Voodoo Against Taiwan's President?

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Voodoo Against Taiwan's President?

Postby heyjt » Sun Sep 10, 2006 3:49 pm

Voodoo doll latest weapon to topple Taiwan president <br><br>Deutsche Presse Agentur<br>Published: Saturday September 9, 2006 <br><br>Taipei- Opponents of Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian have found a new weapon to try to bring about his downfall - voodoo dolls, a newspaper reported Sunday. Since opposition parties launched the campaign to oust Chen over alleged corruption scandals four months ago, they have tried all manner of gambits to pressure and shame him into resigning. <br><br>The opposition has tried articles, slogans, rhymes, jokes, anti- Chen T-shirts, balloons, rallies and sit-ins, but Chen has refused to step down. <br><br>Now, a couple named Lin has created Chen Shui-bian voodoo dolls, which are selling like hot cakes, the United Daily News (UDN) said. <br><br>"We hit upon the idea because we found all the anti-Chen commodities were not cute, so we began to make Chen Shui-bian voodoo doll with hemp thread," Mr Lin said. <br><br>On Saturday, the first day of offering the dolls for sale, the couple took 7,000 Chen Shui-bian voodoo dolls to an anti-Chen mass rally, and the voodoo dolls were snapped up within a few hours. <br><br>Each doll sells for 180 Taiwan dollars (6 US dollars). <br><br>Voodoo dolls originated in Africa and the Caribbean, growing out of the practise of traditional religions. Believers with a grudge against someone will write the name of their enemy on a voodoo doll, poke it with needles and place a curse on the doll.<br><br>© 2006 DPA - Deutsche Presse-Agenteur<br><br><br> <p></p><i></i>
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