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Internet Honeypot Info

Postby OptimisticAlgorithm » Mon Apr 09, 2007 7:51 pm

In several recent RI posts Jeff has been talking about the use of 9/11 conspiracies on the Internet as a disinfo ploy. Yesterday I received my daily article from the ZNet website, which is an ongoing collection of progressive articles and research.

The article was a summary of a 1998 report on document declassification for the DOD, by the consulting firm of Booz Allen Hamilton. One of the major conclusions was that the Internet be used as a tool of distraction. Release of selected Kennedy assassination documents was an example that would serve to help keep Internet researchers "diverted" from substantive matters of U.S. policy and focused instead on the pursuit of trivial irrelevance related to the long ago death of JFK. There was other discussion along the same vein.

I just wanted to bring this to everyone's attention if they had not already seen it. It sure ties in with some of the RI topics. Here is the link to the article:

"Diversion" and "Good Faith Distraction": On the Use Value of Conspiracy Data for the Power Elite
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Reverse psychology.

Postby Hugh Manatee Wins » Mon Apr 09, 2007 8:48 pm

Great username, by the way.

The internet was taking off in 1998 with unfiltered dark truths.
The US-NATO war in the balkans was underway and the bombing in 1999 was the first US war where the internet was considered a major factor to be considered in psy-ops due to the instant international effect.

And 1998 was a rough year for old government cover-ups.

The patsy for Martin Luther King's murder, James Earl Ray, finally told former US Ambassador to the UN, Andrew Young, of how he watched the conspiracy be planned and executed.

A former FBI agent named Donald Wilson who found damning evidence of a conspiracy while searching Ray's alleged car but had hidden it due to the implications that the FBI was in on the conspiracy came forward and told his story.

So since old crimes and cover-ups were bubbling up and bound to keep doing so it would've been clever psy-ops to state that conspiracy info is itself a conspiracy to distract us away from...whatever is more important than our government murdering our leaders and the mainstream media helping to cover it up.

Yes, reverse psychology works. This is a technique the tobacco companies use when they have to make anti-smoking ads but they know how to make ads that instead encourage smoking. Broadway song: "They did it 'cause we said No."

There is no bigger story than the inside job of 9/11 being used as an excuse to end The Enlightenment, no matter what anyone says.
Except for global warming killing off the human species, of course.
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Postby robert d reed » Mon Apr 09, 2007 8:58 pm

oh man...bullshit.

Talk about "distractions"...hand-wringing about how "the movement" is being diverted by some supposed ten-moves-ahead strategem of the power elite is simply more Loserism.

I've never paid obsessive attention to the JFK assassination, which has in turn laid me open to all sorts of accusations about my inappropriate focus in terms of historical researches, and my suspect political opinions (I don't claim any firm conclusions about what happened, or who did it.) But I respect the people who don't let it be. For one thing, they keep turning up a lot of hidden history details which are significant in and of themselves, independent of their possible meaning in terms of Dallas 11/22/1963.

And now, to hear someone run it back to them, as yet another arena for accusation...

The Loser Left. A million self-entitled autocrats, presuming to know what's right for Everybody...fortunately, few of them have any experience with handling firearms, or the Circular Firing Squad would be a much more charged affair.
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Postby Hugh Manatee Wins » Mon Apr 09, 2007 9:08 pm

I wrote my post above after reading the op, not opening the provided link.

I just opened the link to the full Znet article and it is BULLSHIT, either psy-ops or horrible ignorance.

There's disinfo on JFK's role in the Vietnam War. There's disinfo on 9/11.
Gee, what a surprise. Two topics key to understanding US History comprising of atrocious inside jobs.

JFK ended the autonomous CIA's paramilitary operations in Vietnam loosely called at the time "a war" by signing NSAM263, National Security Memorandum #263 which decreed an end to whatever was going on and US troops out.

Three days after the CIA killed JFK the war was put back on the tracks when LBJ signed NSAM273.

Here's this Znet article's disinfo. What appalling ignorance or malice.-

Okay, here's a useful translation of the material just quoted (at perhaps too much length): "the Internet-based release of certain previously classified material can be used to encourage people eager to understand United States policy and history (with their 'unrestrained public appetite for secrets') to NOT investigate the all-too covert policies and hidden agendas of United States imperialism past and present. It could help to steer them onto wild historical goose chases that do not not pursue serious matters like the real aims of the mass-murderous U.S.-imperialist assault on Indochina (significantly initiated by the war criminal JFK). Let's encourage people to invest scarce time and energy in a fruitless search for 'who killed JFK.' Let's divert and distract them away from making important inquiries into criminal policies that murdered millions of Southeast Asians and others around the world past and present."

