Sirhan Sirhan: I was brainwashed' into killing

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Re: Sirhan Sirhan: I was brainwashed' into killing

Postby alwyn » Sat Apr 30, 2011 6:08 pm

8bitagent wrote:The "note" proves Sirhan Sirhan was calculating, according to that report? It's called automatic writing, and even after he was put in prison he still had occasional bursts of it from his programming.

The verbally abusive coercion of the young woman who spoke out on seeing the polka dot woman and her side agent saying "we killed kennedy" as well as witnesses who also saw her there next to Sirhan should be another indication. How come they never produced the woman to say "see, she's just a normal person"? This is like when those Ryazan citizens in Russia and a few cops caught "Chechen terrorists" planting a fourth bomb to blow up a large apartment complex in 1999, who turned out to be Russian FSB intelligence agents. Never heard or saw from those agents again.

It's like Posner and the whole cottage industry of "reclaimig JFK to point back to Oswald" writers all claim Jack Ruby acted alone in killing LHO, had zero ties to the mob or police, etc. "Oswald allegedly fired a test shot the night before busting out someone's living room window, therefore he musta acted alone and with malice forethought!"

It would be a fine world if the evil ones were behind bars, and the victims of their perpetration were free. Truth is not the coin of this realm. It may be currency in the next. We'll see.
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Sirhan and Sex Magick - The Education Forum

Postby MinM » Sat Apr 30, 2011 7:08 pm

According to the Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology, "the OTO was organized with 10 degrees of initiation by Dr Karl Kellner, an Austrian occultist in 1895. Its most precious secret was that of sex-magic, the techniques of utilizing the energies of sex for occult purposes."

During the 1930s, the first OTO lodge was established in the US by Wilfred Talbot Smith under instructions from Aleister Crowley. Known as Agape lodge No 2, it eventually moved from Hollywood to Pasadena where it was headed by John "Jack" Parsons, a chemical engineer and aerospace pioneer who was instrumental in the founding of both the California Institute of Technology's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and of Aerojet General.

In 1939, OTO recruiter in Germany, Carl Germer, was arrested by the Gestapo and held in a concentration camp, only to be released through the intervention of the US Consul and inevitably winding up in the US. There seems little reason for the US to come to the aid of Germer unless he had utility for counter-intelligence activities. Some believe he had in reality, been a German spy all along.

Many have identified the "most precious" secret of OTO as being the Star Sapphire - a sex magik ritual, It is represented by the two-triangle earth hexagram, and looks very much the same as a Star of David.

One page of Sirhan Sirhan's notebook, written during the early months of 1968, contains three stars and three triangles, with the first two triangles pointing down; the third pointing up.

Underneath the stars, we find the words, "triune" and "saffire". Here then, is the key - "saffire" being the phonetic spelling of "sapphire". What Sirhan had drawn were not Stars of David as a manifestation of his enmity to Israel. They were Star Sapphires. Not even the triangles were mere doodles, but contain various meanings within gnostic teaching depending on which way they point. "Triune" according to the same teachings is a description of man as being made of body, soul and spirit.

Sirhan's phonetic spelling of "sapphire" strongly suggests he was not teaching himself sex magick from a book - but rather that he was writing only that which he'd heard spoken. To put it another way, this is evidence of the "programming" of Sirhan - with sex being the carrot (so to speak)...
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Re: Sirhan Sirhan: I was brainwashed' into killing

Postby 8bitagent » Sat Apr 30, 2011 7:26 pm

Hot damn that's crazy! I never knew of that tie to the OTO through that Sirhan note. Talk about the military occult complex Jeff opined at length about way back when.

It reminds me of the cryptic esoteric note Mohamed Atta allegedly wrote, it had a snake wrapped around a sword, with the word "ROOM" in big capitals under and some other odd symbols.

One has to wonder, in regards to Sirhan Sirhan...if the occult was used as programming by intel spooks...or if its the occult that drives these guys in the first place. Seems like so many of these
assassinations and mass trauma inducing events like Princess Diana, 9/11 and even JFK are done in strict accordance with some magickal working.

As far as the Nazis going after the OTO leader, killing off seems like it was black lodge vs black lodge, Walmart trying to kill off the competition in a sort of black spiritual warfare.
I believe Crowley was used by the Churchill hang for UK intel, even as Crowley's own foruma he tapped into in Cairo at the turn of the century makes its way in the 9/11 mega ritual.
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Re: Sirhan Sirhan: I was brainwashed' into killing

Postby lupercal » Sat Apr 30, 2011 8:19 pm

8bitagent wrote:The "note" proves Sirhan Sirhan was calculating, according to that report? It's called automatic writing, and even after he was put in prison he still had occasional bursts of it from his programming.

