Order of Nine Angles and other related groups

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Re: Order of Nine Angles and other related groups

Postby Wombaticus Rex » Mon Mar 24, 2014 7:06 am

Wherever your nose takes you, fellow traveller.

My own olfactories are reminded of Thelemite and maneuver warfare theorist J F C Fuller, who also created some impressive paintings on occult subjects.

The Nine Principles of War

The Nine Principles involve the uses of Force (combat power). They have been expressed in various ways, but Fuller's 1925 arrangement is as follows:

Direction: What is the overall aim? Which objectives must be met to achieve the aim?
Concentration: Where will the commander focus the most effort?
Distribution: Where and how will the commander position their force?
Determination: The will to fight, the will to persevere, and the will to win must be maintained.
Surprise (Demoralisation of Force): The commander's ability to veil their intentions while discovering those of their enemy. Properly executed Surprise unbalances the enemy - causing Demoralisation of Force.
Endurance: The force's resistance to pressure. This is measured by the force's ability to anticipate complications and threats. This is enhanced by planning on how best to avoid, overcome, or negate them and then properly educating and training the force in these methods.
Mobility: The commander's ability to maneuver their force while outmaneuvering the enemy's forces.
Offensive Action (Disorganisation of Force): The ability to gain and maintain the initiative in combat. Properly executed Offensive Action disrupts the enemy - causing Disorganisation of Force.
Security: The ability to protect the force from threats.
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Re: Order of Nine Angles and other related groups

Postby Pushkarev » Tue Mar 25, 2014 1:30 am

On the Temple of THEM site is the following page of something called "Project Evisceral." Archived page here: https://web.archive.org/web/20140126153 ... -ov-blood/

Opening quote (bold added by me):

Created as a suggested means to fabricate particular events and energies occurring in the Tempel ov Blood at the time this was written - between 2003 and 2004 ev. This was to excite and invoke a need for others to join. A solid premise but an over-hammed execution (subtlety now a stronger point in my armory) saw ProjEv revised a few times, (AK hated the drop-down TV) and finally replaced with the seminal manuscript peaSe lovE and munGbeans

Entry 9 Day 2 then has a "pseudo-entry" by a participant in Project Evisceral, which says:

I did the task until my hands were shaking. I’m looking at the once white washed walls, now covered from floor to ceiling, wall to wall with the red crayon scrawls of the Noctulius sigil. I can see the smudges on the wall where I lay during the task, exhausted ...

This pattern of behavior is nearly the same as the False Prophet / Frank ARG on 4chan. They were tasked to draw sigils in real world places (these sigils can be see on the terribly edited youtube videos I posted above, as well as the link to an /x/ discussion).

That entry on the Temple of THEM site is from December 2013. The earliest reference to a "Project Evisceral" on the internet is from May 3rd 2010, and again on May 2nd, 2011 in two scribd documents, which appear to be the same diary:

http://www.scribd.com/doc/30839962/The- ... ise-of-DWR

http://www.scribd.com/doc/54469671/Ryan ... Worshipper

Both of those documents are now in archive.org if they get taken down. In the diary an individual named Ryan Anschauung (also called "Ryan Frank" on one of the scribd documents) states the following:

When the Tempel Ov Blood, an American Vampiric Cult, arrived on the scene,its form seemed so similar to that of ONA that I felt it almost certainly had to have special connections with the latter. To get closer to the truth I made myself available as an artist to the ToB and took some time to help them by writing several treatises and designing a few illustrations to help further the aims of their Order - which I felt was worthy of my attention at the time.Manuscripts included: “18.333: The Alchemy of Death”, “Entry 2 Day 9”, “Project Evisceral: An Adherents Diary”,

Also, the blog entry above is tagged with the following (bold added):

This entry was posted in Passed Voices and tagged Deception, Ethos, Fiction, Form, Tempel ov Blood, Vampire.