It's hard not to think that the same sort of reflection has already occurred to U.S. intelligence managers in relation to the 9/11 conspiracy industry. Every minute spent trying to fruitlessly connect the scattered and deceptive dots of fantastic 9/11 conspiracies is not spent looking into monumentally more relevant issues.

Even if substantive basis existed for 9/11 conspiracy theories, the industry is a great diversion from the most critical matter at the heart of real threats to ordinary citizens at home and abroad: the incitement of terrorist attacks against the U.S. (with the 9/11 actions and much worse well within the capacity of people U.S. policymakers have deeply antagonized) by the structurally super-empowered agents of a brazen imperialist project that privileges U.S. global dominance (and related U.S. control over pivotal Middle Eastern energy resources) over human survival and over the survival of ordinary Americans (3).

Decades later, perhaps, Booz Allen Hamilton or some other spooky multinational consulting firm will produce a similar report regarding the declassification of archived materials from the early 21st century. Releasing bits of tantalizing data about 9/11 could be useful, the firm will argue, for diverting citizens from the documentary record of the hubristic and imperialist decisions and agendas that provoked 9/11 and led to the disastrous and illegal occupation of oil-rich Iraq in 2003 and then to a massive, partially nuclear U.S. assault on Iran. The last action, it will possibly have happened, killed a half million Iranians and helped spark a Middle East conflagration leading to the death of millions and to numerous terror attacks (including the use of radioactive materials) against U.S. citizens at home and abroad.

Some in the battered U.S. public will perhaps have an "unrestrained appetite" for getting to the heart of these key historical matters. It might be useful, future U.S.-affiliated corporate-Orwellian information managers will argue, to occasionally toss those angry Americans a few spicy 9/11 Internet scraps to throw them off the trail of questions that matter.
CIA runs mainstream media since WWII:
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Postby OptimisticAlgorithm » Mon Apr 09, 2007 11:56 pm

Ahem. Don't be distracted by the trees here. I thought about bypassing the ZNet article and just linking to the actual report, but I figured that the sophisticated folks who hang out here could handle and filter the BS. There was a nugget or two in what was written. I agree with you (Hugh) that the rhetoric used to interpret the study was a bit over the top. JFK was an example used in the actual report itself. I agree that stating JFK started the Vietnam conflict is definitly absurd. 9/11 stands by itself. It's simply too strange too have gone down the way the "official" version describes.

Now what I should have highlighted a bit more was the actual report itself. The report is at Operations Security Impact On Declassification Management.... What seems germane to Jeff Well's honey pot and distraction warnings are statements in the actual DOD report like "The use of the Internet could reduce the unrestrained public appetite for "secrets" by providing good faith distraction material" and "The use of the Internet could channel public interest towards already appropriately declassified material and possibly lessen FOIA requests." Finally, the JFK example is part of the closing strategy section. One part of the strategy is "Diversion: List of interesting declassified material - i.e. Kennedy assassination data."

I'm trying to be more neutral than Mr. Street's article, but the actual recommended strategy here is to divert with shocking or surprising material that has already been scheduled for declassification, so that the real clues are overlooked. Jeff Wells was dead on. Of course the posting of this report is also part of the diversion strategy, but all disinfo contains a little real info.

In response to "The Loser Left. A million self-entitled autocrats, presuming to know what's right for Everybody..." Huh? What does this have to do with the price of eggs? I'm not recommending ZNet, it has its problems. It just happens to be where the links lie. I agree that firearms can often be more effective than social programs. However, when your head is in the sand, your butt is up in the air and ready for kickin', or worse.
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Postby robert d reed » Tue Apr 10, 2007 8:11 pm

I just get tired of the endless parade of doomstruck warnings, dire hypotheses, and speculations about what THEY are doing to US, as if none of us have the capacity to cast ourselves in any role other than as victims. As if we were nothing more than powerless dunces.

At some point, I think it becomes imperative to realize that cataloging the innumerable array of extant, potential, possible, and/or imaginable politico-pathogens out there isn't nearly as effective as growing an effective immune system for one's awareness- a project that requires continual attention and self-discipline, while managing to remain balanced enough to avoid falling prey to hypersensitive auto-immune maladies and allergic syndromes such as depression, paranoia, monomania, apathetic paralysis, agoraphobia, and various & sundry related Bad Trips.