No the headline doesn't really match the contents of the notes as described in the article, does it? Especially that business about the shooting range. A couple of updates: first, more on the notes, from a PR release announcing the auction:

PRLog (Press Release) – Apr 05, 2011 – LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Sirhan Sirhan’s audacious handwritten chronology meticulously describing his interactions at the Ambassador Hotel in downtown Los Angeles on June 4, 1968, before he killed presidential candidate Senator Robert F. Kennedy will be auctioned off at Nate D. Sanders’ Tuesday April 12, 2011 auction.

This never before seen document is historically significant as it shows that Sirhan’s detailed description of his day at the Ambassador Hotel contradicts the defense team’s argument that the assassination was an impulsive act of a mentally disturbed man who suffered from amnesia or was hypnotized and thus would be unable to recall what happened.

Sirhan records the events at the Ambassador Hotel prior to shooting Senator Kennedy in four pages of handwritten notes. In astonishing detail, he recounts the various people that he encounters on a hand-drawn intricate floor plan of the Ambassador’s Hotel’s ballroom. Sirhan places numbers on various rooms on the map, which refer to footnotes on the ensuing three pages, describing what he sees as he heads towards the fateful confrontation that would shock the world. ... g-rfk.html

Second, it looks like Pepper managed to block the sale, at least temporarily:
Auction of Sirhan papers blocked
Bob Pool, Los Angeles Times, April 13, 2011

The killer's purported handwritten account of his actions before RFK's assassination may be evidence in the parole effort, a lawyer says. The auctioneer and seller agreed to suspend the event after learning the attorney might go to court to stop it.

The scheduled auction of a handwritten account by Sirhan Sirhan of his actions before the 1968 assassination of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy was blocked Tuesday by the convicted killer's attorney.

Lawyer William Pepper said the purported description of Sirhan's visit to the Ambassador Hotel where Kennedy was gunned down may be "significant evidence" in an ongoing effort to win parole for the Pleasant Valley State Prison inmate, now 67.

The online auction of the documents, written on a yellow legal pad and accompanied by a sketch that depicts areas of the Los Angeles hotel that Sirhan walked through, had been planned for Tuesday afternoon.

Auctioneer Nate D. Sanders said he and the seller of the material, Century City business executive Michael McCowan, agreed to suspend the sale after being advised that Pepper would seek a temporary restraining order if necessary to stop it.

McCowan, now 78, was a law school graduate volunteering as an investigator for Sirhan's defense team in early 1969 when the accused assassin jotted down the account.

"He wrote it right in front of me," McCowan said.

Sirhan also wrote of visiting a shooting range shortly before going to the hotel, McCowan said, and signed a release giving him the rights to the documents. "He knew I'd put a lot of work in on the case and wasn't being paid," said McCowan, who initially intended to write a book about the case.
In March, Sirhan appeared before a parole board for his 14th hearing since his conviction in May 1969. Pepper has suggested that Sirhan was "manipulated" and "hypno-programmed" and did not act alone when Kennedy was shot.

Pepper said Sirhan has a pending habeas corpus proceeding and is "under court order to submit a supplemental brief on two outstanding issues" by April 23. He said McCowan's documents "belong to my client and must be considered part of the attorney work product associated with his defense."

Both McCowan and Sanders said Sirhan's writings are unlikely to help with his parole effort.

"The material would hurt him, since he supposedly can't remember what happened that night," McCowan said Tuesday. He said it is clear to him that there was never any conspiracy to kill Kennedy.

The pair said the assassination documents may be rescheduled for auction at a later date.

Lawyer William Pepper appears last month with Sirhan Sirhan at a parole hearing at Pleasant Valley State Prison. ... 1950.story

this McCowan character sounds like real peach. :tongout
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Re: Sirhan Sirhan: I was brainwashed' into killing

Postby 8bitagent » Sat Apr 30, 2011 8:30 pm

Sounds like the triggered manchurian part of his compartmenalized mind was able to keep meticulous notes, part of his programming like a computer program. Of course he wouldnt be remember to remember the details of the day if it was a compartmentalized aspect of his mind at the forefront in that day's events
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Re: Sirhan Sirhan: I was brainwashed' into killing

Postby lupercal » Sun May 01, 2011 3:57 am

^ there's also the possibility that McCowan had just shown him diagrams or other visual aids to elicit details for his "defense," which sounds like it was anything but. What a snake. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole point of McCowan getting him to write out these notes was to be able to release them if Sirhan ever figured out what actually happened, which it sounds like he and his lawyers finally have.