I haven't yet worked out whether Ryan is at the heart of all this, or someone else is. Ryan, which apparently isn't his real name, also goes by other aliases and internet names, including: Krist Hollow, sinister101, Ryan Frank, Thoth, Friend Ley, Khk. He says that "Kris" is his real name, and that part of ONA's procedures is to use multiple names (opsec?), from this page here: https://web.archive.org/web/20110425011 ... 101-a.html

Quote (bold added):

Hey man, Both. Kris is my real name, Ryan is my former name under the ONA. I use Kris for familiarity, Ryan when in new spaces. In this case I used it for creedence as a former member of ONA to vouch for the identity of someone else in ONA. I used Ryan for almost seven years, so I still get confused myself - messing with alternate personalities can create a few unforeseen problems. It's a part of the ONA's system, gets ingrained, and old habits sometimes die hard. I'm also known as Thoth, Friend Ley, Khk, and a whole range of other names. I guess I consider my name quite abitrary. But, sorry for the confusions, you are welcome to call me Kris.

Here is Ryan's blog (now deleted): https://web.archive.org/web/20110916070 ... press.com/

And another: https://web.archive.org/web/20100303171 ... press.com/

They also have a private yahoo group here: https://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/Sinister101/

Also found this maltego document which outlines several ONA member's email addresses: http://www.scribd.com/doc/91942839/Document

That document has also been uploaded to archive.org incase it gets taken down.

I'm still reading those two blogs to see if there are any other similarities between the Temple of THEM writings and the ARGs being played.
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Re: Order of Nine Angles and other related groups

Postby Pushkarev » Tue Mar 25, 2014 2:09 am

Snippets from an interview here (bold added):

https://web.archive.org/web/20140325053 ... ldebaraan/

Why would you use so many different identities?

Originally, to prove to myself that I could do what the ONA does online, and a couple of other things about the ONA. Secondly, for intelligence gathering – you learn a lot about how people perceive you or your form from a third person reconnaissance. Thirdly, for entertainment. And fourthly because I’m probably a little bit mad.

Has anyone noticed you’re so many other people?

Noticed it? Nah, I don’t know – no-one’s ever mentioned it. I’m sure some people have made a connection between some of the names but no-one has seemed too interested in discussing it. Does it matter so long as I’m communicating what I want to communicate?

I suppose not. I’ve seen pictures of Myatt and Beest but I’ve never seen a picture of you. Why not?

What do pictures of Myatt or Beest have to do with me? The point of me using all those nicknames was anonymity. And that anonymity is something I intend to keep. I’ve never published my full name or a picture or description of myself and I intend to keep it that way. Not even the other members of THEM know my full name. I don’t think it would make a difference to people what shell the intelligence they collaborated with took in real life anyway. It’s all about communicating consciousness in the end, invisible consciousness.
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Re: Order of Nine Angles and other related groups

Postby Pushkarev » Tue Mar 25, 2014 2:48 am

Ok, I'm really done digging into the ToB / Temple of Them side of things. The combination of long-winded posts, and conflation of ARG bullshittery with actual ONA practices is making it hard to sort out what is legit or not. I might go back to taking notes from books/papers.
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Re: Order of Nine Angles and other related groups

Postby Pushkarev » Fri Apr 18, 2014 9:12 am

Found this excerpt from a chapter in a 2013 book by a professor of religion:


Some interesting stuff from the chapter:

"... a critical examination of ONA's key texts demonstrates that the satanic overtones were largely cosmetic, and that is core mythos (or theology) is actually syncretic and pagan, though not revisionist or neopagan ...

"... in March 2012 Anton Long announced his retirement from public life, saying that the ONA is well positioned to move into the 21st century with new hands at the wheel. At the same time, the official websites of hte ONA announced that the inner circle of the ONA had elected Chloe Ortega (aka Chloe 352) to succeed Long as the official spokesperson of the Order.

"... two of the most senior of 'flagship' nexions are located in the USA (WSA352 headed by Chloe Ortega) and Australia (Temple of THEM, headed by Ryan Anschauung). The very nature of the ONA makes data gathering difficult, as the movement is secretive by definition. Further, the ONA has carefully avoided a central administration with hard data on its membership, preferring to operate as a network or 'kollective' (sic) of nexions instead."

Larger screen shot that I could be bothered typing out:


"... it is equally possible that "Anton Long" has served as a mask for several individuals in the last decade, and thus may continue to appear in future to offer guidance to the Order as needed."