Unfortunately, I can't grow a healthy immune system for anyone else's awareness but my own.
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robert d reed
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Postby OptimisticAlgorithm » Tue Apr 10, 2007 8:25 pm

RDR, I pretty much agree with you. The sheep are going to be sheep until they're bitten once too often. However, I for one, need to be aware of these warnings to build that immune system you mentioned. Not all warnings are equally valid, but you ignore them at your own peril.

This particular one is certainly not unexpected, and is often discussed as an almost certain policy practice. This just nails it down tighter. It's an age old game anyway: watch the shiny in my hand and pay no attention to the man behind you, and where his hands might be.

Do you know of a way of developing said immune system without cataloging the scams?
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Postby robert d reed » Tue Apr 10, 2007 8:44 pm

I think that cataloging the scams is necessary. But it's also imperative not to get over-involved in it. Hypochondria is not what needs to be inspired here. And hypochondria is often associated with spending too much time reading medical encyclopedias, to the point of neglecting things like exercise and sunshine. Which can, in turn, lead to a state of actual ill health.

Cultivating the first principles of health is much, much more important than knowing every detail of the array of potential sicknesses.

This is particularly true in the case of psychological operations...if the mere possibility of being targeted by them begins to preoccupy someone to the point where their energy is sapped by obsession and suspicion, they've achieved a partial success simply through the ceding of agreement to their claims of power and efficacy.
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"Crazy Miss Cokehead?"

Postby MinM » Sun Apr 02, 2017 12:53 pm

Flynn dismissal linked to meeting with Cambridge graduate "Crazy Miss Cokehead" via @MailOnline

Doesn't really belong in this thread (or does it?)
but I wanted to give this thread a bump...

One other off-topic:
The Spanish connection with Trump’s Russia scandal

Alexander Torshin, deputy governor of the Central Bank of Russia and investigated in Spain for money laundering, has infiltrated the US president’s circle

On February 1, Alexander Torshin, 63, a Russian politician and banker who is close to Vladimir Putin and whom the Spanish anti-corruption prosecutor and the Civil Guard define in their reports as a godfather from a notorious Russian mafia organization, had in his diary for the next day an appointment to meet in Washington with the world’s most powerful man: Donald Trump. The encounter was due to take place before an official and well-attended breakfast meeting, which Torshin attended as the head of a Russian delegation. The meeting was canceled that very night, according to sources from the White House, given the wave of criticism in the US press related to the influence of determined Russian circles in President Trump’s power teams. But the information reveals the heights to which this person, who has been investigated by the Spanish authorities, had reached in his rise to the upper echelons of the American leader’s circle.

Torshin, who is currently the deputy governor of the Central Bank of Russia, has met with one of the children of the US president, has close links with the organization that provided the most money for Trump’s election campaign, the National Rifle Association (NRA), and attended the aforementioned breakfast that Donald Trump presided over in the White House in February.

The high-ranking official from the Central Bank of Russia has long been on the radar of the Spanish public prosecutor and the Civil Guard. He was on the brink of being arrested in Palma de Mallorca in the summer of 2013 during a meeting with a mafioso – who has just been sentenced in Spain – but he didn’t turn up to the meeting. A unit consisting of 12 officers was awaiting him at the airport and in a hotel, where he was expected to arrive accompanied by other people being investigated in a money-laundering ring. The Russian Federation’s Prosecutor General, which was aware that Torshin was being investigated, requested information about the case on at least two occasions, but received no response from the Spanish authorities given that the investigation was sealed.

His case constitutes another element to lay the foundation for the FBI investigation currently being conducted into the influence of the Russian government in the outcome of the US presidential elections last year. The political offensive by Torshin appears to form part of a strategy by the Kremlin aimed at influencing the internal policies of the United States. One of the most spectacular results of this apparent strategy was the mass hack of the internal communications of the campaign for Hillary Clinton, Trump’s rival, which was made public by WikiLeaks, according to the US intelligence services. Over the last year a number of trusted allies of Trump have been forced to resign given their shady contacts with Russia. The most recent was his national security advisor, Michael Flynn, on February 13.

The difference in the case of Torshin is that for the first time, a Russian mafia boss – at least one identified as such by the Spanish anti-corruption prosecutor – is within the circle of support to the new president of the United States.