Which makes me glad to read this from the April 28 AP article Jeff posted on page 5:

Other portions of the motion allege suppression of ballistics evidence and the autopsy report, and claim ineffective assistance of counsel. It contends previous lawyers for Sirhan accepted from the start that he was the lone shooter, settled on a defense of diminished capacity and did not seek other avenues of defense.


A large portion of the new documents seek to prove the bullets that hit Kennedy came from a different direction than the spot where Sirhan was standing. The papers do not name any other possible shooter.

And from the Press TV version, dated April 30:

According to some reports, several senior CIA officers were present on the night of the assassination, including David Morales, who was the chief of operations of JMWAVE, the CIA's main anti-Castro station based in Miami, and Chief of Psychological Warfare Operations George Joannides.

Many experts say Sirhan's description of the events indicates he may have been a victim of the CIA's MK ULTRA mind control program.
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More on Michael McCowan

Postby MinM » Sun May 01, 2011 7:10 am

The "Defense" Team

Despite the late appearance of the autopsy report (after the trial had already commenced), its significance was noted and reported to Sirhan’s lead attorney, Grant Cooper by Robert Kaiser. Why did Cooper not act on this very important information? Was Cooper truly serving Sirhan, or was Cooper perhaps beholden to a more powerful client? What of the others on Sirhan’s team? Just what kind of representation did Sirhan receive?

Several people were key to Sirhan’s original defense. These were—in order of their appearance in the case—A. L. "Al" Wirin, Robert Kaiser, Grant Cooper, Russell Parsons, and Michael McCowan. Who were these people?

As Probe readers saw in Jim DiEugenio’s landmark piece about how the CIA worked hand in hand with Clay Shaw’s attorneys to undermine New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison’s investigation of John Kennedy’s murder, the CIA maintained a "Cleared Attorneys’ Panel" from which they could draw trustworthy, closemouthed representation as needed.13 When someone as knowledgeable as Roselli of the CIA’s innermost secrets is being defended, one would assume that the CIA would go to great lengths to provide him legal assistance. Cooper was in direct and extensive contact with Roselli’s lawyer James Cantillion. In connection with this case, Cooper himself obtained stolen grand jury transcripts by bribing a court clerk, a very serious (not to mention illegal) offense. In addition, Cooper had twice lied to a federal judge. Frankly, Cooper sounded more like a candidate for the CIA’s Cleared Attorneys’ Panel than for the role of a justice crusader. The notion that he would volunteer to defend Sirhan at a time when his own legal troubles were raging around him is preposterous. Something besides pity for a penniless, guilty-looking client was likely motivating Cooper.

Parsons, in turn, brought Michael McCowan into the case as a private investigator. McCowan was an ex-Marine, an ex-cop and an ex-law student.20 Michael McCowan had been expelled from the LAPD in the wake of his dealings with David Kassab and others who were running a land scam deal in the San Fernando Valley in 1962. In the SUS files, there are continual references to the "Kassab Report", a report of an investigation into "alleged ties between the J.F.K. and the R.F.K. assassinations." The report itself is nowhere to be found. Listed as being in the report are names such as Clay Shaw, Lyndon B. Johnson, John F. Kennedy, Jim Braden, Russell Parsons, and many others of interest to assassination researchers. The report is over 900 pages long, according to page references scattered among these files. Why was such a massive report compiled? Why do so many references to it appear in the SUS files? And why has the full Kassab report been suppressed to this day?

McCowan had other problems to bring to the table beyond the Kassab deal. A former girlfriend of his notified the police that he kept a large stash of weapons in his residence. The police issued an order to investigate whether the weapons represented "loot" from other crimes, but asked that the investigation be kept quiet. At the time McCowan entered the Sirhan case, he was on a three-year probation, having appealed a five-year sentence he received in conjunction with theft and tampering with U.S. mail.