"... while there is no central authority within the ONA, that is not to say that there is no leadership or structure. The founding members of the Order, known commonly as the 'Old Guard', have served as a sort of inner council since the inception of the ONA ... While the actual identities of the Old Guard have been kept secret, they have been known through such pen-names as Christos Beest, Sinister Moon, DarkLogos, and PointyHat ... However, at the end of 2011, the Old Guard stated that they would be withdrawing from the public sphere, similar to Long's withdrawal several months afterwards ..."

"However, even as the Old Guard had begun its gradual withdrawal from public duty in the last decade, new voices have risen to prominent positions ... Several nexions are public and well recognized, forming a sort of 'New Guard': among them are (British) Daughters of Baphomet, (Italian) Secuntra, and (Canadian) Aerhaosh, and Alien Nation (Iceland). Most prominent and vocal, however are the flagship nexions: (Australian) Temple of THEM and (American) White Star Acception (aka WSA352)."

More notes to come ...
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Re: Order of Nine Angles and other related groups

Postby Pushkarev » Fri Apr 18, 2014 9:59 am

Also, I have no real tangible proof (apart from some of the above posts), but my intuition makes me think that Cicada 3301 is the latest incarnation of Project Evisceral.

Project Evisceral came first circa 2003/2004, and apparently underwent some changes. I wouldn't be surprised if there are a bunch of other ARGs out there that they have done between 2004 and 2012 (the hallmarks of the ARGs being that they simultaneously target esoteric/religious/paranormal online communities for disruptions, similar to the modus operandi of the ONA, while also looking for followers who play along with their little game, or are attracted to the initiatory and esoteric aspects of the ARG). Then sometime from 2012 onwards, they created the "False Prophet" / Frank ARG on 4chan's /x/ board, an ARG that simultaneously pissed off many members of /x/ (many on the board hate role playing and ARGs), while also attracting the large number of esoteric/religious anons on the board who were able to see a meta-game being played. This created more followers and initiates from around the planet, thus giving us the command and control network for Cicada 3301, which originated on 4chan, and has geographic ties to Project Evisceral (the Erskineville connection).

Again, this is all very speculative, and also fraught with epistemic problems (like the neutral evidence problem I outlined above).
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Re: Order of Nine Angles and other related groups

Postby Pushkarev » Fri Apr 18, 2014 10:25 am

Also, I can't believe I missed the first time round. The quote above on Project Evisceral says:

saw ProjEv revised a few times, (AK hated the drop-down TV) and finally replaced with the seminal manuscript peaSe lovE and munGbeans

That manuscript is here: https://web.archive.org/web/20140126224 ... -ov-blood/


What have I been doing? Well I’ve been reading something by that group I told you about – the one that seems closely connected to the ONA? Yes that’s the one – anyway I’ve been reading about this concept they’ve got called the ‘Blood Pool’ where basically, how do I put this, people are viewed as vials of lifeblood, and each person has the ability to contribute to this Blood Pool by, well, giving blood. Remember when we were talking about the acausal? Okay well the blood is sort of acausal in that it is the essence of the Cosmos, which as you know flows into the causal as humans or ‘nexions’ and gives us humans our Life, in one regard. But it’s also causal in that the Blood Pool also grows by actual giving of real blood. By contributions, whether voluntary or not, such as shedding real blood in war, or killing, or sacrifice – or even intellectual blood like art or writings that are about the Temple. Whatever serves to increase the power, resources and spread of the Blood Pool basically’.

Well basically the Blood Pool is like a Nexion, a place where the Acausal meets the Causal and there’s a mergence. Except in this case their Blood Pool is like something that has to be fed, with constant and continual sources of blood, and the more they feed it, the more powerful it gets’.

‘Well yeah I guess there’s not much difference in the way it works from the ONA’s nexions – except that from what I understand – the ONA nexions are places or people designed to open a ‘gateway’ between the Acausal and the Causal. Maybe I’m wrong, it doesn’t really go into as much detail as I’d like here, but I think the ‘Blood Pool’ is meant to be used to form/create an actual Demon. Sort of like using all the pain and suffering and darkness and things to, well build an autonomous dark force, a bit like how people built society and then society started building people?