As well as being a powerful banker, a leader of President Putin’s political party (United Russia) and his trusted ally, and a senator between 2001 and 2015 (as well as being chairman of the upper house of the Russian parliament between May 19 and September 21, 2011), he is, according to the investigation carried out by the Spanish security forces, a boss of a notorious criminal organization known as Taganskaya.

The relationship between Torshin and Alexander Romanov, a Russian mafioso established in Palma de Mallorca, is the key. An investigation carried out between 2012 and 2013 by a Palma court and the anti-corruption prosecutors José Grinda and Juan Carrau into Romanov concluded that Torshin was the boss of a Taganskaya criminal operation to launder money by buying up hotels in Mallorca. A total of 33 telephone conversations between Torshin and Romanov, to which EL PAÍS has had access, reveal that their relationship is not “purely social,” as Torshin claims, but rather based on business.

An internal document from the Civil Guard Information Service, dated July 2013, explains Torshin’s central role in the criminal plot. “As a consequence of the phone tapping carried out in the aforementioned inquiries it has been ratified that, above Romanov, on a higher hierarchical level, is Alexander Torshin. In the numerous phone conversations and with different contact persons, Alexander Romanov himself recognized his subordination before someone who he describes as ‘the Godfather’ or ‘the boss’ ... which in itself is telling when it comes to situating their relationship.”

The Spanish police followed Torshin, but he managed to slip away: three judicial and police sources from the investigation have confirmed that Torshin decided not to attend Romanov’s birthday party on August 21, 2013 as planned, because, they believe, he was warned by the Russian prosecutor that if he stepped onto Spanish soil he would be arrested. “The liaison from the Russian Interior Ministry in Madrid had written a report about the Taganskaya and we believe that in Russia they put the screws on him. We suspect that it was him who warned that Torshin was being investigated in Spain and that was why he didn’t come,” a judicial source explains. “The case had not been completed and we could not give out that information,” explains another judicial source. “Russia also discovered that we were investigating Torshin because Romanov’s lawyers told the Russian prosecutor as much in writing and they complained saying that they were being persecuted in Spain.”

The confidential report, which is not to be found in the legal case, points to the connection between the Russian state and the Russian mafia. “The criminal organizations from the countries of the East have as their main characteristics the penetration of different state powers, such as politics, which is represented in this case by the figure of the First Vicechairman of the Federation Council of Russia of the Federal Assembly of Russia of the Russian Federation, Alexander Porfirievich Torshin.” The five-page document, entitled Alexander Porfirievich Torshin in Operation Dirieba, was produced so that the Anti-Corruption Public Prosecutor could decide whether or not to charge Torshin with the laundering of more than €14 million in the purchase of a hotel in Mallorca, and concludes that both the money and the hotel belonged to the Russian ex-politician. It even claims that the hotel forms part of the inheritance that Torshin wants to leave to his two daughters.

Why was Torshin not prosecuted? “It made no sense to charge Torshin because Russia does not process letters rogatory [requests for legal assistance from abroad] that we file with that country and there would have been no practical purpose: it would have delayed the investigation, it would have slowed it down,” explains a clearly irritated judicial source. “Calling on Russia to arrest him would have been useless because Russia does not cooperate. This summer there will be a trial in Spain in the Troika case – against the Russian mafia in Spain. There are a number of fugitives in Russia and they won’t hand them over to us. We don’t have the support of the Russian authorities.”

The formidable and powerful Taganskaya organization of which Torshin is allegedly part is recognized by the US and the EU information and intelligence services (Europol, the FBI…), according to the dossier about Torshin from the Spanish Civil Guard. Its activities include the appropriation of companies using violent or fraudulent methods, bank scams, extortion and the carrying out of contract killings.

The point of entry for Torshin to the upper echelons of US politics was the National Rifle Association (NRA), which is perhaps the most powerful lobby in the United States. The NRA invested more than $21 million in Trump’s election campaign, more than any other organization. According to the group’s official magazine, the NRA proclaimed itself to be “the key” to the Trump victory.

Torshin has managed to become a “life member” of the NRA. He is also linked to the Russian group The Right to Bear Arms, which was created in 2012 and copies the objectives of the NRA. It is presided over by Maria Butina, a young admirer of Putin who has had a meteoric career by Torshin’s side, and who now resides in Washington. Butina celebrated her birthday with a costume party in the US capital on November 12 last year, four days after the presidential elections. According to the press in Washington, the main reason for the celebration was the election victory of Donald Trump. Among the guests were a number of the new president’s campaign consultants.