Following his involvement in the Sirhan case, McCowan worked as a defense investigator for peace activists Donald Freed and Shirley Sutherland. Freed and Sutherland had been set up by a self-proclaimed former CIA Green Beret named James Jarrett. In March of 1969, Freed and Sutherland helped organize "Friends of the Black Panthers." Jarrett had infiltrated the group by offering training in the area of self-defense, as members of the group had experienced assaults and even rape. Freed asked Jarrett to buy him a mace-like spray to use for defensive purposes. Jarrett instead presented Freed a brown-paper wrapped box of explosives while wearing a wire and attempting to get Freed to say that the "stuff" was for the Panthers. Minutes after the exchange, agents of the FBI, LAPD and Treasury raided Freed’s home. Freed was charged with illegal possession of explosives. McCowan was hired by the defense as an investigator. McCowan in turn hired Sam Bluth to assist the defense. But Bluth worked instead as a police informant, stealing defense files and witness lists and proffering them to the police.21

Cooper had originally secured an initial agreement from yet another lawyer to participate in the case: the famous Edward Bennett Williams. Williams had represented the Washington Post during its Watergate coverage while also representing the target of the break-in, the Democratic National Committee. He had defended CIA Director Richard Helms when he was charged with perjury in the wake of the revelations about the CIA’s participation in the events surrounding the assassination of Allende in Chile. Williams in fact defended a number of CIA men.

Williams had also defended Jimmy Hoffa when Robert Kennedy was aggressively pursuing him. And he had the gall to ask Robert Kennedy’s personal secretary Angie Novello, recipient of the John Kennedy autopsy materials, to work for him after Robert was killed. Novello refused until Williams convinced her (rightfully or wrongly) that he and Bobby had made up in the wake of the Hoffa pursuit. In addition, Williams had defended Joseph McCarthy when he was under attack from the Senate. (Perhaps that is why Kaiser gave Sirhan Witness to read!) Lastly, and perhaps importantly, Williams had become good friends with Robert Maheu, the man who had hired Roselli to kill Castro on behalf of the CIA. Maheu himself appears to play a larger and more interesting role in the story of the RFK assassination, a point to which we’ll return. All in all, Williams was a most curious choice of Cooper’s, and one wonders what moved Williams to make even a tentative agreement to represent Sirhan...

Read more:
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Re: Sirhan Sirhan: I was brainwashed' into killing

Postby lupercal » Sun May 01, 2011 5:05 pm

^ . . . and 42 years later that snake emerges from the grass to carry on the cobra dance. Thanks for posting that MinM. For anyone unfamiliar with this "SUS" = Special Unit Senator, the internal investigative unit of the LAPD run by Lt. Manuel "Manny" Pena and Sgt. Enrique "Hank" Hernandez, Hernandez being the guy who gave Sandra Serrano the third degree over the girl in the polka-dot dress.
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Re: Sirhan Sirhan: I was brainwashed' into killing

Postby lupercal » Mon May 02, 2011 2:46 am

. . . found these two comments posted in the ABA (American Bar Association) Journal, after a notice of McCowan's attempt to sell Sirhan's notes:

By rose lynn mangan on 2011 04 13, 5:53 pm CDT:

True Sirhan drew an overhead view of some of the Ambassador Hotel’s venue rooms - but what he did NOT draw was the Ambassador Hotel Pantry - the very room in which that terrible killing took place. As Sirhan’s legally appointed researcher I am somewhat familiar with the facts and history of the pantry events on 6-4/5-68. What would have gotten my attention is if Sirhan would have made a detailed drawing of the pantry lay-out, the three steam tables, the tray stacker, the ice machine etc. But from what I was able to make out of the drawing McCowan was trying to auction off is that there was no drawing of the pantry lay-out. That was the kill zone.

Drawings of Rafferty and Cranston meeting rooms truly proved nothing.

Rose Lynn Mangan

By rose lynn mangan on 2011 04 14, 2:30 pm CDT:

I would like to add these few thoughts to yesterday’s comments:

In all of my visits with Sirhan in prison I found him to be consistent in his memory block of the events in the Ambassador Hotel Pantry. Prior to Sen. Robert F. Kennedy’s being shot in the pantry at 12:15 am 6-5-68 Sirhan, along with that large crowd milled about the various candidate’s rooms. In fact Sirhan specifically remembered the four Tom Collins drinks he bought in the Rafferty area. But, the pantry events was a blank.

Throughout all of those years Sirhan would not admit to me the possibility existed that hypnotic programming might be possible. From my observations he truly suffered from a memory block of the events in the pantry that terribly night. I am not Sirhan’s apologist and I am not easily fooled ; Sirhan’s memory block was and is very real.

But, always I ask - if Sirhan was indeed the killer, then why did the Prosecution admit that they “did not have adequate foundation” for the ballistics ” .. .as I will concede ” - whereupon the defense attorneys agreed to stipulate to ballistics “evidence” that did not have a foundation. That was a blatently bold and certainly illegal back-room deal in the trial judge’s chambers. Sirhan did not consent - and was not informed of that back-room trickery. And then years later after SUS was unsealed I discovered many of the “evidence” bullets were in fact substituted ( the wrong identification engravings were on the bullet bases!)