Yes babe, exactly like that. Man created a wheel, and then the wheel shaped man, y’know? Well anyway, what I actually wanted to talk about is related to this Blood Pool, it’s pretty interesting. You know how the ONA creates Adepts and sometimes the Adepts don’t make/maintain the grade and are used as, well fodder for the Dark Gods? Yep well it’s the same sort of deal with the ToB, except with the ToB everyone’s considered good fodder for the Dark Gods. It seems to be the quantity of blood they’re concerned about with the Blood Pool, not the quality of character for sacrifice like the ONA here, but I think there’s more to it. Anyway instead of Adepts, there’s these ordeals that individuals are put through which basically tries to turn them into ‘Noctulians’ and these Noctulians are like real vampires’.

‘Yeah that’s all its got, I’ll have to look into it further to get the connection between Noctulius and the Blood Pool, but the point is these Noctulians. Remember how I said the other day that the ONA seemed to be a factory for serial killers? Well I was wrong. Serial killers act on impulsive, uncontrolled, emotion – anyway if anything is a factory for killers it’s these guys. The ‘Noctulian’ starts out as a normal human being at first but slowly becomes turned into ‘something else’ by having his physical and mental changed by all these different, ah, ‘alchemical’ ordeals. They basically become like vampires, but actual vampires y’know? Feeding on blood, killing without remorse, letting themselves be used for sexual or sacrifical rites as the ToB needs.

‘Um, how do I put this? They’re like organic vegetables grown on a farm, or like pieces of meat to be butchered for the rites of the Blood Pool. Except that they’re imbued with a magickal and powerful energy as they become Noctulians, so they’re sort of like Adepts by the time they come to be butchered. Which means an enormous increase in the energy released by their death, because they’re more worthy than the average human life as part of the acausal’.

‘It’s one of the most horrific concepts I’ve seen. If they could get it working in a practical way, so that the idea appealed to great numbers and even became a sort of cult in which people just devoted themselves to being used and abused in the belief that their goal in life was to submit to being butchered to bring about this huge intrusion of Dark Gods, a type of farm could actually be set up. I mean how many try-hard girls and guys turn to wicca or even pseudo-Satanism these days, even if just for attention? Fostering a paradise-type of cult where sex, drugs, violence, etc are all free and accessible – where the members are indoctrinated into wanting to be part of the calling down of the Dark Gods certainly has appeal. In a massive overview of psychological sense most of those that turn to the occult are trying to get back at society because they’re the dis-inherited. Society rejects them, they don’t know what the hell life’s about just that they’re angry depressed and looking for some leadership. All they’ve got are the notions that they bolster their egos with regarding their worth and power and so on and so forth… and really, it wouldn’t be that hard to flatter them into being participants in something huge that gave them an identity and even a ‘family’. Charles Manson had a cult similar to this, except for the fact that he didn’t farm people to butcher, I don’t think so anyway, who knows, but look how popular, how eager people are to be part of that STILL! Even thirty-forty years later there are masses of people who want to be told what to do and what lifes about in exactly this cultic way!’

‘Exactly babe. And here’s where I come in. I’ve been toying with the possibility for a while now that it’s easily possible for one person on the internet to pose as many and in fact bolster the illusion of many separate people simply because you can be anonymous and sign up as anyone you want to as many times as you like. Different emails, different details, change the way you write so it seems like it’s the writing of a different person etc – I mean it’s not impossible. I half suspected it was occuring on the group I go to…’

Yeah like I thought it possible that the individuals I talk to were not only women, which took a long time to sink in after realising that there was no indication they were men, I’d just assumed – but also that there was the chance I was getting manipulated by one person posing as many. I mean a bit of sociology, a mastery over playing roles, whos going to know? I mean on chatlines for example, this one time I was talking to this person and they pissed me off with their bullshit about Nazi’s right. So I signed off and signed back on pretending to be a woman. I messaged him, ‘sweet-talked’ him, and found out a plethora of information about him just because he couldn’t keep his mind out of his pants. I could have used all that info as ammunition for attacking him from my other persona, you see? So it’s not impossible…

Well my idea is similar to these lines baby. If the ToB could foster some manufactured pseudo-cult reports, like diary entries from ‘invisible’ members of the noctulians and deliver enough temptation for others to want to be part of the party – there’s no reason why there can’t be another Heavens Gate, except this time a Useful one. A Sinister one’.

