Omaha Chamber of Commerce
Member, United Arts Omaha Board of Directors (President 1984-1986)
Member, Bellevue College Foundation Board of Directors

Among Awards Received:
Distinguished Journalist Award of the University of Nebraska Chapter of Kappa Tau Alpha, 1972
Henry Monsky Lodge B´nai B´rith Americanism Citation for Meritorious Service, 1972
Nebraska Builder Award, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1976
Newspaper Carrier Hall of Fame, International Circulation Managers Association, 1978
Master Editor-Publisher Award, the Nebraska Press Association, 1979
"Vikings of Distinction" Hall of Fame, North High School (Omaha, Nebraska), 1983
Douglas County (Nebraska) Agriculture Society Outstanding Civic and Business Leader, 1984
National Society for Park Resources Award for Excellence, 1984
Woodmen of the World Society Outstanding Citizenship Award, 1985
Outstanding Philanthropist of the Year, Nebraska Chapter, National Society of Fund-Raising Executives, 1986
Combined Health Agencies Citizen of the Year, 1986
National Association of Conservation Districts Communications Award, 1987
First Annual "Andy" Award for International Awareness, University of Nebraska at Omaha, 1987
University of Nebraska Foundation Perry W. Branch Award for Distinguished Service, 1987
United Way of the Midlands Citizen of the Year Award, 1987
Nebraska Newspaper Hall of Fame, 1988
NebraskaLand Foundation, Distinguished Nebraskalander Award, 1988
Citizen of the Year Award, Mid-America Council of the Boy Scouts of America, 1989
Distinguished Nebraskan Award, Nebraska Society of Washington, D.C., 1989
Midlander of the Year Award, Omaha World-Herald, 1989
James McGovern Award, Association of Newspaper Classified Advertising Managers (ANCAM), 1989
Ralph D. Casey Minnesota Award, Inland Press Association, 1989
National Conference of Christians and Jews, Humanitarian Award, 1993
Governor´s Arts Award, 1996 (Nebraska Arts Council)
Omaha Business Hall of Fame, 1997

Club Memberships:
Augusta National Golf Club
Omaha Country Club
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Alice and Lawrence

Postby sw » Thu Oct 15, 2009 7:13 pm

Alice and Larry King according to the Dallas County Appraisal District. Lives about 20 minutes from me.

Property Location (Current 2010)Address: 214 N YALE DR
Neighborhood: 3GSH07
Mapsco: 18-X (DALLAS)

DCAD Property Map

print Print Homestead Exemption Form

[ Yahoo! Maps ]
Owner (Current 2010)KING ALICE PLOCHE &
GARLAND, TEXAS 750426228

Multi-Owner (Current 2010)

Not Applicable (N/A)

Legal Desc (Current 2010)
2: BLK 1 LT 11
4: VOL2002241/10676 DD12022002 CO-DC
5: 5335000101100 32653350001
Deed Transfer Date: 12/12/2002

2009 Certified Values
Market Value: $78,970
+ $18,000
Revaluation Year: 2008
Previous Revaluation Year: 2006
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Postby lightningBugout » Thu Oct 15, 2009 7:18 pm

Hmmm. Hard to believe he's commuting from TX to VA. Wonder which is the true Larry King. Doesn't seem likely he'd own multiple properties and esp. not such low-value ones.
"What's robbing a bank compared with founding a bank?" Bertolt Brecht
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