If our courts had an ounce of guts there would be an OPEN evidentiary hearing. But don"t hold your breath it won’t happen. No one needs to know. (see this for yourself - read Sirhan Trial Transcript page 3967) Would you want that sort of thing to happen to you? Shame.

Rose Lynn Mangan ... /#comments

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”Lots of Cream, Lots of Sugar”

Postby MinM » Sat May 28, 2011 1:38 am

Friday, May 27, 2011
Does Justice Have an Expiration Date?
In Los Angeles apparently so.

Prosecutors say too late to reopen Robert Kennedy case

(Reuters) - The man convicted of assassinating Robert F. Kennedy in 1968 should not be allowed to reopen his case because defense lawyers have produced no new evidence, state prosecutors argued in court papers.

The papers filed on Monday by the California Attorney General argued that the findings presented by defense lawyers for Sirhan Sirhan were available long before his prior counsel submitted an unsuccessful appeal in 1997.

Sirhan, 67, was denied parole for a 13th time in March. He is serving a life sentence at Pleasant Valley State Prison in Coalinga, California.

Kennedy, brother of the late President John F. Kennedy, was a New York senator running for president when he was slain in 1968. Sirhan was wrestled to the ground with a gun in his hand at the scene of the shooting at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

Sirhan's attorney, William Pepper, in April filed a motion in federal court arguing an audiotape from the scene of the assassination suggests a mysterious second gunman -- someone other than Sirhan -- fired the fatal shot.

Pepper had claimed the tape, which was recorded by a journalist at the scene, contains the sound of 13 shots, but that Sirhan's gun had eight rounds and he did not reload.

He also argued Sirhan has not relied on the audiotape in previous appeals, because new technology to accurately examine the tape was not available until 2004.

In their response, prosecutors said that as far back as 1988 the California State Archives had the audiotape and listed it as possibly containing the sound of shots fired.


"The alleged absence of current audio-testing technology was not an 'extraordinary circumstance' that actually prevented (Sirhan) from diligently pursing and timely presenting any of his claims," deputy attorney general Jaime Fuster argued in the court papers.

"Instead, the recording is just another piece of evidence arguably relevant to (Sirhan's) two-gunmen theory of the crime scene," Fuster wrote.

The filing from prosecutors did not seek to examine whether more than eight shots can be heard on the audio tape.

But audio experts remain at odds over the exact number of shots on the tape.

Contrary to the findings of experts cited by Sirhan's attorneys, a 2006 examination by Philip Harrison, a director of U.K. forensic audio laboratory J.P. French Associates, did not find evidence of shots from a second gun.

Pepper in his court filings also argued that Sirhan was "hypno-programed" and that a woman in a polka dot dress induced Sirhan into shooting at Kennedy.

Pepper relied on a personal examination of Sirhan by Harvard Medical School professor Daniel Brown to reach that conclusion.

Prosecutors argued that suggestions that Sirhan was programed through hypnosis to shoot at Kennedy have been around for decades, and are not new.

The prosecutors stated that they have declined to address evidence of whether Sirhan is innocent "unless otherwise ordered by this court."

It was unclear when a federal judge will rule on the arguments from the two sides.

Posted by Joseph Backes at 8:38 PM ... -date.html


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Re: Sirhan Sirhan: I was brainwashed' into killing

Postby Harvey » Wed Nov 23, 2011 3:55 pm

Did anyone ever post the short Shane Sullivan film (also with initials SS) first shown on newsnight in 2006?

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Re: Sirhan Sirhan: I was brainwashed' into killing

Postby Project Willow » Sun Nov 27, 2011 6:47 am

Definitely a hero: Dr. William Pepper.

Convicted RFK assassin Sirhan Sirhan seeks prison release
By Michael Martinez, CNN
updated 10:26 PM EST, Sat November 26, 2011

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Sirhan Sirhan, convicted of the 1968 assassination of presidential candidate Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, should be freed from prison or granted a new trial based on "formidable evidence" asserting his innocence and "horrendous violations" of his rights, defense attorneys said in federal court papers filed this week.

In a U.S. District Court brief, Sirhan's lawyers also say that an expert analysis of recently uncovered evidence shows two guns were fired in the assassination and that Sirhan's revolver was not the gun that shot Kennedy.

Attorneys William F. Pepper and Laurie D. Dusek also allege that fraud was committed in Sirhan's 1969 trial when the court allowed a substitute bullet to be admitted as evidence for a real bullet removed from Kennedy's neck.