“What’s that baby? Suicide. Yeah… yes. Actually. It is basically Suicide for Satan. Ha ha! We could put that on t-shirts and badges, fuck, the worlds so hungry for decadence it’ll love that! I can see it now. Which is always a good sign, baby. But not only would the cult be like a pool of resources, it’d also get rid of the dross with their consent! Ha ha, I mean is that Sinister or what? Well anyway, I’ll see what I can find out about Noctulius and I’ll talk to you tonight about it. Okay. I love you too, spunk.’

(Speciel Evolutionary Gardens)

[“PLM” or rather “SEG”, was written with deliberate capital letters masking a two-fold nature. One aim of PLM was to create a summary for the ToB of their aims by an ONA Initiate: thus the actual name of the MSS, "peaSe, lovE, and munGbeans" is a worded code for the aim of the ToB: "Speciel, Evolutionary, Gardens." Hence also the name/theme of some manuscripts like harvest by the ToB. The second aim was to reveal to those who could see, the nature of the ToB, again, not from its manuscripts, but what lies beneath, in the motivations and worldview that would bring forth such manuscripts and in the consideration of the experiences available to a human being that would give them the impetus to write and act and think and be in such a way as Vampyric.]
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Re: Order of Nine Angles and other related groups

Postby Pushkarev » Fri Apr 18, 2014 10:10 pm

From this page on Cicada 3301: http://uncovering-cicada.wikia.com/wiki ... _important

Wind (individual with Michigan IP) was a self-prolcaimed female (check Rule 16 or 30 and 31 in old version of rules) that often visited n0v4 IRC channel and provided clues to people that were never 100% proven to be connected to the 3301 quest, but also were never disproven. Clues were kinda helpful but never so specific that they might be tied to some part of puzzle that was revelaed later.

Because of her prophet like teachings lots of her statements became memes among 3301 solvers.

<wind> The folly is the key to our manifest.
<wind_> I can come as a hurricane as well, remember that.
<wind_> And as I may be the gentle breeze that comforts you, I may also be the last breath you take.
<wind_> I would go back to the very beginning, I would write down EVERY single thing that seems even slightly relevant to being a clue, or progression, I would write down every step, and what you had to do. I would see if there was any other way, I would do this for every step, and lead. I would re-check every image for various hidden elements, and I would compile the data neatly, and organize it.
<wind_> Then I would search through it, find matching terms, sites, posts etc. and see if they help any riddle so far.
<wind_> Every clue has multiple dead ends.
<wind_> /b/ spreads news the fastest.
[01:44] <shadzke> wind, we were warned of "false prophets" are you a false prophet ?
[01:44] <wind_> Yes, I am.
[01:44] <wind_> Every clue was released by a false prophet.
[01:45] <wind_> You should be cautious.

Wind from Michigan never used any PGP key and she claims she is not computer savvy at all. Her field is supposed to be psychology. She claims she was recruited to 3301 few years ago with a completely different test than the 3301 puzzle.

Note that Wind has an antagonist who provided bad clues and was leading people on wrong paths. He went by the name "Mahisha" sometimes referred as "mahi". Mahisha shared the same IP as wind.


"Wind" talks about /x/ here as well:


[03:49] <wind> I wanted /x/, it's more fun to read.

Other interesting quotes:

[04:06] <wind> Secrets are what drive the persistent, we need persistent.

[04:07] <wind> It's complicated, and that was our goal.

[04:08] <wind> Only a select few, not many, if we made it any easier, MANY would get it.

[04:08] <kristen> wind why are you talking like you own 3301
[04:08] <wind> Well think of it as a company.
[04:08] <wind> Shareholders take shares in the company, and technically own it.
[04:09] <wind> So in part, I do.
[04:09] <wind> Along with others.

Use of multiple names, again matching the MO of ONA:

[04:11] <dull_netbk> wind okay a serious question: how many "win"´s are there?

[04:12] <wind> I was wina
[04:12] <wind> winb
[04:12] <wind> winc
[04:12] <wind> and wind
[04:12] <wind> Each of our names signify something, there's an extra hint.
[04:12] <wind> If you didn't already catch that.

[04:16] <wind> I didn't plan a lot of the clues, but as far as I've heard everything has subliminal meanings.
[04:17] <wind> And every clue has multiple answers, and paths to go down.
[04:17] <wind> References leading to different poems or stories, etc.
[04:18] <wind> Many are dead ends.