The first direct contact between Torshin, an “honorary member” of the Russian pro-arms group, and the NRA took place in May 2013. Torshin traveled to the annual NRA convention in Houston. He himself wrote about this in an article published eight months later in the Washington Times, a pro-Trump daily, whose Opinion section editor, David Keene, was president of the NRA and is a friend of Torshin.

At that time, Torshin was a Russian senator. But his political career was on the rise. In January 2015 he was named deputy governor of the Central Bank of Russia. And one of his first measures was to designate Butina “personal executive assistant.” Some months later, on December 11, 2015, the pro-arms group presided over by Butina invited a delegation from the NRA, nearly all Trump acolytes, to an event in Moscow. Torshin gave the welcome speech.

In May 2016, in the midst of the US electoral campaign, Torshin traveled once more to the NRA convention, which was celebrated this time in Louisville, Kentucky. Trump, who was by that point the de facto Republican candidate to the presidency, attended the annual event run by his main benefactors. There Torshin had fleeting contact with the future president, who only went so far as to shake his hand. With his son, Donald Trump Jr., things went further: he sat by his side during a private dinner in a restaurant in Kentucky.

The rise of Torshin in the upper circles of the United States continued to progress. When Trump, a self-declared admirer of Putin, reached the presidency, Torshin was invited to an official breakfast at the White House scheduled for February 2, along with other guests. The event was later to be remembered thanks to Trump’s jibes aimed at Arnold Schwarzenegger. Torshin traveled there as the head of a Russian delegation. Together with the invitation, Torshin received a proposal for a meeting with the president just before the breakfast, according to Yahoo News, which contributed to this article. This meeting was suddenly cancelled. The reason, according to sources from the White House, were the rumors and suspicions about which all of Washington is now talking: the links between Trump’s political team and Moscow. The White House gave no official explanation for the cancellation. Maria Butina, who attended gala dinners to celebrate Trump’s inauguration, confirmed to Yahoo News in an email that the notification of the cancellation of the meeting between her boss and the president arrived the night before the breakfast.

During that visit to Washington, Torshin did have dinner with two Republican congressmen. The date was February 1 in a French restaurant, according to an article published in Time magazine two weeks ago, and at which Maria Butina and a close friend of Trump White House strategist Stephen Bannon were also present.

The apparent mission by Torshin to infiltrate the highest spheres of power worked. And the Russian connection continues to create intrigue in Washington. As the veteran columnist Thomas Friedman wrote last month in the New York Times: “[...] the biggest national security question staring us in the face today: What is going on between Donald Trump and the Russians?” After the investigations by the Spanish judicial authorities and the police into the banker, politician and mafia godfather Alexander Torshin there are more unanswered questions today, and more scandals in Washington to be investigated. ... 09827.html

Aside from the NRA, other "strange" organizations supported financially by the Russian Putin and his Mafia:

- Give Alaska back to Russia
- California secession (Calexit) Movement
- Taliban
- Assad
- Eastern Ukrainian rebels
- Marine Le Pen (right wing French Presidential Candidate
- Right Wing German Populists
- Hackers of progressive group

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Re: Internet Honeypot Info

Postby dada » Sun Apr 02, 2017 10:50 pm

Oh, it's honeypots, honeypots, all the way down. You ever feel like that?

"Time" is a honeypot. "Life" is a honeypot. "The mind" is a monkey in a honeypot. "Love" is a sweet honeypot, I can't resist. You're a honeypot. A funny honeypot. I'm a honeypot, dat ol' rosa mel apibus.

Capitalism, honeypot. Consumerism, honeypot. Add your own here: ____ ____ ____. Honeypot, honeypot, honeypot. Internet. Honeypot. Russian honeypots. Honeypot.

Honeypot books, honeypot words. Honeypot schemes, honeypot dreams. Why fight it? I must really hate myself. Why not just make it easy. Just shut up and eat your fucking honey already, idiot.

Really, why? Power? What power, some mystic kind of no-power? That's just stupid. "Freedom?" What freedom. Freedom from honeypots. Alright that's something. I'm just tired of the taste of honey. Anything else on the menu?

Is there anything that isn't honey, in a pot or not. hm. The hunger isn't honey. Can't eat hunger, though. That's silly.

I'll try it anyway. Okay, existential hunger, go. I sit with it for a bit. Feels like spannungsbogen. Dramatic device used in literature, film. Draw the bow taut, hold it there. The tension in the span of the bow.