The attorneys further assert that Sirhan was hypno-programmed to be a diversion for the real assassin and allege that Sirhan would be easily blamed for the assassination because he is an Arab. Sirhan, 67, is a Christian Palestinian born in Jerusalem whose parents brought him and his siblings to America in the 1950s.

Sirhan "was an involuntary participant in the crimes being committed because he was subjected to sophisticated hypno programming and memory implantation techniques which rendered him unable to consciously control his thoughts and actions at the time the crimes were being committed," court papers said.

The California Attorney General's office declined to comment Saturday on Sirhan's court filings, said spokeswoman Lynda Gledhill.

Court papers filed by Sirhan's attorneys say the state "refuses to acknowledge that hypno programming/mind control is not fiction but reality and has been used for years by the U.S. military, Central Intelligence Agency and other covert organizations.

"Though the practices of hypno programming/mind control is hardly new, the public has been shielded from the darker side of the practice. The average person is unaware that hypnosis can and is used to induct antisocial conduct in humans," Sirhan's court filings say.

Pepper and Dusek represented Sirhan earlier this year in his unsuccessful request for parole from Pleasant Valley State Prison in Coalinga, California, 200 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. He is serving a life sentence.

Sirhan was convicted of killing Kennedy and wounding five other people during the June 5, 1968, shooting inside the kitchen service pantry of the former Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

Three bullets struck Kennedy's body while a fourth bullet passed harmlessly through the shoulder of his suit coat. Kennedy, the most seriously wounded of the six victims, died the next day. The other five people survived their wounds.

The substitute bullet was introduced in the trial as the actual bullet removed from Kennedy's neck and alleged to have been matched to Sirhan's gun, Pepper said.

Pepper and Dusek are requesting a hearing to present dramatic new findings that they say show a kitchen crossfire in the hotel.

An analysis of a recently uncovered audiotape of the assassination shows that in addition to the eight gunshots fired by Sirhan's Iver-Johnson handgun, five other shots were fired by a second gun from the opposite direction, Sirhan's attorneys said.

The sound recording "clearly showed that 13 shots were fired in the pantry, and Sirhan's gun had only eight shots, so it definitely means there was a second shooter," Pepper told CNN.

The tape was made 40 feet away from the crime scene by freelance newspaper reporter Stanislaw Pruszynski and is the only known recording of the gunshots fired in Robert Kennedy's assassination. The recording was uncovered in 2004 by CNN's Brad Johnson, who had it independently examined by two experts, Spence Whitehead and Philip Van Praag. They concluded, individually, that more than eight shots were captured in the tape.

Watch Johnson's 2009 CNN "Backstory"report on the experts' separate findings.

In their court filings, Pepper and Dusek are focusing on Van Praag's analysis. Van Praag concludes that the Pruszynski recording is authentic and reveals that, over a five-second period in the pantry, two guns fired 13 shots, exceeding the capacity of the eight-shot Iver-Johnson Cadet -- the only gun that Sirhan possessed and had no opportunity to reload.

Van Praag rules out the possibility that any of the 13 shots were echoes, ricochets or non-gunshot sounds. He also finds that some of the shots were fired too rapidly, at intervals too close together for all the shots to have come from Sirhan's inexpensive handgun. Van Praag further concludes that the five shots fired opposite the direction of Sirhan's eight shots displayed a "frequency anomaly" indicating the second gun's make and model were different from Sirhan's weapon.

Pepper said that witnesses reported Sirhan was standing several feet in front of Kennedy and firing nearly horizontally while the medical evidence showed Kennedy's body and clothing were struck by four bullets fired point-blank from behind the Senator at steep upward angles.

Pepper said witnesses reported that bystanders grabbed Sirhan immediately after he fired his first two shots and that they had his firing arm pinned against a steam table, forcing Sirhan to fire his gun's remaining six bullets away from Kennedy, thus striking other people instead.

For decades following the 1968 assassination, Sirhan had claimed he could not remember the Kennedy shooting. Pepper and Dusek argue this is because he was "hypno-programmed" to fire his gun in the pantry and to then forget the shooting, his programming and those who had programmed him.

In 2008, Pepper hired a Harvard University memory expert who says he got the imprisoned Sirhan to recall the Kennedy shooting for the first time.

That expert is Daniel Brown, an associate clinical professor in psychology at Harvard Medical School who submitted a statement to the parole board after interviewing Sirhan for 60 hours over a three-year period. Brown says Sirhan now remembers that when he fired his shots in the pantry he believed he was at a gun range and shooting at circular targets, according to Pepper.

Brown believes Sirhan was programmed to do this so as to cause a distraction in the pantry, allowing a second gunman to secretly shoot Kennedy from behind, according to Sirhan's attorneys. Brown is described in Sirhan's court papers as "one of the world's foremost experts in hypno programming."