[04:25] <Idonteven> May I ask how exactly you became a part of this group, wind?
[04:26] <wind> I was an original of the 5, along with the others.

2nd edit

From this page: http://uncovering-cicada.wikia.com/wiki/Wind

In a shocking revelation, the solvers found something very interesting from the 2012 puzzle:

<wind> The folly is the key to our manifest

In case this isn't obvious, folly was a file found in the 3301 OS files. This being mentioned in 2012 really shakes the whole thing up. To continue, Mahisha mentions folly later on:

<Mahisha> The highly intelligent do not possess Thomas' folly

This could almost confirm Wind's involvement in 3301/Cicada, as she basically predicted part of the 2013 puzzle.
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Re: Order of Nine Angles and other related groups

Postby Pushkarev » Fri Apr 18, 2014 11:05 pm

Another pastebin chat of Wind: http://pastebin.com/MYDcwVuF

More references to 4chan:

[23:31] <MstlyPhnx_> Wind, how can we know for sure that you have any authority in this?
[23:32] <wind> Who is the authority in Anonymous?
[23:32] <Killy> Nobody
[23:32] <wind> Wrong.
[23:32] <wind> Everybody.

More aliases:

[00:56] <wind_> Aquilo is an alias I've used in some messages I posted, Enlil is not.

More references to previous games being played:

[01:01] <wind_> 3301 is very known, just not in it's current face.

Ominous warnings that could match ProjEv's goals:

[01:12] <wind_> Be sure that, for those of you who embarked on solving these clues, are prepared for anything you may find.
[01:12] <wind_> For although the Internet Story, is not related to this.
[01:12] <wind_> The outcome, for all you know, may be similar.
[01:13] <wind_> And as I may be the gentle breeze that comforts you, I may also be the last breath you take.
[01:13] <wind_> I'm merely stressing, not to look for something you aren't prepared to find.
[01:23] <wind_> Which is why the highly intelligent will prosper.

Mention of 4chan again:

[01:24] <shadzke> wind, why do you go to /b/, looking for highly intelligent individuals ?
[01:25] <wind_> /b/ spreads news the fastest.

Possible references to disruption:

[01:28] <wind_> And by nature, humans are not pack animals, we are lone wolves.
[01:30] <wind_> I am saying by nature a lot of these groups / clue parties will split, but not by any intercession by us.

Reference to a demon:

[02:15] <wind_> At this point in time, everything you can do is out there, get at it. Belphegor will be the only hindrance.

From Wikipedia:

In demonology, Belphegor (or Beelphegor, Hebrew: בַּעַל-פְּעוֹר‎ baʿal-pəʿōr - Lord of the Gap) is a demon, and one of the seven princes of Hell, who helps people make discoveries. He seduces people by suggesting to them ingenious inventions that will make them rich.

The palindromic prime number 1000000000000066600000000000001 is known as Belphegor's Prime, due to the superstitious significance of the numbers it contains. Belphegor's Prime consists of the number 666, on either side enclosed by thirteen zeroes and a one.

Another reference to /x/:

[02:38] <wind_> Not usually, if I do it's not a /b/, it's on /x/.

Reference to conspiracies:
[03:26] <wind_> Do you guys want to know a secret?
[03:27] <wind_> The main reason that conspiracy groups are so popular, is due to the age. You don't see too many popular new groups, we just attribute any/all conspiracies to old groups, once we are used to.
[03:28] <wind_> You'd be surprised at how many groups there are out there, that have done things that were attributed to Illuminati, or knights, or masons.
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Re: Order of Nine Angles and other related groups

Postby Pushkarev » Sat Apr 19, 2014 8:14 am

I wrote a blog entry summing up what I think so far: blog/Pushkarev/cicada_3301_as_left_hand_path_religion_v1.0_b-391.html
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Re: Order of Nine Angles and other related groups

Postby Hammer of Los » Sat Apr 19, 2014 8:59 am

My God.

The Rabbit Hole yawns.

Here be a good riddle for thee.

Who are the Nine?

Answers on a postcard.
Hammer of Los
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Re: Order of Nine Angles and other related groups

Postby Tyler Rabbit » Mon Sep 22, 2014 6:54 am

Just when my head was beginning to clear from the fog of immersion into the mind-bending lore of this group, I find this old thread.. Hope resurrecting it for a moment isn't bad form..