On this page: google translate mangles 'spannungsbogen' into english as 'tension sheet,' 'bowing bow,' and 'voltage curve.' It also translates the phrase 'aussprache von spannungsbogen' (pronunciation of spannungsbogen) into 'Depression of voltage archanges.' Ah. Well, there's something.

What about the arrow. What about it? The arrow has no motion, so is infinite motion, or some shit. I don't know. Let it go. Maybe it'll fly through the honey in slow motion. That would look pretty cool.

Anyway, there are five defilements of the soul. Nice segue, right? They're Krodh, anger and madness; Maan, sorrow and despair; Maya, distraction and confusion; and Lobha, ignorance and stupidity. Think of them as the ghostmonsters in pac-man. The pac-man itself is the fifth defilement. I've probably done this bit here before, but it just popped into my mind, so.

Alright. Back to topic.

You know what bugs me, when people say, "Sorry, I know this is off topic, but..." Why apologize? If you're really sorry, just don't do it in the first place. On the rare occasion that I stray off topic, you won't catch me apologizing. Apologizing for going off topic should go in the 'in the dustbin, where it belongs' thread in the lounge. Where it belongs.

(Really, I'm a topic authoritarian. The cleverer ones here have probably realized this by now. When I go off topic, I'm doing it to reinforce staying-on-topicness. I know that the more I push the boundaries of topic acceptability, the more people will push back. It's simple psychology.)

Alright, back to topic.

Is a good thread, by the way. Glad you bumped it, MinM.
Both his words and manner of speech seemed at first totally unfamiliar to me, and yet somehow they stirred memories - as an actor might be stirred by the forgotten lines of some role he had played far away and long ago.
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Re: Internet Honeypot Info

Postby seemslikeadream » Thu Apr 20, 2017 7:41 pm

I ‘Absolutely’ Voted To Cut Funding For Embassy Security

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, leading Clinton Benghazi critic

Claude Taylor‏
A Utah source now confirming that Chaffetz resignation expected as early as tomorrow.

Claude Taylor‏ @TrueFactsStated 14m14 minutes ago
The election/collusion was the crime. Chaffetz/Nunes were part of the coverup. Also a crime.

Chaffetz considering early departure from Congress ... m-congress

Yes, the Jason Chaffetz bombshell is coming
By Bill Palmer
Updated: 4:23 pm EDT Thu Apr 20, 2017 | 0

When Jason Chaffetz announced yesterday that he won’t be seeking reelection in 2018 and won’t be running for any office, some pundits posited that he’s merely looking to avoid losing in the anti-Trump landslide expected in the midterms. But that doesn’t even make sense. No, this is all about a Chaffetz scandal that’s about to hit the fan.
Last week Palmer Report brought you the story the intel community sources who claim the FBI has learned that Russia has been holding blackmail material over Jason Chaffetz, in order to make sure the House Oversight Committee that he chairs will never investigate Donald Trump’s Russian election collusion scandal (link). Chaffetz’s announcement yesterday fits in line with this. The Republican Party does not need twenty months to find a suitable replacement in a district that red. So if he were merely afraid of losing reelection in 2018, he’d have waited awhile before making this announcement to see if the overall political winds might change direction in the mean time.
The only reason for Jason Chaffetz to announce this early that he’s not running again is if he’s sitting on a scandal that he knows is about to explode. By taking himself off the table for 2018, he’s hoping those with the dirt on him will be appeased into not releasing it after all. Who’s about out him? Russia? The FBI itself? We don’t know which of these entities is forcing his hand this week, but he does. There’s widespread buzz on Twitter that not only won’t he finish out his term, but that he might resign tomorrow. This buzz is spreading so quickly that it’s difficult to even parse where it originated from. But there’s a reason for all this smoke.
Jason Chaffetz is surely trying to figure out whether his announcement yesterday is enough to keep the scandal from becoming public, or if he now needs to resign immediately in order to improve his odds. So the buzz you’re hearing is likely the result of the trial balloons Chaffetz himself is floating behind the scenes. Will he resign tomorrow? Next week? Will he finish out his term? Who knows. This is too chaotic to predict the particulars. But it’s precisely that chaos, that panic coming from Chaffetz, that tells us this is such a bombshell that it’s coming out one way or the other. It always does. The only question is whether the Chaffetz scandal explodes before or after he’s vacated his seat. ... ming/2367/
Mazars and Deutsche Bank could have ended this nightmare before it started.
They could still get him out of office.
But instead, they want mass death.
Don’t forget that.
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