Brown says Sirhan now remembers hearing loud sounds he describes as "the thunderclap of other bullets" being fired by another gun in the pantry, the defense attorneys said. Brown says Sirhan also recalls seeing flashes in front of him that he associates with gunfire inside the pantry but not coming from his own weapon, according to Pepper.

Pepper accused both prosecutors and Sirhan's lead attorney, Grant Cooper, who has since died, of misconduct in the 1969 trial. At that time, Cooper was under federal indictment for illegally possessing grand jury minutes in an unrelated case, but the indictment was dropped after Sirhan's sentencing, Pepper said.

"The state suppressed, destroyed and withheld a great deal of evidence," Pepper said in an interview Saturday. Sirhan's "counsel provided totally ineffective assistance and collaborated with the prosecution in violation of his 6th Amendment rights.

"The prosecution told the judge in chambers that we do not have foundation for some of our ballistics evidence, and the defense counsel immediately jumped in and said, don't worry about that, we will stipulate that all of the ballistics evidence is what you say it is," Pepper said.

Los Angeles County prosecutors couldn't immediately comment Saturday, a spokeswoman said.

Said Pepper: "This is one of the most egregious miscarriages of justice imaginable, and because it relates to the assassination of a man who would likely have been president of the United States, the feeling of sadness is irrepressible in these circumstances."

Pepper said he personally knew Kennedy and his family, and ran his campaign in the heavily Republican Westchester County in New York when Kennedy, a Democrat, successfully ran for the U.S. Senate in 1964.

Sirhan never became a U.S. citizen, so if he were released from prison, he would be deemed an illegal immigrant and likely be deported to Jordan, where he has extended family, Pepper said.

In 1968, the 42-year-old Kennedy, younger brother of the assassinated President John F. Kennedy, was a leading contender for the Democratic presidential nomination against Vice President Hubert Humphrey and Sen. Eugene McCarthy.

On the night of his assassination, Kennedy had just appeared on live television in an Ambassador Hotel ballroom, where he had claimed victory over McCarthy in the California primary election. Moments later, he was fatally wounded in the hotel service pantry while on his way to a press conference set for a small banquet room just beyond the pantry. The shooting in the pantry was not captured by any cameras.

At Sirhan's 1969 trial, prosecutors argued Sirhan killed Kennedy because of statements the New York senator made about the United States sending fighter jets to aid Israel.

But in the court papers filed this week, Sirhan's attorneys dismissed that allegation as a "most speculative motive," without any sworn statements for substantiation.

Sirhan was the only person arrested in Robert Kennedy's assassination.
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Re: Sirhan Sirhan: I was brainwashed' into killing

Postby sw » Sun Nov 27, 2011 2:17 pm

I would not be surprised if Theta alters can hold and then later repress other people's memories.

I find it difficult to explain what happened and still happens to me in sleep or dissociated state. When I see movies that are similar to the experiences, I use them as the examples. A theta can fully take on another's actions and store as their own memory.

A theta can also in the process of dreaming (like in the movie Inception) go down one level, and dream next to the target person and then dream inside the dream to reach the memory that belongs to the other target person. When I wake up from the levels, it is hard to move my body and reorient to the present.

I can only guess that what I am left with today is something that was in being experimented with back when I was a child. The experimentation may have stopped but the pathways built are still present and lead me to places I'd rather not go.

Another spin is Thetas taking on the memories of their rapists so that they hold pieces of them that I'm sure the perps do not know they have. It's like dreaming their dreams and remembering things in their lives so that when the Theta part dreams, it all gets mixed in and sometimes I dream back and am in the white house or with presidents.

If you have seen the 2001 movie "Along came a spider" and see the part where the detective finds a camera in the wall of the classroom, they take video footage of the classroom where the child was abducted and where the perp had a camera hidden inside a photo. The detective uses software to focus in one the photo on the wall of the classroom until it gets to an atom point on charles Lindberg's mouth and all of a sudden, they have left the classroom and entered the path of the camera into the family room of the perp. I have no idea how that scene worked but when I saw it, I knew that was a good example of what happens with me and how I get into other places in other states of consciousness.

I believe it is similar to the ability that Edgar Cayce had. He would go into a twilight sleep and go to other places.