Really really interesting stuff. It's exceedingly difficult to freak me out with the occult but I had to pull back a bit on this one, because it kinda blew my mind and massively (and successfully) challenged some of my notions about SRA etc..

The idea that Myatt could be on some sort multi-decade journey wherein the various incarnations of "himself" are merely levels in a larger magical system, is fascinating, and seems at least plausible based on the copious parallels.. Having read through a whole shit-ton of the often repetitive and contradictory writing on- and supposedly by- the group, the higher levels of the system seem nearly impossible to attain. ie living in a cave w/ just bread, cheese, and water for a month or whatever, seems unlikely.

Many of the suggested tests to see if a potential "cull" can redeem themselves strike me as extremely difficult at best.
Also seems odd that a group hellbent on chaos, murder etc would want to target a "bad" and dishonest person for culling. Wouldn't they want them for joining? Or wouldn't they at least respect the person's cruelty/depravity/selfishness etc?.. Guessing at least some of the material is to throw people off at best and get them in trouble at worst.. Like an Anarchist Cookbook for aspiring Satanic wannabes..

Also have a hard time believing some of Anton Long's history of the group, ie the tradition was passed to him by women. Am more of the opinion Long and possibly Richard Moult kicked things off, then others got involved. That said, am definitely convinced Myatt is Long and that he's a brilliant and possibly very negative person to say the least.. Was he just trolling for attention during the mid 80s with the whole culling thing, or do they actually kill people? I've no idea. Either way, much in the way Myatt's National Socialist rhetoric influenced David Copeland to explode nails into peoples' heads, I suppose all the O9A culling texts could influence someone to do it..

Re: THEM and WSA 352 (Chloe Ortega).. Seems like some of the 09A old guard were at first happy that people had taken them up on the invite to spread and alter the original ideas(s), but when some younger, more pretendy folks started doing it (when you guys say ARG, you mean Alternate Reality Game right?), the old timers became more precious about their doctrine, and elitist about their little "inner" circle. However, at this point the damage is done. It's nearly impossible to tell when things were originally written, and to what degree they've been altered.

Overall I found this paper by academic Jacob C. Senholt to be pretty helpful:
http://archive.org/stream/Everything_93 ... n_djvu.txt

There are also some interesting threads on http://www.religiousforums.com/ if one digs around a bit.

Ok enough of this one for me for a while. Makes my head spin.
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Re: Order of Nine Angles and other related groups

Postby elfismiles » Mon Sep 22, 2014 10:32 am

Rabbit, I think there is a long fine tradition round here of resurrecting old threads so no worries there.

And yeah, ARG as in Alt Reality Gaming / Immersive gaming / Viral-Stealth Marketing and to some extent Discordian / Situationist philosophy are conflated and some believe useful from a covert-ops perspective.
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Re: Order of Nine Angles and other related groups

Postby Tyler Rabbit » Mon Sep 22, 2014 11:30 am

Thanks elfismiles. Interesting.. Yes now that you mentioned it, I skimmed something on RI about ARGs being potentially used by covert ops, but didn't quite understand it.. Can you hook me up w/ some links? What little I know about Discordian stuff is from reading Robert Anton Wilson's books some 22 years ago, and what little I know about the Situationists is from talking with Len Bracken who I believe claims Guy Debord is one of the first to get into false flag narratives- but aside from that, I don't get the Discordian / Situationist covert-ops angle. Sounds interesting though.
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Re: Order of Nine Angles and other related groups

Postby elfismiles » Sun Nov 29, 2015 3:57 pm

Wombaticus Rex » 22 Mar 2014 19:24 wrote:I was familiar with Myatt, but had no appreciation for the fact ONA has meta-stasized into such gothic excess since Jeff first wrote about him. Thank you for the analysis and research presented here.

Thursday, August 18, 2005
Nine Angles of Separation

"Doubt of the real facts, as I must reveal them, is inevitable; yet if I suppressed what will seem extravagant and incredible there would be nothing left." - HP Lovecraft

(I'm indebted to "Qutb" and others on the Rigorous Intuition discussion board for this thread of several weeks ago, which should be consulted for further information.)

http://rigorousintuition.blogspot.com/2 ... ation.html
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