I have strong beliefs that the govt was experimenting on many more things than have been released in the FOI files. I don't know what they were doing but they were doing more than meets the eye. They were way more into metaphysics than has been acknowledged.
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Re: Sirhan'd

Postby MinM » Fri Mar 04, 2016 5:48 pm

Looks like the makings of a meme...
Image@AnnCoulter Mar 3

And the best part is, we're still admitting Muslims to go to U.S. flight schools:Trainee pilot willing to kill Trump
Egyptian trainee pilot at LA flight school, Emadeldin Elsayed 23, faces deportation after writing Facebook post saying he was willing to kill Donald Trump

Does a JFK, RFK, MLK Moment Await Trump?

by Stephen Lendman

Bipartisan gangsters running America let nothing interfere with their ruthless agenda, waging war on humanity at home and abroad, serving monied interests exclusively.

Trump won’t change longstanding policies if elected president. Yet Republican power brokers and media scoundrels want anyone but him representing the party in November.

Will they choose the nuclear option to prevent it? Will long knives eliminate his candidacy the old-fashioned way?

Facebook outrageously maintains an Assassinate Donald Trump page, ludicrously claiming it doesn’t violate company “community standards” left undefined - perhaps including murder.

In 1968, Bobby Kennedy had a lock on the Democrat party nomination, likely able to defeat Richard Nixon in November.

On June 5, he was fatally shot, Sirhan Sirhan falsely imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit, set up as a convenient patsy.

Bobby, brother Jack and Martin Luther King were extrajudicially assassinated, victims of state-sponsored terror - Sirhan, Lee Harvey Oswald and James Earl Ray wrongfully blamed.

Are long knives planning Trump’s removal? Is he being set up for elimination? Has a date, location and convenient patsy to be blamed for his demise been chosen?

Maybe an unfortunate plane crash, other fatal accident, or mysterious incurable, fast-acting deadly illness is planned.

Will Trump be gone before Republicans choose their nominee in July, or perhaps before November’s election?

In his earlier article titled JFK and RFK: The Plots that Killed Them, The Patsies that Didn’t,” James Fetzer debunked the official accounts, explaining “staged events that fit into a recurrent pattern in US and world history where innocent individuals (or ‘patsies’) are baited and framed for cover-up purposes,” RFK's killing “in part intended to prevent a reinvestigation into his brother's death.”

“The assassinations of RFK and JFK were both conspiracies. Both involved the destruction of evidence. Both involved the fabrication of evidence.”

“Both involved framing their patsies. Both involved complicity by local officials. Both involved planning by the CIA. Both were used to deny the American people (the) right to be governed by leaders of their own choosing.”

Fetzer detailed vital facts about the JFK and RFK assassinations media scoundrels to this day won’t explain - part of the longstanding coverup of what happened.

Oswald and Ray are long gone, Sirhan still alive in prison. In January 2010, academic prison teacher Gerald B. Reynolds spent time with him, getting a firsthand account of things in Sirhan’s own words.

He was 66 years old at the time, 42 spent in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, now nearly half a century.

Reynolds asked him: “Did you do it?” Sirhan responded: “Did I do what?”

Reynolds: “Did you kill Robert F. Kennedy?”

Sirhan: “No, I did NOT kill” him!

Reynolds: “I know you didn’t.”

Sirhan: “How do you know?”

Reynolds studied what happened in detail. RFK was killed at point blank range by a bullet to the back of his head.

“The real assassin appears to (have been) Kennedy's Ace Security Company bodyguard - Thane Eugene Cesar,” Reynolds explained.

“At least one eyewitness claims to have seen Cesar with a smoking gun in his hand immediately after Kennedy fell to the floor.”

“An audio recording made during the assassination indicates that there were at least 11 shots fired from possibly three different guns.”

"The conclusion is that Kennedy was shot three times from behind with a fourth bullet passing through his suit coat.”

“The fact that you (Sirhan) were standing in front of Kennedy is undisputed, and yet according to the coroner's report, not one bullet entered Robert F. Kennedy from the front of his body.”

Sirhan responded, saying “(t)hank goodness somebody else knows.”

CIA operatives arranged the assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK. Patsies wrongfully blamed like Sirhan had nothing to do with committing murder.

“(T)hey stole my life,” Sirhan explained. “I’ve been rotting in this stinking prison for nothing!”

In February, he was denied parole for the 15th time - commissioners outrageously saying he hadn’t shown adequate remorse or understanding of the enormity of the crime.

He’s wrongfully buried alive in prison, justice systematically denied him - along with thousands of others languishing in America’s gulag, the world’s largest, one of its most vicious.

He’ll never see the light of day again outside prison walls. Does a similar fate await an unknown patsy, to be falsely accused of being Trump’s assassin - if plans are to eliminate him the old-fashioned way?

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

Visit his blog site at ... trump.html
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